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100% fiction!

This is the story of one of the most satisfying sexual relationships I’ve
ever had; no one since has made me come harder, or longer, than my sister.


It began in the early summer of my nineteenth year. My parents had separated
three years previously, and my sister had moved away with my mom to the west
coast, while I stayed with my dad. I guess there was a lot of bad feeling
between my folks, because for that three years, I didn’t see either my mom
or Cathy at all; I got to speak with them on the phone over holidays and
such, but that was it.

Eventually, there was a thawing in the iciness that had prevailed between my
parents, and a “prisoner exchange” of sorts was arranged; my sister would
come to stay with us for a month over the summer, and then I would go and
visit them likewise for a month. I was eager to have this happen; I missed
both my mom and Cathy terribly, although in actuality they had been out of
my life for so long that they had both become just a sort of sentimental
memory to me.

Then, toward the end of June, the big day finally came, and my sister Cathy
arrived at our house. My dad picked her up at the airport, and, after
getting her settled in the house, said to us,” I guess you two kids have a
lot of catching up to do- why don’t you go visit, and we’ll all meet for
dinner at 6”.

I felt a little awkward around her; she had been only thirteen when last I had
seen her, many years ago, a little girl in pig tails, and she had grown a lot since then-
not only in size, but she was developing into a woman precociously.
She had a pretty face, framed by long, wavy brown hair, and a cute figure,
with a generous developing bust and nice waist. She had also grown into a
self-possessed, intelligent person, not just the childish little girl I used
to tease and ignore; she felt to me like a stranger, and I didn’t know how
to behave toward her.

We went into the back yard and sat on the bench under our willow tree. Our
house was an old house in the upper New York state countryside, and the back
yard overlooked a small pond. As we talked, I felt that she was as unsure of
things as I felt, being back here after so long among people she really
didn’t know well anymore; and so we shared our memories and told each other
of our current lives shyly, with a certain delicacy. But over the few hours
before dinner, we quickly found our footing with each other, warming up and
relaxing in each other’s company as we opened our lives to each other. I
felt that she had really turned out to be a great person, and I found myself
feeling very close and open with her, as if she was my twin, and not just my
little sister. We found agreement about all sorts of things, sharing many of
the same attitudes towards the facets of our worlds. By the time dinner
rolled around, we were fast friends.

We had a family dinner with my dad; he was obviously glad to have her there,
but he seemed a little distant and stiff, warming up only a little as we
spent the evening visiting and watching tv. After a few hours, agreeing that
we were all tired, we turned in for the night. It felt funny to have another
presence in the house, and a feminine one at that; she was staying in her
old room, at the end of the hall on the other side of our bathroom. I of
course was used to having the bathroom, and in fact the whole end of the
second floor, to myself; and to have to wait while she used the bathroom to
get ready for bed felt weird; and then, when I finally did get into the
bathroom myself, having her feminine accessories around added to the

Our adventure really began that night, although it took days to blossom. I
got up in the middle of the night to pee, and went into the bathroom,
leaving the door open sleepily as I always did; there hadn’t been reason to
do otherwise for years. I always slept in pajamas, as I was that night; and
as often happened when I got up at night, I had an erection. I was standing
in front of the toilet, having pulled the front of my pajama bottoms down to
clear my stiff dick, and was pushing it downwards toward the toilet, about
to begin peeing, when I heard a sound, and sleepily looked up to see Cathy
standing there! She had apparently come in to do the same thing as me, and
hadn’t expected to find me there any more than I had thought of her. We both
froze, for a timeless moment that seemed to go on forever, as she realized
what she was looking at, and I realized what she was seeing. Then she turned
away shyly, murmuring an apology, and left; I closed the door, peed, and
went back to bed.

The next morning at breakfast, we were both a little reserved, uncertain how
to deal with our encounter of the night before. I didn’t know what her
reaction was, but I felt uneasy, and was content to let the incident lapse,
not acknowledging it to her. It was the first time a girl had seen me with
my pants down, let alone with a hardon, and, although the idea gave me
twinges of excitement, it was new territory, harder to deal with than the
status quo. I was sexually active already, being an avid masturbator, but
the extent of my sexual experience with others was having a friend who I
jacked off with from time to time. I of course had a rich fantasy life, but
had yet to translate it into actual experience; so the whole issue was
complicated for me. The fact that Cathy felt more like a cute stranger to me
than a little sister only added to my confusion. So, I was content to avoid
confronting the whole issue by denial and proceed as if nothing had
happened, avoiding taking any responsibility for my actions, letting events
shape themselves.

Whatever uneasiness there may have been between us that morning quickly
dissipated, and we spent a fun day hanging out and getting reacquainted. But
I felt a very slight undercurrent of something between us, as though we had
a tacit understanding that something had happened, but we weren’t going to
deal with it just yet.

Then late that afternoon, the two of us were sitting again relaxing under
the willow tree before dinner, when in a quiet moment, Cathy, looking down
at her hands, quietly said,” I had a hard time getting back to sleep last
night after I saw you in the bathroom”. I sat startled, alert, waiting to
see where this was going. “I’ve seen diagrams and that sort of thing in
health class”, she continued quietly, still looking down, ”but that was the
first time I’ve ever actually seen a boy’s thing, at least since we were
small kids.” We sat in silence a few more moments, then, suddenly looking up
at me, she said thoughtfully,”It looked so big! Was it hard?”

I was taken aback; then, embarrassed, I stammered how boys sometimes got
hard while they were sleeping, and I started to fumble an apology for
leaving the bathroom door open. “That’s ok”, she interrupted,”I’m glad I got
to see it.” Then, after a moment’s silence, looking away again, she asked me
very quietly,”Would you let me see it again sometime?”

I felt as if a bomb went off inside me. A rush of different emotions ran
through me, and I felt my face reddening; then, surprised by a sudden
boldness surging up from a hidden part of myself, I felt myself saying,”ok,
if you’d like”. Then suddenly the words ”you could come to my room tonight
after we turn in, if you want” blurted from my mouth.

As if to dissipate the embarrassment that was hanging in the air from our
sudden intimacy, Cathy changed the subject, and we resumed the conversation
that we had been having before she had dropped her bombshell. Throughout
dinner and the rest of that evening a correctness and politeness prevailed
between us, but I could feel that the memory of our talk was in the
forefront of both our thoughts. As we prepared for bed, I wondered if she
would actually follow through on my invitation.

I was very excited at the prospect of “showing off” for Cathy. I had a
strong sex drive, masturbating frequently, both alone and with a couple of
friends; but had never had any direct sexual contact with a girl, and was
eager to. For me the fact that she was my sister was an advantage; we had a
built-in intimacy, and no prospect for needing to maintain “a relationship”;
and at the same time, the fact that she was a relative stranger to me made
her exciting as a potential sex partner.

I went to bed, lying quietly, waiting either to go to sleep or for the
anticipated visit. Eventually I was drifting off into my thoughts, when I
heard my door open quietly, and then close. I reached over and turned on my
bedside lamp, revealing Cathy standing there in her nightie. I sat up
awkwardly, swinging out my feet to sit on the side of the bed, as she came
over, and sat down next to me; she looked at me, then down towards my lap,
and playfully said,”Well, let me see it!”

There was a sizable bulge pushing out the front of my pajamas already; and
as the dizzying reality of the situation penetrated my awareness, I felt a further
surge in my dick, as I rose myself up off the bed slightly, and pushed down
the waistband of my bottoms.

My erection, now fully hard, sprang free, as Cathy watched; and I settled
back down on the edge of the bed, leaning back on my elbows to show it off
fully. Staring at it wide-eyed, she said,”Wow! It’s HUGE!”. I felt on fire;
sitting back, both of us staring intently at my stiff cock, which was rock
hard, its skin stretched shiny-tight, I basked in the thrill and arousal of
showing this cute girl my most private parts. She studied it with great
attention and curiosity; as she looked at it, she said, “I can’t believe
this could fit inside a girl!”; then, “are all boys this big?”. I explained
that apparently it could fit somehow; and that everyone is different, and as
far as I could tell from the school gym, and the few friends who I had seen
hard, that I was pretty big. Then she asked me if I had ever had an orgasm.

I smiled, and told her that I did as often as possible, usually once a day,
sometimes twice. Wide eyed, she moved her head closer to it to study its
tip, asking,” how much stuff comes out when you do?”. I said it depends on
how hot I feel, and how long I masturbate it; but maybe about a couple of
tablespoons. She asked, ”Will you show me?”

I felt a flush of dizzying excitement, and the blood rushing in my ears, as
I acquiesced in this new level of intimacy by reaching for my hardon in
front of her. I grasped it with my left hand just above my balls, and with
my right hand about an inch below the rim, and began to move both hands up
and down slowly, pulling the skin up over the rim of its head on each
upstroke. She sat next to me, and watched curiously. “Have you ever been
with a girl? Have you done this with anyone before?” I told her she was the
first girl to see my hardon, but that I sometimes jacked off with a friend
of mine. She watched my balls ride up and down with each stroke, commenting
on their beefiness.

Suddenly, a drop of fluid squoze out of the hole and sat perched glistening
on the tip; Cathy asked excitedly, “Are you having an orgasm?” I told her
no, that as I got hotter slippery fluid came out to lubricate it, and not to
worry, when I was having an orgasm she would know about it; and I told her
we called it “coming”, and we called masturbating “jacking off”. As she
watched excitedly, she told me how she had a girl friend back home who had
showed her how to masturbate, and would come over to her house for
sleepovers, and they would masturbate each other. She said they called it
“finger fucking”, and that her pussy also got very wet before she would

We watched the drop of pre-come sitting on the tip of my dick swelling with
each downstroke of my hands, then shrinking slightly with the upstroke as
some of it was sucked back down into the hole; I was going very slowly to
try to make it last. I felt incredibly hot; I was panting, more excited than
I had ever been; having my sister watching me work on my erection,
masturbating it slowly and very thoroughly, was the sexiest thing I had ever

It felt incredibly hot to have this curious, cute girl eagerly watching me
work on my big dick- it felt wonderfully nasty, and the forbiddenness of the
act, considering that she was my sister, added greatly to the thrill I felt
as we watched me masturbating.

The drop of fluid finally grew too large to stay balanced on the tip of my
dick, and its own weight started it slowly flowing down my dick. We watched
it flow down the top of my helmet-shaped head, get caught briefly on the
thick, protruding rim, and then get dragged down the shaft when it hit my
hand, leaving a shiny, wet trail over the head as more fluid flowed down. As
the juice pooled around my hand on the shaft, it began to make a sticky, wet
sound; and Cathy commented on how much juice was coming out.

I stopped my jacking movements, and took my hands away from my erection,
explaining to my sister that I was getting close to coming, and I wanted to
slow down and build up more come for her. We watched my hardon bouncing
slightly with my pulse, which had gotten very fast by now. It was shiny wet,
stretched to its maximum with excitement; the head a deep shiny purple, the
veins along the shaft a rich blue. Cathy studied it all around, commenting
on how much bigger it was when it was close to coming than when we had
started, and how wet it had gotten. I told her we called the fluid “cream”,
and as we watched, a fresh pulse of cream oozed from the head and began its
trip down the shaft.

Cathy told me how excited it made her to see my dick in such a state, and
that maybe she’d finger herself for me after I came. I felt the urge to come
subsiding, so I grasped the shaft in the middle, with one hand now so Cathy
would have a better view. I started to slide the skin on the shaft up and
down very slowly in a steady rhythm; the sticky sounds resumed. Cathy
commented on how amazingly loose the skin was on my dick, that it could be
slid around so far; and again on how large my dick and balls were, saying
that it must be weird having something that big bouncing around and hanging
between my legs all the time.

“Does it hurt to have it so swollen?”, she asked, watching me cream; I
replied, with some difficulty being so close to coming; “No, it feels
incredible. In fact, the harder it is, the better it feels. When I’m really
hot, like I am now, it gets so swollen that the skin gets stretched really
tight, and gets ultra-sensitive.”

At that moment, I could feel myself passing the point of no return. I warned
Cathy that I was about to come, as I felt the incredible deliciousness of
the juices pooling in my balls; I slowed, and almost completely stopped, my
jacking, to prolong the orgasm as much as possible; my erection started
twitching involuntarily, and I stopped rubbing it altogether, and took my
hand away, as I felt the fire building in my limbs, centering on my
midsection; my sight began to dim, and I heard a roaring in my ears; then,
with a large spasm, my dick jumped and a thick rope of white come shot out
from its head high over my chest, then another and another, my dick jumping
in spasm with each shot. Cathy said, “My God!”. It was far and away the most
powerful orgasm I had ever experienced, and my erection kept bobbing over
and over, as more come, now in a stream pooling in my pubic hair, pulsed
from my erection in a diminishing flow.

As the throbbing in my genitals subsided, I returned to awareness of my
surroundings. My chest was spattered with streams of come, trailing down to
my pubic area, which was soaked in a white puddle. Cathy repeated,”My God.
That was incredible! Was that a particularly big one?” I explained that it
was, that having her watch me had given me the best come I could remember.
She was flushed and breathing hard, obviously aroused by the experience of
watching me come, clearly surprised and excited by the magnitude of the

As my hardon began to subside, she layed back on the bed, still breathing
hard, and quickly pulled down the white cotton panties that she had on under
her nightie; and started to urgently rub herself with her fingertips inside
the slit of her pussy, that was now exposed openly to my view. I saw the
soft in curve of her waist, and her flat belly above the slight nest of
soft, brown curls that spread over the mound of her pussy; I admired the
pouting, now-swollen lips of her pussy, that she was in the midst of
frantically working on, nestled between her two petite, smooth thighs, that
led up to the plump swelling of her cute ass.

Her head was thrown back, her eyes partly closed, and she seemed lost in the
world of her arousal. I watched with interest what she was doing with her
hand; I had never seen a girl masturbate before. Her legs were partly
spread, and she had the tips two fingers of her right hand moving rapidly
between her lips near the top of her slit, which looked swollen and pouty.
Instinctively I reached my hand out , and with my fingertips, touched the
lips of her pussy just below where she was so frantically rubbing. She
opened her eyes as she felt my touch, moaning “Oh!”, then saying hoarsely,
“I’m just about to come”; I slipped my fingertips between her swollen lips
near the bottom of her slit, feeling a very warm, slippery wetness; she
pushed her head back, closed her thighs on my hand, breathing, “Oh! Oh!”
softly, as I felt the smooth, wet flesh under my fingers start to pulse in
strong, rhythmic spasms. I felt her coming for perhaps twenty seconds, her
pussy pulsing strongly, her entire body tightening with each spasm, with
gradually diminishing intensity, until finally the last few pulses were
maybe five seconds apart.

She relaxed, lying back, spent. I said softly, “Wow- was THAT a particularly
big one?” She opened her eyes and looked over to me, and answered, with a
blend of shyness, embarrassment, and pride, “I’ve never had such a big one
before- I guess watching you really made me excited; and then when you
touched me...” I agreed that seeing someone else was a major turn on; I told
her how I would get together with a friend of mine and do it, and how hot I
would feel watching them, how seeing them come would make me want to; but it
was great seeing her do it, and that I had never seen a girl come before.

I mopped myself off with a dirty t-shirt as she wiped her slit with some
kleenex, then put her panties back on. There was a slight air of
embarrassment between us, and as I pulled on my pajama bottoms, she slipped
out the door to her room, closing it quietly.


The next morning as I came down to breakfast, I was apprehensive about how
she would respond to me after the events of the previous night. I was a
seething cauldron of conflicting emotions: embarrassment at having let her
see me jack off; guilt at involving my little sister, who I ought to be
protective of, in such forbidden activities; a kind of tender closeness with
her at having shared such intimacy; and a thrilling hope that she liked it
as much as I had, and might even want to do it again.

I entered the kitchen, to find Dad and Cathy already sitting down to eat. I
came in nonchalantly, said “good morning” and sat down, glancing up
surreptitiously at my sister, to assess her mood. My father gave me a
perfunctory greeting, and Cathy looked up at me, and gave me a neutral,
self-absorbed “good morning” back. I was in torment; I couldn’t tell what
she was feeling. I kept a cool exterior, eating breakfast normally, then
taking my dishes to the sink. Cathy ate quietly, mostly looking down at her
plate. I feared the worst; that she was upset about last night, or worse,
really suffering inside herself at the perversion I had permitted to happen.

Our father got up and organized himself to go off to his work. As he said
goodbye to us and headed off to the front door, I glanced over towards Cathy
nervously, as she was rinsing her dish at the sink, fearing the
confrontation that was to come. As I heard the front door closing, I was
about to stammer out an apology for my behavior of last night when she
turned around, looking up at me shyly, and said, “That was really amazing
last night.”

My emotions did a somersault, and I felt a wild surge in my heart, and also
in my crotch. “Yeah, I thought it was amazing, too”, I agreed, feeling an
excitement to be having this conversation with her. “It was amazing seeing
your thing squirting like that. I couldn’t believe how it exploded.” Looking
at me appraisingly, she asked with a gleam in her eye, ”How long do you have
to wait usually before you want to do it again?” I said that I sometimes did
it again right away, but that it was usually better if I let it build up for
at least a few hours, or overnight. I asked her how it was for her, and she
said that it varied, but sometimes she could do it over and over. “would you
like do it again now? It HAS been overnight.” she asked coyly.

At my blushing smile, she led the way into the livingroom towards the sofa.
“Would this be ok, or do you need to be lying down?” she asked me, as we
started to sit down. I laughed as I reached to undo my belt, saying that I
could do it in any position. We sat on the sofa side by side; and as she
watched interestedly I unzipped my fly, and slowly slid my pants and
underwear halfway down my thighs, freeing my erection to flop upwards toward
my belly. It felt so hot to be showing off my hardon to a girl again; I felt
my dick swelling to rock-hard.

“Wow” she said again, studying it in the brighter morning light; then after
a moment, asked “can I feel it?” At my silence she cautiously reached a hand
out, and grasped it gently on either side of the shaft between her thumb and
fingertips. Squeezing slightly, feeling its texture, she said,”It’s so hard
and warm! It feels like it’s made of rubber.” She tentatively wrapped her
hand around the middle of its shaft; her small hand wouldn’t go all the way
around it. “Can I make it, uh, come? Would you teach me how to do it?”

The velvety feeling of her hand on my erection, squeezing it gingerly, was
heaven! I couldn’t believe such sensations were possible. As she
experimented with pulling her hand up, sliding the loose skin along the
shaft up towards the head, pulling my balls up with it, I felt a tingling
playing through my entire body, from my head to the soles of my feet -”This
is going to be incredible!”, I thought.

I told her I would love it, and described to her how to grab the shaft a few
inches below the head and slowly pull the skin on the shaft just up over the
rim, letting it back down again steadily, over and over, being careful not
to grasp the shaft too hard or to move her hand too fast. As she heard me
talking she was trying out what I was saying, getting the feel of my dick,
how much the skin would move, squeezing with different strengths, and so on.
Her inexperience and tentativeness added to the stimulation; feeling her do
me was incredible.

She was asking me how it felt, and how good a job she was doing, as she
continued to get the feel of jacking me. Sighing, I told her how incredible
it felt, that even when I was being jacked off by my friend it had never
been this good; I warned her to go really slow so I wouldn’t come too soon.
I explained how much better an orgasm was when it was built up for as long
as possible; she agreed, saying that it was the same for girls. I was fully
swollen now, and each time she pulled up on my shaft her motion made my
cock-hole pout, producing a slight “popping” sound with each stroke.

As she continued doing me she asked me about what my friend and I did
together, and I told her how we would get together at one of our houses when
noone else was around, and do each other; how we had started just jacking
off with each other, but eventually through experimenting found out how much
better it felt when someone else did it to you; so now that’s what we did. I
told her that we usually took turns, one of us doing the other until he
came, or sometimes we would stop just before the other one came, and switch
places again, drawing it out; that we could sometimes last for several hours
that way, and had huge orgasms. She said she’d love to watch us doing that

As we watched her slowly pulling on my erection, a drop of cream oozed out
the hole, and began a slow trickle down the front of the head towards her
jacking hand. Seeing it, she asked me to warn her when I was going to come,
so she would be ready; then she asked if I did anything special with the
cream when it started dripping. I told her how you could just let it drip
down and build up around the jacking hand and it would get nice and
slippery, but that the best thing was to use a fingertip to softly spread
the wetness all around the head, making it really slippery, and then softly
tickle the head and rim, making an incredibly intense burning-tingling

Hearing this, she softly stopped her jacking, and using her index fingertip,
started drawing soft circles slowly around the head, dragging the stream of
cream behind her finger. I sighed, “Ahhh...”, and told her how hot that made
me feel. I told her she better stop soon, that I was getting near coming,
and what she was doing felt too intense. She stopped, and asked me if she
could just feel me up, if that would be less intense and let me last; I told
her I thought so.

She moved her hand away from the tip, and reached it down to feel my balls,
reaching with her other hand to trace the thick column that ran up the
underside of my shaft. I warned her that if she stayed away from the head it
should be ok, and to be very gentle with my balls. She put her palm down
between my legs and hefted my big sack, bouncing slightly up and down,
feeling the weight; it filled her cupping palm, spilling slightly over each
side of her palm. Then she explored the shape of each ball, gently rolling
them through her fingers, marveling at their size. She gently pushed my
hardon down towards my belly, letting it bounce back up, studying its
movement, asking if that was ok. I told her to let go and I would show her
something; and when she did, I started flexing my groin muscle, making my
shaft bounce up and down; then tightening and holding the muscles, making it
stick straight out and swell even more, the head growing shiny and darker
red with swelling, a fresh stream of cream being forced out the hole. She
grasped the shaft near the base and aimed it different directions, up and
down, side to side, exploring the way it moved.

I told her it was probably ok to start jacking it off again, and she grasped
it with both hands as she had seen me doing last night. It was funny seeing
her small hands on my big shaft, not able to reach around it, far from the
base or the head; with more than an inch of shaft showing between them. She
started jacking her hands in unison, asking me if she was doing it “right”.
I told her, “Just keep it up just like that for a few more minutes and
you’ll see how right you’re doing it.” She giggled, and said that then we’d
just have to see. I told her that I was wet enough, so that if she loosened
her grip a little bit, her hands would start sliding up over the skin and up
over the head as she jacked me off, and it would send me over the top.

I slumped down a little further in the sofa, pushing my pelvis out farther
so my dick was sticking out as far as possible as she brought me into the
home stretch. She was leaning over my midsection, working on me intently
with both hands. My shaft was soaked, cream streaming steadily from the tip
down over her slowly pumping hands, running down wetting the dark thatch of
my pubic hair. Her movements were producing a steady murmur of wet, sticky
sounds, that were the only sounds in the room, our conversation dying as we
concentrated on masturbation.

I told her to watch my balls; that just before a boy comes, his balls rise
up and tighten a bit; I told her that if she slowed her jacking way down
when she saw them rising, she would make me have the biggest orgasm
possible. She leaned forward a bit more, to get a better view of my balls
rising and falling as she did me- and after only about a minute more, she
said excitedly, “They look like they’re rising; are you about to come?”

I was too far immersed in my impending orgasm to answer her directly, but as
I moaned assent she slowed her jacking way down, to maybe a stroke every
second or two. I was delirious with pleasure; I felt paralyzed, my limbs
rigid with ecstasy; my genitals felt completely engorged and stretched to
their maximum, painfully so; I felt the juices pooling in my balls; and a
huge wave of tingling energy was sweeping slowly inward from my hands and
feet toward my groin, building as it came, until, when it reached my center,
I felt my entire body stiffen, and my dick began pulsing spasmodically,
sending thick gobs of semen squirting out over my chest. Cathy watched in
amazement, and she kept jerking me off as the spasms slowly died down, when
I told her to start easing off.

As I lay back exhausted, she told me how exciting it was to feel how
strongly my dick throbbed in her hands while I was coming; and that feeling
that, and seeing how strongly I squirted, and how much come there was
shooting out really gave her a feeling for how hard I came. She said that
her orgasms were wonderful, but she thought that I definitely won for
strength; no wonder I liked to do it so much!

We lay back and watched my erection slowly subsiding. I felt a new kind of
warmth, that I had never felt before toward anyone else, toward my sister.
The intimacy of sharing so completely my most basic urges and actions with
another person, a cute, interested girl, who seemed to accept, and even
greatly enjoy, my most intimate needs and urges, was moving in a very deep
way; and I felt a much more than just sexual satisfaction warming me.

Cathy got up and got a towel from the kitchen, and started to mop up the
come from my chest and belly. She said, “After you rest a bit, I’ll let you
do it to me.” I told her I didn’t know how to do a girl, but I’d like to try
it; and she said that then we were even- she’d teach me, like I had just
taught her. As we lay back and talked, and she told me about her
experiences; how a friend of hers had taught her about masturbating, and how
they enjoyed doing it with each other on sleepovers.

She said her friend’s name was Liz, who she had known casually for a few
years, but really befriended a year ago. After they had started hanging out
together at school, she had invited Liz, who was a year older, over to her
house for a sleepover. As they had gotten ready for bed that evening and
were changing into their nighties, in the course of seeing each others’
bodies the talk had gotten more intimate, and at Liz’s questioning it had
emerged that Cathy didn’t know about masturbating. She of course knew that
it felt nice to touch herself between her legs, but she didn’t know how far
it could go. Liz had then told her that she had a treat coming, and had told
her to lie back and let her show Cathy what she was missing.

They compared their bodies; Cathy’s breasts were starting to blossom nicely,
and Liz’s were more full and rounded; and Liz’s pussy had a fuzzy patch of
soft hair around it, while Cathy’s was much less furrey. Liz had then
tickled, pinched, and rubbed Cathy’s breasts and nipples until she started
feeling a warm and rich feeling inside herself. Cathy, at Liz’s
encouragement, was likewise doing Liz’s tits in the way she was being done;
after a while, when they were both “feeling hot”, Liz had started stroking
and tickling Cathy’s pussy-lips on the outside, which Cathy reciprocated. It
was a much more insistent stimulation than Cathy had ever done before, and
she felt her pussy swelling and opening, and becoming moist, as was Liz’s;
they then began including the smooth skin inside their lips in their
tickling and rubbing.

Liz had started rubbing Cathy’s clit insistently, alternating with rubbing
the outside of her little hole farther down; when Cathy had reciprocated,
Liz told her to push her finger inside the hole while she was rubbing her
clit; she tried to do the same to Cathy, but no more than the tip of her
little finger would fit in. They did each other intensely for a while, each
of them getting wetter and wetter, until Liz had cried out, and Cathy had
felt her friend’s pussy throbbing over and over; then Liz had gotten up on
her knees and worked on Cathy feverishly, until after several minutes of
this she started to have this amazing feeling surge through her, and then
her whole body convulsed, as her pussy had its first orgasm. She said that
ever since that night, they had gotten together regularly to do each other,
just like me and my friend did; “It must run in the family!”, she giggled.

As she had been telling me this story, she had lain back, and had let her
dressing gown fall open, revealing that she was naked underneath it.
Listening to her, I drank in the view of her figure; I hadn’t seen any other
girls naked except in pictures, and had been too absorbed last night to
fully notice the nuances of her femaleness. Her breasts were not large, but
were shaped very full and rounded, with prominent large, dark nipples; I
imagined from this that they would be much larger when she was older, like
our mother’s were. She was slim, but already had the narrow waist and
swelling hips of a woman, developed early for her age. She had a flat belly,
subtly curving down to a cutely protruding mound above her pussy, which was
lightly covered in a downy patch of dark, soft curls; and the lips of her
treasure, which she had begun to absentmindedly stroke lightly with her
fingertips as she recounted to me the story of her initiation into sex, were
swollen pink and puffy (no doubt from the as yet unrequited excitement of
jacking me off); slightly spread, with the reddish folds of her inner lips
and the swollen tongue of flesh hiding her clit projecting from them.

I asked her if I could feel her breasts; in answer she reached out and took
my hand, guiding it to her chest, and placing it cupping the breast nearest
me. I was enthralled with its soft, silky warmth, and gently squoze it,
sliding my palm over its smoothness, her big nipple rubbing over my palm;
Cathy’s eyes drifted half-closed, and she gave a little sigh, encouraging me
to continue. Putting her own hand on her other tit, she demonstrated for me
how to tickle and pull on the nipple, and massage and stroke the rounded
curve of the flesh, which I tried as I watched her. Her nipples swelled and
stiffened, growing quite large, as we worked on them; she told me how good
it felt, and that she could get very close to orgasm just by that; and that
she and Liz liked to just do each other’s tits until they each couldn’t
stand it, only then finishing each other off quickly by fingering each
other’s pussy.

After a few minutes, she pushed with her free hand on my arm, urging it to
move downward from her chest across her belly; I stopped over her curls,
running my fingers through them. They were downy-soft; clearly they were a
fairly recent growth. I continued sliding my hand down her mound, my fingers
moving down over the top of her slit, rubbing gently over her lips, bumping
against the protrusion of her clit, sliding down over the moist folds of
flesh sticking out from between her swollen lips, to cup her entire cunt
softly against my fingers; she moaned softly, spreading her legs a little
more, and pushing her pussy up against my hand slightly. She had continued
to pull at her nipple as I felt down to her cunt, and continued my

I slid my hand back up along her pussy, allowing my middle finger to slip
between the lips, dragging it very slowly upwards over the smooth, wet,
silky flesh it found inside; first down into the deeper depression around
her hole that I had explored last night, then sliding up along the
increasingly shallow furrow, slick with juice, finally bumping up over the
mound of her clit, at which point she let out a soft, pleading moan, and
pushed her hips forward slightly again. I continued slowly dragging the
whole length of my finger over her clit until I cleared it at the top of her
slit, then I reversed my direction, lightly repeating the journey I had just
made until my hand again was completely lightly cupping her pussy. I
couldn’t believe I was actually feeling a girls cunt! I asked her if it felt
good, and she breathed, “oh, yes!”; I asked her if what I was doing would
make her come, and she said, “don’t stop, and you won’t have to wait very
long to find out”.

She was now lying back with her eyes closed, completely relaxed, breathing
heavily, her legs spread, her one hand still playing absently with her tit,
the other lying forgotten resting against my hip; completely absorbed in
getting masturbated. I was feeling very turned on by the relaxed, totally
intimate sexuality of the situation, the openness with which she was letting
me explore her most private parts; my cock, which had been reposing along my
thigh where it had fallen as it had deflated, again began swelling, rising
from its resting place, and slowly pointing up again toward the ceiling. In
the slow gyration over my belly that it made as it swelled, it grazed her
hand, and as she felt it she reached out, feeling for it, and grasped it.
The sensation of her small hand on my shaft accelerated its swelling,
quickly raising it to its full size sticking up over my belly.

We laid back side by side, our arms crossed, each of us with a hand on the
other’s genitals, slowly masturbating each other. It seemed like time had
stopped; the only sounds in the room for this indeterminable interlude was
our slow, heavy breathing, the slick, sticky sounds made by my fingers in
her now dripping slit, and the fleshy, kissing sounds my erection made as
she slowly jacked me off. It was heaven. I was watching us do each other,
when Cathy let her eyes drift partially open, and turned her head slightly
towards me, and our eyes met; the mutual surrender to our lust that we each
saw in the other’s eyes was magnetic, and we held each other’s gaze steadily
as we continued our mutual masturbation.

Her pussy lips were swollen wide open now, and my movements had evolved to a
period of slow, light rubbing around her clit, then a journey down to tickle
around her hole, drawing more juice from there back to work around her clit
again. She was guiding me somewhat with slight movements of her hips, as I
was with her jacking, and she began to encourage me to push my finger more
into her hole on each trip. It wouldn’t fit easily, and I was afraid of
hurting her, but her pushing was insistent; so I was getting my middle
finger about halfway into her, and moving it partially in and out several
times each pass.

She was panting slightly now, her mouth relaxed open, and she seemed to be
sinking farther into her sex-trance. I could see her heart pounding in the
throbbing of the veins in her neck, and her eyes were rolling back slightly
under her eyelids. I was also panting; I felt so hot; the thrill of making
her so sexually aroused, and her haphazard jacking on my hardon, were
sending me over the top. Suddenly she whispered hoarsely, “leave your finger
in, and rub me with your thumb at the same time”. I did so, and almost at
once, she closed her eyes and started quietly sighing “ah, ah”; I felt her
whole body tensing, and suddenly her pussy clamped down hard on my
penetrating finger. It gripped me tightly for a second, then released,
tightening and releasing spasmodically over and over as she came. As the
pulsing in her pussy started winding down, I felt my own orgasm approaching;
as she felt my dick swelling to its maximum, she opened her eyes in time to
see the first throb of my erection as it came. We watched a thick stream of
semen flow from the head of my dick, down over her fingers, then dripping to
pool in my navel; since I had recently come it didn’t shoot, but its stream
did thicken with each throb of my penis.

We lay there exhausted for several minutes, until Cathy quietly said to me,
“It never felt so good before- I love doing this with you; and watching your
big thing come makes me so hot!” I told her that it was the same with me;
I’d never had such a big come as she gave me today, and that she was very
good at jacking off boys. I picked up the already soaked towel from earlier
and started to wipe myself up, as she asked me playfully if we could have
another lesson soon...


Over the next week Cathy jacked me off daily, sometimes twice a day; she
often let me do her too, but her joy seemed to be to feel my rock-hard
erection twitching and throbbing involuntarily in her little hands as she
did me, finally getting to feel it pulse spasmodically as the semen
forcefully squirted through it as she brought me to orgasm. I was incredibly
happy that she wanted to go further into the sexual exploration we had
begun; and as much as I enjoyed doing her, the fact that she particularly
seemed to enjoy making me come was, needless to say, great with me.

She took command of out sessions, experimenting with every aspect of
handjobs- she began posing me in different positions to do me, and took
great pleasure in watching her handiwork from different angles. I went along
with her inventiveness; never before had I come so hard as I did daily in
her hands, and I was eager to accommodate whatever it would take to increase
her enjoyment of our forbidden activities.

That week began the next morning after our double session in the living
room; she suggested we go outdoors. She led me into a copse of trees over by
the back corner of the house, nervously looking around to assess our
visibility to any neighbors, and when we were well within the little woods
she asked me, with a contrived casualness, “Can you come standing up?”

Excited by her forwardness, I felt a swelling in my pants; I told her of
course, in fact that’s how I started jacking off with my friend Greg, in the
woods behind our little pond after we would swim. We would sneak off into
the woods, pull our trunks down, and watch each other do it, telling each
other our various erotic fantasies we hoped to enact when we were “older”.

She told me to lower my pants enough so that “my thing” would be sticking
out, and as I undid my belt she stood next to me on my right, rubbing
shoulders with my arm, facing in towards my front, eagerly watching my
actions. I slid my jeans down a bit, revealing the tent my swelling cock was
raising in my underwear; and as she looked on appraisingly, I slid them down
to where my jeans were bunched at mid-thigh. As the elastic waistband slid
over my protruding cock it caught briefly on the thick rim of its head, then
releasing it to spring up bouncing to its full erect length as I pushed them
down my thighs.

I heard Cathy suck in her breath as she saw it; she impulsively reached out
her right hand and grasped it around the base, squeezing it firmly. I was
surprised by the strength of her grasp, and felt a hot burning in my
erection as her pressure powerfully forced blood into its head-end,
distending it even further. It was amazing to see how swollen it became,
larger than I had ever seen it, the veins curling along its shaft distended
thickly, the head stretched bright red, shiny and huge, its whole shaft
distended and deep red as it became further engorged with blood.

She exclaimed “Wow!”, slowly releasing her pressure, the supernormal
swelling subsiding as my hardon shrank slightly to its normal erect size.
“Did that hurt you? Did I squeeze too hard?” I told her that it didn’t
really hurt, but that the extra swelling actually felt great. She repeated
her squeezing, then slowly releasing, several more times, and we noticed
that after a few cycles the abnormal swelling stayed somewhat, my normally
big erection red and swollen to a new larger size. “Look at how big it is!”
she muttered in wonder, as she started to pull its loose skin up along the
shaft to bunch below the head with a looser pressure, starting to jack me

(This new trick she had discovered to stretch me out even larger became her
standard technique for starting to jack me off over the next few weeks. We
noticed that my normal hard size seemed to be increasing slightly under this
regimen, so she worked the time up until she did me like this for about five
minutes at the start of each session; and after a few weeks of this, my
erection was noticeably thicker than before... but I’m getting ahead of the

She continued to steadily work on my hardon, chatting occasionally about
some aspect of my equipment and the way it worked as she would notice it-
this was after all only our third “date”, and it was still all quite new to
her. After a few minutes of her steady handjob, a drop of clear fluid
appeared on the tip of my dick, quickly turning into a slow flow that
started oozing down the front of its head, suddenly getting caught up by her
hand jacking me and dragged in a string down my shaft, where her slow
pumping started spreading it with a sticky wet sound all along the shaft in
a shiny film. “I’m learning this can be messy work!”, she purred.

I was incredibly turned on; my cock was burning as it was stretched out so
full, twitching involuntarily, rock-hard; I felt dizzy, and it was becoming
hard to stay standing under the pull of the intense orgasm that was slowly
building in me under her excruciating handjob. I had encouraged her to jack
me very slowly, but very steadily, which had an inexorably intense effect,
making me want to come but not really pushing me over the edge, so the
orgasm that was slowly building in my balls felt huge.

She asked me if I could spread my legs a bit, standing there with my pants
bunched at mid thigh; I complied, and she reached her left hand around
behind me and through my open legs, and started fondling my ballsack from
behind while she continued to do me with her other hand.

It felt incredible, a complete overload of stimulation; I felt that familiar
tingling in my arms and legs, building and converging on my crotch; my sight
grew dim, and I felt a huge surge of fluids churning in my groin; and as a
flash of light went off in my head, my erection tightened and I felt a huge
surge of cream rushing through my shaft, shooting out in a long arc onto the
leaves two feet in front of me as we watched, followed by another and
another. Cathy was relishing my powerful orgasm, watching with an intense
lust burning in her eyes as my huge erection pulsed spastically in her hands
again and again, streams of thick semen at first spurting, then flowing in a
pulsing stream, down to pool on the ground.

I felt weak in the knees, and almost staggered backwards as my orgasm slowly
subsided; Cathy leaned into me to steady me until I again caught my balance.
She milked the last few drops of come through my detumescing hardon with
several long, squeezing pulls, and gently released it as it settled once
again to rest hanging over my balls. “Wow, that was a big one!” she said,
still breathing hard, as she helped me in pulling up my pants.

I turned a bit to face her sideways, and reached and slipped my hand
experimentally down inside the elastic waistband of the tartan skirt she was
wearing, watching carefully for what her reaction would be; and as my
fingers entered the waistband of her soft panties and my palm slipped down
to cup the puffy hillock of her genitals, was encouraged to proceed with my
exploration by her spreading her legs slightly as she stood there, to allow
me better access between her legs. Her eyes were still glazed over in lust
as they had become since watching her own handiwork push me over the edge of
orgasm, and she distractedly encouraged me to continue my work her between
her legs with subtle wiggles of her hips while she talked excitedly, asking
me all about my previous masturbatory experiences with my friend.

I had started to slide my fingertips slowly up and down the inside of her
slit and up over the soft down covering her lips and her mound, exploring
and lightly feeling the now-moist folds of her pussy, while I answered her
questions abut my jack-off buddy. I told her his name was Greg, and he had
been a friend of mine as long as I could remember; how in the summer of my
fourteenth year we had admitted to each other that we jacked off, and as we
were swimming in the pond down back, we went in the woods and did it while
we talked to each other- I guess we had gotten turned on at our talk. That
first time we had hidden from each other’s view behind the trees, but it was
so hot to talk to a friend while we were doing it that we started doing it
daily together.

Cathy was now standing listening to my story with her eyes closed, pushing
her hips slightly back and forth against my hand as I fingered her. I
started to try and slip my other hand also down inside the front of her
skirt, but as soon as she felt my attempt she helped me by slipping her
thumbs in the side of the waistband and sliding her skirt down to her mid
thigh, as my pants had been while she did me. I continued my story through
our maneuvering, and she never opened her eyes, resuming the slow gyrations
of her hips once her skirt was down. I left her panties on, reaching the
fingers of my second hand up through the elastic of one of the leg-openings,
starting to slowly finger the opening of her vagina with my middle finger
while I continued to softly jack her off with my other hand from above.

As I continued doing her, I told her how the second time Greg and I had
jerked off together we got up the nerve to watch each other doing it. We
both thought it was very hot watching each other, and each had a big come,
at almost the same time. It was amazing seeing someone else coming, very
hot. We started doing it almost every day together, and after a few weeks,
curiosity led us to feel each others hardons; and one thing leading to
another, we took turns jacking each other off. We discovered that it felt
incredible, much better when someone else did it to you than when you did it
yourself, and started doing each other every day, sometimes twice daily.

I now had my finger in her up to its second joint; she was very wet, and I
was working it in and out of her cunt slowly, bending and twisting it to
stimulate all around inside her, while with my other hand I jacked her clit.
As I had been telling her my story, she had interrupted me a few times
urgently, interjecting whispered directions about how I should be doing her
between my sentences, which I had complied with even as I kept on talking. I
could tell that hearing about my sexual explorations, particularly since
they were of an even more forbidden nature than what we were doing now, was
adding to the arousal that my masturbating her pussy was giving her.

She was now thrusting her hips in time with my motions, pushing my finger
deep inside her; she was panting, eyes closed, her mouth opened and her head
falling slightly back. She managed to say hoarsely “I’d really love to watch
you two doing each other...”, her voice trailing off in her lust-trance,
then suddenly almost barking “Oh!... Oh!”, as I felt her cunt clamp down on
my finger, hard, again and again, as she came. She grabbed my hand and
pressed it hard into her clit, and I kept jacking her as she came, my other
finger buried in her soaking, violently contracting cunt; she gave a little
whimper with each orgasmic contraction, each slightly diminishing in
strength after the first three or four, until finally only random, fluttery
pulses gripped my finger more gently. She urged me with her movements to
keep doing her until even those small after-throbs had ceased, then, her
eyes drifting open, a lax smile on her lips, she hugged my hand to her
belly, and looked into my eyes.

I had stopped telling my story when I noticed she had started coming,
concentrating on enjoying the feeling of her climaxing pussy throbbing in my
hands; now we stood there, basking in the warm feeling of intimate
satisfaction that sharing an orgasm brought. I carefully slipped my finger
out of her pussy, and as we looked down, noticed the urgent bulge tenting my
pants that the excitement of masturbating her had raised; patting it, she
asked,”Are you ready for some more already?” Moving her hand away, I told
her that I’d rather wait until later, and she agreed, saying she wanted me
to build up as much come-juice as I could; she loved “watching me squirt all
over”. As she reached to pull up her skirt she noticed how soaked my handjob
had made her panties, and she said “What a mess! Next time we better take
them all the way off!”.
Next time; at those words, I felt a renewed surge of warmth surging in my


The next day she did me twice, first in the morning lying on my back on the
floor, while she knelt between my spread legs, thoroughly exploring my
crotch while she did me, resulting in another huge come; then that night she
came into my room after bedtime and jacked me off again standing in front of
her, while she sat on the edge of my bed. She said how much she enjoyed
watching my dick getting so hot and coming so close to her face, where she
could study it thoroughly. My orgasm that time surprised her, so the first
shot almost hit her square in the mouth before she could lean back and pull
her face out of the line of fire. After I was all done she tentatively stuck
out her tongue, and touched its tip to the spurt of come on her cheek,
wondering what it tasted like. Apparently finding it not too bad, she wiped
the spurt off her cheek with a finger and tasted it again, this time more
thoroughly; looking thoughtful as she explored the sensation of come in her
mouth, she then looked up at me with a playful smile, and said “maybe I’ll
make you come with my mouth one of these days”.

That evening she let me do her afterwards, and after I made her come
thoroughly while lying back on my bed, I withdrew my finger from deep inside
her cunt and put it in my mouth, sharing the exploration of each other’s
flavor with her; and finding it not bad, I told her I’d be glad to try doing
her with my mouth whenever she liked, and we could see how it was.

Our time together was wonderful; when we weren’t making each other come, we
were getting to know each other in a relaxed, accepting way, renewing our
acquaintance more and more from our childhood together. She was wonderful;
cute, intelligent, funny, curious, irreverent, and the sex we were sharing
gave us a relaxed intimacy that made it easy to open to each other. I think
I would have fallen “in love” with her, except that the fact that she was my
sister enabled me to love her in a more relaxed, less obsessive way than
romantic love might allow.

She kept coming back to how she would love to see Greg and I masturbating
together. I was reluctant to consider this, maybe partly out of jealousy at
sharing Cathy with anyone sexually in any sense, but more because I was
embarrassed about jacking off another male; doing it had been great, at
least before I became “involved” with Cathy, and talking about it with her
was nasty fun, but the thought of actually doing it in front of her seemed
to bother me.

But the next day, after she had done her usual preliminary stretching
squeezes on my cock and was in the home stretch of jacking me off in front
of her (she was again sitting on my bed with me standing in front of her,
stroking my erection with both hands; she had her blouse off, and was going
to make me come on her breasts), noticing I was approaching orgasm, she
suddenly stopped moving her hands and just held my throbbing hardon, saying
that she wouldn’t finish me until I would promise to “put on a show” for her
with Greg. I gasped that that wasn’t fair, but she stayed still, saying
“Promise!”. Of course I did: she started up again, and almost immediately I
had a huge come, squirting thick ropes of semen all across her breasts as
she watched smiling in triumph at both the massive orgasm she brought me to,
and my succumbing to her strategy.

She held me to it, reminding me later of my promise, so that night I
reluctantly called Greg and arranged to have him come over the next day. In
the midst of a mundane conversation I suggested casually that he not jack
off that night, so he knew what we would be up to. Greg didn’t know that
Cathy was living there, I didn’t tell him about her; we had conspired that
we would arrange a way for her to watch us at it in hiding, and only I would
know we were being watched. Later that evening we set the stage for our
“show”, putting a chair in the closet of the spare room, and checking that
she could sit in it with the light off and the closet door opened a crack,
and get a good view of the twin beds that were in that room, while not
being seen herself. After a few trial runs repositioning the chair to just
the right angle, me lying on the bed as a model, we were content that it
would work.

That night and the next morning I grew more and more apprehensive about it-
letting myself be seen by another person, a girl, being jacked off by
another guy, and worse still, doing the same to him; it felt extremely
embarrassing; yet at the same time strangely exciting. Cathy’s eagerness to
see it lessened, but did not remove, my apprehension. We decided to hold off
on any sex from once we had arranged it, so that I would build up a bigger
load; Cathy seemed fascinated with how much sperm I produced, and always
wanted to get as much as possible out of me.

As the time approached for Greg to arrive I was in a turmoil of conflicting
emotions; but when the bell rang and Cathy snuck off to her hiding place in
the closet, as I went to answer the door, a freeing sense of inevitability
came over me, and I opened the door contented, and even excited, at what I
knew was to come. After we chatted a bit in the kitchen and had a soda, I
suggested we go up to the spare room and kick back. He knew what that meant,
and agreed eagerly.

We entered the spare room and locked the door. Even though my Dad was at
work, we had the sense that what we were doing was so taboo that paranoia
was in order. I saw the closet door was open a crack, and knew Cathy was in
position, watching eagerly; that knowledge was suddenly extremely exciting
to me. I nonchalantly maneuvered us so that we were standing in her field of
view facing the closet, and started to take my pants and underwear off, Greg
following suit.

We were both already hard with the anticipation of what was to come, and I
looked at us appraisingly, as I imagined Cathy must be doing also. My tall,
moderately athletic frame was a good match for the thick, swollen hardon
projecting prominently from beneath my shirt, and Greg’s slighter build also
went well with his cock- it was almost as long as mine, but not nearly so
thick, its slimness making it look longer than it was by proportion.

He said, “Well, who’s going to go first?”. I suggested that we do him first;
I was eager to get that possible humiliation in Cathy’s eyes over with as
soon as possible, and also after I come my doubts about the taboos we’re
violating bother me more- I’d just as soon keep up the eagerness my lust
generated in me.

He layed down on his back on the bed nearest the closet, just a few feet
from Cathy’s gaze, and I knelt on the floor next to the bed, being careful
to position myself so that Cathy would have the best possible view. His
erection was fully swollen, straining straight upwards; I imagined how we
must look to Cathy, me kneeling as if in worship at the altar of the sacred
cock, both of our prominent projecting hardons reinforcing that image. We
were both rock-hard from pavlovian conditioning, the memory of the intense
orgasms we had learned to consistently give each other giving rise in our
bodies to the anticipation of another toe-curling come.

He gave his erection a few preparatory strokes; and as I reached for it I
felt an extra wave of excitement wash over me, the secret knowledge that we
were being watched greatly intensifying the sexy nastiness I always felt
when Greg and I got together to do each other. The swollen head of my hardon
was already dripping cream at the thought of the tableau we were presenting,
and we hadn’t even started yet.

I took hold of his cock, and started with a series of the swelling squeezes
that Cathy had discovered; I told him it was a trick I had stumbled on, and,
as we watched, after getting reassurance that it wasn’t hurting him to be
squeezed so hard, we marveled at the increased girth of his cock; especially
its head, which was now a stretched, shiny purple, under the pressure of all
the additional blood I was forcing into it. He was sighing under his breath
at the intense pleasure of feeling so stretched out; and after a few minutes
of this technique his erection was swollen to new heights.

I started jacking him off slowly, pulling the loose skin of his shaft in
long strokes from its base, up over the rim of its head and back down all
the way to the light shock of hair at its base, telling him to let me know
before he got too close to coming, so I could stop and let him recover a bit
before I started up again, to work up a really huge load. He had a stupid
smile on his face at the prospect, and his eyes were drifting half-closed as
the familiar sensation of getting jacked off took possession of his senses.
I imagined Cathy watching his large balls riding up and down with each

I worked on him steadily. After a few minutes a drop of cream appeared on
the tip of his upright cock, which quickly increased and started to trickle
down toward the rim. Seeing it I paused in my jacking him, and caught the
thick fluid along the inside of my thumb, smearing it all around the rim of
his cock-head (theatrically for Cathy’s benefit), then resumed my slow,
steady jacking, producing a sticky sound each time my hand hit the now-slick
tip. He half-groaned, half-sighed in pleasure, and after only a few more
minutes, the shiny film of fluid on the head being constantly replenished,
he warned me that he was about to come.

I quickly took my hand away from his erection so as not to accidentally push
him over the edge. His rod stuck out stiffly, bouncing strongly with his
heartbeat, which was pumping fast; he was breathing heavily, and as we
watched a fresh pulse of cream oozed from out of his cock-head. After
several seconds he sighed deeply, and said he was passing the danger point;
I asked him if I could start in again, and he nodded.

Now I formed my thumb and first finger into a circle, and started to rub
fairly quickly lightly up and down just over the rim of his cockhead, maybe
a quarter-inch or so above and below it. I knew this produced an intense,
burning stimulation that would make him hotter and hotter, but wouldn’t make
him come; eventually it would, but then he would really explode.

As I kept this up he started breathing faster, almost panting; he was
creaming thickly now, in pulses, which my quick, light jacking was whipping
into a white froth that was building up around the top of his shaft. His
cock was swollen rock-hard, a bright red from all the stimulation it was
receiving, and he was sighing under his breath on each out-breath. After
several more minutes of this I could see his balls start to rise as he once
again approached orgasm, and I again quickly took my hand away.

This time his dick went into several irregular spasms of a half-orgasm, the
stream of thick fluid oozing from its tip thickening on each pulse, but I
had pulled my hand away in time, and he didn’t go quite over the top. He was
panting, and his legs gave several involuntary twitches; and after maybe a
minute, we decided it was safe to start in again.

I was really giving Cathy a show; I had decided to pull out all the stops to
try to really turn her on watching us, and also there was a slight
competitive edge; I wanted to raise the bar on what her idea of a great
handjob could be, so I was pouring it on.

I almost brought Greg to orgasm three more times, stopping each time just at
the brink. I kept up the same technique, just tickling the rim of his
cock-head. I knew it would be getting somewhat numb and irritated, making it
even harder, but more urgent, for him to come. His body was covered in a
shiny film of sweat; he was panting, his eyes rolled back; his limbs were
twitching irregularly, and his erection was purple, and covered in frothy

After he passed the danger point the fifth time, I went back to doing him
with a full stroke over the entire length of his shaft; but he was now so
wet that I could glide my hand smoothly along the surface of his skin. I
knew this would make him come soon, but I jacked him ultra-slowly to prolong
the inevitable a bit longer. He groaned as he felt my full hand gliding over
his throbbing erection, knowing that release was just around the corner.

Very suddenly, without any warning, his cock started violently pulsing; the
first three spastic throbs were dry, and very close together; then on the
fourth pulse, a jet of come shot forth from his cock like I’d never seen; It
went up over his head and hit the headboard! It was followed by two more
super-strong jets that flew over his chest, then settled down into a series
of more normal sized spurts that kept coming in an ever diminishing series,
pooling on his belly.

I couldn’t believe how long he kept coming. After maybe eleven spurts he
couldn’t shoot anymore, but his dick kept throbbing, a stream of come
pulsing in a diminishing flow down over my hand. He had let out a yell on
that first shot, and and moaned “Oh, oh, oh..” with each throb throughout
the entire incredible explosion.

His erection finally stopped pulsing and slowly began to shrink in my hand.
Greg’s eyes drifted open dazedly, and we surveyed the results; his chest was
streaked with ropes of semen, and there was a large elongated pool of come
from his navel to the base of his cock. There was a large wet spot on the
carpet between my legs where I was kneeling under the end of where my
still-raging erection was hanging, a sticky string of pre-come trailing from
my cock-head to the puddle. “Wow, man, you out did yourself! That was
incredible!”, he said, starting to wipe himself up with one of the towels I
had put out for the occasion; then, smiling at the sight of my angrily
swollen cock, added “And I can see you’re ready for payback”.

We traded places, he kneeling by the side of the bed, and I laying back, my
large erection jutting from my midsection eagerly. He of course didn’t know
about Cathy watching from the closet, so although the position he took
wasn’t optimum for her viewing, still I thought it would be adequate, and I
winked over in her direction as Greg grasped my stretched, stiff cock.

The feeling of his hand on my burning cock was heaven; although Cathy’s
small hand felt much nastier on my big hardon, just the feeling of letting
go and relaxing into the experience of someone else working to make me come
was paradise. I suggested he try the stretching squeeze I had used on him,
and he got the hang of it quickly, commenting on how much bigger my already
large member swelled under the pressure. “It’s cool that you’re bigger than
me”, he said, “It’s a turn-on feeling such a big one in my hand- and look at
it now!”he added, in the midst of a particularly strong squeeze. It felt
almost painful, his hard squeezing and the forced stretching out of the skin
as it swelled under unusual pressure, but also felt extremely erotic and
sensitive to be so swollen.

He started jacking me off slowly, using both hands moving in unison, one
near the base of my shaft and the other above it. I was already very wet
from the excitement of doing him, and his previous squeezing had squoze out
a stream of cream each time; so my erection was shiny with pre-come before
he even started jacking it off, and his motions were producing a wet,
slurping sound from the start, more cream flowing out with each stroke.

The knowledge that Cathy was watching me eagerly submit to this forbidden
sexual indulgence, willingly having my huge erection pumped by a male,
working to have as large an orgasm as possible, all under her surreptitious,
eager gaze, was incredibly erotic and nasty. I was panting uncontrollably
within a few minutes; I wanted to hold out as long as possible for Cathy’s
benefit, but my cock was already starting to twitch randomly as my orgasm
was building up, and I could feel that tingling feeling starting to possess
my extremities, slowly building toward my groin.

And then, with an uncontrollable suddenness my hardon slammed into its first
orgasmic contraction as lightning exploded in my head; I felt a massive
volume of come surging through my cock, as if someone had suddenly turned a
garden hose on full blast; and a thick rope of semen jetted out in a high
arc over my belly, landing on my neck and along my chest, followed by
another and another, in a seemingly endless succession- I was swallowed in
ecstasy, completely lost in the warm, enveloping universe of orgasm,
timelessly suspended in the bliss of the massive flow of semen pulsing
through my cock, over and over again...

Eventually I came to myself and felt my eyes drift open, as Greg was
releasing my slowly sagging organ. My chest and belly, and his hand, were
drenched in come; I reached out for a towel, sighing deeply at the release I
felt, strongly multiplied by the knowledge of its having been witnessed by
my sister. I was excitedly looking forward to talking with her later about
it, and to find out how she enjoyed the spectacle. With that anticipation in
mind, and my enthusiasm for the encounter with Greg drained along with my
semen, I allowed his visit to wind down to an end as smoothly as I could


It turned out to be a while before I got to talk to her about what she had
witnessed; our dad got home just as Greg was leaving, and insisted on taking
us out for burgers and a movie, trying to manufacture quality family time as
best he could. So by the time we got home and had dispensed with the
parental visiting, it was time to head up to bed; but on the stairs Cathy
said to me quietly, “I’ll come in later; I can’t wait to tell you how your
‘show’ was for me!”.

I rushed through my nightime routine and turned in, eagerly anticipating her
visit; and a while after I had drifted off into my thoughts, I heard my door
quietly open, and, opening my eyes, saw Cathy come over and climb into bed,
cuddling next to me, her head on my shoulder, her arm reaching across my
chest, as I lay there on my back. “Are you still awake?” she whispered near
my ear, and hearing my assent, continued “That was incredible this
afternoon! I got so hot watching you I had to finger myself while I watched,
and I came four times before you finally did!”

She had reached her hand down the waistband of my pajama bottoms while she
was talking, and, grasping my rapidly swelling cock, started to slowly
stroke it as she spoke. “It was so hot watching you do each other. For some
reason it was particularly nasty- I think it was the nastiest thing I’ve
ever seen.” She told me how she had been excited going in to hide in the
closet, and then when we had come into the room it didn’t seem like much at
first, until when we pulled down our pants and she saw our erections, all of
a sudden she had a incredible flush of eroticism, and she had to put her
hand in her pants right away; just seeing our hardons she almost came, and
she said she actually did just a minute later when she saw me start doing

As she was telling me all this she was slowly jerking my dick off, and now
feeling how big it was getting, without interrupting her story she pushed my
pajama bottoms down my thighs and pulled down the sheets until they were
clear of my genitals, as she continued to jack me off while we talked, so I
wouldn’t get any come on my sheets.

She told me she was amazed to see how well I did him, drawing it out,
stopping and starting in again to make him last as long, and come as hard,
as possible. She had her second orgasm the first time I started back in
after our first pause; she said it was just so nasty seeing me working on
him; then her third come was just when he finally exploded; she said she
kept coming and coming as long as he did.

Hearing her excitement as she talked about it, and the exquisite sensation
of her warm hand slowly pumping my dick, was bringing me close to the edge.
“I’d never seen so much come! You really made him explode! And then when you
switched, and he started in on you, I could tell you were so hot that you
wouldn’t last long. I’ve never seen your hardon so swollen! It was so big!”
She said that she came again just before I did, and again was amazed at how
hard he made me come.

I felt the delicious warmth of the juices pooling in my balls as she slowly
jacked me off while she was talking, then as she described our simultaneous
orgasms of that afternoon, I started to come; as she felt my shaft
throbbing in orgasm she purred “mmmmm...”. It wasn’t nearly as spectacular
as what she witnessed that afternoon, but the warmth of her body by my side
and her head on my shoulder, as the semen ran down my shaft and over her
hand to pool on my belly, made it even better than that explosion.

We both drifted off to sleep, and sometime in the night she tiptoed quietly
back to her room, so that our father wouldn’t stumble upon our secret.

We spent the next morning doing housework while Dad was off at work. We made
games of the chores we were doing, and there was constant laughter and
teasing. Then, after a lunch of ham sandwiches, Cathy suddenly looked up at
me with that playful twinkle in her eyes I had learned meant that she was
feeling sexy, and said, “Let’s go in the living room. I have an idea I want
to try out.”

She led the way into the living room, and, standing facing me in front of
the sofa, started to undo my belt. As she continued to undo my pants, she
looked up and smiled mysteriously up at me, a knowing twinkle in her eyes; I
felt my cock swelling in anticipation of whatever she had in mind.

After she got my belt undone, the snap of my jeans opened, and my zipper
down, she sat down on the sofa. She then reached forward and guided my pants
down my thighs, revealing the distended tent my swelling erection was making
in my briefs, the outline of its head clearly visible, pointing downwards at
a rakish angle. She slipped her fingers under the waistband, and slowly
pulled my underwear down, revealing the length of my hardon inch by inch,
until finally it sprang free, bouncing up, pointing right at her face, rock

Her eyes never left it as she encircled its base with the thumb and
forefinger of her right hand, while starting to gently tug on my scrotum
with her left. Squeezing my shaft tightly, she slowly drew her right hand
forward along it, watching intently as my cock-head swelled under the
pressure she was exerting; then releasing her squeezing, gliding back to the
base, then another strong squeezing pull, with even more swelling than the
first time. She did me like this for maybe fifteen pulls, then removed her
hand, admiring her handiwork; the head of my erection, bobbing a few inches
in front of her face, was now inflated to a smooth, shiny bulb, a deep angry
red from the blood engorging it, big as a small plum, as large as I had ever
seen it.

Cathy looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye and said enigmatically,
“Well, it looks like you’re ready”; and then, steadying its bouncing length
with her thumb and fingers at its base, she leaned forward, parting her
lips, and slipped the head of my dick into her mouth.

Or rather, tried to. She got about two-thirds of it into her open mouth and
tried to get her lips over its rim, but her mouth wouldn’t open far enough.
After trying for a few seconds, she withdrew it from her lips, giving it a
sucking kiss as it emerged, thoughtfull saying “wow!”; and did several mouth
exercises, stretching her mouth around as far as she could while opening and
closing it. She then worked up some saliva in her closed mouth for a moment
and licked her lips several times, all the while eyeing her challenge; then
leaning forward again, she took it between her lips and, sucking, succeeded
in fitting its rim in her widly stretched mouth, her lips coming to rest on
the shaft just beyond the rim.

My god, the way that felt! I almost came right then; the warm, wet silky
haven of her mouth, coupled with the extremely nasty sight of my big
erection protruding from her face was intensely erotic; but I managed to
hold on, accustoming myself somewhat to the sensations while Cathy got used
to the punishing stretching my dick was inflicting on her mouth. Seeing it
up against her face, watching her petite mouth grappling with trying to fit
around it, really showed me how big my hardon was- of course I took its size
for granted as normal; but seeing it in this context, it looked huge and out
of proportion to her face.

She moved her head back, slowly squeezing my cock-head out of her mouth in
another wet kiss, again stretched her lips around a bit, and then again took
me into her mouth, getting her lips well onto the shaft this time. She
started trying to move her head back and forth a bit, pulling her lips back
over the rim of my head but still keeping the tip in her mouth, then sliding
her lips back over the rim to the shaft, as if I was fucking her mouth, at
least with the first quarter of my cock.

I can’t describe how good this felt; I was holding back my orgasm as hard as
I could, but still felt like I was about to lose it. My erection was swollen
rock-hard under cathy’s stimulation, and watching it silding in and out
between her lips added to my excitement tremendously.

She pulled it out of her mouth again, trailing a string of cream from its
tip to her lips, and started temporarily jacking it with her hand, while she
asked me how what she was doing felt, if it was ok. I told her that it was
incredible, I couldn’t beleive how good it felt, how I was already on the
edge of coming, trying to hold myself back; but I was worried about coming
in her mouth. She said “No, I want you to; don’t worry!”. She told me not to
hold back, since she wasn’t used to how big I was in her mouth, and she was
having to stretch her mouth a lot.

She licked her lips again and sucked me back into her mouth, getting it in
past the head again, and resumed pumping it in and out over the rim. It felt
incredible; I watched her pumping me in and out of her mouth, my shaft
shining with her saliva, when after only a minute or so I felt the come
pooling in my balls, and whispered urgently to Cathy that I was about to
come. She responded by grabbing both my ass-cheeks with her hands, as if to
hold me in her mouth, while she continued pumping her mouth on my dick; but
she pulled me out slightly and decreased the length of her sucking strokes,
as if readying herself for the flood of semen that she anticipated soon to
be flooding her mouth.

I felt the familiar dizzieness descending on me as my limbs grew paralyzed,
and my knees grew weak; the familiar electric tingling spreading from my
extremities in toward my crotch, as the fluids began to surge in my groin;
and as I felt my hardon swelling further, a flash of light went off in my
head, and my erection began to pulse spasmodically as a heavy flow of semen
surged down its shaft.

The first spurt of come caught Cathy by surprise, and she gagged, pulling
her mouth back so that she was just sucking on the tip of my hardon as if it
was a huge straw. She fought to keep control and continue trying to suck as
spurt after spurt of my come filled her mouth, but it was all she could do
to try to keep her mouth on my dick, and semen was squirting out around her
lips and all over her face as she gasped for air. On top of her
inexperience, the huge size of the orgasm her wonderful blowjob had wrung
from my dick made coping with the situation even harder for her; it felt so
good to be shooting so much come through my cock into her mouth; She had me
so turned on, the stream of semen was so thick that I felt as if I was
peeing. She sputtered trying to swallow and clear her mouth as my orgasm
slowly subsided; she had pulled my dick out of her mouth, and its last few
spasms sent come dripping in an unsteady stream from its tip down onto the

Cathy was choking, coughing, and laughing all at once; aparently some had
gone up her nose, and she sputtered as she regained control of herself. As
she settled down, she let go of my cock that she had been holding all this
while, and, still laughing, looked up at me, wiping at her lips that were
smeared with come, and exclaimed,”Wow! That was intense! I guess I never
realized just how hard you come! I thought I was drowning!”. She continued
to clean up, saying that next time she’d know what to expect.

Standing there in front of her, I felt completely drained, satisfied, in a
glow of wellbeing from the enormous come she had given me- and as I heard
the words “next time”, a nasty twinge welled up through me in


We spent the afternoon in completely non-sexual pursuits. Cathy didn’t
mention our experiment with oral sex, and in fact behaved as if nothing of
the kind had ever taken place, and I didn’t bring it up either, for fear of
jinxing any future developments in that area; so we carried on as a “normal”
brother and sister should. After an uneventful evening we turned in. I was
feeling depressed, fearing that the whole experience of the mouthful of come
had been too much for her, and she might be turned off to any more oral
play, or worse yet, turned off too our sex-play altogether! My negative
fantasies were running wild, fed by the lack of communication with Cathy.

I was just drifting off to sleep, when I was startled out of my reverie by
the sound of my door opening, and someone coming into the room. “Are you
awake?”, I heard Cathy whisper. As I mumbled assent I heard her closing the
door, noticed the distinct sound of the lock being turned, and felt her sit
on the bed next to where I was lying. I reached and turned on my bedside
light, which revealed Cathy in her nightgown, a warm smile on her face, and
a twinkle in her eyes.

“That was really amazing, this afternoon, don’t you think?” As I heard these
words my gloom of the evening lifted as if it had never been there. She was
reaching to fold back my covers, turning them down to my mid-thigh, as she
was saying “You really see how hard someone comes when they do it in your
mouth! But now that I know what it’s like, I think I’ll be able to handle it
next time.”

She was feeling up the bulge of my crotch through my pajamas; of course, I
started getting hard right away, and she pulled the waistband of my pajama
bottoms down to just below my balls, revealing my swollen erection pointing
due north. She reached and started to absentmindedly fondle my balls as she
studied the fullness of my hardon bobbing there, thinking out loud, “It
really made my mouth tired holding it open so far, you’re so big! Maybe I’ll
need to do some exercises or something... but for now I think I’ll just jack
you off, and when you’re just coming I’ll hold my mouth over your hole, and
get to try again to see if I can handle it this time, without having to
strain my mouth. So tell me when you’re about to come.” She looked up at me,
smiling mischievously, and added “That is, if you don’t mind.”

She grasped the base of my shaft and began slowly rubbing it, as I answered
her, telling her that her letting me come in her mouth was the hottest thing
that I’d ever done, and that was why I came so hard- of course she could do
that with me whenever she wanted! She laughed, continuing to jack me off,
telling me how she had thought she had been ready for my orgasm, but how the
come squirted into the back of her mouth so hard that she had gagged, then
started coughing, and got some up her nose, until she was afraid she was
going to drown!

She said that this time she was going to just hold the very tip of my
cockhead in her mouth and hold her mouth more closed, so my shots would hit
her tongue, and not the back of her throat, so she wouldn’t choke, and could
just try to drink it all as I squirted.

I was intensely excited to hear what she had in mind, almost coming at the
thought; the sensation of her soft hand milking my swollen rod was already
working its magic, and her description was sending me over the top; so I
tried to relax, so I wouldn’t come right then. I was getting pretty wet, and
her hand was starting to make slurpy sounds as she slid the loose skin of my
erection along its shaft.

She added, “And I’ll make you a deal! You have to do me with your mouth
afterward, if you want me to go on! Ok?” Of course I was a captive audience,
I would have agreed to anything at that point, so I panted my agreement; but
the thought of her coming in my mouth only added to my excitement.

She continued to do me in silence, focusing intently on her work; she was
adding extra strokes and caresses to my rod to drive me over the top. I was
so wet now that her hands were gliding over my genitals smoothly on a film
of cream, that was being steadily replenished, flowing down in a steady
stream to be spread by her hands.

I began to feel that tingling all over my body announcing my impending
orgasm, so I warned Cathy that I was going to come. She leaned over and
clamped her lips to the tip of my cockhead in a sucking kiss, and continued
her inspired jacking. I felt the come pooling in my balls, that delicious
dizziness and warmth wash over my whole body, my hardon swelling to
granite-hardness, and then suddenly, with a flash of light inside my head,
felt the thick fluid surging down my shaft in a massive flow.

As the first pulse of come hit her mouth she almost gagged, as the thick
stream of semen jetted between her lips, filling her mouth; but she started
swallowing, sucking powerfully, drinking down the rich cocktail that she was
being force-fed, as if she was drinking from a huge straw. Each squirt was
so voluminous that I could actually feel the streams of liquid as they
surged through the channel in my shaft and out the tip into her waiting
mouth. She found the rhythm of the pulses of my coming erection, sucking
strongly with each jet, then swallowing between them.

I was completely overcome with pleasure; the nastiness of her obsession with
drinking all my come was giving me a huge orgasm, and I kept squirting jet
after huge jet of hot come into her mouth. She was managing to swallow all
of it this time, only a few small trickles escaping her lips and running
down her chin.

Slowly my orgasm subsided, but Cathy kept sucking my cockhead until every
trace of its orgasmic throbbing had completely stopped, and my red,
shiny-wet hardon started slowly softening. Letting it pull away from her
lips as it softened, she then looked up at me flushed and smiling, a look of
triumph on her face. “Wow, you come a lot! I feel like I just drank a
milkshake! ...But, this time, I handled it!” She asked me if it felt good; I
told her how incredible it was, that again she had given me one of the
biggest orgasms I’d ever had; I told her how hot it was to see her drinking
my come, that it made me keep shooting and shooting!

She wiped at the come on her chin, telling me how once she got the hang of
how big each jet was, and found the rhythm of the throbs, it wasn’t hard to
keep on top of it, and not let her mouth fill up; and that her trick of
using her tongue to stop the jets from hitting the back of her throat seemed
to work well; the only problem was that the first spurt came with out
warning, and was the hardest, so she’d have to learn to anticipate it.

As she spoke Cathy was lying back and pulling up her nightgown, exposing her
cute thighs and belly, gift wrapped in skimpy white-lace bikini panties; I
knelt on the floor between her spread legs hanging off the side of the bed,
as she slid the panties down her petite legs and off her feet. I warned her
that I really wasn’t sure what to do; she replied, “I don’t know, just try
anything, and we’ll see what works. I’m so hot, I’m sure whatever you try
will work fine, as long as you’re touching me there.”

I leaned forward tentatively, unsure how to start. I didn’t mind trying it,
especially after Cathy’s prodigious performances with her mouth, but this
was new territory for me, and I didn’t know what to expect.

Her legs were spread widely, and at their softly hollow crotch the
projecting, rounded mound of her pussy looked reddish and swollen beneath
its crown of downy curls, a heavy film of shiny moisture coating the folds
of her inner lips and clit hood, which were projecting prominently out from
her slightly spread, very puffy outer lips; she appeared to be well aroused,
no doubt from having just brought me to such a powerful orgasm in her mouth.
I leaned forward, and tentatively gave her pussy lips a kiss over her
swollen clit; Cathy’s body jumped involuntarily at the first contact of my
mouth with her sensitive organs, and she gasped a quick breath.

The feeling of her hot genitals against my lips was exquisite. Encouraged by
the pleasant quality of the sensations I felt and her obvious excitement, I
licked greedily, flattening my tongue against the bottom of her gash where a
thick rivulet of her fluids was building. Sticking out my tongue as far as I
could as I drew it up along her slit, it immediately went to its full
extension into the now dripping wet cavern of her cunt, then strongly
caressed the textured, stiff smooth flesh lying deep between her lips above
her hole; as I moved upward, my tongue reached less and less deeply between
her lips, until it reached the swollen folds of flesh at the top projecting
well out from her cunt-lips altogether, concealing the prize of her clit.

As I hit her clit, she moaned and tightened her calves and the small of her
back, thrusting her cunt forward to meet my mouth greedily. Holding my
tongue spread wide, I gave her clit a thorough, wet sloppy licking, then
began to lick downward, towards the bottom of her slit again where I had

Her cunt was soaked, both from the fluids that were being copiously produced
by her arousal, and my drooling open mouth; my chin and cheeks felt soaked.

I continued slowly licking up and down her slit, sticking my tongue into her
as far as I could each pass, and licking sloppily around her clit when I
arrived there. It seemed to be working; her legs were tightened, resting on
the tips of her toes, quivering with tension; she was panting, and making
spasmodic shivering pushes forward with her hips as I licked her.

The next time I reached it, I started sucking hard on her clit. She cried
out “Yes!”, then managed to gasp, “Put your fingers in me!”; I slid two
fingers into the now cavernous hollow of her open cunt as I continued to
suck on her clit; suddenly, with no warning, her pussy clamped hard on my
hand, then released it, and grabbing it again and again spastically, as she
came, hard.

As soon as she started coming Cathy began an eerie high-pitched whining that
I had never heard before- and it continued as she continued to come, and
come. I’d never felt her come like that; her cunt clamped down on my fingers
with each pulse of her orgasm; hard, again and again and again, maybe twenty
times, until her spasms started weakening, finally diminishing into
occasional throbs.

When at last it was over, she lay back unmoving, completely spent. Her
entire crotch and rear end was completely soaked, as was my face; that and
a wet spot on the carpet beneath her crotch made me think that maybe she
actually squirted some fluid when she came this time, like a man does.

I lay with my cheek against her belly as she recovered, and we both wallowed
in the post-orgasmic glow. “Oh my god,”, she was finally able to whisper,
“that was INCREDIBLE! If you’ll do that again I’ll do ANYTHING you want!
Jesus, that was amazing... Tomorrow I’ll do you with my mouth all the way
if you’ll do that again!”

I felt a hot glow of additional pleasure as I looked forward to what
tomorrow might bring...


The next afternoon, Cathy and I were sitting around the kitchen table
reading magazines. She seemed to be amused at something; she kept smiling to
herself, then glancing surreptitiously up at me and back to her magazine,
smiling again.

The third time she did this, my curiosity piqued, I asked, “What?” She
blushed deeply, and continued smiling to herself as she read, before
replying, still looking at the magazine, “I was just thinking how...
‘thirsty’... I was getting- I was just wondering if you’re ready to let me
have a... ‘drink’... yet .”

At my smiling response we got up, and she led me into the living room,
pausing at the hall linen closet to grab a towel, then she sat on the sofa,
positioning me to stand in front of her. She spread the towel out on the
floor right beneath where she was sitting. As she opened it, she said “I
don’t know if you noticed, but we made quite a wet spot on your carpet last
night- if we keep on doing that, Dad’ll notice sooner or later.” She paused
and looked up at me as if assessing me, then looked back down, thinking,
then continued. “Sometimes with Liz when she would do me and I would have a
really big come, it would get really wet, it seemed like the whole bed would
be soaked... I used to be embarrassed about it, because it never happened
with her... I thought maybe there was something wrong with me- but it only
happens when it’s really good, so that can’t be bad, can it? But anyway we
better take precautions... because YOU’RE going to do ME with your mouth
again after I’m done with you, and if it’s as good as last night again,
there might be a flood!”

As she spoke the last sentence she undid my belt, and started sliding my
pants down. Of course I was already fully erect, my hardon straining against
my underwear. Cathy deftly slid that down, allowing my swollen erection to
spring free, hanging inches in front of her face. She paused and looked up
at me, and, taking advantage of my readiness, asked “So, do we have a deal?
Will you do me with your mouth again?”

At my eager assent she paused, contemplating my erection for an additional
moment as if admiring it, then did her usual preparatory swelling strokes,
leaving it an angry red, it’s skin stretched shiny-tight.

She sat up on the edge of the sofa with her legs spread, and guided me to be
standing between them, my cock brushing her soft cheek. She took it with the
fingertips of her right hand at its base, and guided it towards her mouth.
“It’s so big to suck in my mouth, I thought I’d try something else and see
if it does the trick.” She then pointed it up, leaned forward, and slowly
licked it along the underside from its base up to the head, and over the
tip, as if it was a big lollypop. She followed this long lick with pulling
the skin up along its shaft and back down, followed by another long lick.

She continued licking up my erection, being careful to cover its sides and
top, as well as its bottom, and jacking it a single stroke between licks. It
was heaven; I had never felt a more stimulating sensation on my cock- an
indescribably mix of softness, wetness, tickling, slightly raspy rubbing...
I quickly started oozing cream, which added to the saliva her wet mouth was
leaving coating my shaft, so that her hand started sliding as she rubbed it
up and down my erection, with a wet, sticky sound. After each lick an arc of
thick come-juice trailed from the tip of my rod to her tongue, sometimes
trailing down to catch on her chin when she leaned forward again, and
sometimes it broke, dripping down to the waiting towel on the floor.

After maybe five or ten minutes of this I was about to come; I warned Cathy,
but instead of taking the tip of my cock between her lips to drink my come
like she did yesterday, she immediately stopped her motions, let go of my
erection, and leaned back on the sofa. She then reached a hand down between
her spread legs, where her short skirt did nothing to conceal her pantieless
genitals, now puffy , pink, and spread with her arousal, and started
absently lightly tickling her clit, as she admired the results of her

I was standing in front of her in my t-shirt, my pants and underwear in a
bundle around my feet; my nearly-coming hardon was huge, swollen to its
maximum by her inspired mouth- and hand-work, an angry red; its head shone
from its skin being stretched so tight in arousal,and from being coated with
our combined fluids, as indeed its whole thick shaft was down to my balls; a
thick ribbon of cream dangled from its tip down to the floor, quivering
slightly as my erection bounced with my pulse, and from the larger bounce of
the occasional uncontrollable throb that surged through it, betraying its
closeness to orgasm.

To be so close to coming and then suddenly have all stimulation removed left
me hanging in a big way. My pulse was pounding, and I was panting; my
rock-hard erection hanging heavily in front of me felt red-hot as it
twitched spasmodically, right on the edge of coming... I could feel the
juices churning in my balls and groin as they surged, pooling, almost ready
to ejaculate.

The nastiness of the spectacle we were presenting, me standing shamelessly
with my huge near-coming hardon right in front of Cathy, who was still
tickling her pussy and enjoying her view of my condition with a lustful
gleam in her eyes, was itself almost enough to send me over the top, and
release the thick flow of pent-up juices that had been building in me to
spurt out all over Cathy and onto the towel she had put there; but
gradually, in the absence of any stimulation on my eager prick, the
impending orgasm slowly subsided. I felt very hot and aroused, but in no
danger of coming; and Cathy, evidently noticing my orgasm receding, asked,
“Are you ready for some more?”

Without waiting for an answer, she leaned forward so that she was again
sitting on the edge of the sofa, and resumed the licking/jacking she had
been doing on my cock, while continuing to do herself. She kept it up this
time for only a few minutes before I again warned her that I was about to
come; and she again layed back on the sofa and watched my erection
throbbing, continuing to finger herself, while my orgasm again receded.

She was looking flushed and breathing hard, as of course I was, both from
the excitement of doing me and her own masturbation, and only about twenty
seconds after she sat back she breathed,” Kneel down and put your finger in
me; I’m going to come.” She was lying back, her legs spread wide apart, her
eyes closed to slits as she picked up the pace of her hand on her clit; I
quickly knelt and put my right index finger in her pussy; and just as I was
inserting it, she sighed deeply, and I felt the walls of her pussy clamp
down on my finger, over and over, as she came.

She continued to lie there with her eyes closed, recovering for a few
moments; then slowly opened them and looked at me, sighed deeply, and asked
again, “Are you ready for some more now?” I stood up, trailing a thick
ribbon of cream from the tip of my hardon to the towel below; she leaned
forward, and touched her finger to the head of my cock, catching the
semen-string, and guided it to the towel, then started in on me again. I
noticed she resumed doing herself again, too.

I had barely recovered my equilibrium, since feeling her come had been
incredibly arousing; I had almost come myself in sympathy, and only
recovered myself slightly while she had rested; so when she started in again
I was close to orgasm almost immediately. I warned her, and she stopped her
licking, but kept her hand on my cock, and gave it a long, slow, powerful
stroke along its full length. She watched intently as her action squeezed
out a large bead of cream, which immediately began dripping towards the
floor. “It makes me so hot to see you so big and hard and turned on”, she
purred, then, still holding my hardon around its middle, she suddenly closed
her eyes and said urgently, “Oh!... I’m coming again”.

I watched her body quiver as she again succumbed to orgasm, rubbing her
pussy feverishly, gradually slowing as she finished. She opened her eyes and
looked at my erection, and without preamble resumed licking it, faster this
time, without any jacking movements. She licked it hard and fast along its
full length with a little extra swirl around its head, over and over,
steadying it with her free hand, her other continuing to jack herself off. I
could feel an orgasm building again, but this time when I told her, she just
sped up her movements.

My hardon was burning, hard as concrete, swollen deep red, as my balls
tightened up and I crossed the point of no return into orgasm. I felt my
knees grow weak as that familiar paralysis swept through my body, my cock
stiffened even more, and then started to bounce as my whole groin tightened
over and over, sending thick stream after thick stream of come spurted
through my urethra. It felt so incredibly good to have that huge volume of
fluid jetting uncontrollably through my erection as I came. When she felt me
start to come, Cathy held her tongue tightly under my cockhead and held her
mouth wide opened, and jet after jet of come shot into her mouth. Her mouth
was about a half-inch from the tip of my dick, so I could see each spurt
shooting into her mouth. She sputtered a little; but now that she knew what
to expect from her previous experiments, she handled it well, managing to
swallow it all, only a few trickles running down her chin. Again she had
made me come so hard I almost blacked out, and I had to struggle to remain
standing through it all.

As the jets of semen gradually diminished to a pulsing trickle she clamped
her mouth onto my cockhead and sucked the last bit of my ejaculate into her
mouth, until my orgasm subsided entirely. I sighed loudly, completely
overcome by the intensity of the pleasure Cathy had wrung from me. As my
eyes opened I noticed from the trembling of her torso that she was coming
yet again; this time when it subsided she removed her hand from between her
legs and lay back, obviously very satisfied. I collapsed onto the sofa next
to her.

We both leaned back in a post-orgasmic stupor for a few minutes; then Cathy
pulled the hem of her short skirt up, displaying her very wet, swollen
pussy, and said “Okay, now it’s your turn... and judging from how much of a
“drink” you fed me, you owe me big!” A bit surprised, I asked her if she
could come again after already coming so many times- she replied “Oh, those
were little ones- I can do that over and over; but I can feel one of my big
ones close... and all I need is a little help to get to it!”

I knelt between her legs as I had yesterday, but this time I stuck my tongue
straight out as far as I could and buried it in her pussy hole up to my
cheeks. I wiggled my tongue as strongly as I could inside the mouth of her
pussy, moving my whole face side to side slightly, nuzzling my lips and
cheeks inside her pussy-lips. She said “Oh!” and spread her legs as widely
as she could, pushing her cunt up into my face.

Then I ran my tongue up from her pussy along the inside of her slit up to
her clit, licking it back and forth for a few seconds, then back down to her
pussy, again sticking it in as far as I could. She was very wet from her
previous orgasms and her lips were swollen wide apart, so I felt as if I
could bury my whole face inside her. She kept pushing her pelvis up against
me as I licked her, thrusting it to aid my efforts.

I continued like this for several minutes, encouraged by her moans and the
soft, surprised-sounding “Oh!”s that escaped her lips from time to time; she
was teaching me involuntarily what she liked by how she responded, and I was
careful to do what she seemed to like the best. She was now pushing her
crotch back and forth unconsciously in a fucking motion as she became lost
in her arousal; as I licked and sucked on various parts of her cunt
following her responses to my actions she became more vocal, now moaning
“Oh!” on each outbreath, panting as she inhaled to moan again; her thrusting
was getting more and more insistent; and intuitively as I imagined she was
approaching orgasm I slipped two fingers inside her pussy while I licked her
clit in long, firm strokes, fucking her with my hand while I licked her; and
finally, as her “Oh!”s reached a crescendo, she came.

The inside of her pussy had expanded cavernously while I fingered her, until
it suddenly contracted spastically, gripping my fingers, hard. At the same
time I felt her throw her head back and a throaty, animal-like sound I had
never heard began deep in her throat; her pussy opened again, but not nearly
as much as before, and again suddenly clamped down hard on my hand, and this
repeated, over and over, as she came, hard.

She was getting very wet, too; I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, but
on each of the first few hard contractions a fragrant fluid was being forced
out of her, just as she had mentioned to me before; it was like she was
coming somehow like a man comes.

Her whole pelvis was quivering, her legs tightened forcefully, and I could
feel each contraction of her orgasm grip her entire body. She continued her
strange moan, punctuating it each time her body throbbed and I felt her cunt
clamping down on my hand. The fluids of her orgasm ran down the inside of
her thighs and her ass, dripping down onto the waiting towel. She would have
soaked the sofa, but her thrusting had left her crotch hanging well out away
from the edge.

I can’t tell how long she came; it was a timeless event that seemed to never
end. We were both transported into the most primeval sexual ritual
imaginable, our whole beings singlemindedly devoted to giving and receiving
pleasure on the most primitive, basic, instinctual level.

When finally her orgasm began to wane, I felt as if I was emerging from a
trance. Her pussy was throbbing around my hand now weakly and irregularly,
then only occasional throbs washed through it, punctuated by deliberate
squeezes as Cathy tried to maximize and prolong her ecstasy. She had stopped
her throaty crying, and finally heaved a deep sigh as I felt her body relax
back completely, totally satisfied and drained by coming so thoroughly.

I left my fingers buried inside her, and rested my head on her soaked pubic
hair while we recovered ourselves. I felt limp; drained; liberated; I felt
as if my life was whole and complete.


The next week or so we spent making each other come with our mouths,
sometimes twice a day. Cathy took regularly now to doing herself while she
did me, so she was coming maybe six to ten times a day- I could easily
muster twice, and could have done more, but it was much better when I waited
a while between times to build up more fluids.

It was the high point of our day; we didn’t talk about it between times, but
Cathy seemed to come up with new ideas about how to do it almost every day,
so she must have been thinking about it. One time she had me kneel over her
chest while she lay on her back, my legs spread over her, my cockhead just
at her mouth. She used a pillow to put her head at a good angle, but even so
that time when I came it squirted all over her face and hair. She managed to
swallow some of it but the angle was all wrong. I think that time she
happened to be coming just when my orgasm began, so that may have distracted
her, too.

Another time she had us lie down next to each other, but backwards, so that
her pussy was near my mouth and my erection was near hers, and we tried
doing each other at the same time like that. It was good; we came almost at
the same time, but we agreed we preferred taking turns- it was more fun to
concentrate wholeheartedly on getting done, or doing it. We could be a lot
more controlled that way, making each other last as long as we could, to
build up the biggest orgasm possible.

One night she knelt straddling my face, with her pussy right on my mouth.
That was great; I made her come three times, the third time one of her
drenching supercomes. It was amazing; she was panting,and thrusting her
pelvis slightly into my face as I sucked on her inner cunt-lips, hard, while
licking her clit fast; all of a sudden my mouth was full of her come, and it
was running down my cheeks! That time I was the one trying to swallow
several mouthfuls; I could appreciate how it was for Cathy when I came!

Three times that week she had one of her big ones. We knew to always use a
towel now in case she did, and it’s a good thing, because when we needed it
we really needed it. She could come a much bigger load of juices than I
could when it was right, and wherever we were positioned would’ve gotten
soaked, unless we took the precautions we did. She told me that she was
having them much more often than she ever had before; she had apparently
only had a few when she was being done by her friend Liz, to the surprise of
both of them, but it turned out that the combination of my tongue on her
clit while I finger-fucked her was the magic combination. She said when she
came like that it was the best, most satisfying feeling she had ever had;
she felt completely purged, drained, fulfilled in the most basic way

After we discovered that position, we usually did it with her kneeling over
me when it was her turn; she said that was the best for her. It was very
sexy for me too; even when she didn’t have one of her big ones, my face
would be drenched by the time we were done. I loved the taste of her, and
having her all over me was ecstasy.

She regularly came into my bed after we had turned in, and we either used
our mouths again, or she jacked me off, invariably drinking my come at the
end. I usually sucked on her, since she liked it so much.

We were living a double life; around our father, and during most of the day,
we lived as brother and sister, joking around, teasing, and having fun in
the most normal way- but when we had one of our sex sessions, we transformed
into orgasm addicts, working intently and singlemindedly to make each other
come as long, and as hard, as possible. Neither of us, at least I know I
hadn’t, had ever experienced pleasure so intense and satisfying as we had
stumbled into giving each other; and we were addicted, consumed by the lust
for more and more intense orgasms. I know now that the similar intensity of
our appetites was probably due to our heritage; I’ve learned since that not
all women are as sexually driven as Cathy was, and I matched her perfectly.
I think we got it from our Mother; I gather from things Cathy said about her
that she must have been strongly driven in that area, as we seemed to be.

One afternoon, we were lying on my bed, recuperating from a particularly
nice session, Cathy absentmindedly fondling my semi-hard dick, when she
said, “I’ve been thinking- it might be fun to invite your friend Greg over
to join in on one of our sessions... I think it might be really good be done
by two people at once- we could each take turns getting done by the other
two... Do you think he might go for it?”

I had mixed feelings about her suggestion; on the one hand I was jealous at
the thought of sharing Cathy with anyone else, and apprehensive about mixing
my taboo same-sex experiments with my recently-found heterosexual bliss; but
on the other, the thought of an additional participant on our lewd
activities was exciting- and I had had some excellent orgasms with Greg,

We discussed it and agreed that the best strategy was to have Greg over and
spring it on him, rather than let him know in advance what we were thinking
of, in case he got cold feet. He didn’t know that my sister was living here
or certainly what we were up to, and we thought it might be a lot for him to
swallow (no pun intended!). So I called him and invited him to come over the
following afternoon, implying that we would jack each other off like usual;
my father would be at work, so we could pursue our intentions without fear
of discovery.

The next day the doorbell rang at one o’clock, and we set our plan in
motion. We had agreed that Cathy would hide until I got “started” with Greg,
then she would come in and join in, when he would be less inclined to
resist. So she went up to her room and closed the door, while I greeted Greg
as I usually did, eventually leading him to my room.

I closed the door, being careful not to latch it fully so Cathy could come
in soundlessly, and started to take my pants off. Greg followed suit, and
soon we were both standing there in our t-shirts, with our hardons
projecting out in front of us. I was particularly excited at the
anticipation of what was to come, and my erection reflected my excitement;
Greg noticed it, and said, “Wow! Looks like you’re really ready! You’re not
usually that big until you’re about to come!”.

I reminded him about the “stretching” stroke that I had said I’d discovered;
he told me he’d remembered it & used it every day. I turned to be facing
him, and reached my right hand out, encircled the base of his shaft with my
thumb and forefinger, and gave it the slow, forceful squeezing stroke. He
softly sighed “Ah...” in familiar anticipation as my hand touched his
genitals, and we both watched his cockhead swell menacingly as I put
pressure on it; I repeated the stroke a few dozen more times, and stopped to
admire my handiwork. His erection had swelled considerably, and was now a
deep red color, its skin stretched shiny-tight. “It looks like you’re ready
now”, I said, and indicated that he should lie on the bed, and we’d do him

He layed down on his back and I grasped his hardon, and started jacking it
slowly. Now was the time to enact our plan, I judged, so I said to him, “Why
don’t you close your eyes and just lie back and concentrate on the feeling,
and I’ll do you.” He acquiesced, putting his hands behind his head, and
closing his eyes.

This was the cue Cathy and I agreed on; if she was watching us through the
keyhole as we planned, she was supposed to come in to the room quietly as
soon as his eyes were closed; and sure enough, the door opened without a
sound and she entered, almost closing it behind her.

Her trim body was covered by only a skimpy bra and lace bikini panties, and
otherwise was completely naked. She tiptoed over to the side of the bed
across from me and knelt down, while I continued to do him. Then came the
moment of crisis; she reached out a hand, and started to lightly stroke the
head of his swollen cock with her fingertips.

At first Greg must have thought it was me doing it; but then, something
about it must have seemed different, so he opened his eyes. “Hey!” he
exclaimed, but I cut him off immediately and told him to just lie back,
explaining that she was my sister, and she wanted to do him with me, if it
was ok with him. Of course her expert work on his cock-head while he
absorbed the information helped him come to the decision to go along with
our program.

While we continued to do him, we explained how Cathy was visiting, and how
we did it with each other all the time, and how she had been hiding in the
closet watching us the last time he had been over, and how much she had
enjoyed the show, and wanted to participate with us. Greg was obviously
adjusting to the surprise we had forced on him, and clearly seemed to like
the idea of having a girl to join in our activities.

We stopped jacking him, and all three of us sat on the bed, us boys with our
very firm erections projecting up from our laps, and Cathy in her skimpy
underwear. Greg was making a half-hearted effort to conceal his hardon
behind his arm, but I knew he would feel more comfortable with us after a
few orgasms had happened, and he saw how enthusiastic Cathy was with sex.

Cathy reached over and started slowly stroking both our cocks to keep our
interest up, one in each hand, while she opened discussion of what we should
do next. Greg was clearly very turned on at this scene; I knew he had never
been with a girl before, and I could tell he was in danger of coming soon
with Cathy’s hand on his cock. I nodded to Cathy, indicating his condition;
he had started creaming heavily and was swollen rock-hard, and as she
noticed these signs she suggested we should take turns doing each other, and
that they should do me first. She knew I could last, and that we could get
more mileage out of Greg if he didn’t come so soon.

Greg agreed enthusiastically, so I was layed back on the bed, with one of
them sitting on either side of me. They both started to feel me up, running
their hands over my erection and balls; it was very hot, they were each
obviously encouraged by watching what the other was doing, and they took
their time languidly torturing me with slow, gentle tickling and light
stroking, that had me starting to cream in a few minutes.

They were talking about my prick between themselves as they did me, as if I
was some object they were investigating; Cathy had broken the ice by telling
him how much she enjoyed how big I was, and Greg agreed, saying how nasty my
bigger erection felt in his hand when he jacked me off, and they went on
from there. As they chatted about my equipment and how it was responding to
what they were doing, they were coordinating their efforts wonderfully, and
were becoming quite a team. For example Cathy said, “Go down a little
further, while I do his head... try it a little lighter”; then a little
later, “Look how much he creams when you squeeze him there- Do it again!
...Not too much, I think he’s getting close.”

They were encouraging each other to be much more creative than I had ever
known either of them to be before. Greg was firmly massaging the hard bulge
below my balls with one hand, while jacking around the rim of my cockhead
with the thumb and index finger of his other, while Cathy had one hand
around the base of my shaft and was squeezing it rhythmically, while softly
exploring my balls with the fingertips of her other hand.

It was heaven; being done in so many ways, I was incredibly turned on; cream
was flowing in a thick, steady stream from my cockhead, coating its shaft,
my balls, and all four of their hands, causing a wide range of squishy
sounds as the rubbed, squoze, and stroked different parts of my dick as they
masturbated me. I could feel a massive orgasm building; I warned them, and
at Cathy’s direction they stopped their motions and just held my genitals.

I suggested that since they had brought me so close it would be easy to get
me back there again, so why didn’t we do Greg far a while; he and I switched
places, and Cathy and I started in on him.

We gave him a similar treatment as they gave me; when his cock started
throbbing involuntarily we stopped, and switched places again, Cathy
removing her bra and panties, and greg and I started exploring her. I showed
Greg what kind of things she liked, and he was delighted when she came under
our touch in only a few minutes; I guess she WAS very excited by our
experiment. I had explained how she could come over and over, and he had
thought that was wonderful; then in only a few minutes, he had his first
experience of a girl coming.

We had thoroughly explored her genitals, running our fingers up and down her
slit, around all the folds of her inner lips, around her clit; I pulled back
its hood, showing him its little button, then showed him how she liked it
jacked off; and of course we both had our fingers deep in her cunt,
thoroughly exploring its shape and many textures. We both had a finger
inside her at the same time feeling the sides of her cunt while I jacked her
clit and Greg was stroking between her lips between her clit and pussy when
she came the first time. We were both very aroused at doing her together,
our erections were both very hard, red, and freshly wet as we creamed with
our enjoyment of her pussy; she was lying with her head thrown back, panting
and sighing, her cunt expanded to a cavernous cavity that our fingers were
exploring. I was just telling him how her cunt opened like this deeply when
she was close to coming, when all of a sudden her pussy clamped down hard on
our exploring fingers as she came.

Our fingers were squeezed again and again by the spasmodic contractions of
her orgasm; I told Greg to keep rubbing her until she was done, so that she
would come longer. He was wide eyed, clearly on the brink of coming himself
with the intense eroticism of feeling a woman’s cunt coming for the first

Cathy came for maybe fifteen seconds, then lay back for a minute recovering;
until I said, “I think Greg’s close- feeling you come was the last straw for
him; let’s finish him off.”

She and Greg switched places, and I took his shaft in my hand. He was
rock-hard, soaked with cream, and he let out an involuntary moan as soon as
he felt my touch on his erection. Cathy started tickling his balls, and as I
started to jack him off, she leaned forward and took the head of his cock in
her mouth. Being considerably smaller than mine, she could easily get her
mouth around it, and she started bobbing her head up and down on it, making
a loud slurpy sucking sound.

That did it- I felt the pulses of his shaft in my hand as he started coming,
his cock straining, bouncing hard as each violent contraction of orgasm
shook him, sending streams of semen squirting through his cock into Cathy’s
waiting mouth. She sputtered slightly as the first stream of come shot into
her mouth, but quickly regained control, using the experience that she had
gained from all our recent oral practice. She kept bobbing her head on his
cock as he came, while I jacked his shaft and pushed hard on the hard bulge
between his legs below his balls.

I couldn’t see how much he came, since Cathy swallowed all but a few
dribbles of it as it filled her mouth, but I could feel jerk after jerk of
orgasm grip his body, over and over; I don’t think I ever saw him come
harder. His entire body shook with each spasm, his legs and torso jerking as
they were wracked by each strong contraction.

It seemed to go on forever; then finally the intensity of the throbbing of
his cock in my hand gradually diminished, but continued for many more softer
pulses, before finally dwindling to a few random throbs as his orgasm faded.
Cathy raised her mouth from his cock, licking her lips, and said throatily,
“Wow! Quite a mouthful! Do you always come so hard?”

Greg was passed out on the bed, lost in post-orgasmic ecstasy. He was
drenched in sweat, but now his cock, that had been displaying such urgent
arousal since we started, was relaxing along his wet thigh. Cathy and I had
our hands on each other’s genitals while we waited for him to recover,
rubbing each other’s wetnesses languidly.

Greg eventually opened his eyes, and Cathy suggested they do me next. I lay
down gladly, my erection, thickly swollen, dripping, and beet-red, sticking
straight up towards the roof. They repeated what Cathy and I had done on
Greg, except since Cathy couldn’t get her mouth completely around my larger
cock, she licked at its head and sucked its tip while he jacked me off. He
was using both hands on my shaft while she used her mouth; it was so
intense, after so much eroticism, that I knew I wouldn’t last long.

I could feel my hardon growing painfully swollen and my balls tightening as
the fluids surged in my groin, pooling for their impending ejaculation. I
was panting, trying to hold back, but it was no use; I felt my body
stiffening and that familiar burning-tingling radiating from my extremities
in towards my midsection, then a flash of light went off in my head and I
was coming.

My erection swelled and tightened powerfully as the first jet of semen
surged through it into Cathy’s waiting mouth, and it continued bouncing in
their hands with each subsequent orgasmic contraction. I felt the come
surging through my shaft in thick jet after thick jet; it was heaven. I
could feel that I was really giving Cathy a flood, but she handled it well,
being prepared since the signs of my impending orgasm were so clear in my
highly-aroused genitals.

I was completely lost in orgasm; I think my head was thrown back and I was
thrusting my cock forward as each powerful contraction seized my body, but I
was mostly unconscious of my surroundings, being totally possessed by the
primitive grip of primeval sexuality, the urge to shoot as much semen as I
could into Cathy. I think she was as eager to receive it as I was to
ejaculate it; as I recall her eyes were closed, and her face was twisted up
in a passionate grimace as she sucked desperately on my erection as if it
was a huge straw feeding her the most essential nutrients for her survival.

Gradually my orgasm lessened in its intensity, until only a few random weak
pulses, like afterthoughts of the storm that had surged through my groin,
gripped mildly at my erection, and then it was over. Cathy continued sucking
for a few moments as if to be sure she had gotten it all, then raised her
head and said, “Jesus! Between the two of you I feel like I drank about a
quart of come! That was great!... but now it’s MY turn!”

Cathy and I switched places, scooting her down so her ass was hanging off
the bed, her toes resting on the floor, her legs spread. there was already a
towel on the bed, but I put another under her on the floor, in case. Greg
and I both got on the floor and knelt between her legs; she put one leg over
each of our shoulders to accommodate us.

I helped Greg get two fingers inside her and showed him what she liked, then
I went to work on her clit, licking it, sucking it, and nibbling all around
the top of her slit.

We had Cathy writhing with a few moments of this, and sure enough she had
her second come of the afternoon in just a few minutes. It was a good, hard
one, not one of her big ones, but long and strong. I could feel her pussy
clenching and releasing under my mouth as she came, and I’m sure Greg was
getting an “inside view” of her orgasm. She gasped at us to keep going, so
when she recovered we started pouring it on, trying to stimulate her pussy
as excitingly as we could.

Within a few minutes she was panting again, and her skin was shiny with a
film of sweat. Her slit was drenched in her juices and my saliva, and her
legs were starting to twitch spastically. I could sense that she was going
to have one of her big ones, so I started really pouring it on, and Greg
seemed to follow suit.

She was making little desperate sighs with each outbreath, and they were
beginning to get more throaty and despairing; I knew she was close. Then she
started to make that eerie guttural moan, and I knew she was coming.

And it WAS one of her big ones; her whole body was bucking as she came, her
pussy contracting in violently strong, rhythmic pulsations; my face was
soaked, and juice was dripping down her ass onto the waiting towel as she
continued coming. It was a very hard, long orgasm, and it was intensely hot
to feel her coming so strongly under my mouth.

As it began to subside, Greg said “Damn!”. I could see he was incredibly
excited by the intensely erotic spectacle he had just witnessed, his cock
was rock-hard and dripping again; mine was too, even though I had just come;
it was such a turn-on to make Cathy come so hard.

As she came around and saw the state we were in again, she sat us both
side-by-side on the bed, knelt down on the floor, and started jerking us
both off again, one with each hand. She did it fast and hard, evidently
intending to make sure we each came again. Greg and I leaned back and let
her do us, and I suggested we try to come at the same time if we could; he
grinned assent.

In only a few minutes I felt my juices surging, and told him I was ready to
come soon. He said, “Me too”, and I started a countdown. “Ten, nine, eight,
seven...” When I hit three he started coming, and I followed suit at “one”.
Neither of us came as hard as we had previously of course, but it felt
great, coming with Cathy’s hand on my hardon, and we each shot respectable
loads that jetted several inches in the air before falling back on our
erections and Cathy’s hands.

She kept up her stroking until we were completely finished, hoping to extend
our orgasms as much as she could. We all three then sat back with satisfied
grins on our faces, and chatted languidly about our orgy.

“Man, that was incredible! Cathy, that was so cool having you do all that
stuff, both of you, I never came so hard! And in your mouth, too! Damn!”
“That was hot” I agreed,”it’s amazing getting done by two people.” “I really
liked getting both of you to come in my mouth” added Cathy, “It was great
getting to feel two big ones coming, and getting to drink them, one right
after the other- You guys must have fed me a quart of come! It made me so
hot I almost came while I was doing you- but then you guys took care of that
very nicely when you did me!” Greg looked at me and said, “it was cool to do
you with Cathy- it takes two people to do you well, you’re cock is so big!”
“Yeah, that was really good,” agreed Cathy, “but I was really glad to get
to do one I could actually fit in my mouth... I felt like I could do a
better job” Greg grinned, adding “Damn, that was just incredible! The
feeling of my dick in your mouth... Damn!”

We cleaned up ourselves and the room, and went downstairs for a soda.
Eventually Greg left, and we continued with our afternoon with a very
satisfied ease.


Summer was drawing to a close, and for reasons having to do with our
Mother’s situation it was decided that Cathy should spend at least the fall
here with us, and perhaps the winter too, and maybe on indefinitely.

I was of course overjoyed to hear the news when Dad told us; my sex life
had become the central focus of my life, and of course Cathy WAS my sex
life. The remainder of the summer had continued on along the lines I have
described; Greg became an occasional associate in out activities, but with
his much busier schedule than ours, we were on our own most days; but of
course we managed to rise to the occasion without him, and continued to
singlemindedly explore ways of helping each other come harder.

With our new school schedule and homework and all, our daily sessions
diminished to usually a quickie most days, with a thorough extended session
a couple of times a week. For example, one morning before school Cathy heard
me peeing in the bathroom, and she came in and held my cock while I
finished, squeezing out the last few drops of urine; of course I was hard by
then, so she jacked me off quickly standing there over the toilet, which
caught my spurting load when I came; we then hurried down to breakfast, only
a couple of minutes behind schedule.

Our father was a little more vigilant over our evening activities than he
had been during the summer, trying to make sure we were on top of our
homework and all, but we discovered that Cathy could use a lot of “help with
her homework”; so I would go into her room and sit right next to her at her
desk as if we were in consultation; but of course our hands were otherwise
engaged. Since we were in the appropriate position to appear be doing our
supposed activity, we just had to move our hands if we heard the door
opening, and all looked fine if Dad checked in on us. Of course we had to be
careful to have nothing showing that couldn’t be quickly concealed;
fortunately her desk didn’t have a center drawer over its footwell, so there
was plenty of height under the top to tuck my exposed erection into in a

Usually we were pretty lucky and he didn’t check on us at the wrong time,
but once I was just about to come when we heard the door opening. Cathy new
I was just coming, but skillfully aimed my erection into the footwell as we
leaned forward up against the desk hiding it, and she even continued to jack
me off as I came on the floor while he talked to us.

Then several times a week we found time for a full length sex session,
getting to spend an hour or two making each other as hot as possible,
resulting in our mutually-explosive orgasms. Dad had a regular meeting every
Thursday night, and we were at it right after dinner once he left. He was
gone for about three hours, so there was plenty of time for whatever we
wanted to do, no matter how involved.

By now we had a very full repertoire of ways of making each other come;
nothing was taboo between us, we tried out whatever we could think of. Only
one act was forbidden, and that was putting my dick inside her pussy. We
talked about it at times, but we both knew that that was more than we dared
handle; if she should get pregnant by her brother, there would be hell to

Then one day a friend of mine was showing off how he had a bunch of rubbers;
a lightbulb went off in my head, and I got him to sell me a few. That night
while I “helped Cathy with her homework”, and we each helped the other come,
I told her about what I’d gotten, and asked her if she thought it would be
ok to try it out using one. She responded, “I don’t know... Do you think
it’d be safe? I guess those things are supposed to work pretty good... God,
I’d love to try, if only we could be sure that it would be safe.”

That was wednesday. The next evening was Thursday, and she agreed to try out
the rubber then.

As soon as our father walked out the front door we both ran up the stairs,
into my room, and ripped our clothes off. I was already hard as a rock in
anticipation of what we planned to do, and Cathy seemed excited too, and a
bit nervous. As we looked at the rubber and took it out of its package, she
was chattering nervously “It’s supposed to hurt a bit on the first time...
and you’re so big! I hope it works ok... I can’t wait to feel you coming
inside me!”

We got it unwrapped and I worked at getting it on my erection. It just
unrolled over it- it was quite tight; I wondered if they made larger ones;
but finally I got it on ok. It only covered the first two-thirds of my
hardon, but I imagined that would be ok, I was doubtful if more than that
would fit inside her. I was extremely excited; my erection was swollen
fully, stretching the condom wrapped around it very tightly. It looked
bigger than ever with the shiny stretched condom sheathing it.

Cathy lay back on the bed with her legs spread, and I knelt in between them,
and pushed my hardon towards her pussy. She grasped its shaft and guided it
to where it belonged; neither of us knew what to expect, so we were moving
slowly and tentatively.

My cockhead came up against the mouth of her cunt, and we slowly pushed to
try to get it to enter her; but it wouldn’t go in other than a tiny bit. We
tried several more pushes, but without much better results. “Just a sec...”
Cathy said, and reached for the jar of vaseline that we kept in my bedside
table. We used a bit of it occasionally when we jacked each other off; the
slippery feeling was great sometimes. She scooped out a generous dab of the
stuff and reached down, putting it on herself around her hole. “Try now”,
she directed.

I pushed my cock again against her cunt, and felt it slip in slightly. Cathy
gasped, and said “Wait... let me relax...”. In a moment she said “Ok”, so I
pushed again. A little bit more squeezed into her. She said, “Again!”
Another push got a little bit more in her. I could feel my whole cockhead
inside her tight pussy. It felt like heaven, her very tight cunt squeezing
firmly all around my swollen cockhead: the whole experience was so exciting,
I was close to coming.

“Oh!”, she muttered; I asked her if she was ok, and she said it kind of hurt
a little, but felt strange and incredible; she thought she’d really like it
once she got used to it. I told her how incredible it felt to me, and that I
was close to coming. We agreed to wait like we were a minute so I wouldn’t
come and she could relax and get used to it.

We lay like that, the head of my rock-hard erection throbbing in her pussy,
for a minute, and then she said, “Try a little more.” I pushed firmly but
gently, and another inch slid into her, a bit more easily now that I had
gotten the opening stretched out a bit. “Oh my...” she said as she felt my
size sliding into her. “You’re so big! I feel very stretched out... it feels
amazing!” She was getting a wild, dazed look in her eyes. “Try a little more
now.” Again I pushed gently, and another inch and a half or so slid into her
stretched cunt. “Oh!” she said now, a bit more urgently. Again I asked if
she was ok. “Oh, yes! It feels intense, but it’s so hot to feel so filled up
and stretched out... I think I’m going to be ok doing this...” She added,
“Don’t give me any more yet... Why don’t you try moving it in and out a

I gently experimented pulling it out a bit and back in. It slid in and out
of her tightly gripping cunt smoothly, but stiffly, it was being squeezed so
tightly. The vaseline helped a lot, and I think she was getting wet too.
“Oh! Keep going... gently, gently...” I repeated pumping it slowly in and
out an inch or so; but again I felt an orgasm building under the exquisite
sensations of being inside her, having my hardon rubbed by her firmly
gripping cunt; I told her, “I’m almost coming...” She said, “wait then...”,
but it was too late. I felt my orgasm surging up, then my body gripped in
the contractions of ejaculation as I came inside her. I must have
unconsciously pushed my hardon much further inside her as I came, for she
cried out, “Oh! Too much! Too much!” Then as she felt an erection throbbing
in orgasm inside her for the first time, shooting jet after jet of warm
semen into her cunt, she moaned victoriously, “Ahh... Ahh... Ah!”

As my orgasm subsided I collapsed down onto her; after I recovered myself,
we carefully pulled my deflating cock out. I asked her if she was ok, or if
I had hurt her. “Well, it’s a little sore now, but it was amazing feeling
you coming inside- I think I’m going to like this a lot! Even though it hurt
a bit, I almost came when I felt you come inside me!” I asked her if she’d
like a “kiss” now, and she answered, “Oh, yes!... just stay away from where
I’m sore.”

I shifted myself down between her spread legs, and started licking around
her clit; she gasped immediately, and in only a few minutes she started
coming. It was a hard come, not one of her “big ones”, but almost; her
entire body shook with the spasms of her orgasmic contractions as her pussy
tightened repeatedly under my mouth.

When it was over, we talked excitedly about this new phase of our sexual
experiments with each other. She suggested I get a lot more rubbers, and
we’d work on getting as good at this as we were our other techniques. She
speculated that she was going to have huge orgasms doing it, since it felt
so fulfilling to be filled up by my big cock. We chatted on enthusiastically
as we cleaned ourselves up, removed the towel I had put under us in case,
and straightened the bed, hiding all evidence of our taboo activities from
our father, in case he should look in later; we each then went to do our
homework like responsible teenage siblings should.


The next day after school I arranged with our ride that I would be a few
minutes later than usual, and I stopped in at the drugstore down the block
from our highschool. I was very nervous, but, screwing up my courage, I
mustered the nerve to ask for a big box of large sized condoms. I didn’t
know if they made them in different sizes, but I figured I’d ask in case
they did. The clerk asked me if the particular brand they carried was
alright, and I ended up carrying two twelve-packs of large sized rubbers
discreetly hidden in a bag as I hurried back to meet my ride home.

When I got home I showed my prize to Cathy; her eyes lit up, and she smiled
happily. “I bet we’ll be pretty good at it by the time we need more,” she

This was friday, and we didn’t necessarily have to do homework on fridays,
so our dad was pretty loose about checking up on us in the evening. My
sister and I were watching a movie on tv, when Dad poked his head in the
door and announced he was turning in, wishing us goodnight. We waited about
twenty minutes, when Cathy demanded, a twinkle in her eye, “Alright! Get
them out! I think we ought to see how they fit, don’t you?” I grinned and
led the way to my room, where I had the rubbers concealed in my dresser
under my shirts.

We closed my bedroom door, and Cathy worked at getting one out of the box
and taking it out of its wrapper, while I took my pants off. She sat on the
bed while I stood facing her. I was already getting hard. “We better make it
as big as we can, to make sure they fit ok” she teased, starting her
squeezing strokes on my erection, forcing blood into its head, swelling it
to its maximum size.

After a few minutes of this she stopped, admiring her handiwork, and said,
“That’s about as big as I’ve ever seen it!” My hardon was hard as a rock,
swollen a dark red, projecting out from my midsection like a log. Cathy took
the condom and fitted it to the tip of my erection, and started to unroll
it. “How’s that feel?” she asked. It unrolled onto my thick shaft evenly,
still quite tight, but not as constricting as the one we had used the other
day. “Pretty good”, I answered, “It seems to fit better than the last one,
but it’s still tight.” “That’s because you’re so big!” she observed proudly.

“I want to make you come in it, and see how it works.” She started to jack
me off, exploring how the rubber moved with the skin on my shaft as she slid
her hand up and down it. For some reason it was very exciting watching my
hardon enclosed in its smooth, shiny covering being done; the rubber made my
erection look so glassy, the veins and the thick projection of the rim of
its head smoothed out a bit, so it looked like a big sausage than usual.

after a few minutes of this Cathy reached down between her legs and started
to masturbate herself while she did me. Her hand on my cock felt strange
through the stretched skin covering it, exciting in its difference from what
I was used to, and I could feel my juices flowing as I became more aroused.
She noticed the little tip of the rubber beginning to fill up from my
creaming, and she stopped a minute to squeeze it with her fingers, watching
it squish around inside.

I was getting very hot, and announced that I was going to come soon; instead
of pausing like she usually would to draw it out, she kept going, slowing
down a little, saying, “I can’t wait to see how much you can fill this thing
up when you come... and.. I THINK I’m going to... come too...”

She was breathing hard, her eyes drifting down to little slits as she
approached orgasm, and seeing her arousal sent me over the top; I felt my
swollen cock, hot and burning from the friction of her hand, seized by the
powerful, rhythmic contractions of orgasm, forcing stream after stream of
semen into the condom. We watched its tip bulge more and more, a large
bubble white from its come filling, growing around my cockhead, drooping
towards the floor under its own weight as it got fuller and fuller with each
spurt of my forceful ejaculation.

Cathy sighed and started coming too just as my orgasm started to diminish,
and I watched her angelic face as she came: flushed cheeks, eyes closed; her
mouth open, softly sighing “ooh.. ooh...” on each panting outbreath; a look
of delicious desperation on her features, as wave after wave of orgasm
washed through her body.

She came for a long time; it looked not so strong, but unusually long.
Finally she came to herself and opened her eyes, looking eagerly for the
results of our experiment at filling a condom with come. “Wow... pretty
good!” she said as she saw the large, white rubber bulb filled with semen
drooping from the end of my softening dick. She reached out and felt the
come-bubble, squeezing it and squishing it between her fingers, watching how
the come moved and flowed as she squeezed its container. “Seems to hold it
in ok... I guess it’ll do its job ok... I’m glad, ‘cause I really want to
have you come inside me again, and this time I’m going to come too!”

Saturday mornings were one of our regular sex times; we slept in, and Dad
usually went out for the morning, so as soon as he left we usually got
together in one of our rooms and did it. We both understood that this
saturday we’d try to fuck again, and as soon as we heard Dad leaving Cathy
showed up at my bedroom door dressed only in her nightie. I already had the
condoms and vaseline out on my nightstand, and my erection was fully hard in
anticipation, projecting out proudly from beneath my pajama tops.

Cathy eagerly hopped up on the bed while I opened one of the rubbers, and
she applied vaseline between her legs while I unrolled it over my swollen
shaft. She directed me to lie on my back, saying she wanted to try it in
another position, to see how that was; she thought that if she was on top,
she could maybe have a little more control, to minimize her discomfort and
maximize her arousal.

She got up on her knees straddling me, but I was sticking up so high she had
to point it down a bit to fit it between her legs. She guided it to her
slit, and started to lean down on it, forcing it into her pussy.

Like last time, she got my cockhead inside and paused, breathing hard,
becoming accustomed to having her privates so assaulted by my size. After a
minute or so she moved her butt around a bit, shifting the angle that I was
entering her from slightly, exploring how it felt. I asked her if she was ok
and she said yes, much better than last time. She leaned on it harder, and
another inch or so went in her. again she paused, but for just a moment,
before slowly pulling up an inch, then back down, this time letting a tiny
bit more of my thick shaft enter her. She repeated this six or seven more
times, withdrawing my cock a bit, then pushing it back in slightly farther,
then rested again.

She was breathing hard, her eyes closed and her face looking very
concentrated as she explored the new sensations in her genitals. As we lay
there she moved her ass very slightly back and forth, slowly, in a steady
rhythm. It felt incredible; I was about halfway into her, and as she swayed
back and forth her cunt gave an exquisite, subtle massage to my hardon.
“You’ll make me come if you keep that up for a while”, I said; “Me, too” she
replied breathily. “Is it ok when I’m in you that far?” “Yeah, once I
relaxed... and feeling your big dick filling me is definitely going to make
me come, too!”

She started slowly moving up and down on me, so I would pull out of her a
little bit and then back in the same amount. She was moving carefully,
cautiously exploring what she could do without hurting herself; even though
my cock was squeezing tightly within her pussy, the vaseline and the
slickness of the rubber allowed it to slide smoothly in her, and she very
gradually let more and more of it into her as she pushed down.

It felt incredible having my erection sliding in and out of her very warm,
squeezing pussy. I was on the edge of coming and told her so; she answered
“Me too” through her heavy breathing, and she stopped her movements, and let
herself down to lie on me.

We embraced, allowing our immanent orgasms to recede a bit, for several
minutes; even lying there without moving felt amazing. I had about
three-quarters of my length inside her. The sensation I noticed most was how
hot she was inside; it felt like my hardon was being squeezed in a tight,
wet oven. It was incredibly arousing, even not moving; the urge to come grew
less very slowly; if she had moved even a quarter inch I’m sure I would have
filled her with come.

Finally she sat up on me, holding herself up on her arms, and looked in my
eyes. She was flushed, her face was puffy as if she’d been asleep, and her
face was shiny with a light film of sweat, but her breath, though still
quite strong, was a little steadier. “How’re you doing?” she asked, her
voice warm and thick. I told her how good it felt, and that I was still
close to coming just from being in her, but was a bit more in control. “Me,
too... God, feeling so filled up is so hot, I could just lie here and come
and come and come...”

I asked her if we could fit any more in, and she replied that I was hitting
the back of her pussy now, just perfectly, and if we pushed any more it
would hurt. I was about three-quarters of the way into her, so that was
that. She started moving slowly up and down again; feeling it out,
exploring, she found a rhythm where she pulled out a little slower, paused a
minute, then slid it in a little faster and harder, pausing again. Once she
settled on this she kept it up very steadily, without wavering.

We were both involuntarily moaning “Oh!” under our breath on each
downstroke; I was completely possessed by the sensations I was feeling;
wrapped up in a cloud of pleasure, feeling her hot body against mine, her
hotter pussy enveloping my hardon and jacking it off, my rising orgasm about
to engulf me entirely, all mixed together in a stew of ecstasy.

Suddenly she started loudly, desperately calling, “Oh... Oh... Oh... Oh...”,
and I knew she was coming. I couldn’t feel it on my cock, it was
experiencing so many new sensations I couldn’t distinguish them; but I could
feel myself starting to come with her.

I was gripped by that familiar paralysis as my body grew stiff, and felt my
cock grow even harder and start to pulsate as it shot jet after jet of come
deep into Cathy. She felt it, for her voice lost some of its desperation,
and she started calling “Ah... Ah...” joyfully, as she felt me coming deep
inside her as her own orgasm diminished.

As the throbbing in our genitals finally subsided she lay forward on me, and
for a long time we let go of everything, relaxing and floating in the warmth
of each other, just being. I don’t think I fell asleep, but my mind went to
that dreamy place that isn’t awake, but isn’t quite asleep, either.

After a long time I was roused from my reverie by Cathy stirring. She
shifted herself up onto one elbow and looked at me, happily, finally saying
“Hi” in a thick voice. I said “Hi” back, and we smiled at each other, proud
of our performance, and contented to be with each other so intimately,
totally satisfied in the warm glow of completion.


The next week went pretty much like the previous one did; we managed to come
together almost every day, and once we were able to do it with me inside her
again. It was great, I felt like there were no barriers to out sexual
expression; we could do whatever we wanted to; we just had to be careful not
to get caught.

Then the following Monday afternoon after school we were having a snack,
when Cathy started talking. “I don’t know if you noticed that blonde girl
I’ve been hanging around with at school- she’s in my homeroom, and we have
math together- Her name’s Lynn, and she’s real nice, I like her a lot. She’s
a new girl too, she doesn’t know anyone either.”

“We’ve been talking quite a lot, really getting to know each other; and
today we started talking about sex. We admitted to each other that we liked
to masturbate, and she hinted that she used to have girlfriends that she
messed around with; I hinted that I did too. I didn’t tell her about you.
Well, I invited her to come over wednesday after school, and fool around. If
I can get her into us doing each other, I thought maybe you’d want to watch,
like I did with you and Greg- It’s really hot to watch two people doing it
when one of them knows and the other doesn’t! I’m not sure what she’ll do,
but she seems pretty cool, so I’m hoping she’ll get into it- I’d like
that!”She looked up at me with a twinkle in her eyes; “There’s something
about getting done by another girl that’s hot!” Of course I thought that
would be great, so we planned to do it very much like we did with Greg & I.

Wednesday came, and as arranged Cathy delayed their arrival home from school
so I could hide in the spare room closet as she had before, with the closet
door standing slightly opened so I would have a good view of whatever
happened. I heard the back door slam as they arrived, and after a few
minutes I saw them enter the room; Cathy closed and locked the door behind

Lynn was a cute girl- she looked to be maybe a little older than Cathy,
certainly a little more developed; she had a prominent bust, slim waist, and
nicely rounded rear. I was hopeful that Cathy would be able to get her to
take her clothes off, I’d love to see more of her. She had straight blonde
hair, that she wore down to her shoulders, and a cute face.

As they entered they were making small talk. Cathy was introducing sexual
innuendoes in their conversation, and Lynn was beginning to get that
focussed look that indicates sexual anticipation. As Cathy locked the door,
she said, “Just so noone can come in on us... whatever we’re doing.” “It
feels good to be in complete privacy with a girlfriend; you can really
relax, you know? You don’t need to worry about what other people might think
about you, you can do whatever you want together...”

Cathy sat on the edge of the bed, and asked Lynn to tell her about what she
liked to do with her girlfriend when they were alone together. Lynn sat down
on the same side of the bed a ways from Cathy, swiveled to partially face
her. “Well, you know, we used to talk and stuff... and we used to show each
other stuff we discovered, you know, about sex...”

“What kinds of stuff?”, asked Cathy innocently, but with an undertone of
lust in her voice, to encourage Lynn to go farther. (I was hard now with the
turn the conversation was taking, and I carefully opened my pants and
started slowly stroking my hand along my shaft.)

“You know, things we discovered, about how to rub ourselves and
everything...” Lynn was clearly a little shy about completely opening up to
her new friend, probably unsure about how Cathy would react to any more
frank admissions of sexual involvement with another girl, but the gleam in
her eyes told that she was clearly eager to keep going in this direction.

Cathy leaned back on the bed resting on her elbows, and said, “Did you ever
do it together? Did you rub each other?” She said it in a tone of voice that
left no doubt she wouldn’t disapprove of an affirmative answer to her
question. “Uh-huh. How about you? Did you ever?” Cathy laughed; “Oh yeah, a
lot! I had a friend who showed me how to do it, and after that we used to do
it a lot with each other; we always did each other, it felt so much better!”

Lynn’s face brightened noticeably at Cathy’s admission, clearly relieved
that her new friend wasn’t going to judge her for her taboo violations.
“Yeah, we did too! She was a real nasty girl, she got us to do it all the
time... but I liked it a lot!”

Cathy asked her, “Tell me about your friend”. Lynn related how she had known
this girl for years; then when she was thirteen and the other girl was
fourteen, the older girl had asked her if she ever fingered herself, and at
Lynn’s relative naiveté, the girl had talked her into letting her show Lynn
what she meant; then she’d done her right then, making her come for the
first time.

“It felt so good, I let her do me whenever she wanted... and I started doing
it to her too. She was real nasty; she liked to do it in public, but so
noone could see of course, and do it lots of times; sometimes we would do it
all afternoon. She figured out all different ways to do it; she would try
anything!” Lynn was relaxed now, her story spilling easily from her lips.

“Have you ever ‘been’ with a boy?, asked Cathy. “No, I mean I’ve been
kissed... you know... But not really.” “Have you ever seen a boys thing?”
“No... Have you?“

Cathy laughed. “Yes... I have.” “Wow, cool! What have you done?”

Cathy didn’t answer, but instead asked Lynn, “All this talk is making me
kinda hot... Do you mind if I take off my panties?” As she spoke, she
reached up her skirt, grabbing their waistband. Then she hesitated, waiting
for her friend’s permission. Lynn’s face was glowing with interest, and she
answered, “No, I don’t mind... Do you mind if I take off mine too?”

Cathy slipped her panties down and tossed them on the floor, while Lynn
stood up; she had jeans on, and removed them, following them with her
panties, revealing a cute, puffy pussy ringed with soft, blond curls; then,
wearing only her blouse, she sat back down. (I was close to coming at the
sexiness of these girl’s intent; I had to stop stroking my hardon and cool
down when I caught sight of Lynn’s pussy, or I would have come right then in
anticipation of what would be coming.)

Leaning back on one elbow, Lynn started idly stroking and pulling on her
pussy hair while she watched Cathy. Cathy spread her legs wide and began
slowly sliding her finger around her slit, tracing her lips. “Can I watch?”,
asked Lynn, as she shifted her position so that her face was near Cathy’s
knee. She watched the darker girl teasing herself in silence for several
minutes. Both girls were breathing noticeably heavier now; Cathy’s slit was
spreading open in her arousal, her inner lips and the hood of her clit
projecting well out from her lips with her arousal. Lynn had continued to
tease herself, but the way she was lying I couldn’t see it directly.

“Can I feel you?”, asked Lynn, and as Cathy took her hand away in assent she
reached out her own hand and stroked Cathy’s inner lips, tweaking her clit.
Cathy sighed under the welcome touch of another hand, spreading her legs
farther and pushing her pussy forward a bit.

“Tell me about what you’ve done with a boy”, urged Lynn.

Cathy began a throaty narration about how she had this “friend”; and how she
had accidentally seen his erection, and that had led to watching each other
masturbate, then doing it to each other. “Did you ever use your mouth?”
“I’ve done everything.”. Cathy was breathing hard now, her face flushed, and
her eyes drifting closed as her new friend did her.

“Wow! What’s it like having someone do it in your mouth?” Cathy answered,
her talking labored by the expert stimulation that was being lavished on her
pussy; Lynn had several fingers rubbing inside her, and was rubbing up and
down inside her inner lips as well. “Oh, its amazing... he’s so big that
it’s hard to fit him in my mouth; and when he squirts, it’s... like... -
Oh... oh... oh!”

Cathy’s description was cut short as she started to come; Lynn focussed
intently as she expertly worked her, milking the most she could out of her

Cathy came a long time; I could see that girls really could do each other
better. I almost came too, watching how Cathy kept coming and coming, but I
wasn’t touching my erection, which throbbed and dripped a steady stream of
cream; if I had, it would’ve been all over; as it was, I barely held on.

After she recovered for a few moments, Cathy sat up and reached for Lynn’s
crotch, saying, “Ok, now it’s YOUR turn!”

As she started in on her, she continued her description where she had left
off. “When he comes in my mouth, it’s just incredible!. First of all, it
shoots out really hard, it used to choke me at first before I learned how to
do it. Then, there’s so much of it- I don’t know if he’s unusual, or maybe
it’s because he’s so big, but it’s like drinking a small milkshake!” “What’s
it taste like? Is it gross?” Lynn asked, her speech now throaty with sexual
stimulation, like Cathy’s had been, as she was getting done.

“It tastes kinda salty, I don’t know, I kind of like it- in fact, I like it
more and more; its so much fun, he comes so hard when I do him with my
mouth, that getting to drink it’s a real treat!” Then she changed the
subject, and said “I like your pussy; it’s puffier than mine, and your clit
is much bigger! Are you close?”

Lynn sighed yes, that she was trying to hold back to make it last, but it
was hard with what Cathy was doing to her. I was about to come again, and
knew I would as soon as I saw Lynn climax.

Then Cathy suddenly leaned forward and started sucking on Lynn’s clit! Lynn
let out a groan, and I could see she started coming. It was hard to watch,
for my orgasm hit at the same time; my cock jumped and spurted, as jet after
jet of come arced out onto the floor.

When my orgasm started to subside, I could see that Lynn was still coming,
but she was clearly running down. Several more shudders wracked through her
body, and she sighed as she stopped. “That was great... you surprised me!”
“I couldn’t resist after all that talk about swallowing come... I hope you
don’t mind.” Cathy’s mouth and chin were shiny with Lynn’s fluids, and
Lynn’s blond bush was matted down with sweat, saliva, and cunt-juice.

Both girls layed back and chatted softly with each other, their conversation
roaming farther afield now that they were both satisfied. Lynn was saying,
“It turns me on thinking about your friend with the big thing...Is he nice?
Do you think I might get to see it sometime, or are you ‘with’ him? God, I’d
love to see a nice boy, and get to do it with him... Most boys are such a
pain! It’s much more trouble than it’s worth dealing with them!”

Cathy laughed, and said “No way, I’m not ‘with’ him, I mean, we just fool
around... Listen, if I tell you something, do you SWEAR that you’ll NEVER
tell a soul? I mean it, if this ever gets out, it would be REALLY bad...”
Lynn, very attentive now, said “Yeah, sure, I won’t tell anyone. After
today, we have a secret already- I wouldn’t want anyone to find out about
what we’ve been doing!”

“Ok... but I really mean it... anyway, the guy I was telling you about- he’s
my brother.”

Lynn looked wide-eyed, thinking about her revelation, then blurted, “Wow!
That’s cool! I thought my friend was nasty, but you’re doing it with your
own brother! I didn’t know you had a brother- does he live here?”

Cathy told her a little more about me, and as they talked she said she would
talk to me about it, and maybe I’d agree to it, and Lynn might get her wish.
But Cathy reiterated that she couldn’t ever tell a soul.

Eventually the girls put themselves back together, and Lynn went home. When
I heard the door close, I waited a few more minutes, and then came out.
Cathy was just coming upstairs to find me. She looked at me coyly, and said,
“She was hot! She was really good- She really knew how to do me. How was it
for you? Isn’t it fun watching?”

“God- it was hot watching you girls do each other! I was almost coming the
entire time, and when you finally made Lynn come I couldn’t hold back any
longer, and soaked the floor of the closet... And hey! You told her about
me; do you think that’s wise?”

Cathy reassured me that she had a good feeling about Lynn, she’d been
getting to know her, and really trusted her. “Well, what about her request?
How do you feel about giving her a ‘private audience’ with your big thing?”

I told her I thought it would be hot to do it with her. Cathy piped in
brightly “Hey! I know what... I’ll give her a lesson in how to do a boy, and
we’ll use you to demonstrate on! How’d you like that?”

We agreed that Cathy would try and set it up with her, and see if she liked
that idea.


Cathy told me after school the next day that she’d talked to Lynn about her
idea. She’d been very interested, but was a bit reticent; Cathy pointed me
out to her at lunch, and Lynn had agreed, succumbing to Cathy’s urging and
reassurances. We had agreed to try it tomorrow after school; we should have
a good two hours before our father got home from work.

I was very excited at the prospect of revealing myself to Lynn, and letting
her see and touch the most personal portions of my anatomy; I was also
strangely apprehensive about it, almost shy; Cathy had first seen my
erection by accident, and Greg was another boy- but here was a girl, who was
knowingly planning a liaison with me, and Cathy, for the purpose of seeing
my hardon; it was so nasty, the prospect of this girl who I’d never met
wanting to do me... I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, it was almost
dangerous somehow...

So I was a little nervous as I arrived home from school; and there at the
kitchen table sat Cathy and this other girl. (I should explain, Cathy got
out of school an hour before me, and usually got her own ride home.) Cathy
said “This is Lynn. Although I should let you know that I told her how were
watching us on Wednesday, so you already kind of know who she is.” She was
smirking as she revealed her indiscretion.

I blushed as I said “Hi” to Lynn, and noticed she was blushing too. She
looked very cute, with an embarrassed smile playing about her lips, looking
into my eyes and then letting her gaze fall, obviously torn between interest
and shame. I sat down and we chatted a few minutes. I felt Lynn relaxing
with me a bit, and I found it somehow reassuring that she knew I had seen
her “compromised”; it somehow leveled the playing field in light of what was
planned for this afternoon.

After a little while Cathy said, “Let’s go upstairs.”, and got up eagerly.
Lynn and I got up too, maybe a little less enthusiastically; it felt a
little funny for each of us to be in this arranged situation. Cathy led the
way up to the spare room, and I brought up the rear. It was arousing
watching Lynn walk up the stairs in front of me- her butt swayed cutely as
she mounted the stairs.

We entered the room, and Cathy closed and locked the door, then turned to
Lynn and said “Come and sit over here on the bed with me.” Cathy motioned
for me to come stand in front of them, and said “Well, o.k., take it out,
we’re waiting.”

I was almost dizzy with lust and shyness at the nastiness of the situation.
In a daze, I felt my hands go to my belt, open the buckle, unsnap my jeans,
and slide them down my legs. I was already fairly hard, and as I took off my
pants I felt a surge of excitement that made my erection burst to full

Lynn’s eyes bugged at the swell in my underwear; it was pointing off to the
left, stretching my briefs well beyond my hips, the rounded knob of its head
pushing out like a fist inside my skivs. Lynn’s expression revealed the
tense, eager attention of arousal now, her earlier shyness having been
evaporated by the heat of the excitement of the scene she was witnessing.
Cathy was saying, “Look how he can stretch out a pair of underwear! Now,
let’s see the real thing!”

She reached out both her hands, grabbed the waistband of my underwear at
either side of my hips, and began to slowly pull it down. She mimicked
stripper music as she did it, singing “Da-dum... da-da-dum...”. She pulled
them down very slowly, revealing first the tuft of my curled pubic hair,
then slowly, inch by inch, my shaft came into view, as it was pointed
downward by the pressure of the waistband pulling it down.

Both girls attention was fully on my hardon as it came into view; finally,
my underwear at mid-thigh, its head was released, and my erection sprang up,
bouncing slightly, pointing right at the girl’s faces, a few inches from
their mouths.

“Wow!” The word escaped involuntarily from Lynn’s mouth as she saw her first
erection. Cathy reached out and grasped its base with her thumb and
forefingers, and moved it around, so they could see it from several angles.
They were talking with each other; “Pretty amazing, huh? I couldn’t believe
how big it was when I first saw it.” “That’s supposed to fit inside a girl?”
“Well, if you think about it, a baby comes out through it, so this is small
by comparison.” “You call that small!”

Cathy began sliding the skin of my shaft towards its tip, pulling it until
it was bunching around the rim of its head. They commented about how loose
the skin was. She slid her hand back down the shaft, then up and down
several times. “This is how boys do it; If I kept this up for a few minutes,
we’d have him coming.” Lynn asked how much come comes out of it, and Cathy
answered, “A lot! Wait’ll you see!”

Cathy asked her friend, “Do you want to feel it?” Cathy let go of it, and
Lynn reached out one of her hands, and tentatively felt it with her
fingertips, squeezing it lightly, exploring its consistency. She lightly
skimmed her fingertips along its length, and felt around its bulbous head,
feeling the softness of the skin, and the long slit of its hole; she then
explored the head’s prominent rim, tracing its circumference all the way

The touch of her inexperienced hand on my erection was like fire; something
about her unsureness of what to do with it was incredibly arousing. It was
rock-hard, throbbing gently with my pulse, its skin shiny from being
stretched so tight by my arousal. I sighed involuntarily; taking the sound
for encouragement, she grasped the shaft in her hand and slid its skin up
and down. Her hand only reached two-thirds of the way around its thick

“That’s it, up and down... I want to see you make him come! Wait’ll you see!
But not too fast, he’ll come too soon.” directed Cathy. She reached down
into Lynn’s lap, asking her “Can I do you while you do him? It’s so hot!”
Taking her non-resistance as permission, Cathy slipped her hand into the
waistband of her friend’s loose pants, and I could see her moving regularly
down there.

A drop of cream was building on the tip of my dick; Cathy reached out and
caught it on her finger, demonstrating its sticky and slippery consistency
to her friend; she pulled her hand up, drawing it out into a long filament,
which hung drooping, then broke and dripped towards the floor. Cathy picked
up one of the towels we had put by the bed and spread it on the floor
beneath where I was standing, saying “We’re going to need this!”

At Cathy’s urging Lynn reached her other hand, and used her index finger to
spread more cream out over my cockhead; I sighed again at the slick rubbing
on my most sensitive area. Cathy told her to keep rubbing it for a while,
saying it would drive me crazy.

Lynn was getting that glazed look in her eyes indicating that Cathy was
doing a good job on her, as she continued to do me. Suddenly she sighed,
“Oh!”, and I knew she was coming. Her jacking became unsteady on my erection
as she came; She was panting, her face flushed; Cathy continued to work her,
drawing out her orgasm as best she could. It was nice and long; evidently
Lynn found our scene as arousing as we did. She stopped jacking me off as
her orgasm subsided, holding my cock as she recovered herself.

After a moment she resumed on me. I was close myself, and watching her come
almost pushed me over the edge; but I held on, wanting to prolong this nasty
session as long as possible. “Do you want another one?” Cathy asked her,
resuming her movements in Lynn’s pants, and taking her silence for
permission, she continued to do her.

I was on fire; Lynn’s steady jacking was milking a flowing stream of cream
from my cock, which trailed in a ribbon to the towel below, swaying gently
with each stroke of her hands on my shaft. I felt my legs threatening to
buckle, as I felt a huge orgasm steadily approaching. That amazing feeling
when all the fluids begin pooling in my balls and prostate was building, and
the skin in my hands and feet was starting to tingle; I felt the tingling
grow and spread to my entire arms and legs, building in as a fire towards my
midsection; my body was growing rigid, and I felt my balls tighten as my
erection swelled even further; a bright light suddenly went off in my head,
and I came.

Lynn watched intently as my hardon started bouncing as I came. The first jet
of semen shot from my cock, landing on the sofa next to her, followed by
another and another. My erection jumped an inch as it was seized by each
powerful contraction, and another rope of come followed the last. It was a
good one; I kept coming and coming, until finally the spurts of come settled
down into a pulsing flow that ran down my cockhead and over her hand,
dripping to the floor.

Cathy was pouring it on doing Lynn as I came, judging by the motions in her
pants; and a few moments after my orgasm subsided, Lynn’s eyes drifted
closed and she sighed thickly with each outbreath as she came again. She
grabbed Cathy’s hand and ground it into her crotch while she came, finally
releasing it as the waves of orgasm diminished, releasing her to normal

I slumped down on the sofa next to them as Cathy wiped up the sofa where I
came. “You missed the towel!” she giggled, then tossed the wet cloth onto
the other one on the floor.

“Well, what did you think of that?” asked Cathy, as Lynn recovered from her
ecstasy. They talked about how amazing it was watching me come, and Cathy
complimented Lynn on doing a good job on me.

I then got up, knelt on the floor in front of Cathy, and said, “Now it’s
your turn!” I pulled up her short skirt, and slid her cute panties down her
nicely trim legs and off her feet. She opened her thighs obligingly, and
Lynn and I moved our hands into her crotch. Her slit was swollen and quite
wet, her puffy clit projecting out prominently from the top of her inner
lips, her thick labia pouting in arousal. “You take the top, I’ll work on
her inside...” I suggested, and slowly slid my index and middle finger into
her dripping pussy as Lynn began to work on her clit.

Cathy sighed as she felt us start to work on her, lying back on the sofa,
breathing deeply, her eyes closed. She came almost right away, no doubt
excited from doing Lynn and watching her do me. She cried out as she started
coming, and I could tell it was one of her big ones; a fountain of juice
spurted out of her slit as the first contraction hit her, all over my face
and running down her ass. Her pussy clamped down hard on my fingers
spastically as she came, again and again, and Lynn rubbed her clit fast
until the waves of orgasm that gripped her whole body over and over

“Wow!” blurted Lynn as she surveyed the aftermath of her orgasm, “You really
get wet!” I explained how when she had one of her big ones she actually shot
off come like a boy does. “Wow” she said again, “That’s cool! I’d like to do
that! How do you do it?”

Cathy explained that she didn’t know, it just happened sometimes; it had
never happened to her old friend she used to mess around with. Lynn said
she’d never seen it either, but it looked really cool. “I guess you’re the
hardest coming girl we know!”

We straightened up the room and cleaned up as best we could, and Cathy went
and put a load of laundry in to remove the evidence of our hanky-panky.
“That was great! Thanks for letting me...” Lynn told me as she was leaving.
I smiled, “You can do it with me anytime you want”, I grinned. Cathy agreed
it was great, and we all said we’d like to do it again sometime soon.


That weekend Cathy and I were particularly ardent. On saturday morning I
went inside her again, and she had one of her big ones. It was amazing;
while she was coming it felt like she was peeing on me. Of course mine was
big too, after experiencing that; I came so much, it oozed out the bottom of
the rubber around the base of my shaft.

Sunday afternoon while Dad was out we did each other with our mouths, and
Cathy let me make her come two times. She swallowed all my come, without
gagging. She was getting really good at that.

On Monday after school we sat around the kitchen table having a snack, and
Cathy told me she’d talked to Lynn about last Friday. “She was amazed; she
said she’d never felt so hot since the first time her friend did her. She
said how much she liked making you come. She made me tell her about
everything we’d done together, and I did. She wants to try having you come
in her mouth next time; I told her how much I liked that, and how nasty it
was, and she’s all excited to try it.

I felt a surge of lust at the thought. Somehow the thought of being the
first one to do something nasty with a girl was especially exciting, and I
felt my groin swelling as I pictured it. Cathy could evidently see how I was
feeling, and led me upstairs and jacked me off quickly, fast; I came in
three minutes, and she swallowed it all.

Wednesday after school was the next time Lynn could come over. As I arrived
home they were already there, and I found them up in the spare room. There
was a pile of towels on the end of the bed; they both had their pants off
and were already doing each other, both at the same time, lying on the bed
with each of their heads towards the other’s feet, so they could see each
other’s pussy while they masturbated it.

I watched them, my cock swelling. They were both very nasty girls; they were
intent on doing each other, moving their hands slowly and very deliberately,
working to wring the best orgasm they could from each other.

I think knowing they were being watched added to their excitement; anyway
shortly after I entered the room they climaxed. Cathy came first, but Lynn
started before Cathy’s had finished, so they were both coming at the same
time for a few moments. Their orgasms lasted a long time, but it looked like
Lynn came a bit harder than Cathy, at least judging by what I could see.

I had my pants off and my underwear down already before Cathy started
coming, and I stroked my hardon slowly until after Lynn had finished. I
stopped jacking off when the girls sat up; they both said “Hi”, and Cathy
suggested we take a break while they recovered; she went down for sodas, an
I sat on the bed next Lynn.

We both had our pants off, my erect cock poking up from my lap shamelessly,
its head bobbing in front of my solar plexus. She gazed at it, telling me
how Cathy had told her about how much she liked it when I came in her mouth,
and she wanted to try it, too; I answered that I knew, Cathy told me about
their conversation. She reached over and idly felt my cockhead, stroking it
very lightly with her fingertips; I sighed, and settled back onto my elbows,
my erection projecting out much farther, more accessible to her touch.

Cathy reentered the room, saw what we were up to, paused, then walked over
to us and handed us each a soda. “You better let up, you’ll have him coming
in no time like that!” she warned. Lynn stopped her tickling, and we all
sipped our drinks; we watched my hardon bobbing gently to my heartbeat as we
drank. The girls chatted excitedly, mostly Lynn asking Cathy about the
things she’d admitted we’d done.

“What’s it like having it in you? Did it hurt the first time? When he comes
in your mouth, what do you do? Do you swallow it all? He comes so much! Was
it hard to learn how to handle it?” and so on. Cathy fielded her questions,
reassuring her, and giving her specific tips about her techniques.

Cathy leaned over me, demonstrating what she was describing, as she showed
Lynn how she put her mouth over the head of my dick when I was coming, and
how she jacked me off at the same time, actually doing it to illustrate.
Then she told Lynn, “Why don’t you try it?”

Cathy let go of my rod and leaned back, making room for Lynn; who
tentatively grasped the base of my shaft, then took half its head into her
mouth, and started jacking it. Her tentative movements were excruciatingly
exciting; she took her mouth off of it, asking Cathy, “Like that?”, while
continuing to jack me off. “Yeah, that's good... just keep doing him, and
you’ll get to find out pretty soon.”

Lynn kept doing me, while Cathy gave her pointers. She told her how to jack
it farther down the shaft if I was getting too hot, and it would move me to
orgasm much more slowly; she showed her how to kiss and lick its head every
now and then, it sent me through the roof, but not too often; she taught her
two handed jacking, and to tickle my balls while she did me; and much more.

Lynn tried out each of the techniques as they were being described, until
she got Cathy’s approval on that particular move. I was burning up, rock
hard, and quite wet, both from my cream and her saliva. I warned them that I
was getting close to coming. They discussed whether she should back off or
make me come then; they decided to back off.

I sat up onto my elbows, and we all had a few more sips of soda while I
cooled off. “You’re doing pretty good, holding up under all the things I’ve
been having Lynn try out on you. She’s going to be an expert soon, under my
excellent instruction!” Cathy joked, a twinkle in her eye. She took a towel
and blotted my erection, balls, and pubic hair, which were all getting
pretty wet.

We chatted more while I cooled down, waiting until my erection deflated a
bit from the angry red, swollen rock-hard state they had got it into.

After several more minutes, they decided to start in again. Cathy said she
would back off and let Lynn do me however she liked, trying out the various
techniques they had been working on.

Lynn started by having me scoot down so my hips were on the edge of the bed,
my feet on the floor and my legs spread, while she knelt on the floor
between them. She began by giving my shaft several long, slow licks from my
balls to its tip. She then started slowly jacking the lower half of its
shaft, kissing the head noisily every minute or so.

After several minutes of this I was again creaming heavily, and seeing this,
she smeared the cream around its head, swirling it rapidly for a few moments
with her fingers; I sucked in my breath as the intense, burning pleasure
shot through my groin. She stopped suddenly, just holding my cock for a few
moments, not moving, letting my excitement subside a bit. Then she resumed
her slow, steady jacking of the lower end of my shaft.

The cream was streaming steadily over its head and down the shaft, spreading
around the shaft by her jacking so that with each stroke of her hand there
was a sloppy, slurping sound. It was getting wet enough that her hand
started sliding over the skin, and she took advantage of this, every eighth
stroke or so sliding slowly all the way up the shaft, over the head, and off
it altogether, squeezing it from her hand as she passed the tip; then she
would go all the way back down again, repeating the cycle.

I was burning up; I was panting, thrusting my hips forward involuntarily;
random throbs were gripping my cock, as orgasm neared. I warned her I was
close; and as she leaned forward and clamped her mouth onto my cockhead,
sucking hard, Cathy joined in, reaching out with both hands to fondle my

I felt my orgasm taking possession of my senses; as my body grew rigid,
paralyzed, my cock swelled even further, and jumped as the first jet of come
surged through it, spurting out into Lynn’s waiting mouth.

She sputtered, but kept sucking; spurt after spurt of semen flooded her
mouth, and after the third she gagged, choking, and started coughing; Cathy
leaned forward quickly and took over, taking the last five or six jets into
her mouth, demonstrating her expert blowjob technique to Lynn, as she
recovered from her near-drowning.

Under the excitement of getting done by these two eager girls and the
prolonged, multiple techniques they had been using on me, it was a big
orgasm. I came hard, and even though Cathy took over halfway through, she
still got a mouthful of come. She sucked me until the last few weak pulses
of orgasm gripped my cock, then stroked it firmly upwards several times,
squeezing the last few drops out, into her sucking mouth.

I lay back, passed out in the delirium of orgasmic release, for I don’t know
how long. The girls were excitedly chattering, conducting a post-mortem on
our adventure. “God, I don’t know how you can do that! He shot so suddenly,
and so hard! I was choking on the first one... and then, when I’m just
getting over it, he shoots another and another! And there’s so much! How do
you do it?” Cathy explained how she discovered using her tongue to block the
jets from hitting her throat, giving her time to swallow; and how you had to
be careful to time your swallows with the spurts as I came. “Don’t worry,
exactly the same thing happened to me the first time I tried it! The next
time you know what to expect, so you can handle it a lot better. By about
the fourth or fifth time I got the hang of it... but I still get surprised
sometimes, especially when he comes really hard!”

I was coming to myself and sat up; both girls smiled at me. Lynn asked,
“How’d I do?” I smiled, and said, “The reason you had a hard time was
because you made me come so hard! You were really great! So the problem is
how good you are at it... if you hadn’t done me so well I wouldn’t have come
so hard, and it might have been easier to handle.” She beamed and blushed at
the same time, as Cathy complimented her too on her excellent style.

The girls asked each other if they wanted to go again, or if they were done,
and they agreed that they’d had enough; then Lynn said she probably wouldn’t
mind, it was so exciting doing me; so Cathy and I pushed her back, and gave
her the same treatment she and I had given Cathy the last time, except I
took the top and Cathy the inside.

We did her hard, and after a few minutes she was breathing hard. I stopped
rubbing her, leaned forward, and started licking and sucking her clit. She
gasped as she felt my mouth on her cunt, and in only a few more minutes, we
had her coming again.

Even though it was her second time that afternoon, she came pretty
thoroughly; I sucked her clit hard while her pussy throbbed, and Cathy
worked her fingers in and out of her cunt. As it subsided she sighed deeply,
a big grin growing across her mussed face as she stretched. “Wow, it’s great
getting done by both of you at once!” she exclaimed throatily, “I could do
that all afternoon!”

Cathy said that maybe we would one day, but that she thought the next time
we got together she should try having me inside of her, if she wanted.
Lynn’s face beamed, and she said “I was hoping you might suggest that!
That’s what I really want to try!” I felt a rush of excitement shoot through
my groin as I pictured what our next session might bring...

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