Sex Kitten

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The last day of the tour. The hottest day of the summer. Or so it seems. Brent never knew why the warm weather made him happy. Not that kind of happy. Not the 'happy' that involves smiles and laughter. The happy 'downstairs.'

The happy where all he wants to do is fuck the first thing with legs that passes by. Well not today, anyway. Today is different. Brent looks to his left and sees his guitarist, wiping sweat off of his forehead.

Nate is hot. Like, really hot. In both meanings. Most people just see him as this little boy cute- aw let me pinch those cheeks. Not Brent. When Brent looks at Nate...all he sees is a sex kitten. Well, mainly because Brent wants him to be a sex kitten, so that's how he sees him, but still. Brent licks his lips and sighs.

"Nate. You wanna go back to the bus with me? It's too hot out." He asks with frustration in his voice.

As the seconds go by the more he wants to have his way with his friend.

"Yeah, sure if you want. Kevin and Bill are trying to get people to help with their games. Do you want me to get them too?"

Brent quickly shakes his head. He wants Nate all to himself. He actually thought once or twice about letting Bill or Kevin watch...being that Brent is a freak sometimes. His has power issues. He wants to abuse power. If he were to let someone watch, they wouldn't be able to join in. Because that would mean Brent's power is being taken slightly from him.

"Alright, man. Let's go. You know what sounds good? Getting drunk."

For once in Brent's life he doesn't want to get drunk. He wants to be able to remember his time with Nate. Being that surprisingly, it will be Nate and Brent's first time ever sleeping together. Brent feels bad that Nate doesn't know about it yet- but he will soon enough.

"Nah, Nate. Too early to get drunk. It's what, five thirty? Let's wait."

Nate gasps, running a little to catch up with Brent. "Wow. You want to WAIT to get drunk? That...that- are you sick? Do you have a liver problem we don't know about do-"

"Nate. I'm fine. I just. Don't feel like it."

The brunette holds his hands out in surrender form. "Alright alright. I'll wait too."

Brent smiles in a way that scares him. He feels happy (the normal kind of happy this time) because Nate would rather wait to get drunk than to get drunk without him.

Once they arrive at the bus and get on, it feels like a relief. The bus isn't that much cooler than outside, but the difference is definitely noticeable. Brent's hands tap at his sides with an unknown nervousness. He can't just come out and ask Nate if he wants to have sex. It's kind of random. They weren't even talking about it on the way to the bus, or anytime recently.

Maybe Brent can manipulate Nate a little. Try to get him nice and relaxed and than make his move. Or maybe he can forget about the relaxing part. That's no fun. The heat is getting to him. He's been all hot and bothered since the set ended, and there's no point to take the time for Nate to get relaxed.

"Hey, Nate. Can you uh. Maybe come over here?"

Of course, Nate is like a puppy, he'll come when he's asked and he'll do what he's asked.

Brent is standing close to him, not only because that's the only option, but because he wants to. The smallness of the bus is just an excuse.

"You want to know what sounds better than getting drunk?"

The brunette cocks his eyebrow. "No. What?"

Brent looks down at his own pants. "Getting laid."

Nate laughs and nods. "Yeah, I guess that does sound better come to think of it."

Brent nods. He's playing his cards right. "Whens the last time?"

Nate scratches the back of his head. "Last week I think."

No, no. Not answering the right question, Nate. "Not by a girl."

He gasps and turns a light pink. "God, Brent! How- well. I-" he sighs. "A long time ago. How did you even know about that?"

Besides the fact that he's clearly obvious? It's written all over his face. Or it was, rather.

"It doesn't matter. I'm so fucking horny." The blonde touches Nate's face, making him back up a bit.

"Wait, man. I...I'm just not feeling it right now."

Brent pouts his lips and grabs the front of his friends pants. "I can change that."

Nate doesn't know what to do. The truth is, he hasn't been fucked in over a year. Yeah, he's messed around with guys over the months. Never full out sex. But he knows that's what Brent wants. He's not going to settle with a cheap hand job or anything. His thoughts are temporarily interrupted with a gasp when he feels himself react to his friends touch.

"C-Come on, Brent. Don't. I...I don't want to."

The tiny little factor of Brent being his best friend and band mate? Yeah, that is a problem for Nate. It will be weird.

He's known this guy for over 5 years and now? What are they doing? Nate puts his hand over Brent's, trying to pry it away.

"Don't fight me, Nate. You're hard and ready," he whispers. "...and so am I."

Brent acts fast and pulls the romance card for a second, tilting his chin and crashing his lips to Nate's. Brent and Nate always kiss. Every kind of kiss imaginable. Soft, slow, hungry, desperate, short, long, wet, quick; you name it.

But this's a lusty kiss. More than desperation. It's flat out NEED. Brent needs Nate.

In the process of the kiss Brent takes off Nate's shirt and after he unzips the younger boys pants. Nate immediately turns his head out of the kiss. "Brent, please, no..." he begs with fear laced in his request.

It doesn't effect Brent, unfortunately for Nate. "Nate don't be difficult. You have no idea how bad I wanna fuck you." he says, tugging Nate's pants fully down.

Brent takes off his own shirt, attacking Nate's neck with his teeth. "You really gonna do this to me, Brent?" Nate asks, sensually sliding his fingers up Brent's sides.

The older man bites down on the youngers' flesh. "Yeah." he breathes against it.

His words make Nate angry. He doesn't want to be forced into sex. Even though everything seems okay now, in a few moments everything will change. Brent will be inside of him without his permission.
The last person to ever be inside him was his boyfriend James. Nate had really loved James. He's not the type to just go out and fuck anyone.
Alright, okay that's a lie. He would have sex with random girls but girls are different.

With guys...Nate would never give himself to a guy he didn't love.

Brent...Nate loves Brent sure. As a best friend. Not a lover. And as much as he's against what's happening? It is. And there's nothing he can do.

Within seconds Brent is down to his boxers, his lips still roaming around Nate's half naked body. "You're so sexy, Nate. Can't wait to fuck you."

Nate curses himself for staying hard this whole entire time, but it's not his fault. When someone has their lips on your skin and their hand wrapped around your dick, you can't exactly help it.

Brent tugs at Nate's boxers and pushes him down on his hands and knees.

Nate feels like crying. Honestly. If he had a choice he would at least pick a bunk, or possibly the couch. Not the floor. It's degrading and he doesn't like it. But of course Brent's going to take him like a dog, that's his only way.

"Fuck you, Brent." Nate says with full meaning.

"Don't worry, I will."

Brent has the decency to suck on his fingers and slowly but surely prepare his friend. His motive is to get off, not tear Nate apart. "You're tight."

Nate feels like puking. "Shut up."

Brent gets smart and twists the two fingers, causing Nate to yelp in pleasure. Nate hates Brent right about now. He hates himself even more, though.

Brent slips his fingers out, spits on his hands and coats himself generously. The younger mans nails scrape at the rug while he's being entered. Brent is taking his year virginity and part of his dignity as well, and nothing has ever felt worse. Brent lets out a sigh of relief and settles himself. Both his hands run up and down Nate's smooth back, squeezing a bit at his neck, helping him relax.

"Are you okay?" It isn't like Brent cares. He just doesn't want Nate to cry. Screaming and begging is different. Crying? Crying just makes him feel bad.

"No, but you're going to fuck me anyway. So go ahead."

"Good boy." Brent whispers, pulling almost all the way out and shoving himself all the way back in. "Fuck you are really tight. It almost hurts me."

Nate tries hard to ignore Brent's comments. Nate's body is torn between two emotions. Heart and mind. His heart is crying inside, feels degraded and cheated. But his mind? His mind wants to scream and moan and play along. His mind is winning by the way. Because even though nobody is touching his cock, it's practically leaking.

"Y-Yeah?" he questions, gaining more strength in his arms. "I'm so tight I'm hurting you? Then make it hurt. Fuck my tight ass."

Brent has no choice but to gasp and ram his cock deeper into his friend. He never expected Nate to react this way but who the fuck is complaining? It's so hot he think he can come right now. But he won't. He wants this to last so long it's painful for the both of them.

"You feel so fucking good, Nate. Swear to god I can come right this second. But I'm not. So don't you dare come until I say so."

There it is. The power Bert was looking for. The authority to tell Nate what to do. Somehow and some way, it makes him harder.

"Mmm. Fuck. Fuck me. I won't come; just fuck me harder." Nate pleads, back becoming sweaty, arms becoming numb.

"That what you want?" Brent grunts, thrusting in harder and pulling Nate's hair.

Damn Nate's hair for being this long. Brent pulls it so his head is by his shoulder. It's such an intricate position. Nate's back is arched to the fullest, his chest and stomach gleaming with a sheet of sweat; it's seriously amazing.

"You want it rough?" Brent doesn't exactly wait for an answer. He pushes Nate down so he's flat on the ground, head and arms pressed into the rug. The older man shoves himself so far into Nate that Nate screams. "Fucking scream for me, mmm fuck yeah." The sound of their bodies clashing is so loud that he's sure people on the outside can hear it, and the bus is most likely shaking.

"Nate, I can't...I CAN'T!" Nate moans feeling himself get closer and closer to his peak.

"No, no nonono no. Don't come now, Brent. I fucking need you."

"Fuck you, Nate I'm gonna come..."

"Don't, baby, don't god. Fucking please..."

Brent smirks and covers Nate's pretty mouth, hearing him grunt and pant and moan. He keeps one hand on his mouth and the other snakes down his stomach, all the way down to his throbbing cock, gently stroking the length of it. He has to slow down or else he'll come. He needs to come so bad it hurts but he's not giving up his power just yet. He wants to make Nate suffer a little first. With very slow thrusts inside of him, comes slow strokes to his dick. Nate whines behind Brent's hand. "Yeah, baby..." Brent purrs, sliding his pointer up to the tip of him, feeling his precome. "You want to come, don't you?" Nate nods, silently. "Really bad?" Again, the younger boy nods, chest puffing out and than in as his breath is slowing.

"You're. Going. To. Come. All. By. You're. Fucking. SELF." Brent grunts with each short thrust, letting go of Nate's neglected cock.

He moves faster and harder, creating a more intense feeling in the pit of his stomach. He closes his eyes; enjoying the muffled sounds coming from the man beneath him. Bert pounds Nate's prostate as hard and fast as he can, letting his hand go as soon as Nate screams his name while he comes without being touched at all. It just turns Bert on so much more. His hands grip at Quinn's sides hard enough to leave bruises. "Fuck yes, Nate oh fuckinggodI'mcoming." Brent rides out his orgasm for as long as he can, collapsing on top of the spent man.

Nate can't seem to catch his breath at all.

Brent rolls over and out of his friend, laying on his back, head turned towards Nate. "That. is not going to be. The last time." Brent pants.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Nate dares to ask.

Brent smiles and strokes Nate's cheek. "You, Nate. Are going to be my sex kitten."

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