Mom returns from Norway.

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Bobbie Sue and I had had a content and fullfilling June. Sex between us was better than ever, and we both had relationships started with others. Bobbie was seeing a lot of Steven, a guy she met in college.

I was seeing Mary, a friend of Bobbie's from high school, whom was also attending the same college. Mary had been very nervous the first few times we had sex, but now she has really loosened up, so to speak, and was really very comfortable to be with!

Now...back in April, I had been surprised by my mother, whom started giving me head, while I had been tanning naked in the backyard. For over two weeks, mom and I had been lovers, with me developing a penchante of fucking my cockhead into her womb. After mom had trekked off to Norway, I soon had started fucking my way into Bobbie Sue's womb...and my dick has gotten quite enlarged in the last few month's. Fucking into Mary's womb has been inspiring. She really get's turned on, and it is just an incredible feeling.

Well, it is early July now, and Bobbie Sue is off on a trip with Steven and his family, and Mary is off yet again with her I am alone. That is when mom calls from Norway, telling me that Robert has to go to yet another country, and she is returning home, as she doesn't want to go to Jordan with him. She is scheduled to arrive at the airport in Dallas, on July 8th, just a day before her 39th birthday! I told her during the call, that Bobbie sue wouldn't be there...she and Steven were at the Grand Canyon, with his family.

"Awe! That is such a shame" mom said, "I've really missed all you kids, and was so looking forward to both of you picking me up!"

I met mom on friday, the 8th, at 9 AM. As I stood at the back of the gate area, there at DFW airport, I noticed that she sure looked sexy as she walked off the jetway. She was dressed in a pleated skirt that hung to just above her knees, with a top that hugged her bare shoulders, and allowed her breasts, which were quite obviously hanging free without a bra, to bounce seductively. From the looks of things, mom had put on a good 10 pounds while in Norway, and some of it was definately in her breasts, as they were very much rounder than the last time I had seen her!

When we were finally close, she hugged me firmly and well, planting a full mouth kiss on me, that included a nice deep tongue fucking!! If there had been a sole there that knew us, folks would have been shocked I am sure!! With my hands holding her buttocks, while we kissed, I was certain that she was pantie-less under that skirt!!
As we walked arm in arm out to the baggage claim area, Mom (Carla) started a steady stream of how her trip had been, how incredible the scenery and people of Norway was and are, all that gooey stuff. While we stood waiting in baggage claim, we were back by a column, and she turned into my arms, telling me softly how happy she was that I had picked her up! Then we kissed once more, a long drawen out kiss, with plenty of tounge between the two of us. Her breasts were so firm against my chest, it really was a turn on! As we sucked each other's tongues, I slide my hands down, and with a firm grasp around her buttocks, lifted her off her feet, and held her against my chest, each of us sucking at the other's tongue!

The bags finally arrived, and we made our way out to the pickup, where Carla got comfortable in the center section of the seat, while I wrapped the bag's in plastic, for the ride out to the place! It was over 200 hundred miles, and there had been rain on my drive to the airport. Once we were out of the airport and on the road home, carla slid in close, and soon had my arm draped across her back and shoulder, as she snuggled up close. We chatted while making our way out of the city traffic, and got headed west on I-20. Once free of traffic, and having discussed things about the house, and her time with Robert (whom Carla was glowing over as she talked about her time with him), she soon had her right hand resting against my cock, which was very hard now, and ready to be released from the confines of my shorts.

With a smile as full as was possible, she kissed my ear, sliding her tongue through it in a wet and sloppy kiss. Carla whispered "Aaaah Eddie! You missed me too didn't you!" With that, she unbuttoned my shorts, and had my dick in her fingers, caressing
it's shaft with her fingers wrapped around my girth! "MY!" she whispered into my ear, "You certainly have grown some since I left!" With that, she pivoted around on the seat, her knees tucked up under her, and proceeded to push my shorts down to the floor boards. Having me lift each foot, she go them out of the way, so that I would not get my legs or feet tangled. By now, precum is leaking from my cockhead, and running down the bulbous head. Carla leaned into my groin, and with a sigh, ran her tongue through my precum, slurping it into her mouth. As she proceeded to slide the shaft of my dick into her mouth, she arranged herself so that her butt was sticking out, towards the pasenger door, fully accessable to my free right hand. With the cruise control set at 60, we drive along the freeway, passing the occasional truck, the drivers honking each truck's horn, upon seeing Carla sucking my rigid dick. My right hand soon finds it's way to Carla's tush, lifting the skirt up and onto her backside! As I had thought back at the airport, she was without panties, wearing only a garter belt and lacey nylon stockings! Caressing each buttock softly, I soon had my finger sliding through her thick pussy thatch, sweeping her lips apart with each pass. Her thatch was so incredible..thick yet so soft to the touch!

Carla sucked at my dick for 5 or 6 minutes, giving it long deep sucks, drooling a little with each upward draw of her mouth. With my fingers dancing through her pussy lips, sweeping around her clit from moment to moment, she soon had her hips swirling, reaching in an attempt to capture my hand! Suddenly carla sit's back, tossing her hair around, then slipping her blouse top and her skirt, expertly off her body, leaving herself dressed only in the garter belt and stockings!! Reaching across in front of me and grabbing the corner of the seat, she lifts herself onto me, lancing my cock into her hot and dripping pussy. Once filled with my rigid cock, she wrapped her arms around me, allowing me to look past her shoulders so that I could maintain control of the pickup, and at 60 miles an hour, my mother was once more fucking me like I had come to love!!

Carla rode me like that, for perhaps 30 miles, giving truckers and car drivers alike, a peek at how sensuous a woman she was! With her breats getting rubbed raw by my western shirt, she soon leaned back from me, and popped it open, the metal snaps coming undone easily. The she leaned back into me, her nipples hard and erect, pressing against my skin, her warm and juicey quim leaking form between us, soaking my balls and the crack of my ass once more. It was an incredible feeling, her breath whispering against my ear, her soft skin hot to the touch!! After half an hour of riding like that, she started to hunch against my cock, which was now throbbing incessantly, seeking to releave itself of the jizz that was building in my balls!!!

As we approached the exit from the freeway, that would take us south towards the home place, my lover started to orgasm, her pussy clenching against the shaft of my dick, her skin hot and moist against mine, her breath rasping into my ear!! With one final downward thrust, her pussy clasping at my cock, I came into her, sending my cock into it's own spasms, jetting my thick cum into her warm dripping hole! Spent, Carla rode with my cock resting in her pussy, our skin melded by sweat, her head resting against my shoulder, softly kissing my neck and ear. Only after we had made the turn from the freeway, and were headed down the 2-lane road, did Carla extract herself from our clasp, to slide under my arm and ride beside me, resting from our orgasm.

About 30 miles from the home place, there is a creek that has a nice area to park beside, that is out of view of the main road. Now..Bobbie Sue and I have been to this spot several times, making love both in the pickup on the seat, and using a blanket, out on the grass beside the stream.
We have moved beyond the weather that had been rainy, and now the sun is out, and it is nice and warm, in the mid 90's outside. As we approach this spot, my dick is once again rock hard, and as I lose speed, in anticipation of pulling off the road and down to the creek, Carla looks at me, with an unasked question in her eye. As I turn into this grassy glade, with trees all around, and the sun shining brightly, she smiles widely, knowing instinctively what I want!!!

Hopping out of the pickup, I pull out the blanket which I keep under the seat, dragging it and Carla towards the stream. There we were, me in an unbuttoned western style shirt, my rigid cock flopping about as I move, Carla, her breasts hanging free, her legs encased in black lacey nylon stockings! I flipped the folded blanket out, spreading it across the soft grass, spreading it out, in preperation of giving my lover Carla the fucking she has earned!

Easing her down onto the blanket, I soon have her legs propped on my shoulders, her pussy spread ever so softly before me. Softly kissing her feet through the nylon covering them, I massage her calves, working my way, one kiss at a time, down the length of her legs, slowly kissing back and forth, each calf and each thigh, spreading her pussy open further with each forward movement. Soon I am at my target, our earlier juices dripping from her pink and puffy lips, her clitorus full distended, waiting for my lips to grasp it in the warmth of my mouth, her entire pussy framed by her thick brown bush!!!

Bracing her thighs against my shoulders, I begin feeding at her love pond, slurping at her pussy, enjoying every scent and every drop, as my tongue pulls what is available from her sweetness! As I suck at the fullness of her clit, she arches her back, and thrusts her hips into my mouth, grasping my head in her outstretched hands, grinding my face into her wet and dripping pussy!! Carla cums spasmodically, her pussy thrusting at my tongue, grasping at it with her twitching pussy lips, her hands pulling my face into her. "YES" she cried, "Yes Eddie!! I love the way you make me cumm!!"

Sliding up now, spreading her legs further apart, my cock slides across her pussy canal, her juices coating the head as it bobs its way through the wetness of her love. Slipping the head of my dick into her, I slam my cock into her depths, reaching the spot I haven't been too in weeks, driving into her womb with one fluid motion! Carla wraps her arms around me then, clasping me close to her, her legs wrapped around me, her breath rasping again into my ears!! Her mouth sought out my mouth, sliding her tongue into my lips, searching out my tongue, to wrap together, our breath coming as one, we held oursleves like that, my cock fully engorged, pressed into her womb. Carlas cheeks were flushed and sweaty, her eyes were glazed, and her nipples hard and erect, the skin of her breasts as wet and flushed as her cheeks!

"Oooohhhh Eddie!" she cried, "Fuck me lover!! Fuck me as hard as you can!! Feed me that wonderful feeling you are giving me!!" Without further prompting, I procceded to drive my cock into her pussy, juices drawing from her with each outward draw of my cockhead, wet sqwishing noises coming forth with each drive, as I re-enter her womb, seeking to give to her, the very pleasure I am experiencing as I fuck into her!!! We fucked with abandon, my cock thrusting into her love pond until finally, my balls screaming to be empty, I give one final and solid thrust, her legs locked around me as she orgasmed once more, her spasms rocking us both, my cock squirting its seed into her womb, splashing around the girth of my shaft as I filled her to over flowing!!! With my cock still stiff, I wrapped her in my arms, and rolled us over, Carla laying on my chest, our breaths coming in sucking gasps.....totally spent from the fervid fucking we had just completed!!!

Holding my face and kissing me soflty, Carla began slowly humping her hips against my still hard cock, seeking more of the seed, which was even then drooling out and onto my balls. After catching her breath, Carla rose up, soon driving her pussy down onto my cock, huffing her breath, her breasts flopping up and down with each of her thrusts, until once more my balls spilled forth my seed...finally spending itself, withdrawing from her puffy and dripping pussy lips with a slow plop!

We rested there for an hour, drifitng in and out of sleep, before regaining the energy to continue the trip home. Once there, we showered, ate a light meal, then procceded to continue, where we had left off back at the creek!! In all I came into her pussy 5 times before finally drifting off into a contented sleep, after dawn had come!!

As she drifted off into slumber, her legs wrapped around my right one, her pussy clasping at my skin, and her breast pressed against my chest, Carla said, "I'm so happy to be here with you!!"

For the next three days, we made love with abandon, never once dressing, even though we did venture out to swim and sun.
Carla was my lover...and my Mother!!

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