My first 3 way

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Hi my name is Trish me an my husband Jerry have had an several 3-4 someone's over the past 20-25 years. Have had so much fun with them thought i would share some of our sexual fun times that we have had.

when most people i talk to about it in chat rooms they ask several questions, but the most common one is how we got started. so i guess i will start by answering that right off.

we got started in the life style by watching a porn film about the husband watching his wife have sex with another man in front of it. Jery and i like to watch porn before and during sex. one time we were watching a porn flick dealing with the husband watching his wife have sex with another man.

we talked about it afterwards and discovered that the idea turned us both on a lot. so we decided to place an add. we did not have access to the internet 25 years ago so we found an adult paper in Denver Co. and place and add there.

we did not realize the response we got. we received a lot of letters in the mail responding to our add. we live in Montana so we had to correspond to them via snail mail. it took a few months to sort our the nut cases and the ones who were real. At any rate after several letters and a couple phone calls we decided on Mac.

Mac was a bit older then me i was 23 at the time and my husband was 37. Mac was around 45ish. anyway this is how it went the night we met Mac.

we met Mac in Cheyenne Wy. at a motel, he was checking in about the same time we did. we talked briefly, go our rooms and decided to meet again in about an hour in the lobby. we wanted to go to dinner together and have a few drinks.
This was my first time and i was pretty nervous and thought dinner and a drink or two along with talking would help calm the nerves.

As soon as dinner was over and we had had a couple drinks we went to the his room. I can remember walking to the room that my heart was pounding with excitement and my pussy had soaked my panties.

Mac opend the door to his room. He and i sat on the edge of the bed and my husband Jerry sat in a chair close by. We talked again for a very short time before Mac, leaned over pulled me in close and started kissing me on the mouth. My heart beat did not slow a bit as we kissed but i had relaxed abit. As Mac's hand began to rub my shoulder and eventually over to my breast. He began to gently fondle me as thou he was kneeding bread. ( felt nice).

now that the fun had started i forgot all about nerves and was totally into it. Our kissing became more passionate as Mac fondled one breast then the other. It did not take him long to start unbuttoning my blouse. Mac skillfully had my blouse undone and off of me rather quickly.
Mac then started kissing down my neck and around my ear lobs. nibbling on my neck and ear lob. He would kiss my neck and the nibble on my neck and ear lob and then back to kissing again. as his free hand was busy unhooking my bra.

Once he had my bra unhooked and off me, revealing my bare 38c tits. His kissing was now direct to my tits. Mac began to kiss and suck my nipples, as he played with the other tit. cupping each tit in his hands, he began to lick and suck each tit back an forth.

This lasted for only a few minutes before he gently pushed me back onto the bed. Mac then dropped to the floor between my legs. He slowly spread my legs and pushed my skirt up and began to run a finger over my panty clad pussy. seeing how wet i was he pulled my panty to the side and fingered my clit.

I could feel his hot breath on me as he began to lick my pussy. when his tongue first made contact with my clit I gashed lightly as it felt so damn good. Mac began to run his tongue up and down lapping at my clit and pussy lips. He would pause from time to time to concentrate on flicking his tongue on my very swollen clit. Moaning more and more now i could feel an orgasm beginning to build up. ( i so love my pussy tongued, i cum every time a guy licks me).

I was doing my best to hold off my orgasm and thought i was doing a pretty good job. until he stuck a finger in me tickling my G spot. It sure did not take long an my body stiffened up, i gashed loudly for air. i grabbed the back of his head held his face in tight into me. My hips raised up off the bed slightly, my eyes rolled to the back of my head and that was it it.

I was no longer able to hold back. I was cumming and there was nothing i could do about it. I covered his face with my cum. The more i came the more he sucked and licked me.
Licking his lips and mouth Mac stood up and began to kiss me again. I kissed and licked my juice from around his mouth and his chin...

Standing up Mac unzipped his pants and took out his cock and stood in front of me. He stroked it a bit for me then moved in closer to me. Opening my mouth i gladly took him in. At first i just took only the head of his cock in tasting his pre cum. my tongue flicked over the head and across the slit. then i slowly took his cock into my mouth inch by inch till his balls rested on my chin.

I dragged my lips up and down the long hard shaft of his cock, stroking him with my hand as i did. Mac groaned as i sucked him, the more i sucked him the loud and more he groaned. Mac then grabbed the back of my head and began a fucking motion of my mouth with his cock. I think Mac was about to cum and i think he thought so too, cause after a few more thrusts into my mouth he stopped and pulled out.

Mac moved back a bit and took the rest of his cloths off, as did i. I scooted onto the bed and i spread my legs as Mac got on the bed and in between my legs. His hard stiff cock standing straight up. Mac moved in close and guided his cock to the entrance to my very wet pussy.

I glanced over at my husband and he was naked had his cock in his hand an was grinning widely as he stroked his cock and watched.

Mac lowered himself down onto me and slowly pushed his cock into me, inch by inch he pushed his cock into me. "His cock felt so damn good" i light gashed and moaned. Mac started kissing me again as he slowly pumped is cock into me.

Faster and faster he began to fuck me. Our breathing was heavy and deep, as we fucked and kissed. was not long and i could tell he was about to cum. Mac's thrusts were harder and deeper but slow. I could feel his balls hitting my ass when he buried his cock deep into me.
A few more deep thrusts and Mac threw his head back, he eyes tightly close and a slight redness came over his face.

His cock was deep in me and he held it there as he moaned loudly "FUCK"! Just then i felt his cock explode in me spewing out a couple streams of his seed. it was about then i head a second loud moan. looking over it was my husband. He was cumming as well he shot a nice long stream of cum out that covered the head of his cock.

Mac collapsed on the bed next to me and the three of us had another couple drinks rested and then the two of them fucked me together.
that was my very first experience with a three some. come to find out it was Mac's first time as well.

Any way if you like love hear your comments, questions or what ever you like to say. mail me at iblooou [at] yahoo [dot] com

Trish (shared wife). To be continued...

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