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My first time exploring

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When I thought of sex I always pictured big breasted women sucking on dicks and getting fucked. Over time I started to focus more one the dicks they were sucking on, how nice they looked sliding in and out of their pussy. Whenever I would watch porn I would get so excited when the male came in, I waited to see him undress and see his mainly limp dick hanging between his legs. I would imagine a big buff guy walking into my room late at night, having him walk in stroking his cock for me, it was enough to make me blow my load no matter how hard I tried not to.

My name is Brian, you could say Iím your typical high school boy. Always horny, trying to get laid left and right. I had a high sex drive, I had to jerk off 4 times a day. As soon as I got home I would lock myself in my room and jerk off in my bed. My Dad and I always had a good relationship, we could talk about anything. We would hang out all the time, basket ball games, ball games you name it. My dad started taking me to the gym with him. I was interested in trying out for football and my dad thought it was a good idea to train for it now. At first it seemed like nothing special, as we heading towards the locker rooms I noticed a few hot guys working out huge muscles and all but nothing I hadnít really seen before. Of course, thatís what I though until we entered the locker rooms. My jaw dropped all these men in this steamy locker room where all undressing in front of each other like it was nothing. Men undressed and wrapped a towel around their bodies, I had never seen so many cocks. We changed into our shorts and got ready to lift some weights.

We worked out a good two hours when my dad decided to call it a day. We headed back to the locker room, I was about to get dressed when my dad said ď hey tiger, we just worked out our muscles its time to give them time to relax. Lets head into the steam room for a little whileĒ yeah sure dad, I grabbed a towel when my dad stopped me. ď Drop the trunks son you wont need them in thereĒ as he spoke he slid down his shorts and everything, I now knew the reason my mother moaned so loud at night. As I slid down my shorts and underwear I heard someone say ďHi BillĒ (bill is my fathers name) ďoh hi Stan, this is my son BrianĒ (Stan is my fathers boss) With my shorts down to my knees I reached over to shake hands. As soon as I did that I thought about how awkward this was, shaking my fathers bossís had while my shorts and underwear are pulled down to my knees. Donít get me wrong for my age I had a nice cock 6Ē long uncut and thick, my bush was trimmed nothing flashy just small and trimmed I thought it looked sexy.

Quickly I grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me as I slid my shorts off underneath. You know Stan we were about to go into the sauna to relax why not join Brian and myself. Yeah I think I will, I had a good workout today. As Stan spoke he undressed in font of me like nothing. His legs were big and strong kind of like the men in workout magazines. His balls were shaved they looked so smooth, his big limped cock hanging there free, the only hair he had on his crotch was a trimmed patch just above the base of his shaft. I felt myself getting horny so I quickly turned my attention elsewhere. As my father and his boss walked ahead of me into the sauna I could help think about how big their cocks were, the were just about the same size limp, they were both around 4 to 4 Ĺ inches limp.

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We sat in the sauna while my dad and Stan continued to talk about business for what seem to be hours until my father spoke. ďWell guys I think I had just about enough, Iím going to take a shower and head on over to the juice bar. Brian 15 minutes bud and Iíll meet you at the front counterĒ I didnít speak I just nodded my head back and forward to answer him, by now only Stan and I were the only ones in the sauna. You know Brian I used to play a little football back in my age, your dad told me you were thinking about trying out for the team. As he spoke he undid his towel. WellÖ I.. I was thinking about it, Iím just trying to get an upper hand over everyone else by training now before football camp. He ran his hand over his dick once as he spoke. Yeah thatís a good idea, you seem like a strong boy you look like you would make a good QB. He noticed me kind of looking away as he spoke to me. Brian, I hope Iím not making you feel uncomfortable by taking my towel off. No no its fine really. Oh, well good then. Now that your father isnít here I figured I would give you a good look at my dick since you were nice enough to give me a good view of yours. I was stunned when he said that. I.. I wasnít trying to stare sir. Shhh its alright Brian, its perfectly normal for a man to look. Hell I was looking at your cock, and itís a nice cock might I add. Well umm thanks Stan but I think I should go meet my dad now. You arenít just going to meet him like that are you? Like what Stan? Well, I mean you have been in here for quite a while Brian. Donít you think your father will find it odd if you didnít shower first. Oh yeah I donít know what I was thinking, excuse me. Hold on kiddo, I just want you to know that its perfectly ok for a young man to be interested in another mans body. Guys can always help out guys. Iíll tell you what why not stop by my house someday and we can try things out if youíd like. Umm yeah sure that sounds nice I will.. Bye. He held my hand before I was able to leave. Hey Brian I just want to give you a little preview of what its like. As soon as he finished speaking he leaned over to me and reached under my towel grabbing hold of my dick. Lifting his hand to pull me closer to him my towel fell to the floor, looking into my eyes he leaned forward more and opened his mouth. I felt a chill through out my entire body as soon as his lips touched my dick. He gave it a gentle suck and pulled away. Now wasnít that nice Brian. Ahh.. Ah, YES! Yes it was very nice. I quickly picked up my towel and exited the sauna. As I walked over to the showers I couldnít stop thinking about what just had happened. As I took a quick rinse I couldnít help noticed all these naked men showering next to me, seeing them soap up their chest and balls was turning me on. I quickly reached over for my towel and walked over to my locker. As I was dressing Stan approached me. Hey Brian, here. He handed me a card. Thatís my number, my address is on the back. Iím serious about what I said, I think we could have a lot of fun together. As soon as I received his card he walked towards the showers. I took the card with me, as I met my father I couldnít stop thinking about what had just happen. A man, an older man at that. MyÖmy fathers boss sucked on my dick. Does this mean Iím gay or is it really possible for guys to help guys out as Stan said.

When we got home I ran up to my room. I turned on my computer and undressed. I was rubbing my dick so good. I put on my favorite big tit movie, but I couldnít focus on her sucking dicks. I kept thinking about Stanís dick, his lips on my dick, the naked men showering around me. It made me cum so hard, hard enough to make my legs feel weak. As I laid in bed naked I decided to give Stan a call. When he answered his phone I lost my nerve and hung up. I couldnít believe what I was doing. Suddenly my phone rang. I answered it and to my surprise it was Stan he dialed me back. Oh hi Stan I was just giving you a call but my phone lost reception. Well Iím glad you decided to call, I take it you liked what I did earlier. Yes I was nice, I liked it a lot. Listen Brian, if you are free tonight I would love to have you over, my wife will be going out for the evening and I will have the house to myself around 6 tonight. Are you interested? Yes! I was surprised by my answer. Perfect, I canít wait to see you tonight. I took a shower and fixed my hair (short blonde hair) I like to have my hair a little messy. I called a taxi and left my house before my parents knew I was going out. On the car ride over I couldnít stop thinking about what was going to happen, my heart was beating fast. When I arrived I couldnít believe how big his house was. He had a tennis court to one side and a basketball court on each side of the house. He opened the door before I knocked. Come in Brian. Why not have a seat in the tv room, Iíll get us a few drinks. As I walked into the room I was amazed at how big the tv was, I was looking around and I noticed a picture of him and a attractive busty woman. She has big breast doesnít she, nice right. Sheís my wife, is that what you like? Big breast I mean. Iím sorry I didnít meanÖ Donít be. They are breast thatís what they are there for. You never answered my question. Yeah, Yes, I do like big breast. Well I think you would love hers. Sheís an excellent cock sucker as well. Whatís wrong you look shocked by what I said. We its just that Iíve never heard anyone speak of their wife like that. Donít be shocked all men talk like that, from what I hear your mother is a loud moaner. Then again Billís dick would make any woman moan at the top of their lungs. With a smirk on his face. Itís not the first time I seen your father at the gym. So does your wife moan a lot too? Yes Brian she loves my cock in her. Try your drink I hope I didnít make it too strong, excuse me for a second. As I sat drink my mixed drink Stan returned with a cd. I think you might enjoy this Brian. I was shocked when he played it, it was a home movie, his wife was in it stripping. She was talking dirty to the camera saying things like you like my tits baby? You want me to suck your cock? I want you to fuck me hard like a slut Stan. While I watched I didnít notice Stan undressing. Sheís really attractive but she doesnít turn me on as much as you do. Put your hand on my dick Brian. As I watched his wife on TV he grabbed my hand and placed it on his dick, thatís when I realized he was naked. Itís nice isnít Brian, Why donít you take off your clothes. As I stand and undress, Stan begins to feel my exposed body. Still watching the TV I see Stan come into the picture, his dick was hard. He laid on his bed while his wife sucked his dick. Hey kiddo sit back and enjoy the show he said, as soon as I sat back down he got between my legs. Brian you have such a great cock I can feel you growing in my hands.

He began to lick my shaft while he played with my balls, I could feel my skin sliding down and up when he sucked me. He spat on his hand and used it for lube, jerking me off fast and hard, his tongue running back and forward on my piss slit. I couldnít believe how hot he was making me I was about to cum when he stopped. Donít cum just yet Brian, I want you to enjoy yourself. Lay down on the sofa Brian, I want to taste that virgin boy pussy. As I laid there watching Stan in the movie fucking his wife I couldnít stop thinking about how it would feel to have him inside me. He began to lick my hole so soft his tongue sliding in and out of my ass. I began to moan and reached under for my dick. Stan began to work his finger in and out of me which almost drove me over the edge. His hands on my ass he licked my crack all the way up my back to my neck. He laid on top of me, his hard dick resting between my crack. He kissed and licked the inside of my right ear. You have suck a great body Brian, your cock taste so sweet. I could suck your cock for hours. Are you ready to suck my dick Brain? Yes!Ö. Iím ready Stan. Stan got off me and stood in front of me with his cock pointing in front of me. Go on Brian, this is what you wanted. Its ok, you can do it. You know you want to. I opened my mouth and he leaned forward. His dick in my mouth. I closed my eyes and sucked his cock. I couldnít stop thinking about it. Me, in my fathers bossís house naked sucking on his dick. Oh Brian, youíre a natural at this. He placed his hand on the back of my head and forced me down, I gagged a few times but quickly got used to it. Lets go up stairs Brain. He led me by the hand upstairs to his bedroom, he dimmed the lights and we both got on the bed. I laid on my back while he got on me and kissed me. His lips on my lips, kissing me, slipping his tongue into my mouth as he strokes my cock. Iím close Stan, Iím going to cum. Bend over Brian, I cant wait anymore, I need your ass. I got on all 4 and waited for Stan as he reached into the nightstand for lube. He lubed his dick and stroked it a few times before he lubed my hole. It felt cold at first. I felt Stanís hands on my hips as he got into position. I felt his dick at my hole. He pushed in slow, his head slid in with ease. Push after push more and more was in me. It began to hurt a little now that he was stretching me. I moaned as I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip. It turned me on when I heard myself moan. I now knew why Stanís wife and my mother moan so loud. With every thrust a mixture of pain and pleasure went through me pushing me over the edge, causing me to cum right there on the bed. My load shooting out burst after burst of cum landing on the sheets. His hips banging into me pushing back and forward. I moan loud as I blew my load. Aww StanÖ.awwww god. Your cock feels so good. Fuck me. FUCK! me Stan.

God Brian your so tight around my dick, you feel great. Your ass is incredible Brian. Youíre so young and eager. Thank you for letting me fuck you Brian. Almost Brian can you feel my cock about to explode. Iím cumming Brian. With that I felt load after load of hot cum shoot in me. I could feel his dick go limp in me. He pulled out of me while I still laid on my stomach. It felt as if my ass was on fire, felt strange in a nice way like as if his dick was still in me. My god Brian we have been having sex for a while. Its almost 9 my wife will be back soon. We walked back to the TV room and got dressed, he turned off the movie and walked me to the door. His wife was barely opening the door. My god her breast were big right away I was thinking about fucking her big tits. Hi sweetie, how was your night? It was lovely, and who is this handsome young man? This is Brian, Billís son. Brian this is Kelly my wife. Brian was interested in seeing some of my old high school trophies. Brian here was thinking about joining his football team. Oh you boys and your sports. Well It was nice to meet you Kelly but I should really get going. Oh I didnít see a car in the drive way. No I didnít drive here, I took a cab. Oh, why donít you take the limousine, the driver is still here. Yeah sure, thank you. Well you guys have a nice night. As I walked into the limo I couldnít stop thinking about Stan and how much fun it was tonight. I had the driver drop me off a block away from my house so my parents wouldnít see a limousine drop me off. I snuck in without my parents noticing. As I walked into my room I locked my door and got naked I got on my bed and played with my ass a little still felt weird after the hard fucking I got tonight. Suddenly I got a call from Stan. Hey Brian just wanted to say goodnight and tell you how much fun I had tonight, I canít wait to see you soon. Me too Stan, goodnight. After I hung up I drifted off to sleep, I slept like a baby that night.

I hope you guys Like my story. Gime me some feedback on this story and also on what you would like to see in the future.

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