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Loretta's Daughter's

(Part 1 from 4)

Not again, I thought, looking out the kitchen window. I had returned a few minutes before from a busted golf game, arriving home while the thunder still rumbled in the distance and the rain continued to pour down. I was disappointed because it was my first chance to play on my home course since arriving home from my first year of college. I gazed out the window at the two wet kittens on my neighbor's rear porch, at her two young daughters, apparently caught outside under the narrow roof, which had done little to protect them from the heavy shower. 

I watched for a few more minutes and decided that I had been right. The two young girls could not get into their house. I saw one of them point toward my parent's home and say something. Suddenly they tore across the sodden lawn and scrambled under the broader roof of my porch. I walked over to the door and opened it to discover that the two girls were thoroughly drenched. 

"Oh, Terry," the older one, Ruth, said. "I didn't know that anyone was home." 
"What happened?" I asked. 

"Mom went away for the weekend with our uncle and locked us out," Ruth explained. She took us to the YMCA at nine this morning, but when we came back..." 
"Yeah," interrupted Tracy, her younger sister, "and she forgot to leave the key hidden in the usual place." This was a familiar story to me. My parents had taken the two girls in a few times when their drunken mother, Loretta Ryan, had taken off with her latest boyfriend and left the girls stranded, not able to get into their own house. 

"I thought," said Ruth, "Your parents were not at home." 
"They're not," I answered. "They left for a five-week, vacation trip to Oregon. I got home last night. I've not even finished unpacking. Hey, you two better get in here and dry off." I saw that both were shivering, chilled by the cool rain. 

"Th-Thanks, T-Terry," Tracy said, scooting rapidly past me into the kitchen. As I stepped back, Ruth quickly entered the house. The thirteen and 18 year old girls left a trail of water on the floor. They stood huddled together in the center of the floor, unsure of what to do next. 

"Listen, why don't you two take a hot shower, and I'll try to find something dry for you to put on. Then I'll make you a hot drink. Does that sound good?" 

"Yeah," Tracy said and immediately pulled off her soaking wet sweatshirt and gave me a great view of he naked upper torso. I could see she had no real breasts yet, but only two soft mounds capped with pink areolas and little nipples. Somehow her slim female body, as immature as it was, started giving me a boner. 

"Tracy!" Ruth blurted out. "What are you doing?" Tracy looked at her sister and then at me. The older girl seemed shocked by her sister's brazen act. 

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Tracy shrugged her shoulders and said, smiling, "What difference does it make. I don't have much for him to see," she said and giggled, "At least not up here." She rubbed her hands over her damp chest. I turned away, my face red, and led them to the bathroom. I handed them some towels and told them I would be back in a while with some dry clothes. 

When I returned from the basement with some old sweats, which I had outgrown years ago when they shrank too much, I heard the two sisters giggling and talking with the shower running and partly concealing their voices. I put my ear against the door and listened. It really sounded like they were fooling around with each other. I thought I heard the words "cunnie' and "tittie," along with a few other things. I knocked on the door and opened it a few inches. They were hidden by the shower curtain. 

"Here," I said, dropping two sets of clothing on the floor, "Put these on when you dry off and you can put your own stuff in the washer and dryer." 

Several minutes later we were sitting around the kitchen table, drinking hot chocolate and talking. I felt a bit stimulated, knowing that the little girls were naked under the loose attire. They had tossed everything into the washer, including their little panties, and Ruth's flimsy bra. Ruth had mopped up the water on the kitchen floor. 

"Didn't your mother leave a key with my parents?" I asked. 
"No, she's funny about that," Ruth explained bitterly. "That would be too easy. Whenever mom screws up, we could just come over here and get a key." 

"Sometimes she's sick, Ruthy," Tracy said softly. Her sister glared back at her. I knew that Loretta was a very heavy drinker. Somehow, during the week, she was able to keep it together long enough to get to work every morning. I also knew that the uncle she had taken off with was just her latest boyfriend. I said nothing, not wanting to shame the two girls any further. 

"Maybe you two can camp out here until your mom get back," I suggested. I knew that this was a shaky situation with me, an eighteen year old guy alone with two young girls, and one not yet in her teens. Was it my generosity making this offer, or was it my concupiscence? 

I suggested that they watch the TV, while their clothes were drying, but they both offered to help me unpack. Ruthy, a picture of domesticity carried my soiled clothes to the washer and put them in while moving the girls' clothing to the dryer. Tracy helped hang up shirts and stow other things in my bureau. I gathered from their remarks that they took care of the domestic duties next door because Loretta was too wasted from work and drinking to accomplish much at home. 

After lunch we went over to their house, and I made a half-hearted effort to get a door open. I probably could have gotten inside with a little damage, but I persuaded myself that I did not want to break anything. I knew that the idea of both of them being alone with me for a couple of days seemed too attractive. I wanted that to happen. We spent the afternoon playing some old games I found in the basement. We also watched an adventure video and made some popcorn. It was kind of fun with the two little babes huddled against me, one either side. I could feel my cock swell. It had been a couple of weeks since my college girlfriend and I had done anything, mostly due to the exam pressure. 

I went out for a pizza. We sat around a fire I had built to take the chill out of the house. I had a couple of beers, and I let them each have one too. Ruth and Tracy had changed back into their own clothes while I was getting the pizza. It seemed to me that the sisters really liked being with me. They both sat as close as they could and were forever touching me and looking at me with fond smiles. 

We had pulled some cushions and pillows together near the fire. The TV was playing some movie or other, but we were hardly paying attention. We played some card games and chatted. They wanted to know all about college and assured me that they were both going some day. I wondered about that. Loretta must have been about sixteen when she had Ruth; she claimed that she was not thirty yet. She was actually a good-looking babe, even if a little shop worn due to drinking and too many guys knocking her around. What chance did these two girls have under these circumstances? 

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