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Jane and I had been married for six wonderful years, we had sex on every possible occasion, even at lunchtime I would come home from work and we would have a steamy sex session. I had never known such a sexy woman, despite the cruel fact that she had resolutely refused to have sex before our marriage. 

This was due to her strict Presbyterian upbringing. Her father was an elder of the church, and her mother had made it very plain that the only justification for intercourse was for the procreation of children, it was not there for pleasure!

After our marriage however this all changed, and we literally had sex morning, noon and night, but we had to keep up the pretence that we were living the good life that her parents expected of us.

Jane was four and a half months pregnant and had to go to the hospital for a routine examination, I was rather busy at work, so her father took her in his car. On the return journey they were involved in a fatal accident and Jane was killed outright, two days later her father died as well. I was devastated and just could not believe the double tragedy. I went over and over in my mind how different it may have been if I had taken the time off to drive her myself, but it was no use, it had happened and I had lost my wonderful wife.

Jane’s mother was understandably distraught over the double loss, and had the added complication that the house they lived in was a company house that she would have to leave. Edwards employer was very understanding and said that Christina could have as long as she needed to find somewhere to live, but that the house would be needed for the replacement employee to live in.

Christina had a simple answer to this situation, she would move in with me. The idea filled me with horror, but I did not have a clue how to avoid it without hurting her when we were both so upset anyway. I told her that I knew she was only offering because she felt sorry for me but there really was no need for her to worry about me, it was all to no avail, she had made up her mind and that was that. She moved in!

I have to admit that she did make every effort to be pleasant and she did keep the house tidy and kept me well fed, all points that I had let slip after Jane’s death, but I felt trapped in a situation that I could see no escape from, Christina was only 18 years older than me, she could easily outlive me! I decided to just make the best of it.

Our lives went on in a reasonable fashion, we went to church together on a Sunday, but apart from that we lived our own lives with little contact with each other except for an arrangement we had, that at the weekends, I would give her a coffee in bed on a Saturday, and she brought me one on a Sunday. Things worked out much better than I had expected but I still wished to be alone.

Things changed after about six months, when one Saturday I took her the normal cup of coffee. On entering the bedroom she was apparently fast asleep and her nightdress was unbuttoned down the front. Her left breast was exposed and, although I would never have described Christina as good looking, I have to admit that she had I fine, firm and well-shaped breast. Her nipple was huge and obviously extended. I put down her drink and coughed in the hope that she would cover herself, but it had no effect.

I could not resist her any longer, I sat on her bed and closed my hand around her breast, she never moved, so I squeezed her nipple between my thumb and first finger, and she gave out a low moan. By this time I had the daddy of all erections and I found that I actually wanted her. She opened her eyes with a startled expression and screamed. “What do you think you are doing”? she shouted, I muttered an apology and went out from the bedroom.

I went out for a walk in the park and did some hard thinking, now was my chance, I would carry on molesting her, and I felt sure that that would drive her out of my house and probably never speak to me again. That would suit me fine. 

I grabbed some lunch in town and had a few beers to give me some courage for what I was planning. I arrived home at about five thirty in the afternoon and Christina had a meal ready for me. She was as nice as pie and never mentioned the events of the morning. Things were not going to plan, but after the meal she asked me if there was anything else I would like. This was my chance. “Yes” I replied, “I am going to shag you,” I told her, “get your arse up those stairs, I will be up shortly”

I waited for awhile a heard her moving around upstairs then after hearing the toilet flush, all went quiet, I thought she had gone, so I went up to check. Her bedroom was empty; she was not in the bathroom. Great I thought, she has gone. I walked into my bedroom and there she was, laying naked on my double bed.
She greeted me with a smile, “Edward used to speak to me like that, I loved it when Edward talked dirty,” she informed me. “But, but”………. I stammered. “Oh no, Edward would never speak to his wife like that, he was far to respectable for that, I became Peg, his little whore on the side, but of course Edward would not really have anything on the side”.

It slowly dawned on me that things may not be as bad as they seemed, I had after all got rid of Christina, and now I had Peg. I started to undress, when I removed my boxers and revealed my manhood, which was starting by now to rise, Peg stared at it in horror, “I don’t think I could take that” she exclaimed, “Edward was not nearly as big as that.” It was only half way up anyway, still hanging down, but growing fast. “Don’t you worry about that,” I told her, “you will take it easy, anything Jane could take, you can take.” By now it had reached a full erection and its nine inches was standing proudly ready to shag her, “open your fucking legs wide”, I commanded, and lay down beside her and started playing with her clit, at first with one finger, then two until all four fingers and my thumb were up her juicy cunt. She moaned softly and closed her eyes, “Fuck me, fuck me, oh David, please fuck me”, she sobbed. I climbed over her legs, raised her knees over mine and entered her gently, she started to gyrate and thrust her cunt onto my cock, I started to penetrate deeper with each movement, until with one last heave I was fully home, up to the hilt. I could feel my balls slapping her arse with each stroke. She grabbed the cheeks of my arse and dug her fingernails into the flesh. She was good. I could tell that she was coming to her first climax and so was I; she climaxed slightly before me so I just kept banging away.

We must have had four or five climaxes each that first fuck and we just lay together all evening, whenever I felt another erection coming we started all over again. Neither of us could remember how many times we made it that evening, but it was just like it had been on my honeymoon with Jane, only better.

We showered next morning after breakfast, ready to go to Church, soaping each other with lavish quantities of gel, as she washed my penis, I washed her cunt, and old John Thomas started to rise again, I was a bit relieved at that because I had started to doubt if he would ever stand up again after that night. With all the soapsuds he entered her with ease, and we had another glorious fuck standing in the shower with the warm water cascading over us. She was as good as she had been the night before. 

We went to Church, where she was little Miss Virtue herself, I did hear her tell the Minister after the service, what a wonderful son-in-law she had.
I became an Elder in the Church, and at my induction the Minister said that I was an example of what everyone should strive to be, decent, honest and upright. I don’t know how I kept a straight face. “If Edward is looking down on us, and I am sure he is”, he said, “he will surely be a very proud man to know that you are following in his footsteps, “Well done,” said the Minister, “Keep it up.”

I am certainly doing that, three times a day.
Oh yes, I forgot to say, I have started to come home for lunch again!

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