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I've been a virgin for quite a while, I'm torn between losing it and saving myself. My last boyfriend wanted to have sex with me but I said I wasn't ready yet. He asked if anyone has ever eat me out. No one has and he said " well if you let me do it then u could probably make up your mind about losing it". I thought about it and said yes and e began kissing me and then went down on me and took off my pants.

He caressed my breasts and licked my underwear. He took off my underwear and started licking. It kinda felt akward at first but then he went deeper and I coulnt believe how great it felt! After he was done I had orgasmed and he asked me if I made up my mind yet. I still hadn't because that did feel good, but losing your virginity hurts.

 A few days later I asked him if he could do it again and he said he would if I had sex with him. I said I'd think about it. Later that bight I was in the shower and an idea came to me. I adjusted the water pressure so it would come out fast and in a single stream. I then laid down and positioned my slit under the water and opened my pussy lips.

It felt good but not the same as when my boyfriend did it. I moved around a little and then I felt this sensation just like before. My legs jerked and my hips moved and the water wasn't on my pussy anymore. It's like I teased my pussy and I just wanted more. I found the spot again and just forced my hips there while my legs twitched. I leaned my head back on the edge of the tub and let the sensation tale over.

Within seconds I was fighting the urge to scream because my parents would hear. But it felt so good! I started to feel myself going out of control and I knew I would scream so I got out from under the water and stopped the sensation. But again it felt like I was teasing my pussy! I need to orgasm, so I got back in the position and put a washcloth in my mouth to muffle my screams.

The door was locked and the tv was on so maybe they didn't hear me, if they did they said nothing but I swear of tht washcloth wasn't muffling me I woudl have been extremely loud.

The next day I told my boyfried that I would have sex with him if he ate me out before and after. He said he would love tht and now here I am waiting for my boyfriend to come over and pop my cherry.

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Me and my friend Zac have been seeing each other for fucks since we were in high school, I'm graduated now, so its been a while, and this is a story I wrote for him one bored night =)