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My first 3 way reviews

Posted by Oscar (email:
That was hot! It made me cum without touching my cock.would love to experience that with my wife.
Posted by John (email:
Love to hear more stories from you anytime maybe see some pictures too. Maybe from other nice folks too. I am from N.E. Ohio and have shared my wife a few times in the past and would love to find some new friends to help getting her back sharing with.

Mailbagguy at the Y
Posted by Candy (email:
That inigsht would have saved us a lot of effort early on.
Posted by Clarkson123 (email:
I have been in a thteesome. The hubby sat on the couch watching me fuck his wife , he said that she had her tubes tided and I could cum in her bare back. I did cum deep in her pussy then he ate my cum out of her !!!
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Brian moaned as he caressed the big organ with his tongue, but after a few moments he realized that Mr. Vickers was right and that he didn't have to hurry at all, so for the next fifteen minutes he teased and nibbled at the huge head until almost without warning his mouth was being flooded with a hot sperm shooter from the big cocked head master!!!...


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