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My Sexy sister Nicole

(Part 5 from 5)

I gradually stopped fucking Sis and slowly but reluctantly pulled my cock out of her sticky pussy. I look down at my cock, which looked huge! The condom was covered with her delicious pussy juices which glistened in the moonlight. I stood up & quickly ran upstairs and went into Sis's room. I turned on the light and looked around her room. Quickly I opened all of her drawers in her dressing table and her wardrobe. Please, please, I thought to myself let Sis be on the pill.

Jumping over her bed, I pulled out the draw from her bedside table and looked 
inside, still nothing. Where the hell would she put it I thought? Just as I was about to look in the bathroom something caught my eye stuck to the back of the bedside table, on the inside. And there it was ! My heart skipped a beat as I looked closer & saw a packet of birth control pills secretly sellotaped to the inside where no one could see. I was in heaven my mind started to race, I knew that I could now fuck my sexy Sister without a condom on and not have to worry about getting her pregnant ! My mind went wild at the thought of it, my cock instantly started twitching like mad and started to ache more painfully than ever !

I jumped back over the bed & sprinted downstairs taking the steps two at a time, almost tripping over the last step. Sis was still there, but she had moved around so she was now on her side, "SHIT !" I thought, I'm gonna have to move her again without waking her !

Holding my breath, I slowly knelt down in front of Sis. Gingerly I grabbed her right shoulder & carefully pulled her around so she flopped down on her back again. I sighed with relief, but then froze as she started muttering something. I waited anxiously for what must have been ten minutes before she finally subsided. Still on my Knees, I moved closer & gently grabbed each of my sisters thighs. Slowly I gradually parted her tanned legs & placed her left leg back on my left shoulder. Once again I grasped the other leg & slowly pushed it out as far as it would go. Again her beautiful pink pussy opened up like a beautiful flower, her clitoris engorged & protruding proudly from under her pink lips.

This is it I thought ! I finally get to fuck my sister properly ! My cock 
was aching like mad, I could literally feel the spunk building up in my balls and 
desperately wanting to be released. Kneeling between her thighs, I tried to pull the condom off my aching cock. To my surprise it was on very tight and was slippery with Sisís pussy juices. In the end, using both my hands, I managed to pull it off. As I pulled it off it made a loud "SNAP" noise. I threw it to the floor where it landed next to my sisters panties.

This was finally it ! All my dreams & fantasies were about to come true, all in one night. Taking a deep breath, I edged closer towards Sisís pussy. Grasping 
my throbbing cock with my right hand, I gently guided my purple helmet into my Sister's hot juicy pussy.

I eased in the head gently, "GOD !" It felt soo good, my Sister's pussy was soo 
slippery and warm. Savouring these new sensations of my bare cock against my sisters pink pussy, I couldn't hold back any longer. I pulled back & plunged forward like a wild animal penetrating my sisters pink pussy with all my 7 inches of pulsating cock ! 

My cock was literally buried all the way deep inside Sis. I didn't care anymore if she woke up ! I carried on fucking Sis like a wild animal, I held both her arms down forcefully as I fucked her good & hard. God knows how she didn't wake up ! I fucked and fucked her like mad, greedily savouring the sticky warm velvety sensations wrapped like a tight glove around my bare cock. A slightly fishy aroma soon greeted my nostrils, as her pussy juices combined with my cock juices producing an enticing & provocative aroma. This drove me mad as I fucked Sis even harder penetrating her all the way to my balls !

As I fucked Sis harder, I realised soon that I was starting to come. I could hear my bare thighs slapping hard against her bare pussy, making a loud squelching sound as my cock slid in and out of her tight slick hole. I quickly grabbed each of her arse cheeks and with another huge plunge stuck all of my 7 inches inside her pussy as deep as it would go. At the same time I pulled her arse cheeks towards me penetrating her pussy all the way past my balls. With one loud groan I emptied my balls deep into my Sisters hot sticky pussy. For some unknown reason I bit down hard on her shoulder as I shot my load deep inside her unprotected pussy. I was in pure ecstasy & could actually see stars floating around in my head as I unleashed my spunk deep inside her.

I came several times deep inside Sis like a bullet out of a gun. Just the thought of my sperm splattering deep inside her unprotected pink vagina, greedily making their way up to her cervix looking to fertilise her eggs made me push my cock inside even deeper. All the way past my balls, making positively sure that every last drop went deep inside her beautiful pussy. God it felt good ! I never wanted to pull my cock out ever again. I really didn't care if she was on the pill. I prayed each time as I emptied my balls that I would get my sexy Sister pregnant, and actually found myself hoping that she had stopped taking the pill.

I lay on top of Sis exhausted & breathing heavily for what must have been about five minutes, my exhausted cock still buried deep inside her beautiful pussy. I looked up at her beautiful face and thanked god that her friends had got her so utterly pissed. A few minutes later, I slowly & reluctantly pulled my semi-erect cock out from my sisters hot sticky pussy. I looked down and saw my cock glistening with my Sisters pussy juices, it was a beautiful sight to see. As soon as I had pulled my cock out of Sis, what seemed like pints of my spunk poured out freely from her pussy. GOD it was a beautiful sight !

I just lay there looking at my Sister and could not believe that I had finally 
got to taste her delicious pussy and fuck her in the same night ! I quickly 
picked up my sisters white thong that I had thrown on the floor and wiped Sis's pussy with it, trying to clean up as much of the mess as I could. With great 
difficulty I finally managed to put her sports bra back on, which seemed to be a 
size too small, but eventually I got those beautiful tits back in and buttoned 
her shirt back up. I sniffed her panties once again and devoured the fishy tangy 
smell that was coming from them. I decided to keep them for myself as they were covered in her pussy juices and tasted delicious. Carefully I pulled Sis's skirt back down which barely covered her pussy and arse, and grabbed a blanket from the cupboard which I threw over her. Good I thought, she didn't wake up once and I had finally got to act out all of my fantasies in one night ! What more could a guy ask for ? I knew my Sister would never let me see her in the nude, let alone lick her pussy and fuck her in one night ! I knew that this was definitely a one off and sadly would never happen again. But still, I had her soiled panties to remind me of the experience, which I would never forget for the rest of my life.

I grabbed the used condom off the floor and also put it carefully in my bathrobe 
pocket along with her panties, so I could sniff and jack over them to remind me of the experience when ever I wanted. 
I looked back at Sis for one last time and then quietly made my way to my 
bedroom before mum came back. I fell into bed exhausted and didn't wake up till the morning. I didn't hear mum come in that night, but she came into my room in the morning as usual with my mug of hot chocolate, and asked if I had a good time last night. I just replied "yes", but little did she know that I got to fuck the sexiest bitch in the whole world, her daughter, my Sister ! 
If mum ever found out I knew that I would be disowned from the family, but I didn't care, I finally got to fuck Nicole.

Nicole woke up later on in the afternoon, "did you have a good night Sis ?" I asked, "shut up squirt !" she replied. "I've got a fucking headache, and I'm sore down there" she said pointing to her pussy, "well it must have been a good night then" I replied. With that Sis got up and went upstairs to take a shower, she didn't say anything about the fact that she had not panties on. Maybe she thought she gave them to some lucky guy in the night-club. Little did she know that her little brother had them under his pillow, still fresh & sticky with her pussy juices. 

Unfortunately, I never did get my Sister pregnant that night, although I secretly prayed that I did. A month went by and she obviously had her period otherwise all hell would have broken loose, as my mum is not the kind of person to take things like this lightly.

As for me, I still jack off over my sexy bitch of a Sister every moment I get. 
She is still the horniest & sexiest bitch I know. I sniff her panties every 
night and jack off over them, I can't wait till her next birthday. I just pray 
that her friends will take her out and get her seriously drunk again so I can fuck her brains out and eat that delicious shaved pussy again. 

Who knows, if I get another chance, I might try fucking her up that sexy round arse ?

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