First Time in Mountains

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I've met Maria at the mountain camp.

I like long walks with a backpack over forests and mountains and that time I've chose difficult but interesting route through Carpathians. Our group has been formed of three girls and boys - two couples and two singles. Also two instructors had to attend our group. Andrew and Maria.

Andrew was a shortly smart forty odd aged man. During our first meeting and further road he was talking and forcing everybody to smile.
Maria was a red-haired Amazon. At least I imagined amazons should look the same way as she.

First part of the route was easiest - simply plain road trough forest. The group a bit hesitated to chat, but Andrew's jokes helped to make things easier.

In the evening we stopped near an old camp. As Maria told - it was a usual place for first stay. And it was very nice place - not far from a small river, at the edge of a meadow and forest.
Andrew told us that tomorrow we will need all our strength, because we will climb to the 80 meters cliff. As I understood - all group members have had such experience but for me it will be first.

Anyway, I was too excited to fall asleep instantly after meals. I decided to walk a bit around our camp - magic of night forest lured me.
When I've come back, I've found that Maria also wasn't sleeping.
- Can't sleep too, huh? - she's asked me.

I nodded.
- Would you join to me? Today is a good night to watch stars.

I've agreed. We were sitting on a log, very close to each other. I was thinking about other places and boys which were sitting beside me under almost the same circumstances... Why they weren't romantics?
Instantly I felt Maria's hand over my.
- May I?

I became confused... The moment was so tender, and she obviously didn't mean anything... except just to hold my hand... maybe she was having the same thoughts as I? But she continued the silence.
- Have you ever climbed?

The question was so suddenly that I almost jumped. She giggled:
- Excuse me, I weren't going to scare you.

I said that I haven't and hope that somebody will help me.
- That's ok. I like when folks know their weaknesses.
- What is yours?

She drew a sigh:
- I have few.
And she ceased talking.

After that she headed to her roll bed. I did the same.

Next day we woke up early. The walk to the cliff was short and before noon we started our preparation for climbing. Everyone seemed confident, except me. I was staring the cliff and thought how do not fall down. I think Maria's seen my uncertainty, because she came to me and asked do I need any help. I've gladly accepted her proposition.

She helped me to wear climbing gear. Every time she touched me it was alike she would like to make it longer, but she didn't.

Finally she finished and step back.
- How are you? Is everything fit well?

I assured her, that everything is ok, and she nodded affirmatively.
- Now the hardest - we will climb together. Don't look down. The lower thing you want to watch is my face. Move smooth and easy. Don't rush. If you feel uneasy - tell me. Don't think about anything but climb. Remember - I'm close. Let's go.

I've passed first meters easily, and decided to look how high am I. Actually, it wasn't a good idea - I was about 10 meters above ground and suddenly realized that it will be very harsh if I fall.
- Into my eyes!

Her order somehow mobilized me. She was hanging beside me and it obviously wasn't big deal for her to stay here.
- Look at me. Don't rush. Hold to the cliff as you do with your boyfriend.

I giggled, but did as she said - and things became simply: hold, move a hand, found footing, move up, repeat.

The climb seemed to continue endless. Suddenly, I've grabbed air instead of rock and panicked, but Andrew held my hand and helped me to finish the climb.
I got up and look around. It was impressive - our group stayed in a saddle point between two semi-forested mountains.
- I have seen this place hundreds times, but it always makes me to wish to stay here forever.

It was Maria - she put her hand on my shoulder. She was very close... like we still were climbing. I felt her breath and her calm voice. Her hands were laying on my shoulders and I didn't want remove them off. The moment was so... beautiful.
- Let's hit a road, we have another run for next stay.
I could only agree.

As Andrew told - it was an abandoned camp. We were going to stay there for two nights, and discover an area for 5km around.
I thought I was totally exhausted by climbing, but when stars came to the sky, I've understood I can't sleep. I was simply sitting near the campfire and listening the night.
After short time I've seen Maria was there too.
- Can't sleep, huh? Would you like a walk?

I can't reject the invitation. There was a promise of something... amazing, I thought.
We silently moved away from camp. She was moving softly, like a mythical lynx, which might lives here.

The walk was really short. In less than ten minutes we've reached a waterfall. The best view in my life - black rocks under half-moon light were platinum, the forest was a hidden castle and water was silver stream with steel voice. I stopped for a moment, wasn't daring to break the magic.

Then I saw Maria came into the waterfall. She left her clothes during her way, and finally fully naked she's entered the water...
I hesitated. But then playful thought has came - why not? And I started to remove my clothes - boots, shorts, t-shirt... I've paused, but she was luring me and I dared to remove bra and panties.

I've come into water, and firstly it was cold, but then Maria extended her hand and practically dragged me into the waterfall. Few seconds I couldn't breathe and when I was making first sips of sweet air she's hugged me.

She gently hugged me by my waist, her breasts were pressed against my and her lips... kissed me. She was kissing me! It wasn't a dream or an imagination, but she passionately kissed my lips. Her tongue wasn't waiting too - it slid between my opened lips and started exploring my mouth. I was shocked, and can't figure out what should I do.

Her mouth was hot and demanding. And her tongue was continuing exploring and teasing me, while her fingers were stroking my wet hair.
Firstly cold, the water became warm and finally hot. But I still wasn't able to think logically.
So when she's stopped, frustration came first - why? Then bafflement - what's wrong? And finally her whisper - kiss me.

I didn't objected. The feelings were so amazing, that I wanted to feel them again. And I wasn't disappointed. The whole world was in the kiss. I couldn't recall any time any of boyfriends kissed me so passionately and lovely. And the night also was playing her role. I was excited... I wanted to continue the exploration of this new world, where Maria kisses me again and again.

But as everything is good the kiss has ended too. And she whispered:
- Let's get to the waterside. I don't want so beautiful girl get flu in the dark forest.

Damn, I wanted to continue, but she was absolutely right. She headed back to the rocks where she left her clothes, I did same. I was keeping silence while drying myself. She's come and hugged me again. Her hands weren't hesitating now and her hot whispering with warm kisses behind my neck have turned me on instantly. Somehow I found a rock to lean on it and opened myself to Maria.
- You have asked about my weakness, remember? You are the one of them.

And without pause she started to kiss me again. Eagerly, demanding to response her kisses. Her hands were caressing my hips, then moved up to my breasts, pulling up my t-shirt. Her hands were very soft and gently and her passionate moves removed all doubts - her wanted to make love with me. I still was thinking that she want to kiss me only, but a moment later her hand slid in my shorts, under panties and her fingers dived deep into my pussy.
- You like it, don't you, my little girl?

Her smile shines with temptation under moon with her fingers, covered with my juices. I was shivering in heat of desire. Under her stare I was ready to do everything to continue this sweat game. I've barely whispered "yes" and she pressed her fingers which smelled of my pussy to my lips.
- I know. I've seen it in your eyes the first night.

And she's again moved her fingers into my wet pussy.

I barely remember next minutes - she continue kissing me, squeezing my breasts, in one moment I understood that she was sucking my nipples, but I wasn't sure when she'd removed my bra. And her fingers... the most exciting thing in the world. They were rushing fast as water flow, then calmed for a second as a lake, and then I' cum. As never before. My legs couldn't keep me and she helped me to lay down on grass. Orgasm's waves shaked me while she was continuing her unbelievable kisses and touches.

Finally, I've calmed down. Should I think about what has happened? No.. that was too wonderful, too gorgeous...
- How are you? Can you go?

Ah, I didn't have words to answer her and my voice wasn't ready to any talks. In silence I rose on knees, then got on feet. She helped me and gave me a kiss. Long and sweet kiss.
- Let's back to camp. I promise - we will have more time...

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