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Moo Cow

(Part 1 from 2)

Shirley Cheznik was a 18 year old red headed girl. She weighed two hundred pounds and she was only five feet tall. She had huge breasts with nipples an inch long.

She lived on a farm with her dad. Her mother had left her father years ago. When she was in high school the kids called her fat stinky Shirley cheesenic, or just plain stinky cheese. It was true that she stunk from body odor. Shirley worked on the farm, driving tractor, milking the cows and slopping hogs. Their farm was old and not modern. The Karl Cheznik farm had an old fashioned out house and well water. When Shirley did take a bath it was on Saturday night. They heated buckets of well water on the wood stove. Because Shirley was so fat she stood up in the galvanized steel wash tub and her father would soap up her fat young body and wash her vigorously. Sometimes her dad would linger a little longer on her ponderous breasts and fat hairy pussy. Shirley did not mind. That felt good. She liked it when her father told her she was pretty. No one else said that to her. She loved her daddy and would often kiss him for no reason.

On the farm Shirley wore bib overalls with her fathers tee shirt, and no underwear. Her body felt free and it was a far cry from those dresses that the school kids called stinky tents. Her daddy had gone to town to get a case of beer. They both liked beer and drank a lot of it. It was their Polish heritage.

Shirley went outside to the pig pen. She loved the pigs. A sow had just given birth. Shirley unfastened her overalls and let them drop to the ground. She was naked as a fat little jay bird.

She picked up two squealing piglets and put them to her breasts. She closed her eyes in pleasure as the baby pigs sucked her. Shirleys pussy became wet. She had done this often with other little pigs and that is why her nipples were so long.

Bill Smiths was divorced. She did not like to live on a farm and now Bill was alone. He wanted to buy some baby pigs from Karl. He drove his old pick up truck into Karls gravel driveway up to the barn expecting to see Karl.

His eyes popped wide open with surprise. There was the naked little Cheznik girl letting baby pigs suck her tits. What a sight!

He watched for a while until his pecker got hard. Damn, she was a pretty red headed fat girl! Then he slowly backed his truck out of the driveway and left.

Shirley did not hear or see a thing. She had her eyes tightly shut in orgasmic rapture.

The piglets were tugging and pulling at her breasts stretching her nipples looking for milk. Shirley trembled with a huge climax, her pussy flowing with female juice. She put the pig babies back and pulled her overalls over her naked fat body. She was satisfied for now and went back to the house.

There would be no farm work today. She and her father wanted to drink beer.

Karl brought two cases of cold beer in the house and they drank until they were drunk laughing and talking about nothing of importance.

Shirley said she had to pee and Karl walked his daughter to the out house. Shirley opened the door and dropped her overalls and squatted on the toilet seat. Karl kept the door open and watched. He then stuck his finger into his daughters cunt and finger fucked her.

Shirley pissed on his fingers and hand. She shivered and climaxed adding girl cum to her pee. She smiled up at her daddy and said.

"Now it is your turn." she cooed lustfully.

Karl tried to piss but his hard on would not let him. Shirley jacked the skin back and forth on his hard prick until he shot cum all over the toilet seat. His prick finally went limp and peed. Shirley aimed it at the hole but it sprayed all over like a fire hose gone mad. She giggled with glee. The toilet seat was covered with cum and her fathers pee. Suddenly she had a perverted desire to lick it up with her tongue but was afraid of what her daddy might think.

Karl and his daughter staggered back to the house very pleased with what they did. They drank more beer and Karl kissed his little girl tenderly. Shirley dropped her overalls and stood naked in front of her daddy. Karl sucked her fat breasts and felt her little red haired virgin pussy. Shirley climaxed and sprayed her girl juice onto her fathers hand once again. She was in heaven!

There was a loud knock on the door. They were in a panic!

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Shirley put on her overalls quickly, not wanting strangers to catch her in an incestuous act with her daddy.

Bill Smith entered the door.

"Am I interrupting anything?" he said with a smile.

"No, we were just drinking beer." her father said.

"Good, I will join you."

They all drank beer and Mr Smith said.

"When those baby pigs are weaned I want to buy them from you."

Shirley squirmed and blushed. Shirley was glad that they didn't know what she did with those piglets. They had sucked her tits until she had a climax. That would be her delicious secret.

Bill Smith ask Karl to see the baby pigs. Karl told his daughter to show Bill the pigs.

Karl was frustrated and went to his bed room to jack off. The bastard had interrupted him just when he was just about to fuck his daughter. He had been working up to this for years, and now it was ruined.

Shirley and Bill walked to the pig pen. Bill suddenly kissed her on the mouth pushing his tongue in. Shirley gasp with surprise. Bill unfastened her overalls and they fell to her knees. He got a squealing little pig and put it to her big fat breast. The baby pig started sucking her tit and Bill Smith sucked on her other tit. It was all so sudden. Shirley climaxed almost immediately!

Bill kissed her tenderly this time and pulled her overalls back up over her nude body. She looked at him with awe and they went back to the house. Shirley was pleased with herself. A man besides her daddy wanted to fuck her. This was another secret that she was going to keep. When the got back in the house Karl said.

"You still want to buy the pigs?" said Karl.

"Yes I want to buy them after they are weaned."

They look heathy to me."

They settled down to drink beer again. The conversation took a sharp turn when Bill Smith ask Karl if he could date his daughter. Karl gasp in surprise. This man was as old as he was. What was he thinking. Shirley broke the uncomfortable silence.

"Daddy, I would love to go on a date with him!" she gushed.

"I have never been on a date before."

Karl thought for a moment. He knew that Bill Smith was about the only man that would ask his little girl for a date.

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