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My true life story

(Part 1 from 1)

Hello Readers, this is the first time I am sharing my real life experience which happened and happening as well. I am regular story reader but first time thought of writing my own. I would love to share with all of you my erotic and sensual experience of my life. Let me tell you something about myself, I am Sameer from Hyderabad Deccan, 30 yrs tall & handsome.

It all started when in my college days where I and humera use to study. I proposed her and she accepted my proposal and we were going out having fun. My first kiss was with her and I don’t know how many of you had felt your first kiss interesting but my kiss was awesome and when I took my first kiss to her, my dick was so rock hard and it did not came to normal position for an hour. It was in my first year after school. It was very tasty and sensual that I cannot forget it in my life.

In first year we use to just kiss, I use to press her boobs which were 34 in size at that time. She had the figure to die for. All college was behind her. Her ass was toooo sexy. When she uses to walk I use to tell her that her breast enters first in class then her rest of her body. She is to walk aggressively and straight. My first pussy which I have seen in my life was hers. So days passed here comes my B’day and we wanted it to be different. We did not had any good place as she wanted to give herself on my birthday and I was so excited to take her and was worried as well as to how I am going to fuck her, where I am going to take her. I got an idea and I booked a hotel room on my birthday with different name and told them that I am coming from different city and going to stay only for one day and will check out in evening.

The day has came I kept some clothes in my college bag to make it feel as if I am coming from different city. I went to Hotel Green Park in auto. Checked in. The room was very good, I check bed it was very soft as I jumped on it. I called humera from hotel and told her the room number. She came after half an hour as I told to come straight in and take right and you will find lift and press number 3 and come in as the door will be open. I was so excited and that half an hour was not going soon but when she came in I was just seeing her, she has dressed to kill and very sexily she caught me and gave me a birthday kiss. I asked her where is my birth day gift so she just went one step behind and when I looked her dress it has got a knot like gift wrap has. She wanted me to open my birthday gift and use it as much as you can.

I then hold her head and gave her soft kiss on her lips and started sucking her juicy lips, and slowly i moved towards her neck and smooch her neck. I then asked her to lie on the bed and started squeezing her boobs and open the knot which was on her top of shirt. And I told her that this is first time I am going to see a naked body directly. She helped me to remove her top. Then I cupped her boobs with bra on. She was wearing a black bra as she know black is my favorite and I liked it very much. Then I myself unhooked her bra and started sucking that tits like a baby and with the hand I started to squeeze other boob. I was pressing it hard I guess as she was feeling pain. I asked it if I was hurting her but she said if it makes you feel good then I don’t mind. Then I slid my hand towards her navel and started caressing her stomach and I was sucking her boobs badly and her nipples were fully erect. I then slid my hand toward her pants and asked her to remove it. She said it’s your gift if u wants to see the heaven you have to remove it by yourself.

Then I started to remove by myself and asked her to raise her hips so it is easy to remove pants of her. After removing her pants I saw wet patch on her panties and I started to lick that wet patch and for the first time I smell a pussy. I put my finger inside her panties and started to rub her pussy. She moved suddenly as if she got a shock like feeling and when I asked she said because for the first time a guy is touching her pussy. Being the first time I did not know to rub a clit so she guided me with her hand where to rub it. I was rubbing her pussy and I was feeling very good and her pussy was completely wet.

Then I removed her panties and started staring at her pussy as I was seeing it for the first time in full view. She asked me what is that I am looking for so I said I was looking my special gift. She asked me “what do you want to do with it?” I asked her to spread her legs and started to lick her hole and she was mouning in pleasure and that excited me a lot and I was eating her pussy juice for so long and dried all her juice, I was licking fast and she told me to keep licking as she was feeling very good. I licked her fast as there is no tomorrow and she was raising her hips up and down and I don’t know what’s going on and all of a sudden she was shaking as she hold my head tight towards her pussy. After some time she was calm and when I asked her if she is alright, she said “I never felt anything like this before”.

She was surprised to see a huge bulge in my underwear she started feeling my cock with my underwear on. Then I removed my underwear and asked her to suck my cock. It was rock hard and she said this is the first time she was seeing an adult cock directly. She started licking the tip of the cock and tasted my pre cum. “It is salty in taste” she said. Then I asked to suck it as we got not much time so don’t waste time. Being the first time it was very difficult for her to suck my cock and was not able to suck it properly. But after some time she was sucking it very nicely when I asked her if she even sucked a lollipop? She said “yes” so it’s a kind of lollipop so suck it in that way. I was got my first mouth on my dick and it was feeling real good. It’s going to be our first fuck for both of us and I know about the bleeding thing but I was not sure about her. After some time I asked her to lay on back and spread her legs. Then I took my t-shirt out of my college bag and asked her to raise her ass and spread it on the bed. She asked me why am I keeping that under her ass then I told her “as you are a virgin, little blood will come and it may spoil the bed sheet.” Then I started rubbing my hard cock on her vaginal slit and was enjoying her vagina as it was fully wet. I told her that it’s going to hurt a little bit and I can see some fear on her face.

I told her not to worry as I will be soft and if she is not comfortable then we will stop. She said “alright” I parted her legs wide and I can see she has a small and tiny hole. I played with my dick head for awhile to make her easy and comfortable. I slowly inserted just the head of my penis inside her small hole as her legs are in air near my shoulders and her eyes were closed. I took out and again slowly went in the same manner, I did that for awhile and then went beyond that and she tried to stop me as she was feeling pain. I took it out and make her relax and then tried again with slow push and then gave a hard push and she screamed in pain and that time I leaned forward and started to smooch her lips by keeping my dick still inside her pussy without moving and told in her ears that” everything will be alright in few minutes so stay calm.” After some time I moved back in my position and took out my penis as the blood was started coming out. Then again I gave another push slowly and was fucking her slowly. She was feeling pain.

This being my first pussy it was very hot and I was feeling nice soft and smooth. I told her that the pain will go away soon and I increased my speed and enjoying my first ever fuck and I was about to cum, I wanted to come inside but I took it out from her pussy and unloaded my sperm on her stomach. I lied on her for awhile and then went to clean my cock in bathroom. Till I came back she was lying on the same position, I wake her and took her to bathroom to clean her pussy. I told her that I am sorry about the pain but she said “It’s Ok” and “Happy Birthday Sweetheart”.

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After that our college was finished and I took admission in graduation in different college and she took in some other college. We hardly use to meet at the time and there were no regular phone calls as in those days there were no cell phone either. But we use to meet once in month with all our gang which has got 6 guys and 4 girls. One was humera and she use to get her 2 best friends which she met in her new college and humera younger sister. We use to go around on bikes go for movies and celebrates each other’s birthday. Humera best friend was Tamara, when I first met her I did not liked her at all. She was very slim short around 5” 2’ never use to wear dupatta as she as very tiny tits. She use to say “ I don’t have anything in front so it’s no use to wear it.” After 3 years of graduation all wanted to get settled in their respective life. My was fixed that I am going to marry humera once I get settled.

To earn money I went abroad as there were not much scope in Hyderabad at that time. But I don’t have anyone who can help me to get abroad. Humera said that Tamara has got her sister in Dubai and she will arrange everything but we have to bear all the expenses. I thank Tamara for helping us but she kept one condition that I should call her once I get settle as her sister is not showing any interest as she want to earn money in Dubai. I accepted her condition and all was done in 3 months and I landed in Dubai. Everything was sweet I stay with her sister and her husband was very kind. He guided and helped me to get a job. I use to get letters from humera and along with that I use to get letters from Tamara as well asking when I will call her.

After 6 months I discussed with Tamara sister about how can I get Tamara here? She was upset about the condition she kept on me but later on she herself got her visa done and landed Tamara in Dubai in a month time. I went to airport to pick her and when I saw her after so long she was looking very pretty. But till that time also I saw her as my girl friends best friend. Now we are staying in the same flat we became good friends. After a month later she too got job and we celebrated. We use to spend lot of time together and one day a strange thing happen. We were in a lift just two of us and she said that humera told me to give you a kiss, I was shocked and I said “did she said really” so Tamara started laughing and she said on your cheeks. I said already go ahead then. We were joking about that topic and she tried to come near then again move bad, she was teasing me so I just kept quiet. All of a sudden she came near and I turned my face to ask her something and the kiss came on my lips and the lift got open and she ran in the flat.

We laughed later in the evening about the kiss and I really liked it. I was away from a girls touch from so many days and this kiss made my feelings grow. She did not mind and as days were passing we both were getting close to each other not physically but we started talking over phone and we use to go out for dinner not as a date but just casually, sometimes she use to cook for me as she was a bad cook so I use to praise her for cooking. One day it happened to be a off for both of us and we planned that we will spend time together as no one will be there as everyone were going out except us. But a day before we had a small fight and she wanted to go along with them leaving me alone. I shouted on phone and told her “if you go then see what I will do to you” so she went with them and came alone soon and as I was there in flat she came straight away in front of me and said “I went with them now you tell me what you will do” I was angry I don’t know what to do, and all of a sudden I caught her tight and pushed her to the wall and started kissing and she was just shocked, I kiss her hard for around 5 min, and left her. She ran in her room, came back again in 15min with a glass of water and said why did I go like that I said” I was angry that is why I don’t know what I was doing”. She laughed and went away. After that incident her attitude has changed towards me, she starting asking me if I am missing humera, is that the reason I kissed her, and she said I kiss her if I want as it is nothing harm in it as she want me to help her as I was missing humera.

One day again it happened that no one was around I asked her if I can kiss so she said yeah why not and we sat on a sofa and we started kissing, she responded on my kiss and we were kissing very passionately, my hand went on her right breast and she jumped and said please don’t touch me there. But I said just let me feel you and I pressed her with both hands, her eyes were closed, I hold it tightly it was very stiff and small I think it was 30 in size. I kissed on her neck put my finger on her hair, we were aroused kissing each other. It was very great pleasure as for me nearly a year I did not had this all. She was trying to stop me every time I went on her boobs but after some times she just started enjoying. I removed her shirt and now I can see her tiny tits with bra on. I removed her bra and I was able to have a full view of her breast, that part of flesh on her body was driving me crazy. I started kissing it, and started pressing it with my lips, I couldn’t resist myself. I keep on sucking her nipples as after sometime I will be able to milk out of it. She was aroused more and pressing my head towards her breasts.

My dick was hard as steel. She started touching my shoulders and chest. She was pushing her breast towards my chest and I could feel the softness of her globes and her erected nipples on my chest. Then I pulled down her pant and had a look at her string satin panty she was wearing. I just parted her legs and without removing her panty I place my part on hers. I could feel her wetness. This made me sure that she wanted me badly. Slowly into her ears I asked her that should I and she said replied by just nodding her head indicating yes and just said what if I get pregnant. I said don’t worry you won’t.

Now I was like a free bird, I started off by kissing her neck then her boobs then her flat stomach licked her navel and then finally to her untouched pussy. I gently rolled my fingers over her panty, could feel the wetness and heat of her body. I tried to press her vagina lips with my lips. I could feel that she was getting horny and she was wanting more and more from me. I pulled down the strings of her panty and she was all naked before me. Just wanted to see each and every part of her body and wanted to taste it madly. I started rubbing her clit with my fingers; it became more and more wet. I opened my mouth to have a taste of her juice. I revolved my tongue and tried to push it into her tiny hole which was sooner was going to be very large enough to let my penis in. Then I tried to push in my middle finger in her hole it was very tight and was not easily getting into. She was getting red with pain and was lifting her body up.

But I had to so I swiftly pushed it a bit in as far as possible and did not move it so that she comes to state. I gave her some finger movements. Seeing her that way I was not able to have control over myself any further. So I decided to enter into her without any further foreplay. I spread her sexy legs as much as I could, and placed myself in between her. I removed my underwear and took my tool out and straight into her, she literally yelled with pain I made her calm. As she became a bit normal I started moving up and down, she kept on moaning and at times screaming she was holding my shoulders tightly. I started moving faster and faster as I was about to come I removed my penis from her vagina and spilled it all on her tummy. And my both the hands were on her soft boobs pressing them like anything. After a few seconds we realized that my penis was blood stained and there was a flow of blood from her vagina, she was very scared as if something went wrong with her. I took her closer to me and told her that it was her hymen which was broken.

After that we had sex number of times and all the fights has started with that as she wanted me to leave humera and she was very upset as her best friend had done so wrong with her. My days were hell after that and I just want to run away from all the problems. I wanted to marry both which was not possible. I offer Tamara that I will marry her but she has to run with me and when things get in control we will come back but she did not accepted my proposal. But I have to solve it in whatever terms and conditions I have to. I came back as I was not able to face humera but she was very kind and understanding. She was ready to marry me and then we got married and Tamara was unaware of our marriage.

After marriage we went to England and were happy with humera and got two kids with her. I was not in touch with Tamara but got to know from my friends that she got married after 1 year. She was happy with her husband.
My life story is not finished yet as it is too late I will write about what happened when I met Tamara after 10 long years.

Hope you guys and girls liked it, please send comments on Sameer.khan143 at hotmail dot com. Anyone interested in being friend please do email.

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