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Seducing My Sexy Mom Part 1

(Part 1 from 1)

Note : This story is completely fictional!

I have always wanted to fuck my mom, ever since I was 12. I am 16 right now, and have a huge, 11-inch cock. My mom is the sexiest woman ever, with great curves and gargantuan tits. Once, when I caught her sunbathing topless, I saw her tits, which must have been like the Hoover Dam. She wears a size 42DD bra, and even that doesn’t even stop all the flesh from showing. Her legs are slender and she has the smoothest skin ever, and has a really pretty face and blonde hair always pulled back in a ponytail. Her ass is also nice and round, and when she bends over, I can see the flesh just waiting to be squeezed. Ever since I was 12, I have been dreaming of seducing her and sucking on those huge tits and fucking her brains out.

My one chance came when, on a Saturday night, when my dad went to Chicago. He always went on business trips, and came home only about 50 times a year. We were both alone at home, and I, watching a porno movie(my mom doesn’t really care) just couldn’t stop myself from trying to seduce her. It was my perfect chance.
My mom, going upstairs and getting ready to take a shower, and me, silently following her, crept slowly up the stairs. After she got inside the room and closed the door, I opened up a little and what I saw nearly gave me a heart-attack. My mom had taken off all her clothes, and her enormous ass and tits were bulging out. It took all my power to stop myself from going in there and sucking on those tits of hers. When I heard the shower go on and she got in, I walked into the room, took off my clothes, and got into the bed. After 15 minutes, I heard her get out, and the door opening. She had a towel on, which barely covered her tits, and her ass was bare. When she saw me, she screamed.

“Bobby! What are you doing?” she asked, since I had the blanket on. I didn’t answer, and I saw her stealing glances at my huge erection under the blanket.
“Mom,” I said, “can you come over here and sit down?” Like an obedient dog, she came over, hesitantly, and sat right next to my bulging cock. 
“Showtime!” I yelled, and stood up to my full height, the blanket falling off.
“Bobby!!” she screamed, “What are you doing?!”
Ignoring her, I asked “You want this cock of mine?”
Speechless, my mom just sat there, so I came over and guided my cock into her shocked and gaping mouth. 
“Uhhh,” she groaned, and began sucking on it. Her hands shot up, and grabbed my long shaft, stroking it and squeezing it.
“I’ve been waiting years for this!” I groaned. The sensation of getting my cock sucked was so good, I cummed into my mom’s mouth, and she swallowed it all.
“Ohhh, Bobby, that felt so good, I’ve been waiting a long time to suck that dick of yours, ever since I saw you masturbating in your-“ cut short, my dick went into her mouth again.
After a while, I pulled it out and told her “Take off that towel, and let me suck on those huge tits of yours.”
She obeyed, her humongous tits now bare. I cupped them in my hands, and gave them a firm squeeze, causing a groan of pleasure from my mom.
Then I put my mouth on her left nipple, and began sucking on it, still squeezing them.

“OHHHHHHHHH, BOBBYYY!!!” she screamed, and began rubbing my dick and squeezing it again.
I let go with a POP and began sucking on her right nipple, issuing another groan from my mom.
“I can’t stand it anymore Bobby, fuck me!!!” she ordered. My mom was breathing hard now, and I was in no doubt that she was enjoying every part of it. 
“Lay down on the bed,” I commanded, and she immediately obeyed, spreading her legs wide apart.
My cock was positively throbbing now, and I guided my dick right up to her clean, unshaven pussy. 
“Yes, Bobby!! fuck me hard and long with that huge cock of yours!!” she ordered.
I thrust in with my dick as it entered her pussy, and she screamed. I had only fitted the head in, and her pussy was real tight.
“Oh god, this is going to feel so good,” She moaned. 
I thrust forward, with a good seven inches going in. Then, with all my strength, thrust my entire dick forward.
“AIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” my mom screamed, “Now, fuck me Bobby!”
I began fucking her, using about seven inches of it. 

“UHHH,” I groaned, as I went faster and faster into her pussy. My mom was screaming every second, and I saw a look of pleasure on her face. 
I flipped her around, and fucked her doggy-style, watching her tits swirl around.
I grabbed them, and squeezed her nipples as hard as I could.
“AHHHHHHHHH!” my mom screamed, and told me to keep on squeezing them. 
Feeling close to an orgasm, I yelled, “Shit! I’m about to blow!”
Just as I said that, I felt her clit muscles contract, and she had an orgasm.
“AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhh...” she screamed, and her grip lightened on the pillow she was holding. 
I felt myself ready to blow, and pulled it out, just as it was about to come.
I aimed the cum that flew out at her tits, and they landed thickly on her huge tits. A few streams landed on my mom’s face, and she licked it up hungrily.
After I licked up the cum on her tits(and sucked on them some more), we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When we woke up, my mom said with a sexy look on her face“Bobby, there will have to be some new sleeping arrangements.”
After that fateful day, our lives were filled with sex, but only when my dad wasn’t there.

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