Tish steals a husband

(Part 1 from 1)

"Hi honey" said Fred.

Betty kissed her husband and got in his car.

"What are we going to do tonight?" she ask.

"Get drunk and fuck" he laughed.

The bar was full of people. It was Friday and everyone was drinking before going home. Betty tried to out drink her husband and got drunk in the process. She saw a skinny black girl sitting at the bar so she ask her to join them.

"My name is Betty and this is Fred"

"Hi, my name is Tisha" she said sweetly.

Fred looked at the girl and decided he wanted her. Betty often introduced him to strange women for a threesome. This girl was beautiful! She had large breasts and long slender legs. Betty bought a round of drinks before closing time. She smiled at Tisha and ask.

"Is someone here to take you home?"

"No, I came in a taxi"

"The bar is closing, we can drink at my house" said Fred.

"I would like that" she smiled.

Tisha sat beside Fred while his wife drove.

"Kiss her Fred" said Betty.

"You people are kinky" giggled the girl.

"Do you like three way sex?" ask Betty.

"I've never done it with white people before" she replied.

Fred kissed the excited girl and put his hand under her dress. She pulled her panties off and let Fred finger fuck her wet pussy. When they were home they undressed.

"I want her first" begged Betty.

"Ok, but hurry up, my prick is leaking cum" said Fred.

Tisha lay on the bed and let Betty eat her pussy.

"Oh god, I'm going to explode!" moaned the black girl.

Fred pulled Tisha's nipples as hard as he could and helped her climax.

"YIIIIIIIIIIII" shouted the girl.

Then Fred mounted the black girl and fucked her like mad. Tisha almost fainted with excitement. Betty and Fred took turns with the girl until she was an orgasmic wreck. When they were done with her they let her rest. Tisha snuggled up to Betty and fell asleep. The next morning Betty woke up and found her husband kissing Tisha. She smiled at her and ask.

"Do you want to lick my cunt?"

"Yes" whispered the girl.

Tisha stuck her tongue in Betty's pussy. Then she licked her asshole. Betty closed her eyes and climaxed so hard she squirted pee. Tisha swallowed it and ask.

"Pee on my face" she ask trembling with lust.

Betty rewarded her with warm piss.

"Oh god, I'm so perverted" laughed Tisha.

Fred stuck his prick in the her mouth. She sucked it until it filled her mouth with sperm. Then she got on her hands and knees and said.

"I let men I love fuck my asshole" she cooed.

Fred got another hard on when he heard the word love and rammed his prick up her shit hole. The sex orgy lasted until noon. Finally Tisha got dressed and ask Betty to drive her home.

"Do you have to go?" ask Fred.

"Do you want me to come back?" she smiled.

"Please" begged Fred.

When Betty stopped her car she and Tisha talked.

"I'm in love your husband" sighed Tisha.

"I know he loves you" said Betty.

"You don't care?"

"Not as long as I can have him too" laughed Betty.

Tisha kissed her new friend tenderly and said.

"Do you want to have sex with my brother?"

"I didn't know you had a brother"

"I live with him"

"That's a nice arrangement" said Betty.

"You bet. I don't have to pay rent as long as I satisfy his needs"

"I want to meet him" said Betty.

The girls went into the house and Betty saw Tisha's brother. He was a huge black man. He was at least six feet tall and over two hundred pounds with wide shoulders.

"I brought you a present" said Tisha.

"What is it?" ask the black man.

"White pussy" she giggled.

"My name is Tyrone and I think you're beautiful" smiled the black man.

Tisha fixed some drinks. There was no hurry. She wanted Betty relax before her brother had sex with her. His giant prick was something a girl had to get used to. Betty had never had sex with a man besides her husband. Their sex romps were with women. She was so excited her panties were wet. Tisha unzipped her brother's fly and pulled out his prick. She played with it until it was hard.

"Oh Jesus!" gasp Betty.

"Do you think you can get this in your pussy?" giggled Tisha.

"If you can fuck that thing so can I" laughed Betty.

Tyrone led the girls to his bedroom. The ceiling and walls were covered with mirrors. It looked like a high class whore house. Betty undressed and lay on the bed. Tisha licked the girl's pussy and spit on her hole. Now she was ready. Tyrone mounted her and shoved his prick in Betty's cunt. The first seven inches went in fine but the last two entered her cervix.

"STOP, YOU'RE KILLING ME!" shouted Betty.

Tyrone smiled and fucked the girl as hard and deep as he could. Betty started to cry. She felt pain and sexual excitement at the same time. She climaxed so hard she fainted. When she awoke Tyrone filled her hole with a river of cum. Everything about this man was big, even his cum. Betty lay there sobbing. Sperm tinged with blood oozed from her cunt.

"Did you like that?" ask Tisha.

"Yes" said Betty weakly.

Tyrone grabbed his sister and pushed her on the bed.

"Your turn bitch" he growled.

The man was unbelievable. He fucked his sister for twenty minutes before resting. Then he did Betty again. Betty and Tisha filled the room with cries of passion. The next day Betty ask Tisha.

"How long have you been fucking your brother?"

"When I was twelve he raped me in front of my mother"

"Oh my god!"

"She said that I was my brother's whore"

"Bummer!" gasp Betty.

" She made me eat her pussy and lick her asshole after she shit"

"You had a strange upbringing" laughed Betty.

"I think I'm perverted" giggled the girl.

Betty kissed her and sucked her breasts. They made love for the last time. When Betty got home Fred ask her where she had been. She told him about Tyrone.

"Did he fuck you?"

"God yes, almost to death" she laughed.

"How is Tisha?" ask Fred.

"She says she is in love with you"

Fred was silent. He wanted the black girl.

"Tisha can live with you and I will live with Tyrone" she said.

"I would like that" replied her husband.

The living arrangements were perfect. Everyone got what they wanted

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