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My girlfriend's turn

(Part 1 from 1)

For the past three years in college I've spent my time fucking around. I joined this secret fraternity, where a female member would be selected to sacrifice her body every week based on a lottery (more details to come). As a member, I get to enjoy a free female body every week with my buddy, and the sessions are so erotic that I never really thought of looking for a female partner outside of the group.

Things changed this year, I have a freshman student I tutor called Gia. At 18 years old, she still has a baby face that makes her the cutest girl I ever seen. An Asian growing up in Canada, she's very innocent and has a very pretty and angelic smile. She has a very curvy body and a pair of deliciously looking legs. When I first met her, my eyes were fixated on her. To make a long story short, we eventually fell in love and she offered me her virginity on my birthday.

But I couldn't give up on my fraternity life. So as I become more and more stable with Gia, I decided to convince her to join the fraternity. "Doesn't that mean I have to sleep with someone we don't love?" Gia asked innocently, a bit scared and shy. "Baby it's a lottery every week, I promise, you will have to be very lucky to be selected. And trust me, when you sacrifice yourself, you won't want to turn back."

"Won't I be a slut then? I don't want to be a slut ... I only want to make love to you ..." Gia shook her head like a baby.

"Honey, it's not being slutty. It's sacrificing yourself to make other happy ... you know, sort of like, helping others who're in need. Don't you think it's a good thing?" My horniness just took over, and I tried to trick my own girlfriend pass the point of no turnback.

Gia ended up joining the fraternity. Having no idea what to expect, the first lottery came on our "Sacred Sunday," and Gia was selected to be the sacrifice!

"What's going to happen to me, Alex, I'm scared ... why are these men looking at me like this?" Gia looking at me with her innocent dark eyes. How beautiful is my girlfriend. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

"Baby, you're going to take an oath. Now remember, what's going to happen is something very serious and that you are committed to, so you must do everything according to what you say in your oath. Okay? Remember, I love you baby, do it for me, okay?" I held her baby face in my hands, and gave her a very warm kiss. That was the last kiss that was going to be innocent.

Two hot blonde girls dressed in white skirts came over, "Gia, it's time." They took her away, all the male members, including myself, is paired up with a pre-assigned "servant" - other female members in the fraternity who is only allowed to give handjobs in this "Sacred Sunday." They began helping the men get naked and masturbate their cocks to be ready for the sacrifice - my baby Gia.

Gia was led out by the two female "priests", assigned to conduct the oath-taking session. Wow, what a gorgeous girl my baby is. Dressed in a white silky sleeping rope that shows the gaps of her breasts and part of her perfectly shaped legs, she simply looks like an angel.

She walked bare-feeted to the podium, and was instructed to take the oath placed in front of her:

"I, Gia, 18 years old, hereby swear in as the sacrifice for my fellow fraternity brothers today. I shall submit my body and my flesh to all of them to plesaure. I will not ask for pleasure in return, but am willing to withstand all the pains and humiliations that will be cast upon me. I understand that I will be subjected to multiple sexual intercourses, and that my body will be completely violated, used, and tortured ..."

Her voice is so sweet and innocent, but the words she uttered are so dirty that all the men began moaning from the handjobs given by their servants. Some are probably wondering why such an innocent girl would be doing this, but that's what I love about Gia, she's submissive and obidient, and she'll do whatever I want her to do because she loves me. And for that, I love her too, so I want to make her my kind of girl.

"... I may cry, I may resist, but I understand that my wills will no longer be valid until I complete my sacrifice. In the name of this fraternity, I consent to being the sacrifice, and hereby take this oath - I, Gia, hereby forfeit every right to my body to all the male members of this fraternity until my sacrifice is complete."

My baby is so innocently beautiful, I know some members already could not hang on and are shooting their cums deep down their servants throats. You could tell everyone was standing by to wait for the time to strike. But there are rules to follow on this "Sacred Sunday."

Gia was instructed to take off her silky rope. It slipped down her curvy youthful body, and you can tell her skin so soft, so shiny, and so delicious. She is then chained up in our "alter," her arms stretched and her legs opened, completely not allowed to move. The "priests" whispered in her ear, and Gia's body began shaking. Poor baby, she is already scared, but that turned me on even more. Lying down like a piece of delcious flesh, Gia took her courage to say in a soft tone, "please take my body."

This is the "initiaion" of the sacrifice session. 15 of our male members, including myself, take turns in a pre-selected order to fuck Gia on the alter bed. The first man jumped on the bed without hesitation, Gia let out a scream as the man thrusted his huge cock into her tight little pussy, and then man just couldn't stop pulling in and out of it. The rule of this initiaion is so that every men can deposit their semens into the sacrifice so that she can be officially "public."

It took about an hour an a half for the first 13 men to finish their sessions. When it was my turn, Gia's baby face was already covered in tears, her body sweating and shaking. Not dirty though, the rule of this session is that no man can conteminate the sacrifice's skin with their saliva.

I began fucking my baby's violated pussy. She whispered in my ear, "Alex ... their cocks are so huge ... I'm exhausted ... and I feel so dirty ... I'm embarrassed ... I'm doing this because I love you, but are you still going to love me after all these?"

I was so horny, Gia's pussy is all warm and wet and full of semens. I wanted to encourage her, because I know a lot is going to come, "baby, I will love you even more, don't give up, remember, you took the oath, this is your duty. You're a piece of sacrifice, you're performing your duty and I'm proud of you."

Gia gave me an innocent smile, and whispered in my ear, "honey, I had two orgasms just now ... I'm embarrassed ... I'm still scared ... but I'm starting to like this ..." I had a massive climax when I heard my baby girl whispering in my ear, I just shot my cum deep into her cunt, "Oh, Gia, Gia ... take my cum!!!"

After the next man is finished with my baby girl, the exhausted Gia was unchained. The next session is going to be a "tasting session." Three men in a group, ten minutes each, each group gets to lick and suck and taste all over Gia's body. The rule is that one man can only choose one part of her body, and not more so that everyone can have the first taste of Gia's sweaty flesh.

Gia had to offer herself again. "Now I offer my flesh to all of you, please enjoy your delious meal ..." I was lucky though, miraculously only one other man in the group has a foot fetish, so when my turn came, I got to taste Gia's beautiful right feet. By then, my innocent angel's body is already covered with the saliva of all these horny dirty men. Her face, her boobs, her fingers, her asscrack, her legs, her pussy ...

But what's up next is even better. After the tasting session, Gia's body is washed by the priests to make sure it's clean and flesh again. Next is the "free-style" session where each man gets to perform their favorite sexual activity on the sacrifice. Naturally, the first man who fucked Gia will go first since he's well rested. By then, his cock is already erected full back up.

Every men had different requests, and Gia will have to accomodate all their wishes. But as you can understand, my beautiful girlfriend looks so innocent and shy, that half of the men chose to ask Gia to fight back and beg them to stop as they fuck her. She gave seven of those, a foot job, three anal sex, one blow job, and let someone just rub his dick all over her body.

When it's my turn, I wanted to offer my baby some comfort, so I told her I was going to make love to her. To my surprise, her exhausted eyes looked at me, and she whispered, "no Alex, you know those men asked me to try to resist, they asked me to act real so I did. My god, everytime I did that, I began getting another orgasm. Alex, please, do it to me, force it on me, make me resist and take me by force ..."

My innocent Gia is turning into a Slut, I loved that. So I grabbed her hair, threw her on the ground, and began the play. I fulfilled the fantasy as she kicked her legs furiously, begging, crying, but in the end you can feel her body began shacking because she was deducing a massive orgasm from the intercourse. "Oh Alex, violate me, conquer me, conteminate me, I'm all yours now ..." so sweet Gia's voice, I shot my cum once again deep down her pussy.

After that session you can tell that Gia's pussy is already bright red. She was lying down on the alter bed, naked, her breathing makes her breasts move up and down beautifully. But there's no break, Gia is tied up by the priests for the torture session. Be frank, I was worried that my cute little girlfriend could not stand some of the tortures, but I guess she was just too cute and looked too innocent, other men made it easy on her.

For about 20 min., she was slapped, pulled by her hair, pissed on, asked to lick the men's assholes, none of those too painful. In the end, when her hair is soaked with piss and semen and her face red from the slapping, even with a little shit on her shiny smooth skin, she still managed to to offer a sweet thank you, "Thank you masters for allowing me to be tortured."

Gia was freed, but free for the last session, which usually last the longest. This is the time when every male member is free to do whatever they want to Gia's body, and they're encouraged to gang-bang their sacrifice.

"I, Gia, hereby renounce all my right to my own body, and invite all my fraternity brothers to use it for as long as they want ..." she did not even finish her sentence, five memebers already jumped in.

Gia was positioned in a doggy style, her mouth filled with a giant cock, one man under her fucking her pussy, and the other one on her back fucking her anus, the other one of her hands is giving a handjob, and the other man licking all over her body.

At this time the disciplines and rules are usually gone. "Servants" who're allowed only to give handjobs began to get fucked by other male members who do not get to share Gia's body yet, and their hungry pussies usually welcome the fuck.

The man who's face-fucking by girlfriend cum first, and Gia choked and began to cough. I went up there and asked if she was okay. "Alex I'm okay, this is my duty, I'm a sacrifice, I'm willing to offer my body for everyone to share ... AHHHHHHHHHHHH ... oh my god, fuck me harder ... fuck me harder ..."

The man who's ass fucking Gia was moaning, "oh shit ... can you believe this little innocent girl is MILKING my dick???"

Gia turned her innocent face around, "am I milking your dick well? please don't hesitate, shoot your cum in me, make me dirty ... AHHHHH ... deposit your semen into my body please ... AHHHH ..."

I really can't believe hearing all those words coming out of my little Gia. She must have just picked those up as we talked dirty for the past half a day.

I went to my servant, and let her ride me as I watch my Gia turns into a complete whore. Three hours, totally three hours, every men was exhausted and Gia was lying on the ground. Cum mixed with blood were coming out of her wounded pussy and anus, and she was licking her mouth to clean up the cum left.

She was exhausted, and clearly in pain. I went over to the alter bed, combing her hair with my fingers, and kissed her on the forthhead, "well-done, baby, well-done."

"Thanks, Alex ..." Gia whispered, "Is this over now? Why didn't you fuck me just now? I was waiting and waiting ... I kept telling myself my sacrifice was for you ... I know you like this, so I asked the priests what I should say, what I should do in order to please the men ... I'm doing it all for you and you didn't come to take me ... Alex ... do you not love me for what I've done ..."

I was touched, and I wiped off the drop of tear coming down her innocent face, "No Gia, no, I love you, I love you, and you know how much I wanted to fuck you for the last three hours? But you see, I was waiting for the ending ceremony of today - whoever gets to fuck the sacrifice last, can take her home and make her a sex slave for the rest of the week."

I then plugged my huge cock into Gia's pussy, she was too tired to scream from the pain. I thrusted in and out three times, and I can feel that my sweet Gia was trying her best to contract her pussy muscle to milk my cock, I didn't try to hang on, and released my last load of cum to end the sacrifice.

On the alter bed, Gia had finished her duty as a sacrifice. Her arms wrapped around my neck, eyes half closed but smiling, still innocently, "Alex, I love you so much, please make sure you're the only one who can take me home." And she fainted in exhaustion. Sleeping, she still looks like an innocent angel.

I held her tight, and swear to myself, I will always be the last one to take Gia home after a "Sacred Sunday."

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