Breakfast Club 4

(Part 1 from 1)

Lydia and I had been meeting secretly as lovers now for several months while we continued our new found Sunday breakfast wife swapping meets with our husbands, Frank and Carl. For me it was like I had found a new corner of heaven. Carl and I were still very much in love and showed it our bed. But fucking Frank every couple of weeks was unbelievably exciting and Lydia, Lydia was a new and wonderful passion for me. I was in love with her and the many hours of love making we shared were both sweet and powerful. This Sunday, we had decided we could keep our secret no longer.

The men cooked as usual and were getting very fancy. Belgian waffles with strawberries were designed to be symbols of love making to come. Champaigne sparkled in crystal. As we got up from the table, Lydia and I led our opposite's husbands to the living room couch and shoved them gently to sit down. This wasn't the usual foreplay and they were already getting a twinkle in their eyes for reasons they could only guess. Then the two of us faced each other.

Lydia was braless in a white silky blouse that hid no secrets. Her red skirt barely hid her panties. She was lovely. I had on my favorite blue suit -- very modest you might say -- and also a white blouse and no bra. 

We looked at each other with love in our eyes. Then Lydia helped me off with my jacket as I unbuttoned her blouse, Soon we were both topless and Lydia's lovely breasts had me so excited. I went around behind her and turned her to face the men. Then I started kissing her neck as one hand caressed her breasts and the other unzipped her skirt. As her skirt fell to the floor, my hand slid over her panties and briefly flicked over her furry triangle. Kissing my way down her back side I lowered her panties to the floor as she stepped out of her shoes totally naked. As she turned around I could already smell the sweet aroma of her sex, but she beckoned me to stand. 

Soon Lydia was behind me and I stood facing the men. Both guys looked nervously at each other but were also quite aroused. Carl had his hand in his pants. Lydia took both of my breasts in her fingers as I leanded back so she could kiss me. Then I felt her cool hands unzipping and lowering my skirt. I gasped as she slid her tongue down my side and her hands both moved into the waistband of my panties. As my panties fell to the floor, one hand came between my legs from behind. "Oh Margo," she muttered as she felt the wetness of my pussy. I played with my breasts as her fingers entered me. Oh god. I was already having an orgasm standing there in front of Carl and Frank. Then Lydias head pressed my legs further apart and soon she was licking me, drinking me, probing me with her tongue. I could barely stand as orgasms shook my body.

I turned and collapsed on her, my mouth immediately engulfing her whole pussy. She screamed as my tongue licked her vulva and penetrated her vagina. She was licking me and we both continued to come over and over. 

I objected when she stopped but realized a cock was there. Whose was it? A groan as it plunged deep inside me told me it was Frank.

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