Tough Treatment

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Carlton Adams, Carl or 1 ton to his rugby friends was a pro rugby player and had just completed qualifying as a sports physio, dietitian and trainer when he crashed a friends Harley.
Taking a girl for a ride, a speeding car had run them off the road, the girl had minimal injuries but Carl had rolled with the huge bike sustaining back and leg injuries.
After 12 weeks in hospital he was wheeled to the physio unit to start work on walking and regaining mobility.

His assessment was a shock, in walked Ronda Adams a consultant Physio who specialised in sports injuries and treating sportsmen and women at her private clinic in the village. 

Carlton grew up the son of a farmer and the other Adams family moved into the old manor house when Carl was a teenager. Richard Adams an accountant and business man was quite an awful man, the manor's previous owners loaned the gardens for the village garden party and let local kids use the pool in the holidays and made large donations to the local church and village club and cricket team.
Richard Adams donated fifty pence and closed the gates to the village and built his wife's private clinic in the grounds, he was a nasty piece of work and hated in the village pub. Caught chasing a woman who helped keep house she rejected him, rumour spread and the local women called him "little dick". Ronda kept herself to herself, but was the centre of attention when she ran most days in tight skin hugging body suits that showed her slight trim taught body and big firm tits and her rock hard arse. A little more generous than her husband she donated money to the local causes but generally kept herself to herself apart from an odd brief chat in the village store. Carl's mum called her "No Nickers Ronda" as her friend Mary worked at the manor and she noted that there were never any knickers with the washing.

Carl had always looked for a pantie line when he saw Ronda as he did sat in the wheel chair. "Hello Carlton" said Ronda "were going to get you fit and well again" she said looking at his X-rays. She gave the physio's some instructions and departed her trim legs brown in her short skirt that many younger women would nor be seen in. 

Carl made quick progress, he was in the same business and knew what was expected of him but after returning home to his parents he found it hard going. With two years on his contract with the club they wanted him fit an well for the coming season. The coach called to see him and explained that the club wanted to protect their investment and that he has been booked into Ronda Adams private clinic. 

Carl walked tentatively past the manor house to the clinic struggling with his sticks as "little Dick Adams" sped past him in his Bentley without a glimpse. He had been seen with yet another woman in the town according to the gossips. "Strip off and lay on the couch" said Ronda's assistant as she closed the door. Carlton laid on the couch covered with a towel as the heating started to warm the room and he heard a phone ring and he dozed as he waited. 

His letter to Ronda asking to work with her in his second year of training had never been answered and he ended up miles from home in a small hospital clinic traveling miles for games and lectures.
"lets look at you and see how mobile you are" brought Carlton to as Ronda pulled the towel aside. "oh" she said a she saw that he was naked under the to well, "you could have kept your pants on". "I go commando" replied Carl. Well wear swim shorts for the pool will you please" she said a little flustered as she moved his leg and his thick cock rolled aside and her face reddened. She asked about the rugby and made some notes and then asked him to walk around the room. Taking a stick he walked as she wrote and she then looked to see him naked. "god you could have put the towel around you" she said as Carl hid a little smile as he could see her swallow a little as her eyes dwell'd a little to long on his crotch. " Get on the couch please" she said as she called her assistant "can you go into Swindon now and get those supplies from Harper's Anne". Anne's car left as Ronda approached the couch, she studied the deep horrific stars to his legs and thighs and asked him to part his legs, Carl jumped a little as she moved his cock away from the scarred hip. "Sorry" she said a little rosy glow spreading on her face as she ran her hand along his inner and outer legs. "can you hold them out the way" she said pointing to his big ball sack. Carl cupped his bollocks as she examined the damaged leg and moved it to assess the mobility and then moved to the other leg and placed the towel over his groin. "does it worry you" asked Carl, "What", "my cock", "Don't be silly, I just thought you would feel a little more at ease".

Ronda Adams bend a little facing his feet examining his lower legs as she checked the lower limb x-rays and looked at the notes on her desk, the clinging woollen dress she wore showed a clear outline of her bra but no pantie line. May be she really was "No Nickers Ronda" and with that thought his cock embarrassingly started to stir. As she approached the couch still looking at the x-rays she asked " `why do the locals call you 1 Ton". "It was my older sisters friend, my first, um agh, well , girlfriend. I'm really called Carlton but she said I was 1 Ton compared to her other boyfriends". 

Ronda looked puzzled as she turned to feel and move his leg "I don't understand" she said. Carl pulled the towel aside revealing his semi hard manhood. "1 Ton" he said with a smirk". " I was talking about this leg, I'm not interested in that " she said with flushed cheeks and a trembling voice. As she moved about Carl studied her back and arse as his cock stirred and he caught her glimpsing eyes, stood right by him, his arm at his side her legs slightly apart as she manipulated his leg he ran his right hand up her inner thigh under her dress straight to her naked shaven snatch his thumb parting her labia "just checking mobility" he said cheekily.

"What the fuck are you doing" he would have answered but she had not jumped away or slapped him and he felt the warmth and tell tale moistness in her horny little pussy. Pulling away she sternly rebuked him, "I think we need to improve the strength of your back and thigh muscles before we get carried away with the walking problems, I can start you with some basic hip movement and thrusting exercises she said as she moved the other treatment couch adjusting its height. As he went to ask about the exercises she pulled the hem of her dress up above her waist and bent over the couch her crack glistening as her juice flowed in anticipation. 

" are you thick? fucking well thrust my cunt you wanker, stuff that fat cock in my honey pot and make me fucking cum" she started to finger herself as Carl got off the couch and reached for his jacket. 
His fingers and thumb replaced her hand spreading her tight hole as wide as he strained his hurting body to get his fat nob in her pussy, as pain wracked his hurting body Ronda cursed at him telling him to fuck her hard as he struggled to spread her desperate opening. His fat eight and a half inch monster slowly sank home and defying the pain he fucked her till she cried out and begged him to stop as she flopped on the couch, Carl shuffled around the couch taking her hair in his hand and offering her his fat dome that she had trouble getting her mouth around as he probed her throat she grimaced as she saw the camera phone and he recorded his conquest " insurance " he said smiling as she eagerly sucked him back to hardness and he shuffled back behind her as she begged to be fucked he pulled the expensive woollen dress over her head and pulled the bra apart her tits spilling as he viewed them in the wall mirror. Before he turned her on the couch as she lowered it and he suckled her firm tits and stuffed her cunt full of cock and she humped him dry. Laid on the hydro room floor she squat over him so he could explore her pussy and clit dripping hot juice over his face before they cleaned up in the spa"two of us have walking problems now she said as she kissed him at the Manor gates and his fingers stroked her naked pussy.

Hydro therapy quickly improved Carl's mobility, fucking her tight pussy in the spa daily soon helped his damaged back and Ronda checked his qualifications and decided to expand her sports treatment facility with a new partner. Months later Ronda and her partner attended a conference in Malmo. 

Mr and Mrs Adams were able to share a suite and her well reamed pussy milked her younger fit fat dicked partners seed. 
Richard Adams was away on business and would nor bather about his wife as he would probably be trying to screw some you secretary or assistant. 
Explaining that he had mislaid his key Mr Adams approached the door of the hotel suite and heard Ronda's voice from the other side.

"surprise" call slipped away as he closed the bedroom door behind him and saw the scarred body of Carlton Adams fucking his Mrs Adam's, his fat cock pumping her tight cunt as her tits swung mirrored in the bed head mirror. "Fucking split my pussy you animal, dump you horny spunk in my womb" drifted across the room followed by "Fuck off little Dick, this dick is wider than yours is long".
Carl slapped his horny partners arse and slammed her, spewing cum deep in her pussy. You might drive a Bentley but this is a Rolls Royce cunt that I drive" rang in Richard Adam's ears as he skulked away.

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