Sudha and bhavna

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I am Sudha sherin, doing 3rd yr computer engineering in bangalore. I am a girl with nice structured, shaped boobs. With the correct sizes. I always have to have lesbian sex with somebody. I many times tried to do it with my elder sister. But she didnt accept that. One night, when we were lying on the bed, squeezed her boobs. And started to kiss them.

She suddenly woke up and warned me for not doing it in future. But i cannot tolerate my feeling. I dont like to even masturbate and all. Even many college guys proposed me and asked to have fun with me. But i dont like to give me to them. A guy in our class, one day begged me to have fun with me, as i was looking gorgeous on. But i didnt allow. He cried that he could nt control thereafter. So i had fun with him that night. But i am not much satisfied. He got much pleasure in fucking me. A few days later, we had a new proffesor for a new subject. Her name is Ms. Bhavna.

She was looking so beautifull as me. Here boobs are soft, fleshy. She ll be at her 27. She always wear saree to college. Her boobs are visible with her side poses. She has fleshy navel, and shaped hip. Her ass was normal. When she had come to our first class, i was so horny. I cant listen her class. She was looking so gorgeous. My pussy leaked while thinking of her. Everyday i use to look at her beauty and become horny. During class hours i became close to her. I started studying well in her subjects to become her pet. She praised me in her classes and announced that i was the real student of her.

From that day, we were very close in relationship. We use to have lunch together. Many days we shared our food. One day, when she was having her lunch, the food particle was sticking near her lips. I told her to clear that. She couldnt spot dat exactly. After her failures, i took my hand to clear it. Her skin was very soft. I touched her lips. Her lips was very smooth. Then i started my hand to move in her neck. She too felt very good by doing it. But suddenly when i come down below her neck, she took off my hand and went off. Later in her room, i met her. She didnt speak anything.

But she asked me to come her home today and went off again. I got confused. At evening from my hostel, i dressed in blak bra and pink tshirt and blue jean. I knocked her home door. When she opened her door, i was shocked to see her in bath towel. Her boobs were poping out. I really got into mood. My bra becomes very tight. She recieved me and locked the door. Suddenly she turn towards me and told, ' you idiot, dont you know how to behave in public?' i shocked. I replied sorry. She added,'do what ever u want now with me'. I was very happy. But i didnt show anything. I stood mum.

She started to unzip my pants. I became thorny. She started to insert her hand in my panties. I started moaning. She told, hey dont moan, i want to do many more with u. She took me into her room. And gave her bed to have. I laid on the bed. She tore my pink tshirt. My shapy boobs makes her more thorny. She removed my bra by sucking my pop out boobs. Then she made me nude. She asked me to remove her bath towel. I made it. I was very glad to see her sound boobs. She stared to kiss me hardly. I was really happy to do sex with my lesbian bhavna. I too engaged in dat.

And started kissing her hard. Then she made to be on the top and she went down. I sat on her face. She sucked my vagina force. I moaned loudly, ' oh yeah! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Ya ya suck me! Fuck me fuck me fast fast. Ya ya'. Finally i reached the peak. She tasted my pussy.

Then vice versa, by squeezing her boobs, i sucked her hard. Finally i tasted her pussy. Then we hugged. Our boobs were rubbing each other. We both sucked them. And slept together that night. She gave her tshirt to wear and i went to hostel. We started to maintain this frequently.

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