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Moo Cow

(Part 2 from 2)

"OK." he said reluctantly.

"Bill Smith said that he wanted to take Shirley to a drive in movie next Saturday night. Shirley was ecstatic and looked forward to kissing Bill in the dark drive in movie. She wanted more than that. She wanted Bill to fuck the hell out of her and shoot cum into her pussy and make her pregnant. She had always wanted a baby since she was five years old.

It was settled then. Bill would pick her up next Saturday. Shirley decided that she did not want to wear her overalls to the movie. She searched her closet for a dress. She would not wear panties or a bra underneath it. She did not want any obstruction and hoped Bill would quickly reach her naked pussy.

Saturday came and Shirley was nervously waiting for Bill to drive up. She was dressed and clean. Her father had given her a bath and felt her fat virgin pussy while bathing her. She felt sorry for her daddy. Bill was going to break her cherry. To bad her daddy could not watch!

Bill drove into the driveway with his Buick. He did not want to take Shirley to a movie in a pick up truck.

He came to the door and he escorted Shirley to his car and opened the door for her. Shirley ego soared when Bill treated her with respect. They drove off to the movie in the dark moonless night.

The movie was not interesting and Bill kissed Shirley and pulled her dress up. He took his pants off and a gigantic prick stared at Shirley. He did not wait but shoved it into her cunt without a word. She felt the pain when he broke her hyman. He pulled his dick out and put his head between her fat legs and licked her bloody pussy. Shirley moaned and pushed her cunt hard into his face. This was delicious! She had climax after climax on Bills face until she almost drown him. He kissed her and she could taste the blood and her pussy juice in his mouth. She told Bill that she loved him.

Bill then mounted her and fucked her like a man possessed. He shot load after load of sperm into her cunt without loosing his hard on. Shirley fainted from her intense erotic feelings and revived only to see Bill fucking her some more. She hoped it would never end.

The people in the cars around them were watching with interest. The drive in movie attendant knocked on the window and ask them to leave. Bill and Shirley didn't even to put on their clothes and drove to Bills farm as fast as the Buick would go.

They went inside shedding the rest of their garments along the way. Bill put Shirley on his bed and pushed her fat quivering ass into the air. Her pussy was wide open and waiting. He got behind her and fucked her doggy fashion. Her big tits swung back and forth with every thrust of his hard pecker. Her belly quivered like a bowel of jelly. She shouted with each orgasm and almost fainted again. Finally they were exhausted and lay sweating side by side.

"Will you make me pregnant Bill?

"Please make me pregnant." she begged.

"I want to have your baby!"

Bill kissed her gently and said.

"A baby will hurt when it comes out of your pussy sweetheart.

Shirley smiled at him and said.

"I don't care."

Bill pushed her ass in the air again. Her cunt was weeping cum. He pushed his whole hand up her cunt up to his elbow feeling her cervix with his fingers. Shirley screamed.

"God damn it stop." she demanded.

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Bill looked at her and smiled.

"What the hell do you think a baby will feel like." he laughed.

Shirley was wide eyed and and pushed her ass back on Bills arm.

"I am getting used to it now." she said.

"Fuck the hell out of me with your arm."

Bill vigorously fucked Shirley and was amazed at her capacity for orgasms. It was just too much for Shirley and she pissed all over Bill. He pulled his arm out of her pussy and shot his cum all over. Shirley laid there and stared at him.

"I want to marry you Bill Smith." she said.

Bill was happy. He would love to have Shirley for a wife!

Shirley married Bill and they stayed home for their honeymoon. They could do nasty things at home and did not need a motel. Shirleys father was unhappy. He had lost his daughter. Of course they lived next door on a farm but Karl was sad when he thought of Bill Smith sticking his horny dick in his little girls hole. Bill was getting all the fun and he did not get any.

Bill fucked his wife frequently and found that she needed more. Bill had an idea.

"Shirley, go get your father. I want to see him."

Shirley drove the Buick to her dads farm and found him in the house drinking beer. She brought him home with her. When they were inside Bill pulled his brides dress over her head revealing her fat luscious body.

"I know you want some of this Karl."

"We will work as a team to make her pregnant."

Karl was beside himself. He removed his overalls revealing a very stiff hard on. he was finally going to fuck his little girl. They took Shirley into the bed room, spread her legs wide and Karl stuck his dick in her waiting hole. He fucked her three times each time shooting his pent up sperm in her cunt moaning and crying how much he loved her. When he was tired and could fuck no more Bill took over. Shirley was so excited by having her two men impregnating her she was in a perpetual state of extacy.

This went on for three weeks. Each man taking shifts. The bed was soaked with sperm and pee. Shirley had not even bothered to get up and go the toilet. When she pissed all over her lovers it seemed to excite them more and they fucked her with renewed vigor.

Shirley got pregnant. She had missed her period. This made the men more horny. They made her get on her knees and Karl jacked off on Bills fist. Bill shoved his cum covered fist up his brides cunt and fucked her with his arm, his fist pounding against her cervix. They would take turns fist fucking her and were happy with her squeals of pleasure and pain.

When they were tired of that. Her dad would put her on top of him and fuck her pussy. Her husband would stick his dick in her asshole. Oh my god two at once! how beautiful Shirley thought.

It was time for Shirley to give birth. Her husband was fucking her when her water broke. She was having her baby at home. She sweated, squeezed and screamed. The baby was born andIt was a little girl. Karl tied the cord and put the baby girl on his daughters milk filled breast. Karl sucked his daughters other nipple and Bill jacked off on Shirleys bloody pussy.

In about three weeks they were fucking Shirley again. Both men sucked her milk filled breasts until Shirley had so much breast milk that it hurt. She had to be relived every three hours. Her lovers made her get on hands and knees and they would pull he teats milking her like a cow squirting her milk on the bed. Karl called her his little girl a moo cow.

Her men would get drunk on beer and have wild sex orgies with her willing body. After a while they made her pregnant again. She got what she wished for and hoped she had a boy this time.

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