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CRYSTAL A job with prospects.
CRACKED CRYSTAL A service with no prospects.
LEAD CRYSTAL The solution: A city break.
CRYSTAL METH Homecoming: Not like home!
CRYSTALLISED Planned service.
CRYSTAL MAZE Police and planning.
CRYSTAL HARD. (Pt 1.) Finding Jimmy.
CRYSTAL HARD. (Pt 2.) Petals unfolded.
LIKE UNTO CRYSTAL Kidnap of a rapist.
CUT CRYSTAL Discussion over method.
CRYSTAL LOVE A career in the movies.

Women do most delight in revenge. Sir Thomas Browne

Sweet is revenge. Especially to women. Lord Byron

Where vice is, vengeance follows. Scottish Proverb


**** Crystal.

The office was plush and reflected the opinion that the woman who occupied it had of herself. Wood panelling, copies of old masters done in oil and a desk that dominated the room like a brooding oaken cube.




Mrs Crystal Veryon, the owner of that plush office, dressed in the same fastidious way that she had decorated her office. With an eye to the prejudices of her rich clients she was always formal, but also stylish in the way that only money can define. The stockings were silk and imported from Hong Kong, the shoes were spiked with five inch heels and were made for her in London to measure. Her tweed suits spoke of serious money while remaining subdued and prim.

Since acquiring considerable sums by running a most particular trust fund she made it her specialised business to make wills and testaments, run offshore trust funds and act as a legal adviser when her clients came into conflict with that all pervasive government arm, the IRS.

Over the last year or two, the actual amount of work that she had been doing had declined, to the point where her social calendar, hobbies and her tennis amounted to the greater part of her life. What was new was that instead of a new client bringing thousands of dollars in fees to the table, they were bringing in ten times that amount.

Of course there was Sarah in the outer office. All that work required a fine sense of decorum, which Sarah had in spades. There was no doubt that she did an excellent job relaxing nervous clients, preparing documents and all the other jobs that needed doing prior to Crystal interviewing the clients.

The problem was that Sarah was getting married. Actually that was not the difficulty, it was the fact that she would be moving from Fort Pierce to Miami that was the crux of the matter!


A timid knock at the door.

‘Not really a good sign,’ thought Crystal as she called “Enter!” in a firm voice.

The young woman who entered the room was dressed in a cotton summer frock and ballet style shoes. In the opinion of the rather severe Crystal, this interview was not off to a good start.

“Please sit down,” said Crystal, waving her hand at the easy chair that faced her desk.

“Thank you, Miss,” said the young woman as she settled into the chair with considerable grace.

Millicent was the third on the list to be interviewed and despite her rather casual dress she was an improvement on the gum chewing slut and the eighteen year old child that Crystal had had the displeasure of interviewing. In fact there was something indefinably erotic about the young woman who sat quietly, waiting for Crystal to begin the interrogation.

The interview started with the usual questions about experience as a legal secretary which Millicent answered with aplomb. After a few minutes it was clear that she not only had the requisite experience, but also some knowledge of Crystal’s practice.

Crystal adjusted herself to the idea of offering Millicent the job.

“Of course it would be on a probationary basis,” she said as she smiled at Millicent. “Three months to see if you are suitable and a permanent post if all goes well.”

“I expected no less,” replied Millicent. “With just one extra pair of hands in this office you need to find the correct person.”

“I still have two other people to see, so it will be a couple of days before I can give you a definite answer.”

Millicent stood and glanced out of the window into the street below. For a moment the sun shone through her dress allowing Crystal to see her generous figure as a dark shadow beneath the thin cotton.

“You have my number,” said Millicent as she turned back to face Crystal.

She noticed the scrutinising look and held out her hand.

“I am impressed,” said Crystal.

A small shiver passed through her like an electric shock. Millicent was certainly attractive. For a moment her thoughts wandered and she speculated about Millicent’s private life.

“Are you married?”

“I have a boyfriend. Going steady might be the right description.”

“Occasionally you might have to be present for social meetings with clients which may go well into the evenings.”

“That’s fine,” replied Millicent. “Knowing the clients intimately is important in a job like this.”

Crystal was not quite sure if she had heard the stress on ‘intimately’, but there was no doubt that this young woman was ideal for her office.

‘I wonder what she would think if she knew about my little hobby,’ she thought to herself. ‘I would love to take her to the Green Room and interview her thoroughly!’

Another firm handshake and Millicent was leaving.


*** Cracked Crystal.


The other two interviews had not gone so well. Both candidates rated as poor on the legal knowledge, but the second had scored well on attractiveness.

‘Still,’ thought Crystal to herself as she drove home to her mansion by the still waters of the lagoon. ‘Millicent might be ideal but, I am sure that there is something questionable about her. Too perfect to be living in Fort Pierce by half!’

She pulled in to the long driveway and allowed the car to roll to the covered area before the house. Something had tweaked her finely tuned sense of empathy.

Taking her case she entered the house by the wide front door. Emilia, the maid and cook was just pulling her coat on and preparing to leave. In her forties and bustlingly efficient she nodded at her employer and made a comment.

“You are looking well this evening Mrs Veryon,” she said. “I left a note for you but a few words will suffice. I have prepared a goulash and salad for you, the salad is in the fridge. I have covered all tomorrow’s chores as well as todays’, because tomorrow is my son’s birthday and I will not be here. I also wanted to remind you that my holiday starts in a month so if there was anything special that has to be done before then…”

Crystal nodded and slipped off her long coat. “That’s fine Emilia, wish your son a happy birthday from me.”

From her pocket she produced a small packet and presented it with a smile to her maid.

“This is for him,” she said, “and I will see you the day after tomorrow so that we can discuss your holiday.”

Emilia thanked Crystal and left the house, locking the door behind her.

As she headed for the kitchen she noted the pan gently bubbling on the stove and smiled. Sometimes it seemed as if Emilia was behaving like a mother who was worried that her child was all alone. At other times she scolded her employer for not finding a man to replace the useless husband who had died a few years ago.

If only… If only Emilia knew what the secret of Crystal’s love life was!

Because Crystal had a special lover who lived with her.

A man who was truly hers; only for Crystal.

A man that she had purchased.

A man that she possessed.

An unwilling man.


Tonight he would be hers in the Green Room. A lover who was so attentive to his mistress’ orders and needs! She would play with him there and then later decide if the colour of his luck was red or white or just plain black.

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