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Meet and Fuck Angela : Part 3

(Part 1 from 1)

John, Angela's husband stared at his slut wife, her face full of cum, as Brian shot his last loads onto her face. Angela grinned at him and lapped up the last drops.

Immediately, John began undoing his pants and came Angela from the behind. Angela stroked Brians cock as his husband pumped her pussy from the behind. Brian watched, tugging her hair, while massaging her boobs with the other hand.John worked slow at first, her vagina already full of warm gunk. Them he pumped faster, wacking her ass.

"You dirty little slut....uh....." John groaned as he pumped his slut vigorously.

Angela yelped and moaned as she stroked Brians cock. Brian's cock was already rigid hard again now and couldn't wait for a fucking threesome. As John rammed his slut's vagina, he was getting himself ready.
"YES....john....I'm your dirty slut...fuck it....yeah..." Angela stroked faster on Brian's cock as her pussy was drilled by her husband.

"Say dirty slut...say you are dirty bitch..."John groaned as he rammed harder and faster. Cum oozed out from hre vagina as Angela reached her third orgasm in the day.

'UH! YES! I'M YOUR DIRTY BITCH! fuck me harder!" She screamed as her orgasm spammed. The sight was too much for Brian to bear. As John took his cock out of her pussy, Brian lowered Angela's asshole on his cock. She grunted as she slid all the way down. John came up from the behind and fucked her pussy as Angela went up and down Brian's shaft in her asshole.

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The double penetration was so awesome soon their grunts and groans echoed through the house. John reached over and put his mobile phone in her face and recorded their threesome.
"Come on you dirty slut," growled Brian as he fucked harder as John wacked her ass with his hand. She was going up and down and John was going back and forth, screaming.

"Uh! I LOVE YOU TWO! Uh! Shit fuck my pussy and my asshole! DO it! TORTURE ME!" She yelled, gunk suirting out from her ass, sobbing with her pleasure. Suddenly John took his cock out of her vagina and put it in her asshole. Now two huge dicks where now sliding in her asshole simutanously. She screamed in pain and pleasure, her head twisted around to see the sexy sight. Nothing would please her much as seeing herself pumped by two cocks in the asshole at once. Earlier she would suck John's cock and look at her own porn as her gunk was flowing out of her vagina. She would never wash immidiately after her fuck, she would always love to feel tow or three men's semen flowing around on her body, while she masturbated everytime they left, lapping up the last drops of cum off her self.

"UH! That hurts!" she sobbed but she kept going up and down if not faster.
"Shut up bitch," said John as he slid his cock faster with Brian in her asshole. Brian drilled his fingers in her pussy as they fucked her, her boobs bouncing up and down on Brian's chest.
With one finale thrust, John came and Angela hopped of their cocks, and laid on her back on the bed. John shot his gunk on her boobs and face.

"yeah...." Angela grinned as one streamed went into her nostril. After he was done, he sat on the chair and Angela took her boobs around his shaft. Brian was on his second time so he worked his cock up and down her skewered pussy as she sucked on John cock. Brian tugged her hair to make her suck faster, while John recorder her face with his mobile phone, for later fuck. She just loved to watch her own porn when he was pumped again every night by three or four John's colleagues. Brian went faster, mauling her boobs around John's cock. John took his now revived cock into her mouth and gagged her with it, as Brian now moved into powerful thrusts. John pushed her backwards so now she was sitting on Brian's cock on the floor. Angela grinded her ass on his balls as she sucked john's dick, looking innocently up at him. John knew that look too well, which meant she wanted another round of good fuck.

Brian took the cue and took his penis out of her vagina and slid it into her asshole. John slid his cock into her vagina and began pounding her, up and down on the two shafts.
Angela sucked on his big toe as Brian spit on her neck as they fucked, John's hands on her breasts, two cock thrusting vigorously in her two holes.

"Oh my god!" she moaned. "Fuck! Oh yes! Fuck yeah!" her fourth orgasm came and now the ground, sheets and blankets were full of their cum. Angela's boobs and both anal and vagina were full of her own gunk and the two men fucking her feircely. She loved to be rammed double or triple like this and couldn't wait for her other friend Josh to stop by and give her a triple penetration. She was one sex machine went it came to foursome. She sucked violently on John's big toe as he pumped her, having her nipples tugged by Brian under her, groaning. Brian spread the cum on her boobs onto her face as more gunk flowed on their balls. The room echoed with her yelps and the two men's grunts of pleasure, fucking their little slut.

The three of them came at the same time, gasping and grunting, and soon John and Brian shot their cum onto her. She was now drenched in cum and she was on her knees, waiting for more.

Brian and John couldn't wait to phone up their friend at the bar, Josh and give her a foursome at one of their abandoned toilets. Maybe tomorrow....they thought, shooting their last load on her face. To be continued.........

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