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Loretta's Daughter's

(Part 4 from 4)

"I'll try to get home early," I said. Ruth took some cold cuts and bread with us and we had sandwiches for lunch. While we ate, they both started asking me a lot of questions about college and informed me once more that they were both definitely going. Somehow their intellectual curiosity was aroused, so they talked me into taking them to a science center in the wildlife sanctuary in the next town. We had a good time looking at the nature exhibits and walking along the trails. When we arrived home, we all pitched in to prepare supper. Actually, I helped. They prepared supper, and it was good too. 
"Let me make sure our house is ok," said Tracy. She took the key and came back a few minutes later. She had a video in her hand. "This might be fun to watch," she said. We had to clear away the supper mess. As I said, they were unable to do anything else until cleaning up was completed. 

Even though weather had warmed a little, I made up another fire. We popped the tape into the player and cuddled together watching the screen. It was about two girl friends that did just about everything with everybody, including each other. No wonder Ruth and Tracy knew so much. My cock was hard within seconds. Soon we were down to our underwear, me in just my briefs, Tracy in her cute panties, and Ruth in her bra and panties. I could barely wait until the tape ended. 

As soon as it was over, Ruthy and Tracy amused each other and me with lewd parts of the dialogue from the x-rated video. I could see that they knew the lines quite well. No doubt they had watched it many times. They did a little strip tease, removing the last garments and leaving themselves bare to my gaze. I could see now that both still had bare pussies, but a small patch of fuzz was visible on Ruth's mound. Through their outer lips I could see the pink, inner folds, already dewy with their secretions, peeking out. I wanted those delectable cunts in my mouth. I ran my tongue across my lips. 

"I want," I whispered hoarsely, "to eat both of your little cunts." I heard little moans come from each of them. Slowly, they moved toward me and sat in our little nest of pillows and quilts. I had heard about something that I thought would be nice, so I arranged them and myself in a little circle, head to toe. "Why don't we," I suggested, "take turns sucking each other. We can switch around and have some fun." I lifted up Ruthy's leg and began kissing inside her thigh. Taking the cue, she pushed her face between her sister's legs and began to attack the waiting pussy. Soon I felt a mouth on my hardon, as Tracy began to caress my cock and balls with her soft lips. 

I was becoming as excited by the flavor of Ruthy's cunt as much as she was with my tongue buried inside her vagina. I replaced my tongue with my finger and tickled the membranes of her love-hole while I licked her little clitoris. I could feel Tracy's sucking mouth moving over my balls and cock. I still had the image of her pretty face at work from the night before even though I was too involved to watch her now. I did catch a glimpse of Ruthy, working her mouth across her sister's juicy cunt. 

"Let's switch around," I suggested when I felt myself becoming excited. I did not want this to be over too soon. The short time it took to move about allowed me to cool off enough to enjoy Tracy's bald pussy. I locked my lips on the smooth labia and dipped my tongue into her slit. I could feel young Ruthy trying to force my cock deeper into her mouth. I concentrated on tasting the sweet flavor of little Tracy's pussy and drove my tongue deep into her, lapping the length of her girlish slit. She was becoming hugely excited by our three-way oral sex. Her little pelvis was rotating softly against my face, drenching me with her love juices. 

She became so excited that I knew that she should be helped immediately. I pushed a finger deep into her little, tight vagina and sucked her clit, as she frantically drove her cunt against my head. My mouth was already filled with her secretions when she shook and came in my mouth, flooding my face with her aromatic juices. I felt Ruthy's mouth pull away from my swollen cock. 

"Oh god, Tracy," she whined, "Don't stop yet! I need to come so bad!" 

Tracy remembered her duty to her sister, and Ruthy returned to sucking my cock until she released me once more to wail out her orgasmic pleasure. When she recovered, she did not place me in her mouth again, but rose and pushed me over onto my back.

"I want to try something," she said, her face flushed her arousal. Straddling me, she lowered herself until her pussy was rubbing my cockhead. Turning my head, I could see her sister, still stunned by her own climax, staring at Ruthy through half-shut eyes. 

"We got to be careful," I said. "We can't..." 

"I know... I know." Ruthy replied, "but I have to see. I need to try this." The grabbed my cock, still wet from her mouth, and rubbed it along her bare labia pushing it along the honeyed grove between the pouty lips. Each pass seemed to press my cock deeper into her inner folds. Soon the head was barely visible, and I could feel it at the opening of her young vagina. The young girl increased the pressure and the head entered her and was immediately closely wrapped her soft, wet membranes. 

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Ruthy moaned softly. She pushed down harder; I slid deeper into her. I looked at her face and saw no sign of pain. She gasped and pushed again. She was tight and slick, and I loved her little cunt around my meat even though most of me was still outside. 

"This is so fucking good," she gasped. "I feel so filled up." She pushed hard and now more of me was inside than outside. "Oh yeah!" she cried. I was afraid to do anything, afraid I would spoil this by hurting her. She let most of her weight press on our divine junction. She slid down my pole until my pubic hair concealed the view of her pussy. 

"Fucking shit!" said Tracy. "You did it! How does it feel?" 
"Un-fucking-believable!" Ruthy said. She closed her eyes and rolled her head. 
"Didn't that hurt?" I asked. I was surprised at how I fit completely inside the little girl and how she had taken me in without showing any discomfort. 

"No, it feels great, really great," she sighed. "Tracy and I fool around with mom's vibrator, but this is even better." I could feel her little butt flex. "Yeah, it's the way it feels inside me, even though it doesn't buzz and quiver." Ruthy began to rock back and forth, making my penis move in and out a little. It was getting to be too much. 

"Oh man, Ruthy, we have to stop... or there's going to be a bit accident." 

"Yeah, I know, she whispered softly with a sad look on her face. She began to raise herself up. I watched my member emerge from her cunt, glistening with her juices. At last she pulled herself free with a wet, slurping sound. A strand of lubricant stretched from her pussy to my cock and then parted. 

"I'll buy some rubbers, sexikins. Then we can do it," I promised. My aching cock made me moan. 
"Let me give you a nice blow job now, Terry," she said. "I'll take care of that hard cock." 
"Hey," said Tracy. "You got to put him inside you and get to suck him too?" 

"Ok, you can help, Tracy," Ruth said. "And maybe next time he can try out your little pussy too." She leaned over me and began to suck my cock, licking off her own vaginal juices. Allowing me slip free, she murmured, "Yeah, I love doing that. Go ahead, Tracy; now you do him for a while." She sat up as her little sister began to suck on my swollen cock. "Just let me finish him off and make him come in my mouth." 

I watched with increasing excitement as they took turns sucking my penis. Soon I was ready to discharge another load or cum. "Here it is," I moaned. Ruthy was sucking me and locked her lips around my cockhead. She stroked my shaft, and I shot my first jet of semen into her mouth. She flinched when it slammed into her, and I saw her throat convulse as she cleared her mouth with a big swallow. Before she could finish, I gave her another shot, and she was forced to pull her mouth off, so that the next squirt hit her in the face. Gamely she held her open mouth in front of my unruly hose and caught another shot with only a few drops splattering on her lips. 

"Take over, Tracy," she mumbled, trying to sweep up the errant droplets with her finger. Tracy leaned down and put her mouth around my cock, but only one last little jet of semen emerged. She kept her lips on me and milked the rest out with her hand, licking the drops from the head with her pink tongue. 

Not a drop of my sticky cum remained. The two young sisters had taken in all that I had to offer. We lay together in our nest, warmed by the fire's radiation. 

"Let's stay here tonight," Tracy said. "This is so much fun." 

Exhausted by our sexual workout, we dozed in front of the fire. I partially woke with a start, recalling that I had hidden a couple of condoms in some socks. When we wake up, I promised myself, I'll give Ruthy the fuck she's been wanting.

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