China Doll Part three

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Shen had spent much of the day learning how to cook some of her master’s favorite dishes. The Maid was glad for the help since with Shen cooking, the maid could focus on some of her other tasks much easier. Of course Shen was inexperienced with Western Cuisine, and it finally took the poor girl Two tries to finally get the recipe right, it was almost heart breaking to see Shen brought to tears from burning the roast. The maid however was quick to point out that Mistakes are usually forgiven if confessed quickly. The maid (Whose name was Eloise) went on to explain that the Master did have quite a bit of Money saved up from his family. Sort of Like a “We Love you just keep away from us” form of bribery. 

Hence The Lord of the house had the time and the funds to allow for imperfections as long as the mess was cleaned up.

Once Shen’s master was heard at the door, Shen immediately went to go set the table as instructed, and finally stood at the table when He arrived. He looked over the table setting, then over to Shen, then to the Maid before Sitting down.

“Good Night Eloise” He announced, dismissing the girl who gave the thumbs up to Shen, who briefly smiled before starting to serve His plate. Finally, Shen watched as He ate, no complaints so far, once He was done He instructed her to eat then do the dishes while He waited for Shen in her chambers. It did not take log before Shen returned to her room to find Him seated in the large chair near the bed dressed in a robe. She immediately then knelt by his feet removing the dress, neatly folding it and slipping it into a drawer before sitting with her breasts within arms reach of His hands. Once he reached over to begin playing with her breast, she quietly moaned, closing her eyes. 

Still she decided to take Eloise’s advice and confess. “Master, I had burned the first roast I made for you, I hope the second one did please you. If you wish to punish me…” She left the sentence hanging. However He was quiet carefully kneading and playing with the soft, puffy nipple of His slave…””The second came out good. Other wise I would have had you re cook it. As to the first, you corrected the mistake.” Shen was slowly becoming enthralled not only by His words but also by the harsh yet gentle touch of her Master’s hand upon her nipple and breast. Her breathing hitched as he slowly aroused her once more. He smiled a bit as the girl’s eyes closed, the soft small tongue licking her lips. He finally undid His robe allowing his cock to become available to her hands; the soft skin of her fingers and palms took to stroking and playing with Him, as She still seemed entranced by the playing with her nipple. “Does My Master want me to make him cum on me? Or does he wish to feed me?”

Taking a deep breath to control himself as he enjoys the touch of Shen’s tender grip on His manhood. He finally shakes His head. “I want to fuck that pussy of yours. I want you on top, since I had a long day and I don’t feel like doing all the work.”

Shen nodded and carefully rose, carefully mounting Him as He watched. Taking His thick large cock in hand, She guides it into her damp fuck sleeve, both taking a deep gasping breath as She slides down impaling herself with Him. Both begin to rock their Hips onto each other. His hands holding onto Shen’s narrow waist controlling her movements, Pushing himself deep into her body as She squeals at the tight fit of His member into her body. She is almost terrified of being split open but the moistness of her cunt begins to lubricate the staff as She and He pumps their bodies with loud grunts and groans. Much to Shen’s dismay her body begins to tremble as the first wave of an orgasm begins. She finally Screams being unable to control her body any further from the onslaught of His thick cock that threatens to tear her open from the inside out. “MASSSTER, OH GODS MASTER, KEEP FUCKING ME PLEASE, LET ME FEEL YOUR WONDERFUL DICK INSIDE ME…PLEASE FUCK MEEEEEEE HRRRDEERRRRRRRRRR…”

Shen becomes a pure animalistic fucking machine, Impaled and filled, her mouth drooling as she grips his shoulders, then pulls herself tightly on him while plunging her hips to take him deeper. Using her vaginall muscles to Milk His cock, and her ass to squeeze his balls, begging them to release their pressure into her body. Her frantic pleas and desperate work finally pay off but not the way She expected as He lifts her small body from him, leaning her back in His arms as he rubs His cock against her hips finally exploding on her torso with heated jets of white. At first she protested being denied having Him come inside of her like she wished, but she is the slave…and He is the master. And She is his to do with as He wills. Finally she catches her breath long enough to carefully gather His sperm from her skin with some gentle wipes. Then licking her hands clean. “Did My pussy not please you mater? Why did you not come inside of me?”

“I did not want to breed with you yet” Spoken matter of fact as He watches her take nourishment from His cum. “I am not ready to be saddled with Children at the Moment.” Shen nodded at His honesty even though she would not mind becoming impregnated with His child. But that was something He needed to decide to do. “Thank you Master…May I clean your cock?”

With a Nod Shen then drops back to her knees once more taking the thick cock into her hand before starting to lick languidly along it’s Length. She purrs with delight at the taste of Her release from His shaft and balls while she continues to inhale their scents upon His skin. It was only a matter of time before She aroused Him once more. Deciding that He will need to be relieved of the burden swelling once more in his balls She takes Him deep into her mouth, sucking hungrily while adjusting her stance to grant her better access to His cock. She eventually found her ministrations bringing a low groan from her Master’s lips as his hand gripped her hair to keep her mouth right where it was. Her feeding frenzy began in earnest one more as She pressed her face forward, eventually pushing His cock head deep into her throat, swallowing to massage His member urging it to feed her. 

Another shuddering eruption, flodding her mouth with gouts of His seed as She swallowed feverishly then rewarded Shen. She had soon taken every drop of cum from His sac by using her fingers to press it finally leaving Him sated, and her belly, full.

“Did I please you master?” She asked, knowing full well she stated the obvious. He of course could not speak for a few moments before Nodding, then rising to walk to his bedchamber. “Come with me to bed.”

She smiled, being rewarded by sharing her master’s bed filled her with Joy and she padded behind Him.
She was going to like living here. “Coming Master!!!!”

Author’s note I will eventually get back to China Doll, but I figured on sending in some samples from other Genres that I have worked on.

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