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Pantyhose Paradise

(Part 1 from 2)

When I was very young (about 9 is the earliest) I remember being fascinated by women’s legs in nylon stockings (they still wore stockings in those days). I remember being at a friends house, and his mom used to put her son over her lap and rub his back with a soft brush as form of reward, it was like a soft back-scratch if u like. One day she asked me if I would like a 'rubbing' and of course I said yes. 

She always wore skirts just above her knee and I noticed she always wore sheer fully-fashioned nylons (of course I was too young to know what FF nylons were). She put me over her knee and rubbed my back which was nice, but better was the feeling of my bare legs (I was in shorts) against her slinky nylons. That was the first time ever I remember getting an erection. I don’t think she noticed my little stiffy, but I knew then that I was fascinated by not only the touch but also the feel of nylons. 

By the time I was in my teens I had a full-blown nylon fetish, by now women were wearing pantyhose instead of stockings but I still loved nylon encased legs. I had quite a collection of nylons most of which I got when Mom or my sister discarded theirs; I would wait until no one noticed then take them out of the bin. I was also wearing nylons a lot when no one was around or I was in bed and masturbated while wearing a pair of pantyhose and then placing a nylon on my cock. One of my favorite pastimes was visiting my Aunt Mary, she was a single mom who lived alone with two daughters, and they all wore pantyhose. While my sister was playing with the two girls I would rummage in their bins for discarded hose and rifle their laundry basket. Then one day I got caught.

I was 15 and Abegail, my eldest cousin was 18, and she was the one that caught me. The three girls had supposedly gone shopping with Aunt Mary, leaving me to my carnal pantyhose pleasures while they were gone. What I didn’t know was that Abby had left the others to return home, feigning a stomach upset. But I found out later that she suspected I was tampering with her lingerie and she intended to catch me. 

She told me later that she had noticed stains on her pantyhose when she washed them and as she was 18 and sexually active, she had good idea what those stains were. I was by this time, oblivious to the world, hiding in their bathroom wearing a pair of sheer pantyhose and stroking myself through the sheer nylon gusset. Abegail burst through the door and shouted “I knew it, you pervert, I knew you were wanking in my lingerie, you fucking little pervert”. I was so scared and embarrassed; here I was standing in her bathroom wearing nothing but a pair of her pantyhose and a hard-on, which by now was quickly deflating. I lost control of my legs and sat down heavily on the toilet seat.

“You fucking Nancy boy” she said, “wait until I tell your mom, my mom, your sister, every fucking one that you’re a Nancy-boy, pantyhose wearing, pervert!” I was so scared and started begging her, “please Abby, don’t tell anyone, I’ll do anything you say, I’ll stop doing this, I promise!” I was a pathetic sight standing in front of her naked, grovelling to her. She was standing over me fully dressed, she was wearing a cute little purple mini-skirt, white blouse and platform heels (this was the 70s remember) and of course, beige pantyhose (beige and white were the mainstay of 70s hosiery). “You bet you’ll do anything ‘pantyboy’” she said, “You’ll do whatever I fucking well say or everyone will know about your little pantyhose perversion!” By now the initial shock had worn off and couldn’t help noticing her legs showing nicely below her mini, she had one foot forward and her hands on her hips in a dominating pose, she was a little chubby but had nice legs and a pretty face. 

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Of course her standing like that with her silken hose covered legs at eye level had an obvious effect on my penis. Abby had never particularly liked me and had teased me a lot when I was younger, her being three years older she was always dominant, now she noticed my gradually stiffening penis. “You fucking freak, you can’t help yourself can you?” she said pointing at my nylon-covered appendage, “well now that horrible thing is sticking out, you humiliation starts now pantyboy”. “Stand up pantyboy” she said, “lets see what that pathetic little dicky looks like”. I knew Abby had had a few boyfriends and guessed she was no stranger to male anatomy, and I definitely knew she was certainly not going to miss the chance to humiliate as much as she could, but standing there, her tight sheer pantyhose encasing my lower body, and her being fully dressed somehow excited me. 

I stood up and my now erect penis was pushing out the gusset of the hose, there was a small pool of clear pre-come forming at the end of my penis and soaking into the nylon. “Well you are the panty-boy, aren’t you, now I know why those stains were appearing my pantyhose every time you visited, you disgusting little pervert. Go on, show me what you do when your wearing my nylons.” I stammered, “what do you mean?” “You know what I mean pantyboy, wank that disgusting little cock!” 

She started to laugh as I took my cock in my hand and started to stroke it through the nylon, “you really are pathetic you know” she said, “I’ll bet you’ve never even been with a girl before have you!” “No” I answered looking down at my pathetic nylon covered toes, tears were starting to form in my eyes and I didn’t want her to see me cry. She stepped forward and lifted my chin, “stop that you pathetic pantyboy, I don’t want you simmering away, now stroke that fucking cock! Show me what you do in my hose or the whole world will know!”

I put everything else out of my mind and just stared at the little purple mini and her thighs below the hem. I started to stroke my hosed member again. It started to feel nice and I could feel really myself engorge at the thrill of what I was doing, wanking off in front of Abby. I have to admit it was a fantasy I had had previously when I masturbated while wearing her pantyhose. I stroked it faster, rubbing the sleek nylon gusset against my turgid member and staring at her legs, imagining my cock rubbing against them. “You fucking pervert!” she hissed, “your really enjoying that aren’t you! Well I’ll put a stop to that!” She reached out and slapped my hand away from my cock. “Leave it alone pantyboy” she said, I looked down again at my toes, humiliated again. 

“Don’t look down, look at me! And leave that alone!” she said pointing to my hard cock poking out the front of her pantyhose. Its disgusting she said and all of a sudden reached out and grabbed it to make her point. It was too much, I was close to coming before, but the feel of a girl’s hand holding my cock while it was encased in sheer nylon was a sensory overload. I shuddered and groaned as I spent my seed. The ejaculation pulsed out of my throbbing penis and poured through the nylon gusset into Abby’s hand. 

Abbey of course was disgusted and wiped her hand on my body, covering me with my own semen. “Now fuck off out of here pantyboy,” she said, “and never touch my underwear ever again”. I heard her mocking laughter as I ran down the hall the bedroom in which I was staying. To say I was terrified was an understatement; I was so scared she would tell everyone about my perversion. Days, then weeks passed and nothing happened. Whenever I met Abbey she would snigger at me but never bought up the day she caught me. I wondered why she had the ultimate degradation to inflict on me but didn’t. Then it dawned on me, she was older that me, she had humiliated me, she should have known better and more importantly, what she did to me was wrong.

It was then I hatched my plan. Next time we visited Aunt Mary, I confronted Abbey in her bedroom “what do you want pantyboy” she sneered. I told her what I had been thinking about what happened “well what the fuck you going to do about it pantyboy, you can’t tell anyone otherwise they will know you are a pervert”. I was really angry now and answered “I am going to tell mom, she wont care about what I was doing, just what you did to me, your older and should know better, she will tell your mom for sure!” I could see she was starting to sweat, her bluff had been called. “Please don’t tell” she said, “I’m sorry, I take back what I did.” Not good enough I said as my plan formulated further in my mind. “You have to be punished for humiliating me,” I said. “Whhhhhhhhhat do u mean?” Abbey looked flabbergasted.

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