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Son's-good mother!

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

Four days ago,I went to help my mom out with some things at her house. Now, I'm 27,6'3",200lbs,strong,with a 8"inch cock. My mom is 44yrs old,5'1",90lbs,big 35c tits,and a great,curvy ass.I've had many sex dreams,and masturbated many times,thinking of having sex with her.She has been divorced for 11years,and doesn't date much. She has joked about not having sex ,she thinks her pussy might have stopped working,for lack of it. I told her she needs someone like me to fix that,and just laughed about it.

Well,ever since I was 18,and I started to get bigger, my mom always said I would be a catch for some girl,with my looks,and big muscles. One time,while in the shower,and I thought my mom was gone,I started jacking off.I was doing it slowly,to make it last,and I was looking at a picture of her in a bikini. I always left the bathroom door open,and as I was stroking it harder,I saw my mom standing in the doorway,not saying a word. Pretending not to see her,I started screaming:"Oh mom,I want your ass,please,more,faster....I was ready to explode,when I saw her rubbing herself,and grabbing her tits. I then blew my load,and as I did,she stepped out of the bathroom,and I heard her scream,from making herself come. Acting like nothing happened, I called out: "Mom,are you home?" ,she answered:"Just got here,how are you? I said:"Really good now,I'll be out in a minute.

Well. now 11 years later,I still wanted her,even more,and I think she knew it. I would always rub up against that ass,whenever she bent over,and give her longer kisses,than most sons should do. I would purposely walk in on her while she took baths,or she was getting dressed,and she didn't seem to mind. Now on this day,after doing some errands,and cleaning up,she said she was going to take a hot shower,because her back was hurting. I said I'd give her a massage after,and she said that would be great. She left the door open enough for me to see her undress,and get into the shower. Seeing that ,my cock started to grow,so I took off my pants,and started to stroke. She slowly washed herself,which made me get harder by the second. She bent over,showing me that ass I wanted so bad,and I was ready to blow my load,but I forced myself to stop,knowing what I was going to do to her in minutes. She yelled out: "she was done,and to meet her in her room. Acting like I didn't see her,my cock was still halfway hard,I answered"Be right there!"Entering her room,she was laying on her stomach,in a see thru nightie,showing me that great,curved ass. She said" Give me what I need,big boy,my back hurts!I could hardly take it.

I climbed up onto that ass,to give the massage,and in seconds,I was rock hard! My cock had come out of my shorts,and was sticking right between her ass cheeks. I slowly started massaging her back,allowing my cock to slide up and down between those cheeks. It was great! After a few minutes,my mom said:"Does that feel good? I said :"Its what I always thought it would be like,but I need her now!" She turned over,took off her nightie,exposing those ample tits, looked at me,and said:"She's been wanting this since she saw me jack off that day in the bathroom!"I kissed her,grabbed those tits,which seemed to make me get harder,and I said:"Please suck me",She said she knew I had a nice cock,and always,wanted it too.It was fantastic! Her soft lips sucking up and down,around by my balls,licking my asshole,it was almost to much for me.She said she loved my cock,and wanted me to come. I said not yet! I layed her down,exposing a beautiful,shaved pussy,and attacked it! She said it had been so long,she needed it. I did it all too.

Licking and sucking,putting my tongue and fingers in her pussy and asshole,she was going nuts! She was smothering me with that pussy! Then after awhile,she screamed,and started grinding my face,telling me she was coming!!I went more wild! Then she exploded!It was fantastic! I was drenched in pussy juice! I pulled my head up,she looked at me,kissed me,and said:"I'll do what you want,but I think you really want to fuck my ass,don't you?I couldn't wait! After all these years! I turned her over,pulled open those cheeks,and she said: She's never done anal! I said she's going to love it! With her pussy juice all over,I slowly started to enter. It was the tightest hole,my cock had ever been in.

She groaned a little in pain,and pleasure,then said: Give me all of that cock! I went faster and faster,loving each second! Then in about 5 minutes,I was ready. She was screaming loud,grinding that asshole on my cock,and I blew!! It was so intense,that I fell on top of her,out of breath. As I was able to breathe again,she bent down and sucked the rest of my come,out of my soft cock. I was in heaven! We layed there for awhile,and she said that was worth the wait!She said,anytime I want sex,or her ass,just come and get it! I said I want it everyday,from now on,and I especially want anal sex,every time!! She said that would be great!!! So for the rest of the day,and days to follow,that's what we did!! time!!

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