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Sleepover fun

(Part 1 from 1)

I run to answer my phone "hey hilary, its tamara, do you want to come for a sleepover tonight?" I squeel a quick yes and tell her i will be over soon. Although i am not a lesbian, Tamara is seriously hot with huge tits. I grab some stuff, change into some sexy undies and get my car keys.

I ring the doorbell and her dad answers "Hi Mr Fuller!" I smile at him, and can see him looking at my tits through my white top. "Is tamara home?" I look up and see Tamara running down the stairs, she looks so hot, her breasts are bouncing side to side. "Come up to my room," she says and tells me to shut the door. She walks over to her bed, and takes her top off. I am feeling so wet already. I walk over to the bed and touch her soft breasts. I want to suck them, and lick my lips. She takes my top off, and starts nibbleing on my nipples. They are so hard and i moan in pleasure. "What about your dad?" "dont worry about him, he is doing stuff in the garden..." she pulls down my pants, "you're so wet" my face goes red with embarrassment, but she starts sucking it all up. Her tongue feels so soft, better than any boys, she knows what she is doing. I sit up and take off her skirt. 

She has no undies on, so i slowly slide down her body and spin around so i am sitting on her face. Her tongue enters me, and i moan loudly. I dive into her wet pussy, paying attention to her clit. She tastes so good. "I have always wanted to do this," i whisper and keep going, my heart beating faster. I slide 2 fingers inside her, she moans. We start breathing faster and harder, I puff "This feels so fucking good!" I get off her, turn around and start kissing her soft lips, still sliding two fingers in and out. I rest my thumb on her clit, pressing lightly, bringing her to an intense orgasm. I get off her, breathing fast, she whispers "shit im tired, and rolls over" I put a dressing gown on, and walk downstairs, slightly disappointed she fell asleep. What was I going to do now? 

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I walk into the kitchen, and get a glass of water. I look out the window at Tamara's dad. He has his shirt off. I start rubbing my clit, I am still wet from before. I look up again, and he is gone, "what are you doing?" a voice booms from behind me. It was him. I cover my tits, looking slightly embarrassed, "um i was just um getting some water..." he looks at me "you didn't let me finish, what are you doing looking so goddamn hot in that little see-through thing?" I look at him, he smiles at me, i move in closer to him, wanting to touch his sexy body...he hesitates. "Not here, Tamara might see." He leads me into the guest bedroom and takes off my dressing gown. 

Licking his lips, he kisses me softly. I moan once again, i have never been kissed by a real man before, only boys. I fumble to undo his pants, feeling his bulge grow. He helps me by pulling them down. I gasp at the size of his dick. I slowly make my way down towards it, wanting to suck it. I lick the head, and reach under to squeeze his balls. I insert the penis into my mouth, deep throating it. I move slowly up and down, "faster!" he moans. I start going faster, then stop, he looks at me in disbelief, "Is that all?" "no," i say, "I want you to fuck me" he smiles "are you sure?" i nod, and roll off him. 

He fingers me for a few minutes then pushes his huge dick in me, "fuck that feels good" he is pounding me, i have to stop myself from screaming. He is getting faster. I say, "let me ride you" and push him off of me. I sit on his cock, bouncing up and down, he reaches up and grabs my tits, I lower them, so they are touching his mouth, and let him gently lick and nibble them. "Ride me faster baby!" Sit back up and rub my clit, i am riding him hard and fast, I can feel him coming, "Let me come on your face" I get off him and grab his dick, sucking the end, he starts masturbating. I am rubbing my tits, "im coming," he says under his breath, "oh yeah baby, come all over my face and tits" he blows all over me, i swallow some, licking my lips for more...we both lye down, exhausted from our monster fuck. "we will definately have to do that again!" he says.

Now every time i stay over at Tamara's house, i get a double fuck, double the fun!

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