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My 1st time ever

(Part 1 from 1)

    I was 18 years old. It was my first time ever. My name is josh miyahi. I was going out with my girlfriend, Ashley for around 7 months. We were crazy about each other but weren't too physical. We had never felt each other under are underwear or seen each other naked. I had only felt her over her bra. I had never seen her breasts either. She hadn't ever felt my cock. She was my 1st love and also 1st kiss. It was the same for her.

I am 5foot 10inches, fair skin, long straight black hair, light brown eyes, a decent body but hairier than most people at 18. All girls found me the most attractive guy our age but I didn't care I loved Ashley. She wasn't considered the hottest but to me she was. Her figure was awesome 34c-24-36. She had long black curly hair and had an awesome tan. She was kind pf short, 5 foot 3inches.

I was the loving kind of boyfriend. I did anything for Ashley. We had awesome time together and we were considered the golden couple. We went to different high schools. It was a big pain. But yet we did everything we could to meet each other. 

It was Valentines Day. My Dad was away at Liverpool with my Mom. My house was empty. I knew we were going to have fun that night but I dint expect to loose my virginity. She told her parents she was staying the night at a friends place. She reached my house at 9:00pm that night. I had lit my room with 5 candles all around and 1 on my bed where there was a card I made for her and a stuffed toy.

I told her to come straight to my room. I was dressed in denim jeans and a white shirt. She was wearing a black skirt 2inches above her knees and a black backless top. As she walked into the room I was stunned as she looked beautiful. I told her

Josh: You look stunning!!
Ashley: Thank you…. You look great too…
Josh: Happy Valentines Day… I love you…
Ashley: Same too you… I love you too

Her eyes turned to the toy near me as I was sitting on the bed. She thanked me for it and put it on the side after a minute. She looked at me with those amazing eyes of her. Which were calling me to her. So I got up and kissed her on her lips deeply. I wrapped my arms around her waist as she kissed me back and put her hands through my hair. I pulled back and swept her of her feet and put her onto the bed. I lay down on top of her and continued kissing her. I could tell she wanted me to take her top of. So I slid my hands onto her neck and untied the top and took it of her body. She then started taking my shirt of as we kept on kissing. My lips moved from her lips down on to her neck. I knew she loved it. She softly cried out my name in pleasure. I started going lower as my shirt fell to the floor. From her neck I started kissing her on her bra. My hands were moving up and down her back and she was enjoying it. She then asked me to take her bra off. I started kissing her lips and with my right hand undid her bra strap. She then took it off herself. I slid my hands from her back onto her bare breasts for the 1st time. It felt incredible I squeezed her right breasts and played with her other nipple. I could tell she was scared but dint want me to stop either.

I stopped kissing her and moved down towards her breasts. I put my lips on her left nipple and stated kissing it and from kisses it turned to sucking on her nipple. She let out a slight moan and then I nibbled on it and she let out an even louder moan!! I slid my hands down on her ass cheeks over her panties and squeezed them. She wanted me badly I could tell. She grabbed my semi erect cock and undid my jeans I dropped them to my feet. She suddenly over turned me and I was below her. She slowly removed my boxers teasing me. I was soon naked in front of her for the 1st time. My cock began to grow into its hard full 7inches. I wasn’t that long but I was rather thick. I saw her eyes become bigger as she saw me for the 1st time.

She was a little shocked I felt. She told me it was bigger than she thought it would be as she grasped it. She then put the now fully erect cock in her mouth and sucked it. She wasn’t sure what she was doing but it felt amazing. Soon she got a hang of it and found rhythm and bobbed her head faster and fast. I kept crying her name out along with moans

Josh: Ashley… YEAH!!! Oh Baby don’t stop… keep going… ummmmmmmmmm.., Oh YES!!! OH ASH Oh BABY!! FASTER!!!... I’m going to cum!!....... OH YES!!...
(after cumin in her mouth)… That was so good!!

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Ashley: (after spiting the cum out) UMMM… it sure was… you taste great!! I want you to fuck me hard and I mean really hard!!

Josh: Are you sure?

Ashley: Yea… But be gentle at 1st… your going to break me…

Josh: Don’t worry… I’ll be gentle… let me get a condom 1st…

I came back from the medicine cabinet with a few condoms and I saw Ashley was only in her black tiny panties. She looked too sexy. I wanted her badly now. But my cock was really limp. She noticed it. So she came to me and removed her panties and she jumped on me and wrapped her legs around my waist and started kissing me. My cock was starting to rise again already covered in a condom. Soon it became as hard as ever and she felt it rub against her ass. She asked me to go inside her. So I laid her on the bed and positioned my self and very slowly entered my cock into her pussy. Soon I felt the hymen so I told that it was going to hurt her now and I rammed my cock into her. I removed it soon after to let the blood out. She was in a bit of pain so I waited. Soon she looked at me and told me to go back in so I inserted my cock in and out putting the entire 7inches of me inside her. As I began to pick up phase her moans became louder. She was crying my name out in pleasure. I slowed down the phase for a moment. 

All of the sudden she turns us around and I’m on my back again. Now she was riding me hard and fast.
Josh: Yeah baby ride me hard!!

Ashley: Ahhhh!!! YES!! Oh Josh… Josh Josh Josh… OH FUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK MEEEEEE!!!! YES YES YES!!! Don’t stop… PLEASE!!! Faster… Fasterrr!! AHHHH… YEAH!!! GOOOOOOOD… I’M Going to CUM..

Josh: YEAH!! So am i!!!


Josh: AHH... I’ve cum!!! That was too good!!

Ashley: It was perfect!!

Ashley lays on top of me panting away both of us exhausted jus lay there. We fell asleep like that. Next morning I woke up she was still sleep on top of me I put her on the side of me and washed up. I will never forget that night.

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