Hot Tokyo Night

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I'm Tim 19, from the USA. Since I was 18, I've been doing masturbation shows around the world. Most of them in Asia. I have this odd talent! I'm able to shoot a few drops of jizz long before I cum. This makes people very excited! I sit nude in a blue leather chair, and tease all there as I massage and play with my cock. I make sure all can see those few drops pop out long before I explode.

Once in Tokyo, a business man asked me if I'd be willing to do a private show. I said "of course!" I only had a towel around me. As he walked in, I slipped the towel off very slowly, allowing it to expose the top of my ass. Then letting it fall to the floor as I stood nude before him. 

I was then told to sit in the leather chair, and turn around so the gentleman could see my ass. He then said to put my ass up in the air, so it was open. He could see my cock getting hard now. He then gave me a belt, and told me to spank my ass. I did as I was told. I began slapping my ass with the leather belt. One smack after another. He was getting so excited! He told me to play with the head of my cock, as I continued hitting my young flesh with the belt, as my other hand rubbed and caressed the head of my dick. I could feel the pre-cum creeping out of the slit. He told me to take the belt, and rub it over my cock head, and then to bring it to my lips. I did, and was told to taste my pre-cum. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm so good I told him. My tongue licked every drop up.

I was then told to turn around, and spread my legs as wide as I could in the chair, keeping my feet poitned. Now he could see my cock and balls in good view. My smooth young body teasing him within the dull lights. He then told me to take the dildo, and rub it up and down my cock, bringing it to my mouth after every pass of my head for samples. Mmmmmmmmmmmm He was getting so hard, his cock was jacking wildly on its own. 

I then brought the dildo to my balls, and with my other hand, I began to tease the under head of my cock, getting it ready to shoot those few drops. I poked the dildo around my balls, as my hand tickled the first cum drops up my shaft. I could feel the first two drops about to pop, so I lifted my body up, making sure my cock was clear and view, as the two drops popped out of my slit. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh He got so excited seeing those drops pop out, he just about blew his load right there. 

After letting those two drops fly, he then asked me to pick up the cup next to me, and bring it to the head of my cock. As I did, he told me to begin jacking off my cock, so to blast my load into the glass. I began jacking my cock fast, using every motion as I moaned in pleasure for him. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm feeling the load about to burst,I held the cup right under my head, as it blasted sperm into it. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I came like wild, moaning and screaming as my cock exploded in pleasure...............He told me to bring the cup to my mouth, lick it a little, and then to pour it into my mouth. As I poured it in, he was masturbating like wild. He told me not to swallow it yet, until he was about ready to cum......I held it in my mouth, as I watched him pulling his huge cock up and down. Just before he was about to cum, he told me to swallow !!!! As I did, he came so hard, yelling well over a minute as his cock lost complete control.

All in all, just another night in Tokyo.

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