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My Life as a Teenage Stud Pt.4

(Part 3 from 4)

Thats the most amazingly, HUGE, thick cock Ive ever seen in my life ! And youre only fourteen ! , she lifted her hand up to her mouth, as if unable to believe that the sight before her eyes was real. How big is this thing anyway ? , she asked after a lengthy pause.

Last time I checked, it was fifteen and a quarter inches long and almost ten inches around , I said proudly. How does that compare with your hubby ? , I asked with a smirk.

I thought he was hung, before I saw that HUMONGOUS cock of yours. But hes barely half your length and width, and no way near as hard ! , she said as her hands rubbed the tense flesh of my solid shaft. Can you cum for me, Tim, please ? I wanna see how much sperm you can shoot out of that fat schlong of yours ! .

Why dont you jack me off and Ill rub your pussy.

Oh, yeah ! I love it when you talk dirty, Tim. , she purred as her hands started to frantically jerk my mammoth shaft. Her left hand was holding on to the hefty base of my rod, unable to completely encircle it, while her right hand was caressing my pointy, apple-sized knob, sending shivers down my spine. I reached behind her and lifted her buttocks with my large hands to sit her on the desk. I parted her inner thighs and aimed two fingers at her rubbery slit, gently massaging the smooth pink flesh. She groaned in response, and tightened her grip on my outsized rod. Its head was now resting at the level of her tits, and she repeatedly slapped her mounds with it, leaving thick trails of pre-cum on her large areaolas. 

Youre ssoooo big ! , she cooed. I inserted my thick fingers up her dripping snatch, delighted to feel how large her inner passage was. I therefore proceeded to stick in two more fingers, inches deep and with little resistance. Great, shell probably be able to take my massive girth ! I was rewarded with an outpouring of pussyjuices that coated my fingers and ran down the inside of my palm. Uuummmhh ! That feels so good, baby ! Cum for me, Tim, come on, I want to taste your cream ! . Knowing I would still be hard for round two or even three, I let the exquisite feeling of her soft massaging hands overwhelm me and grunted out loud as the first giant wad coursed its way from my bloated gonads up the lengthy urethra and out of my wide open cumslit. The powerful jet splashed on the underside of one of her giant tits, the thick cum running down her smooth abdomen. The volume of three more spurts was added to the first as she continued to aim my cum-cannon at the undersides of her melons. The copious liquid was now pooling directly onto my frigging fingers as rivers of cum crisscrossed her flat belly. 

Sooo much ! Give me more ! . I complied as she attempted to encircle my spasming cockhead between her huge breasts. Giant wads of cum splattered on the hollow of her moaning throat. She tilted her head back, while still holding my erupting cock and a massive jet went flying past her head, only to drop back on her countenance. Her orgasm was so loud, I thanked God her office was in a mostly unoccupied annex of the school. 

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FFUUUCKKK ! SSOOOO GOOODDD ! Keep pumping your thick cum, dont ever sssttoooppp ! Aaaahhh ! . Her whole body shook as an incredibly strong spasm overtook her senses. Pens and piles of paper were falling off the jittery wooden desk. She release my oversized rod, as if unable to command her limbs anymore, so I took hold of it and aimed my fountaining sperm at her massive jugs. Five of six long, thick ribbons of sperm coated her upper body, leaving her gasping for hair as she felt the forceful splatters. Finally, my overbloated dickhead stopped spewing its potent cream. I milked the still plentiful post-orgasmic syrup directly on her distended, upward facing, nipples. She looked down to admire my handiwork.

TIM ! How can you cum so much ! Im completely covered with your stuff. Its incredible, I never knew a boy your age could produce so much of that sweet cream, Huumm ! , she said as she scooped long finger-thick strands off her upswelling bosom. How am I going to clean up all this mess ?

Ill help you. , I answered as I pulled my tongue out to lap at her coated fingers. I licked her index clean of my cream. Ive always loved the taste of my own semen. 

Wow, Ive never seen a guy eat his own cum ! , she exclaimed. She joined me in licking her glistening milk glands, lifting her large tits and helping herself to a bellyful of my virile seed. I leaned forward and our tongues met as she was slurping up cum form her left nipple. We engaged in a deep tongue-twisting French-kiss as I pushed my still engorged head to her pussylips.

Wait, what are you doing ? , she tried to push me back but was unable to move my bulky frame the slightest. Her hands clasped at my hard pecs as her will melted away. Please, Tim, put a condom and fuck me like the stud that you are ! .

Sorry, Susan, but I dont have any and anyway, they dont fit. Youre gonna have to take me bare-back.

But, Im not on the pill. We cant do that, Tim, please ! . She looked down to see my angry knob pressed against her labia.

Ill pull out in time. So its a yes or a no ? , I asked impatiently.

She hesitated a moment and then begged me to shove it in as hard as I could. She took hold of my shaft at mid-point with both hands, just barely able to encircle the stone-hard huge pillar of manmeat as I pushed my giant head past her hungry cuntlips. She screamed as the wide-flaring knob dragged her labia inwards with each passing inch of my red-hot glans. When the rim finally managed to pierce through her overstretched lips, I paused to let her accomodate my huge girth and to let her juices lubricate my invading rod. 

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