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Our girl Karen

(Part 4 from 7)

Her pussy tasted wonderful. She was wetter than I could remember her having been for ages. I started hearing her breath deeply, and cooingly whispered "oh, oh, mmmmmmmmmmm" A small mini-orgasm. I always loved giving my wife orgasms. It was like I was completing my end of the bargain, a good lover when I did. I then began kissing my way up her body, stopping at her nipples to nibble on them for a few moments, then sliding on up her body. I positioned myself to slide into her. She opened her legs wide so I could enter her, which I did in one slow motion. "MMMMmmmmm that feels so good baby." She whispered in my ear. Slowly we made love, kissing, with her caressing my back and sides. It was wonderful. Every nerve ending of my body seemed to be sensitized. Soon I could feel her tighten her hold on me with her legs and tilt her butt up in such a way as to allow me to penetrate her deeply. She was now moving in perfect rhythm. I was nearing climax when she started a deep "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh" escaping her mouth, then she was gritting her teeth. I immediately started pumping as hard as I could, and climaxed only a moment later. "Baby, that was sooo good." She said kissing me. 

We lay there for a few minutes as I got off her and held her too me. 

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Soon she rolled up off the bed and stood up, then reached her hand to me to pull me up, leaned over and kissed me. You know old man, you keep this up between Karen and I, we are going to get you back in shape." And kissed me again. "If this is the kind of exercise I need, Iíll be glad to workout 10 or 12 hours a day." "Come on, we better get dressed and get down stairs to eat before the kids notice we arenít there." Ann said. I held her arm and she turned back too me, "Ann, are you really ok with this situation? Iím not sure I did the right thing this morning going into the shower with Karen. I feel like I cheated on you." I said. "I told you last night, now that the ice is broken we are going to have to figure this out. I donít know that I want the two of you trying to become bunnies going at it every time she bends over or turns around, but believe me, she has an itch that only one thing will scratch right now." "I understand that, but I made a life time, long term agreement with you. I love you. I love being with you, and I love being married too you. I donít want to do anything that will mess that up." "I know," Ann said, "I would have never agreed to let this start if I didnít believe it. Besides, I donít know why, maybe it is seeing Karen pregnant that made me remember how horny I was all of the time, and how much I loved making love to you when ever we could when I was pregnant. I have to admit, looking at her really turns me on." "She is beautiful isnít she." I said. "Yes, she is, and when she has the baby and looses her baby tummy, she doesnít know it yet, but she is going to have a real womanís figure. She is really going to appreciate the fact that she is a woman." 

"I thought she looked good even before she had boobs." I said. "Yeah, but she was tom-boy cute then. She may still be a tom-boy to some extent, but the guys will really notice her then." " I really hate the thought of her leaving." I said. We kept talking as we started to dress "Karen is probably going to be with us for a while. Iíve already told her that she can stay as long as she wants, and if wants too, weíll let her stay her while she goes to college and help with the baby. She still wants to be a nurse. She said she would be willing to help with the boys during the summer and at Christmas, this way we donít pay for day care. Thatís going to save us a bundle. I told her we would pay her part of what we pay the day care, the rest going toward room and board. She really likes the idea, it will save us money, and besides, I really like having her here. I always wanted daughter, I just didnít have to raise this one." "Sounds like you two have been talking quite a bit." "Are you ok with it?" Ann asked turning towards me. "I am as long as you donít call her a daughter, that kind of puts a weird spin on things at the moment." Ann gave me an exasperated look and threw a pillow at me. "Come on, I was hungry before, now after out little work out Iím starved." She unlocked the door and headed down stairs with me behind her. 

When we got to the kitchen I looked at Karen who was playing at the table with the boys making a ducks bill out of her grilled cheese sandwich, they were laughing and having a great time. I looked at Ann. "I know why I married you, you are really smart. I think your idea is brilliant." "Just donít forget beautiful" she smiled at she as she filled her plate. Hearing a new round of laughter from the boys. I turned to see Karen who was now entertaining the boys holding two spoons to her head like rabbit ears. A piece of celery like whiskers was puckered above her top lip, and two more pieces tucked under her lip like rabbit teeth with her hands pulled up like bunny feet making hoping motions. She was radiant as she put them down and laughed with the boys. 

End of part 2

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