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My Sexy sister Nicole

(Part 2 from 5)

She was wearing the sexiest outfit I had ever seen in my life ! Hugging her perfect body was the shortest black figure hugging mini-skirt which I had ever seen, just barely covering her perfectly tanned round arse. It started to slowly ride up her cheeks as she bent over in front of me to pick up her earrings off the table. As Sis bent over, I caught a glimpse of the smallest and skimpiest white thong I had ever seen, riding up tightly between her round arse cheeks & hugging her pussy as if it had been sprayed on. "Christ" ! I thought, I would glady give my right arm to stick my tongue in there! I definitely won't be watching any porno movies tonight I thought to myself. The sight of my sexy sister gave me an instant boner which I quickly covered by grabbing a cushion and shoving it over my dick, which was now starting to throb painfully from the sexy sight before me. Luckily for me, my Sister didn't notice my reaction to her sexy outfit.

"So what you doing tonight squirt ?" my Sister asked playfully. "Just watching 
telly nothing much" I replied. Little did she know that my evening would be 
spent jacking off over her in her skimpy mini-skirt and sexy white thong !

"It's a shame your not eighteen otherwise you could have come out with me and 
the girls". Now there's a thought, my mind started having images of her friends some of who were absolute horn babes, just like Nicole. God I would love to fuck them all!

"That's all right Sis " I replied "maybe in a few years time". "Ok, I'll take 
you up on that squirt" she replied smiling her beautiful white smile back at me. As she walked over to the window to see if her friends had arrived, I couldn't take my eyes off her gorgeous hour glass figure. Her skirt looked like it would tear at the seams if she sat down ! it left nothing to the imagination.

As I tried to tear my eyes away from her arse, I looked down at her shapely long silky golden tanned legs which just seemed to go on forever. The fact that she had high heels on made them look even longer ! God how I would love for her to wrap those tanned legs around my neck, it would be pure heaven. I would have given anything to have a glimpse of her beautiful pussy, let alone fuck her ! The only reason my friends came round I'm sure was to see my Sister. The whole house seemed to be packed in the summer with my friends, especially when Sis was wearing her little hot pants and sports bra. But then again who can blame them ?

My dick was aching painfully now as I desperately needed to go and jack off over Sis. I’d had enough and decided I couldn’t wait any longer. "I'm gonna take a shower Sis" I said as I got up off the couch trying carefully not to drop the cushion, which would otherwise have exposed my angry raging boner ! "Ok squirt" she replied.

I ran upstairs into the bathroom & slammed the door shut, at the same time I threw the cushion concealing my raging cock to the floor. I pulled off my t-shirt and shorts and my tightly circumcised cock immediately sprang out pointing proudly towards the ceiling, all engorged 6-inches of it. I turned on the shower and immediately jumped in. Straight away I grasped my shaft & started to wank myself silly over the sight of my sister in her sexy outfit. After about 15 seconds I started to groan as the image of my sexy Sister in her slutty outfit flashed in my mind. Eventually, I could hold back no longer and shot a thick gooey, creamy jet of spunk onto the side of the shower door. God it felt good !

I quickly rinsed off my spunk from the shower door careful not to leave any 
evidence behind, & dried myself off. Just as I stepped out of the shower I heard my Sister shout, "I'm going now squirt, be good" ! "Ok" ! I shouted back, "have fun", which I'm sure she knew she was going to have, as she was dressed like a slut !

I threw my bathrobe on and went downstairs into the living room. It was 
all quiet, just me on my own. I pulled out my porno video which I had carefully 
hidden beneath a loose floorboard under the fireplace and stuck it in the video 
player. I watched the video for about an hour, whilst jacking off once more and decided to call it a night. I carefully hid my porno video back under the fireplace making sure it was out of sight, if my mum or Sis had ever found it there would be hell to pay ! I grabbed myself a drink & then trundled back upstairs to my bedroom and crashed out on my bed. I must of dozed off for what must have been a few hours. 

I awoke later on to the sound of a car pulling up outside. I looked at the clock 
on my bedside table, it said 3.30 am. I pulled off my duvet and walked over to 
my bedroom window. I looked outside and saw my Sister being propped up by two of her friends, one under each arm. Her head hung down low against her chest as she looked completely pissed out of her head. Her friends were finding it funny as Sis found it difficult to stand, let alone walk. Slowly they both walked her to the front door, holding her up in the process.

I crept out to the top of the landing and listened quietly as I heard them fumbling around trying to find the key to open the front door. 
Eventually I heard a key being pushed in & the door catch released. I heard one of her friends say, "just put her on the couch, you don't want to wake her mum and brother up". With that I heard the door shut quietly and laughter as her friends got into their car and drove off. I went back to my room and laid down again. It must have been about 10 or 15 minutes later when I thought that's odd, I haven't heard Sis come up to her room yet. I crept back onto the landing and quietly opened my Sisters bedroom door, she was not there, she must still be down stairs I thought to myself. I quietly crept over to my mum's room and opened the door a little, my mum wasn't back either. I crept downstairs quietly and made my way into the living room. The curtains were still open and it was a full moon. I looked around until my gaze fell on the couch, what greeted me was the sexiest sight I had ever seen ! ( Prior to my Sister earlier that evening of course ). My cock immediately sprang to life and the head popped out of my bathrobe which I was still wearing.

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