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Pretending to be sleeping

(Part 1 from 1)

Due to being in a reputued society its not fair to disclose our names and our locations but dont worry we use here some substitutes. I have been very innocent girl and always good at studies. I must have attained the age of 18 when i had happened to turn into a woman from a girl and he is not any other but my own. . . . Whom i had seen sniffing my unwashed panties into the bathroom stealthily which often brought me to pity to him but how could i offer him my flesh. Last month on saturday night it took my breath away when i saw him watching me when i was under my shower. He was watching my nudity thru a hole in the gate made by him.

Thinking something of him i didnt let him feel that he had been caught and i have better display of my pear shaped raw tits but eventually i also grew horny. I gave gentle massage to my titties sensually murmuring in myself, would that someone may soon come in my life to welcome my lust! I turned my hips towards him as if i was quite ignorant of everything! After cleanig all suds from my body i began to dry my wet body. Now he came to the conclusion that he must move from that place. I came out of the bathroom in my bathrobe. When i reached my study, i found him reading his course book. We love very much so he welcomed my arrival.

He asked, hi how u? I replied, fine dear, how u expecting me? He smiled, same da. I asked u took shower some late in this night. Expressing some suprise i said, its only 11 and not so late as i think. Yea, i have been busy with mom in the kitchen, thats why a bit late but now feeling very sleepy. He asked, has mom gone to sleep? I replied, i saw her preparing to go to bed, as u know she closes her room on saturdays nights to get week long absent love from dad. We both cause to laugh literarily. He took leave of me and went away and i fell on my bed all at leisure. When i committed to sleep, i didnt know but i woke up in some dreamy sort of way when i felt someone between my legs.

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I quickly sensed him and did not want to disturb him. My bathrobe had been parted off and i felt his one hand soothing my pussy lips. I pretended as though i was having great dreams with my bf so i gave him good position. Now he thought, its was safe to continue his adventures. He spread over my bare body gently without feel of no weight to me. I felt his clever tongue touching my tits. I felt my tits growing firm and stood out. I arched my back wanting him to suck me hard on my nipples. Really he understood and sucked me gently some kind of hesitating but still i didnt open my eyes. I wanted to see his efforts, cos full effort is full victory.

I also felt his hot lips kissing me impatiently. When he was quite firm that what he was doing was just my demand. He got up from my body and i watched him with my slightly opened eyes. Yea, he removed his pants in one swift motion and being too spoiled i spread my voluptuous thighs wider to attract him to my ripe cunt. Really he is so intelligent, he didnt take any moment to understand my need. Very soon i found him licking my pussy and pussy lips very softly. When he came up to my clitoris, i couldnt help sighing, i turned randy and full of lust. I gave a sweet moaning, oh that is feeling me so good. . . . .he held back and i opened my eyes and got up to say, why do u now stop? I love u and will give u anything u want from my body. He said, sorry sis, sex is blind. I ignored and told, now sex has opened our eyes. So we both involve in this relationship too.

We embraced tightly and soon we were throwing hot breathing. I mounted over my body and i eased his fully erected cock into my moist smiling pussy. He slid a bit and then entered all his cock into my body upto my abdomen. I squirmed and writhed under his weight. He controlled my legs with his shoulder and began shoving my insides mercilessly. I whispered a lot in request but found him quite cruel to me. He penetrated me badly and in the last moments i feared such that he was totally bent upon killing me. I had to bear all the pain with my teeth thightly closed.

When he stabbing me at full speed, i must have shuddered from head to toe. He groaned, and he strained all his steel hard cock upto my cervix and i felt his warm jets of cum pressuring upwards. He stopped for some seconds and then let himself loose and i moved him from my body. I lay like dead panting noisely. My cunt was still quivering and i also felt it some swollen. We talked a bit and he was happy to rob my virginity. He congratulated, now ur not a girl but a good woman. I kind of annoyed ur greedy, fucking me so mercilessy. I dont talk to you. He caressed me and begged pardon, cos he was not in him control which i wanted to hear. I told, ok but in future u have to be my obedient.

We made a pact to celebrate our sex relationship when its our stormy desire. We are sis and bro in society but really we are more than good sex couples. We are so well spirited now, and you ! !

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