Three way finish

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He had spread a good amount of lubricate across his dick, just so that Collen would like the feeling more. Then, pushed his figures in trying to loosen Collen up a little bit, but nothing could prepare Collen for the love he was about to recieve. Collen had wanted a nice cock, he had put "I was a nice large, preferable uncut cock to come over this weekend to fuck me. don't want a kisser, or some weird golden shower type shit." Collen had been trying the internet dating scene recently, and meant a young mustang named Alex. Alex and Collen had talked for several day, but when they first say each other in person both were stupified. Collen had expected a 26 year-old with a little more gut, not the firm muscular body that filled out Alex's 6'3" 190 pound, smooth, fit body. And Alex did not expect the tight, six-pack, smooth, 5'8", 160 pound, athletic body of Collen.

For several days Collen had been trying to get his roommate out of the house, so that he and Alex could have some alone time. Finally, one day Collen clears a three hour period to seduce his guest. "Dude! Andrew, are you going to get out of hear?" he would ask. Andrew would retort to the question, "are you trying to have some more friends over?" Andrew was bicurious and wanted to see some of Collens gay friends bang him. Andrew had before walked in and heard the sound of Collen getting a good banging. Andrew would sit down outside of the room and listen as his roommate was pounded. He found that it turned him on, and he found himself--more recently--downloading and jerking off to gay pornography. He had even considered tasting his own cum. But Andrew, as much as he wanted to watch, knew that Collen needed some alone time with this new "hottie" he had been talking about. Collen had scene Andrew watching, but never told him. Collen always liked the excitement of another person watching him get fucked. But, today was a day for him and Alex and he didn't want Alex to see his creepy roommate watching them.

Pushing in Alex can feel his foreskin sliding back over his cock as his head penetrates Collen sweet cherry. Collen clenches his ass making it tighter, then relaxed as the head of Alex's head penetrated his as and his foreskin lined the tight in walls. Collen exhaled and his cock swells from balls, then pulsing with his hard beat it swells up to the head and twitches as Collen's heart race. Alex, still sliding his cock in slowly, settles his on Collen's his and pulls back as he leans into his ass. Collen sighs and braces himself, his cock, so hard, feels also though it is going to explode. For a moment their two bodies sway homogeneously back and forth. Alex's cock slightly sliding out and into Collen's. Alex once more leaning into Collen, slides his hands up over Collen's shoulders then pulls back. His cock is forced deep into Collen, their scrotums gently tap each other. Collen feels pre-cum slide out the head of his cock (he tries to keep from cumming). Alex spits on the last showing piece of his cock and begins to pump Collen as he tries to lubricate his tight hole. Alex is forced to bend over Collen's back, humping him flesh to flesh holding Collen upright, with one arm tucked under Collen's arms and around his stomach as Alex's opposing arm hangs. He places his head on Collen's left should, and listens to Collen's moans.

Alex wraps both arms around Collen, leans and falls back onto the bed. Collen positioned himself to ride Alex like a mustang. He lifts his ass sliding it off Alex's hard cock, turns around and position his ass over Alex. He sits and feels Alex's 9.5 inch, uncut, monster press into his ass. Collen leans further back into Alex's. He sits until his balls lay on Alex's smooth stomach to gather heat. Collen grabs his cock the moments his balls hit and jerks it a little. Alex's cock beats inside Collen pressing against the inner rectal lining and forcing Collen to hunch slightly. Collen pulls up and pushed down on Alex's cock for a while, trying to avoid touching his cum filled cock. Alex grabs Collen's hips and pushes him down against himself, thrusting his cock deep in and moaning. "Did you cum?" Collen ask. "No, it just felt great. Let's move back." Alex, still holding Collen to his cock, inches his way back up against the wall in the room. "This way I can really fuck you hard, or you can me," he prompt his head and back up against the wall and immediately slid his cock in and out of Collen, who moan and pressed his hand against the wall. "Ha, ha, ha," Alex giggled. Collen pressed his feet hard against the ground, held onto Alex's shoulders, and slid back on to his cock. Alex, hunched over from holding Collen, let go and grabbed a hold of Collen's fine 7 inch cock. Collen ran his ass up and down Alex's rod moan and panting then grab ahold of Alex tightly and pump his cock up and down Alex's chest, whenever he cam close to cumming, he would begin to slow his pumping action and slide up and down Alex's cock smoothly and deep, as if he were trying to engulf Alex's balls, his ass pressed hard against Alex's scrotum (who is pushing hard up into Collen simultaneously and holding Collen close). Collen leaned back once more and began to ride the cock, his dick did not bounce with each motion; instead, it stayed stiff as a rock. Alex became interested grabbed Collen's cock and stroked. Collen started to ride harder. He could feel a load filling his balls, ready to cum. Collen thrust down into Alex pushing his ass hard against Alex, then, holding Alex tight, he pushed into him with his cock and a large load began for fountain up from Collen's cock onto Alex's chin, and chest.

Collen pressed hard against Alex smeared the cum into his hot body. He pumped up and down Alex's chest with is cock, and riding Alex's cock. Alex became so engulf into Collen's orgasm began to cum as Collen's load sprayed against his body. He grabbed Collen pulling him down to his cock; Collen could feel Alex's hot load erupt into his ass causing him to slightly convulsed and cum more.
Alex fell back onto the wall panting heavily. Collen sat back on Alex's cock, feeling it pulse out the last few bits of cum, moved his ass back and forth trying to ride it a little more. Alex moaned as Collen slid down the length of his cock, then back up to the head several tips. Collen's tight ass inched out every last piece of cum as it pressed tight against Alex's urethra. Collen's ass hadn't been fuck in awhile. Collen stretch his ass for a few moment then slid of Alex and over to his side. "Oh my God!" Collen sighed sliding off Alex's enormous cock. Alex stroked his cock, "Oh God!" Collen slides down, "let me take care of the for you," he insists, replacing Alex's occupied hand. "Wow! I love this cock, it so nice and thick and uncut," Collen commented as he slid his hand up and down Alex's wet cock. Frequently Collen would take a tight hold on Alex's cock and run his foreskin up over the head and back down the shaft, Alex would stop in mid sentence when this happened. "So i think i got a few more loads in me, but lets do that after I have gone to class," he pauses, "I think I will take a shower first, though. "How do you want me next time?" he slowly moves his head toward Alex's cock but maintains eye cock as he positions himself, "doggy style, a little more on the bed, in you kitchen, in the shower?" Collen sucks on the top of Alex's cock for a moment, and licks the side. "I don't know just yet." Collen stops sucking his cock. "You don't want to stay here for a little longer?"
"Not particularly, I do need to get to class. I apologize and don't mean to offend," Alex had a steady eye, and Collen conceded without argument.

The shower starts by filling the small glass cubical with a strong mist of steam. Alex checks the water, his foreskin pulses on his cock dangling in the warm room, then plunges into the steamy shower. Warm water runs across his body. Alex closes his eyes and lets the refreshing water run down his whole body. Two hands slide across Alex's stomach then down to his cock still recovering from the pounding before. Collen's hand gently takes hold of the monster. Alex can feel Collen pull him (Alex) back into him (Collen). Alex can feel Collen's smooth stomach against his back, his warm cock pressed against his ass, and Collen's hand slowly warming his cock. Alex slides his hands back against Collen's back; he runs them down the sides of Collen's smooth waist and legs. "Oh god," Alex sighs, then quickly turns around and kisses Collen. Collen, surprise by a kiss (because he had never wanted to be kissed by his discreet, gay companions), steps back against the wall of shower.

Alex continues to kiss and holds Collen close; Alex presses their hot cocks close together. Collen's arms become weak, as he is embraced by Alex kissing him, and he holds Alex tight. Alex can feel Collen's tongue begin to push back. The two continues to make out for a few moment; Alex pressed against Collen, and both their dicks beginning to swell. Alex's hands creep down Collen's ass and lift that causes the cheeks to spread apart perfectly. Alex lifts Collen into the air, while Collen jumps and his legs around Alex's waist. Still kissing Collen, Alex slowly rests Collen down onto his hardening cock. The cock presses against Collen's ass, soft at first it does not enter. Alex's cock begins to harden, and Collen can feel the cock grow as it presses, grows, and penetrates his ass. Collen tips his head back, and Alex kisses his chin and next . Collen moans as he slides over the, still swelling, warm, wet cock. Alex falls and presses Collen against the glass once more.

The imagine of: a hard, uncut, pulsing, cock thrusting into a moaning Collen still inspires Collen's roommate. Andrew was had planned to hang with some friends for the three hour period; however, they had ditched him for some girls. Andrew proceeded home where he was going, "to take a shower, and fall asleep that way I don't conflict with Collen." But, those plans were about to change. He had opened the door to his roommate being slammed against the clear glass, with a large cock pressing its way into his ass. He watch his roommate repeatedly moan as Alex's cock pushed into his ass. Collen's roommate felt his dick twitch and being to swell, and he immediately fell back against the tile walls and began watching.

Collen held tight. Alex's cock was slightly wide for his ass and, as a result, Alex was forced to pull Collen down against his cock. His cock would squeeze into Collen slowly. After several minutes Collen said, "wait, wait!" stepped down off of Alex's cock, turned around, "you know what to do." Alex took his, now even harder, cock and attempted penetration once more. He pushed the head against Collen's tight ass, and leaned into it a little, but was force to lean back and pull Collen into it. Collen was bent of looking out passed the steamed filled glass shower at his roommate--mesmerized by the awesome sight before him. Collen smiled, thinking about his roommate, but his smile was changed back into a moan the instant Alex's cock popped into his ass. Alex sighed, slid his hands up onto Collens shoulders and quickly pulled Collen back. Collen screamed a little, but the fast fucking action became smooth. Alex slid in and out his cock steadily, while pulling Collen back in tune with is humping motion. Alex, unaware of Collen's roommate, rode Collen moaning and panting.

Andrew, still mesmerized, notice Collen winking. He quickly tried to decipher what Collen was saying in between Alex's humps. "Come," he worked out, "on, in," at first Andrew was afraid, he had just been talking to Collen about his fantasies and his porn but now was a chance to embark on the real experience. Andrew stood, undressed himself, and opened the shower door. Alex stepped back a little, worried, but it allowed Collen to stand. Collen moan when Alex pulled Collen back over his cock, and stroked his (Collen's) dick. Collen reached his arms out took ahold of Andrew and pulling him back into him. Andrew and Collen stood hard-on to hard-on for a moment, and Collen would bounce momentary as Alex pounded his ass a little. Collen looked in Andrew's eyes and moved into kiss him. Andrew moved is head back, but Collen, with his hands around Andrew's waist, pulled him back into his lips. Collen kissed Andrew's unwilling body just as Alex had down. Andrews arms became less defensive, and he took hold of Collen and kissed back. Andrews cock hardened and rubbed against Collen's cock. Andrew leaned into Collen pushing him back into Alex's thrusts; Collen throws his head back and moans in pleasure and Andrew grabs hold tightly and thrust up too.

Kissing up Collen's neck, as Collen moans, Andrew begins to cum all over Collens stomach and cock. "Oh my lord!" he humps Collen and ejaculates, spray cum onto both of them, then holds Collen tight for a moment and pants. Collen just smiles and feels his body thrust into Andrew. Alex places his hands on Collens hips, and humps faster.

Pushing hard to slide his cock into Collen, Alex finds that the water acts a good lubricate allowing him to slide in and out at a faster rate. Collen puts some of the cum onto his finger and slides across his tongue. He kisses Andrew, who smiles at the great flavor. Andrew drops to his knees and begins to suck on the cum on Collens stomach. He works his way down Collens smooth stomach, below the belly-button, and down onto the water soaked balls. He can see Alex's cock sliding in and out. Andrew strokes Collens cock, rubbing the lubricant like cum up and down the shaft, then takes hold of the head with is mouth. Andrew can task the cum all over Collen's cock; Collen slides his tongue up the shaft then drops his mouth over Collen's cock. He sucks slowly and gently as he tries not to put his teeth against Collen's cock. Alex once again set his head on Collen's shoulder, but this time he whispered dirty into Collen's ear. "You like that big fat cock in you?" he would whisper, then kiss Collens neck. With is hands on Collen's waist, and Collen's hands set atop of his, Alex steadily (not to fast) humped Collen standing up and whispered into his ear. "You want my cum baby? Do I make you hard?" Alex reached around with one hand, and stroked Collen's wet cock. Andrew stood ready on the other end for his delicious new treat called cum. Alex began to pump harder and slower, then faster slamming his cock into Collen, Alex grabbed Collen all the way around and pushed up bursting into Collen. Collen felt Andrew continue to jerk him off as Alex started to cum. Alex settle deep into Collen and released his load. He could feel the cum being pulled out of his dick, again, by Collen's tight ass as he slid out. "Oh God!" Alex sighed. The head of his cock popped out of Collen with cum dripping off it and running down the shaft. Andrew took the masterpiece into his mouth and tasted the delicious mixture of Alex and Collen dripping down the shaft of the cock. He jerked the cock a little, his hand hardly fitting around it, and extracted some more cum by then sucking on the head.

Andrew came to his feet and looked at Collen. He reached down and jacked Collen off a little more. Alex cam around to the front side of Collen, the shower still beating on their cock, he began to kiss him once more. "I thought he didn't want a kisser?"

"Well that is one thing," Collen gets out has he makes-out with Alex, "that i have," takes a breathe, "changed my mind on," sighs and moans. The feeling of Alex's enormous cock running its massive, foreskin shaft across his balls and inner legs rages through Collen's system. Alex tops it off by making out with Collen and holding him tight into his body as he humps Collen from the front. Andrew is watching with is hands on each of their hips wondering which one he will be penetrated by and penetrate. Collen becomes extremely hard and turns to Andrew for more kisses. Collen swirled his tongue around and lapped up the cum taste that filled Andrew's mouth. "Do you want to fuck this ass?" Collen asks and bend over.

Andrew is only 5'10", 165 pounds, but his cock is a good 7.5 inches of rock. Andrew takes hold of Collen. "Wait!" Collen repositions himself on the ground. Collens legs are over Andrews shoulders, and Andrew lay between Collen's legs, in the shower, holding Collen's legs and pushing his dick in. The slide in for Andrew is much easier. Andrew proceeds slowly, he watches several times as his cock disappears, inch by inch, into Collen's tight ass. Andrew grabs Collen's cock and uses it to pull Collen back over his cock. The jerking motion and its timing the ups pushes Andrew in deep. Collen starts to make play with is ass, and pump it up and down as Andrew thrusts in. Collen starts to moan. "Cumming?" Andrew asks. "YES!" Collen's body goes lip and Andrew starts to hump more rapidly. Andrew can feel Collen's cock pulse as the cum rushes through it, and Andrew takes his hand off of Collen's cock, and lets the cum splash into his hand and drip down onto Collen's stuck, but he is forced to take hold of the stick again as he too began to cum. Andrew rushes his cock in and out of Collen, who screams, then pushes deep inside.

 Andrew leans over hold, and kisses Collen as his ass pumps in and out. Andrew rolls back and slowly extracts his dick from Collen. Andrew's cock slides out of Collen and cum trails down his as. Collen squeezes his as tight to hold it in. Water taps and beads of his body, and Andrew slides his middle finger up Collen's ass and through the cum leak. He plays with it a moment and sticks his finger in to Collen's rectum. Alex stood behind watching fully erect.

To be continued....

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