My Life as a Teenage Stud Pt.4

(Part 1 from 4)

Note : This story is completely fictional! Never try to do it in real live!

I guess most of you are now familiar with me. I’m Tim Donehy, aka BigTimmy, the reason being that I have a huge cock and that I am extremely muscular. I discovered my special gift when I was 10 and I measured my cock at eleven inches erect! I’m now 18 years-old and my dong has expanded to over fifteen inches in length and nearly 10 inches in girth (that’s a little over three inches wide, ie : larger than a can of Coke). Not only is my dick massive, but, through an intense bodybuilding programme I started when I was ten-years old in order to build up my muscular mass, it is absolutely rock-hard when erect, unlike most hung men whose smaller cocks never really harden. To top it off, I have enormous testicles that can produce huge amounts of sperm in no time. I am therefore able to ejaculate over 200 ml of cum, that’s around one hundred times the average amount for a normal guy. Plus, the speed at which my jewels produce semen allows me to sustain an erection that never softens the slightest even after having ejaculated three times in a row. 

Even soft, my cock is a sight to behold. It now hungs eleven inches, and I need to wear custom-made underpants in order to keep the monster from suffocating or piercing a hole through the fabric. When I wear boxer shorts, I just let my oversized tube of flesh rest on the inner side of my left thigh. It reaches halfway to my knees, so I can’t wear tight jeans over it. On the other hand, if I wear brief, I am able to fold it such that the huge plum-sized head reaches the very end of my left hip side. My balls are the size of large lemons, so my mum either enlarges the pouch of regular XXL briefs herself, or we buy custom-made ones from a special company. The specifications are that the pouch should be quadruple-sized. 

I had lost my cherry to my beautiful, big-busted blond mother a year ago and our incestual relationship had gained an extra dimension when I fucked my older sister Kate a few months later. But despite having two stunning women to fuck on a regular basis, my sexual curiosity was leading me to seek further horizons. 

When Mrs. Harrison joined our school as the new English teacher the following fall, I was immediately enthralled by her sexual appeal. The fact that she was married was by no means discouraging me. If anything, the extra challenge of trying to sleep with a married woman was an added thrill. I’m not the brightest student, but my grades were good and, for the first time in my life, I sat in the front row in Mrs. Harrison’s classes. Obviously, this was not due to a sudden interest in English literature, but rather to the fact that Mrs Harrison always dressed up seductively and I enjoyed ogling her ample cleavage at close range. I had to fight hard not to pop a gigantic boner everytime she turned round to write on the blackboard and I saw her narrow hips swaying sexily. She usually wore a knee-length skirt, but its tightness embraced her delicious curvy legs and ass like a second skin. I kept fantasizing about what kind of panties she was wearing…

“ Tim. TIM. Mr DONEHY ! ”, I woke up from my daze to see my sexy teacher looking down at me with a frown on her lovely face. “ Are you with us, Mr Donehy ? ”, she asked sarcastically. Oh shit, she always called students by their surname when she was pissed off with them. 

“ Yes, Mrs Harrison. “, I stuttered. A couple of girls giggled at the back. 

“ Then you won’t mind reading on the chapter of your textbook to us, I hope ? ”. Damn, I had no idea where to start. I looked at the open book in front of me, desperately seeking the passage I was supposed to read. Mrs Harisson finally pointed at the right spot on my page with her index finger. I couldn’ help but notice that it was trembling slightly.

When the bell finally rang for lunchbreak, Mrs Harisson called me to her desk as all the other students were leaving. 

“ Tim, you seem to be rather unfocused on your work lately. I think we need to discuss this further this afternoon after sports practice. I’ll see you in my office at 4 pm sharp. ”, she snapped. I saw her glance a couple of times at my crotch as she spoke, and I was glad that I was back to being “ Tim ” to her. Usually, other students get the “ Mr ” treatment for a couple of days or more.

That afternoon, we had football practice, at which I excel. My massive, over-muscled, body allows me to push my way through a wall of opponents with ease and all the girls were cheering me on. I think they were more interested in the size of my jockstrap than on the game. I have to use a specially-designed jockstrap that will hold my huge package in place without too much discomfort. Needless to say, you can spot the bulge it creates from the other side of the field. At one stage, I noticed Mrs Harisson wandering around the football grounds. It was the first time I had seen her at sports practice and it intrigued me. She also seemed to be watching me intently, eventhough it could have just been a figment of my over-eager imagination.

After showering, I was pondering what to wear for my appointment with Mrs Harisson. Fortunately, I had a spare set of gym clothes in my locker room for when I use the school’s gym. I decided to wear some black spandex shorts and a tight blue workout tank top that shows my muscular frame in all its glory. After saying goodbye to a disappointed Kate who had been waiting for me outside the men’s room, I headed off for Mrs Harrison’s office.

As I was about to knock on the door, I heard what sounded like a moan emanating from Mrs Harisson’s office. Leaning my ear against the door, I could definitely make out some grunts. I waited a bit longer, not sure what to do at that stage. What she making out with her husband or was she just frigging herself ? 

“ Oooh, Tim, yyyeeaahhh ! ”, I heard her moan softly. I nearly gasped at those words. What ? Either her husband’s called Tim or she was referring to ME ! 

After a while, she became more quiet, so I knocked on the door. 

“ Come in ! ”, a clear voice announced. I stepped in, with my gymbag around my shoulder. Her eyes nearly bugged out and her mouth fell open when she saw what I was wearing. I grinned slightly as her gaze followed my crotch when I stepped in and walked slowly to her desk. I stood in front her, the massive lump in my shorts clearly defined, the huge knob nearly poking at the hem. Being so tall, my crotch was directy at her eye level and she had to lift her head up high to speak to me. 

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