Peeking at Niece

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Note : This story is completely fictional!

My wifes younger brother and his wife had been having problems for years. He was in and out of jail and his wife was an alcoholic and drug user. The last time he went to jail my wifes niece and her mom were not getting along so the niece came to live with us. She was a very cute girl with long blonde hair and a very slim figure but very small tits.

My wife and I had always been very open about sex and we had done some swinging and had a few threesomes. Our kids were use to seeing the wife or I in various stages of undress and my wife had been seen nude by the kids many times. We sat down with my wifes niece and discussed this with her and told her that we were always there to talk too and we didn't want her to feel uncomfortable. IT turns out she was very open to the arrangement and said she did not want us to think we had to change things because of her.

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My niece and I had always had a very close relationship as far as uncle and niece go. When she was young she would sit in my lap watching tv when ever she came over. I can say I had more than one fantasy about her over the years.

After she had been living with us for awhile the wife and I were talking one night about some personal things. She was getting ready to go take a shower when our niece got out of the shower. She said she needed to shave her legs and her pussy. She knows I like it like that but she also knows I like it hairly also. While on the subject she made mention that our niece had more pubic hair than she did. I looked at her and said I wouldn't know about that. I asked her how she knew and she told me she had seen her naked several times. After discussing it for a few minutes I told her I really wouldn't mind seeing that. My wife took me by the hand and led me into the kitchen to the kitchen sink.

The sink is on the same wall as the shower and having had to do some plumbing work on the sink there was a hole under the sink that allowd you to peek into the shower. My wife told me to take a look for myself. Getting under the sink I peeked in and there in the shower was our niece taking a shower. Just as the wife had said she had a very hairy pussy. I got an immediate hard on looking at her. My wife reached around from behind me and started stroking my cock through my shorts. Suddenly I noticed that my niece had taken the shower massage in hand and was now using it on her clit. It was a huge turn on watching her. I told my wife what was going on and she smiled and told me to keep watching.

 She got up and left the room and the next thing I know I see my wife climbing into the shower with our niece. They begin kissing and fondling each other suddenly my wife kneels down in the shower and pulls our niece too her and begins sucking on her clit. They played for several minutes all the while I am watching and stroking myself. I notice the wife take a can of shave gel and spray some into her hand and then watched as she started rubbing our niece's pussy with it. Over the course of the next half hour my wife slowly and carefully shaves her pussy until it is smooth and hairless. When she was done she again started licking her pussy and clit. Needles to say I was really turned on at this point. I watched until they left the shower. I got up and straightened out my shorts and went back into the living room. Both of them came out of the shower and acted as if nothing happened.

Later in bed My wife asked if I had enjoyed the show. I told her yes I had and that it was a huge turn on. She asked if I wanted to play with our niece and I toldher yes I did. Eventually we were all three in the bed and I got to fuck both of them. WHen I was ready to cum my wife whispered into my ear to go ahead and fill her pussy. I unloaded a huge load inside of our niece. Not caring if she got pregnant or not.

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