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Stella breathed, she was sitting in a bar, quietly sipping on her whiskey and gin. She looked around, noticing that there were 3 girls at the bar drinking alone.

One particular girl caught her eye, so she slowly walked over, she decided to just take it easy and if the girl turned her down then it would be no big deal. She stood up and walked over to the girl.

The girl had long blonde hair and clear green eyes, she was pretty on the eyes, stella unconsciously liked her lips, scenarios forming in her head to what she would do to that girl. She asked the girl if the seat next to her was taken, the girl smiled and said no, Stella smiled, if she released her Filipescu method, the girl would fall for her charm. there was no doubt about it.

An hour later, The door to Stella's apartment was opened in a frenzy and two women stumbled in, Stella had her hands on the blondes hip, whilst the blonde had her hands on stella's hair. Stella slammed the door closed with one swift motion and pushed the blonde towards a surface any surface.

The two stumbled, stella slowly taking the blondes top off, whilst the blonde rid stella of her pants. they were kissing heavily, tongues swirling around each other and teeth clashing against each other. They hit the dinner table and stella's hands went down to the blonde's ass, cupping the firm toned ass before lifting the blonde onto the table. Stella was no horn dog, but she loved the female anatomy. Every time she slept with a woman, she always made sure to just appreciate the body in front of her, so appreciate the body she did.

Stella licked the blonde's earlobe, biting it, swirling her tongue around it, breathing on it, whilst her right hand went to cup the blondes left breast. She tweaked the nipple, liking the way it hardened under her touch. she descended, kissing the woman's collar bone, and kissing her breast, she wasted no time into just putting her warm mouth on the cold nipple, she licked it, sucked on it and then blew on it, making the blonde slowly moan. she moved to the other breast, doing the same thing whilst her left hand tweaked the breast she just licked.

suddenly stella went lower, putting her hands on the blondes abdominals, her thumbs twirling in a circular motion, her tongue leaving a wet trail over the blonde's stomach and nippling at the tight flesh. Stella loved this, she loved women, she loved how they reacted, she loved how sometimes they would be so wet, they would be so easy for her to just dive in.

Stella reached the blondes pants, she breathed on the already heated centre, she licked it twice, two strong powerful licks, already tasting some of the blondes arousal. Stella smiled, it was time to put the show on the road.

With her teeth stella bit the top of the pantie, and she pulled, pulling it off the blonde body, after kissing the inside of the thigh which led back to the pot of gold, she looked up, the blonde was looking down at her, her anticipation livid. Stella licked the blonde's cunt once, then twice, then started a rythmn, This girl has a uber sensitive clit as every time her tongue grazed over it, she girl would shudder and moan.

Stella alternated between sucking and licking, feeling the girls body react, the girl was panting heavily now, and stella decided the girl was ready, so slowly she went back up, she kissed her way back up and kissed the blonde on the lips, the blonde hummed her liking to tasting her own arousal on stella's lips, stella kissed the blonde's neck and at exactly the same time, she entered the blonde.

The blonde was taken by surprise, yet kissed stella's neck whilst stella pumped in and out of her, the blonde also put her hands in stella's pants and started a rythmn as well. The blonde went exceedingly fast, causing stella to realise she was going to get undone soon. Stella added a second finger, going faster, so fast the girl had left her finger inside of her.

The girl started rocking her hips on stella's fingers, her breast started bouncing, stella licked her lips, and bit a nipple, the girl moaned again and stella licked her stomach and finally the blonde came undone. Stella let the blonde come down from her high and slowly bent to lap the juices the blonde had to give. she stood up, and the blonde had eyes dark as the night, the blonde's hand found it's way into stella's pants and she started, stella was already wet, hell, this georgeous blonde just came undone, and she was moving at rapid speed inside of her, the blonde's finger were making a wet noise as they pumped in and out, stella moaned as the girl licked behind her ears.

Damn she was good. suddenly she came, and as she calmed down, they looked at each other and smiled. stella looked at the blondes eyes, she saw something but didnt quite put her finger on it, she was good, and stella had a itch to do something she hadn't done in a while so she took a risk.

" Brooke, would you like to go on a date with me?"

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