Total ecstasy

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It was a hot summer in Queensland, Australia. I was on my business trip to the north installing some new printers for one of our major customers. On the third and last day of my trip I was totally exhausted. I had only one installation to do and I would be on my way home, 4 hours drive south along the beautiful eastern coast of Australia.

My last appointment was at 4 pm. It was to be a home office of a marketing company. When I got there I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw. The owner of the business was an Asian woman in her early thirties. Julie was very tall and I had a problem not to stare at her huge breasts and long shapely legs. As I was doing my job we just made a small talk. She asked me where I live, whether I am driving home tonight, etc. It was close to 6 pm when I finally completed the installation and basic training. As I was getting the paperwork done, and putting away the packaging; the two employees have left for the day. The room was very hot and I was sweating profusely, when I saw Julie walking in with two glasses of iced drinks. I swallowed it all in one go. It tasted bitter, tonic with lime and maybe a touch of gin? I did not refuse a second drink, as I felt so hot and dehydrated. Julie was sipping her drink and asking me some more questions about her new printer. She was sitting in her chair, legs crossed, great part of her thighs in full view. 

I had problems concentrating on her questions as she repeatedly crossed and uncrossed her long legs. I would swear I could see her black panties.
And then it happened. It was the weirdest thing I ever experienced with my vision. All the images by now were viewed as if shot with camera set to two frames per second. I could see her in frames; I could zoom in on her. I could see her in “freeze mode”, the details of her exposed shapely thighs, her full breasts, and her face. It was then when I noticed there was something wrong. The best way to describe it was a feeling of fear, butterflies in my stomach, slight nausea and dizziness. It was scary, but at the same time exciting. I shamelessly starred at her flash and I could not help it. My heart was beating fast. Then the dizziness was to overpowering and when I lost my balance Julie asked me if I was OK?

She came to me, touched my hand and apologized for the heat in the room because of faulty air-conditioning. She guided me to a bathroom upstairs advising me to wash my face with cold water.
When I looked at myself in a mirror I could not believe it. My pupils were dilated to a point, where I had problems seeing the irises of my eyes. I was scared. I was alone in the bathroom. I closed the door, got undressed and stepped into a shower. A stream of cool water ran down my head and my body, as I leaned against the wall with my hands spread in front of me. I felt so good now but for the waves of slight nausea. Suddenly I felt someone touching my back. I only had the strength to turn my head to see Julie’s face. I could hear loud, rhythmical music plying somewhere. My head was spinning and I noticed that my jaws were clinching. I took a mouthful of water in my mouth to relax my jaw. Julie was close behind me; I could feel her breasts rubbing against my back. Her soapy hands started rubbing my chest, neck and face. She explored my body sending me to heaven with every touch. I felt so deliciously helpless. I had to keep my hands on the tiled wall, as I was afraid I would fall.

Julie’s hand ran down my back, between my ass cheeks gently massaging my balls and my dick. She kept on applying a shower gel to my body. I could feel her finger putting a delicate pressure on my anus. To my surprise I just trusted myself against it, her finger penetrating me. Shivers went through my body and I could hear myself moaning quietly.

She turned me around. She was beautiful…. And her pupils were as big as mine.

We kissed and kissed exploring our bodies, pouring more and more shower gel and soap on our hands. The music was ringing in my ears. I was in some sort of a trance.

The next thing I knew, she was shaving my face, and then she was on her knees, I was getting my pubes shaved. I adjusted the flow of water adding some warmth to it. I looked at Julie’s dedicated face as she shaved the remains of my hairs from my genitals. I could feel her lips on my freshly exposed skin. My dick started growing inside her lips and then I felt something penetrating my anus, following a build-up of pressure in my bowels. I opened my eyes. Julie’s raised hand held a transparent container filled with water. A tube from the container ran down between my legs. I could not hold it any more as could see more and more water trickling into my ass. I will spare you the details what has happened when she pulled the rubber hose out. The feeling of a sudden purge was incredible. I made sure I took my time paying her back with the same. Then we washed and massaged our bodies again and again. 

The music has stopped, my heart still racing; I just could not get enough of her body. She took my hand and guided me down stairs, trough a glass door. She pushed me down on a large outdoor bed. I could see the red sunset sky through the thick growth of the backyard. Julie came back shortly. She kissed me on the mouth, sliding her tongue down my cheek. She took one of the small pink pills from palm of her hand and put it in my mouth. It tasted bitter. I washed it down with some bottled water. I did not even think twice. She kissed me again and then swallowed her pill.
The next wave hit me when I was licking her pussy. I was incredible. The music was permeating my body. I could taste her juices in my mouth. My ears popped, I arched my back grinding my face between her legs. The framed vision came back.

A bottle of massage oil appeared. We were entangled in a weird horizontal dance to the sound of a Cuban rumba. I found myself between her legs. I guided my soft dick inside her and I could feel it growing. She felt so hot inside. It was a total ecstasy. We laughed, kissed, touched and made love. I remember licking her all over, sucking her toes and taking her anally. I remember her seating on my chest and pissing on my face, I remember drinking her. I remember her sticking a buzzing vibrator in my anus. And I loved every minute of it.

What I cannot remember is when we actually went to sleep…

I woke up next to her. The music was still playing. I could hear the birds singing in the bushes. Julie was sleeping on her back; her legs apart, her poor pussy was all pink and looked sore. The best thing I could do is to kiss it better.

We spent all of Saturday at a secluded beach, naked, making love.
All this happened two years ago. Today we live together in sunny Queensland, running two businesses, marketing and a small hotel.

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