Abby Learns Alot at the Party

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

Abby was so excited thinking about going to the party, she could hardly contain herself. She was a 15 year old sophomore and she was going to a senior party with one of the hottest boys at school. She was also happy that now she would be able to spend more time with Melissa. Melissa was two years older than Abby but they had been friends since they were six and four. Melissa and her family lived next door, and they had become almost as close as sisters seeing each other every day. Unfortunately for Abby they hadn’t seen much of each other the last two years ever since Melissa had started hanging out with all the popular kids. It’s not like Melissa had been ignoring her, it was just that they didn’t get to hang out much. In many ways Melissa was a big sister to her and now that she was going to a party with all the cool senior kids, maybe they would get to hang out more. These were the happy thoughts that kept running through her mind as she was rummaging frantically through her closet looking for the perfect thing to wear to the party; in fact she was so preoccupied in her excitement that she didn’t even notice Melissa standing in the doorway to her room.

“Hiya Abby” Said Melissa startling Abby from her preparations.
“Oh hey Mel!” She grinned seeing her friend standing there. “wanna help me find something to wear?”
“Sure” Melissa replied stepping toward her “let’s see what we can find.”

Abby was relieved that now she was going to have help from her firned, she had been drinving herself crazy looking for something, and besides Melissa knew what was cool she had been part of that crowd for two years. In addition to being as close as sisters, the girls almost looked like sisters as well. Both were petite blondes around 5’4” with beautiful blue eyes and bubbly personalities. They had similar bodies as well, but much to Abby’s dismay Melissa at eighteen had more of a fully developed female body with perky c cup breasts. The 18 year old had just as toned a body but had to settle for b cups, but she was convinced they would get bigger.

After about half an hour of going through clothes the two girls finally agreed on just what Abby should wear, a short black skirt with a low cut red top. Abby modeled it for her friend and they both grinned.

“Wow Abby” Melissa exclaimed “That’s going to drive Mark crazy with that outfit. He loves skirts.”
“I hope he likes me in this one” Abby said “I still can’t believe he’s taking me.”

Melissa took her friend’s hand and led to the bed where they both sat down. “Well Abby you’re and awesome girl and I’m always telling the boys about you, I’m so glad he asked you, but” she paused “Our parties are a lot different than what you’re used to, I hope you’re going to have fun”

Abby thought she knew what her friend meant, older boys were much more experienced and expected girls to really know how to act. “It’s ok Mel; I know he’ll want to make out with me even though we’ve never gone out.” She smiled at Melissa “I’m looking forward to it.”

The older girl looked a little uncomfortable afraid that her friend was completely unprepared for older boys. “That’s part of it Abs, but” She struggled for words “Um I just want you to know you never have to do anything you don’t want to.”

Abby looked confused, so wrapped up in the excitement that she wasn’t getting what her friend was trying to say. Melissa decided to drop it then knowing that in a few hours she would know exactly what she was talking about. She had gotten Abby in with the cool kids, now it was all up to her.
“Well Abby” the older girl started “Let’s get your hair and makeup done; you’re going to be the prettiest girl there tonight!” She smiled broadly “Except for me of course!” She laughed and gently shoved her friend.

The girls then got to work and in less than hour Abby stood in front of the mirror, looking much older than her 18 years. The very picture of teenaged beauty. Abby was beaming and Melissa was looking at her with an almost parental approval.

“God Abs,” Melissa grinned “You look too good! The guys are all going to go crazy!”
“I hope” Abby said nervously “But I guess I do look hot.” She conceded smiling at her friend.

Melissa looked at her watch. “Oh my God!” She exclaimed “I have to go get ready; I worked so hard getting you looking good that I forgot I wasn’t dressed, and Rob will be at my house in half an hour!”

“Yeah” Abby agreed “you better get going, especially” She grinned mischievously at her friend “If you want to look as good as me!”
Both girls laughed and then hugged, with Abby thanking her friend over and over for her help. She wasn’t feeling quite as nervous anymore. 
“I’ll see you in about an hour Abs” Melissa said on her way out the door then turning to give her firmed one more hug. “Oh by the way Abs,” she offered hesitantly “How far have you gone with a guy?”

“Wow Mel!” Abby said surprised by her friend’s question. “I don’t mind telling you, I mean you’re the closest thing to a sister I have, I’m just surprised you asked me that.” She looked at her friend and smiled “I’m not all that innocent, I’ve let guys feel my boobs, and I touched a boy’s dick once.” She looked at her friend “Only though his pants though, I’ve never really seen one.” Then she asked a question “Why what have you done with a guy?”

“Oh,” Melissa replied, a little surprised at her pretty friends lack of experience “Um more than that but I’ll have to tell you later. I really have to go” She looked at her friend unsure than ever of what Abby was going to think of her friends. “See you at the party.” She then hurried out the door.

Abby just stood their in her room for a minute trying to figure out why Melissa asked about what she had done with boys. She wondered if it had something to do with what Mark might expect of her. She dismissed the thought though and headed back to the mirror to tweak her look just a little before Mark arrived.
Mark arrived right when he said he would and Abby’s parents greeted him at the door while she waited upstairs to make her entrance. She heard her dad give the obligatory parental warnings and her mom offer her opinions as well. When they finally settled into a nervous silence, she headed down the stairs. Her father was the first to speak.

“Wow kitten!” he beamed “You look gorgeous, but” he laughed “If you think you’re ever leaving this house you’re sadly deluded!” He quickly added “Just kidding sweetheart! Have a good time!” He hugged his daughter and gave her a peck on the cheek. “And you” he said looking at Mark “Take good care of my little girl, and she has to be home by one.”

With that her mom muttered some words of encouragement and kissed her as well. Then the two adults left the kids in the foyer heading out the door.
“You’re dad’s right Abby” mark said finally getting a word in “You do look great! Let go huh?” He smiled and gently put his arm around her and motioned her to the car.

Abby was absolutely contented riding in the passenger seat as mark drove them to the party. So happy that she was going to a party with all the cool kids, and even better with one of the hottest boys. Mark reached for her hand as they drove and they held hands the rest of the way to the party. She looked over at her brown haired, tall muscular date, and smiled. What could possibly be better? She thought.

When they got to the party Mark introduced her to Jimmy, a boy Abby only knew by reputation, and told her that this was jimmy’s house and that his parents were on vacation. 

“Nice to meet you Abby” Jimmy smiled at her making an exaggerated gesture of kissing her hand. “Mark wasn’t exaggerating when he told me how cute you were!”

Abby smiled uncomfortably “Thank you” She wasn’t used to such flattery but it did make her feel good.

Over the next hour Mark introduced her to a lot of people at the party, and everyone was being super nice to her. She felt very grown up drinking a beer out of a plastic cup, and she even thought she was feeling a little tipsy having only drank one time before. All the boys were looking at her and most of the girls were too. Abby was overjoyed to be this much the center of attention. It had been over an hour though and they still hadn’t seen Melissa. Finally she arrived with her boyfriend Rob and they walked up to Abby and Mark.

“Hey Abby!” Melissa said excitedly to her friend. 

“Sorry we’re late” Rob added “but Mel’s parents were gone so we started the party just a little early.” He grinned broadly as Melissa gave him a playful slap on the arm.

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