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Like a Virgin

(Part 1 from 1)

My name is Davey. I am 19 years old. This story happened to me 2 months ago. I had never had a gay experience before this. Except for kissing a guy on a drunken night out.

It started at around 7 o clock. The gym was open late, after a hard workout and swim i was feeling good...and suprisingly horny. Whenever i normally felt like this i stripped off all my clothes. I loved my body, my abs, my small pecs, my high firm ass.

After showering, i noticed the whole changing room was empty. i was alone. The gym consisted of 2 rooms connected, with lockers and a flat bench/table. I had a towel around my waist. Just as i was opening my locker, i heard footsteps...out of the toliets walked a 5'9 guy with dark hair...he was real cute, he had his boxers on and a blue shirt. He was looking at me, an di smiled back. He ave me a cheecky smirk. I remembered i was half naked..and i felt so sexy..

He walked into the changing room next to me, there were lockers blocking our view...but a mirror was in front and i could see him. He looked at me through the mirror, and suddenly i felt my whole body rush with pleasure. i slowly let the towel down and then held it with my hand over my cock and balls, showing my abs and legs...i noticed he had stopped moving and was looking at my display. turned around, showing all of my ass, knowing he was watching. Then i dropped my towe, bent slowly down and back up, showing my balls and asshole. i turned round to face the mirror. He was smiling at me. I noticed my 5inch cock was hard, with a layer of pre-cum all around my foreskin. My left hand was on my abs...and it slowly moved down to my pubic area and i stroked my one fluid motion, i dropped the towel.

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He walked over to me and got to around a metre in front of me. I stood there naked. He came towards me and kissed me on my mouth. He was french kissing me and both his hands were on my hip. He felt my cock and balls, i suddenly shuddered with pleasure. then he turned his body round and pushed me down to sit onto the bench, he was standing up still, and stood in front of me.

He took his shirt off and flung it onto the floor...there in front of my face was some cK boxer shorts, and a huge bulge sticking out. I slid his boxers down to reveal his huge 9 inch cut white cock. His cock head was pink, and i grasped it in my right hand. It was rock hard. I licked my lips and moved my head forwards letting his cock into my mouth. I started sucking on his cock slowly. He made no noise and i didnt darst look up and see his face. mmmmmmmm i thought, i was liking this. I took my mouth away from his cock, and held it with my right hand. I began licking 'it' up and down, lightly, then harder untill i heard him moan a little. I put his manhood back in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down and still sucking it hard. there was a little trickle of pre-cum in my mouth. It was warm, and i couldn't swallow it as i had this huge banana in my mouth. There was a noise, like a door closing. He pulled away quickly and pulled his boxers up then grabbed his shirt.he quickly left and i was sitting there naked and satisfied with my work.After quickly gettin dressed he walked up to me and said ''that was great baby, swing by my place and maybe we can finish this off''....i was chuffed. Hhe told me what day to go round and where.i was looking forward to it.

I rang my gay friend Antonio that night, he was a dominant gay man who was happily married. I told him all about my gym workout.
'so anything i need to do to turn him on like wild ant?'
' think hes gonna fuck you?'
'dunno....yeah..i guess so'
'then u gotta shave urself!'
'shave myself? where???'
'trust me darlin it'll turn him on so much...all ur ass hair around your hole...shave it..'
I took Antonios advice...That night i lied on my back, spread my legs and shaved my ass pubes and all my hair on my pubic bone.

The next day i went round to Greg's. He opened the door.We instantly kissed. he dragged me into his bedroom stil kissing...he lied me on my on his bed and undressed me all down untill my trousers..he took them off to reveal my male g-string i bought the day before.He was about to take it off when i stopped him...I'm gonna beg you to take this off for my ass.He had a wild look in his eyes.Eecited.
He took all his clothes off, and revealed a bulging red jocks...mmm...i thought once again..he lied me on my back and kneeled on top of me...slipped his jocks off and stuck his cock in my face.
' you give good head baby'. i returned his compliment by sucking his dick...sucking it hard, i swallowed his pre-cum, it tasted nice.. very nice. 6 minutes later, he moaned louder and louder he took his cock out and my mouth was open, all of a sudden a huge stream of cum shot out into my mouth and around my lips..big load!i swallowed was nice and creamy.

He then turned me over and started kissing my back, then turned me back over...he slowly slipped my g-string off to reveal a shaven guy!
'oh baby! i like it.....'
he kissed my neck, pecs, abs...kept moving down till he got to my cock, he just kissed it then started suckin on my balls....mmmmm.....he lifted my legs up and he was tonuging my asshole...i groaned...',mmmmmmm....uhhhhh' felt great. He moved me down towards the bottom his bed. A few seconds later his fingers wer ein my ass....he was fingering me!!....ooh it felt great, i moaned with pleasure...i felt like such a slut! He was warming my ass up for his dick....he lied me on his back and slowly and gently entered his cock into my ass...i felt the pain at first...he held it for a minute for my ass to adjust, then started moving in and out, half and inch by half an inch. The more he fucked me, the ,more i wanted it.he managed to put about 7 inches in...then he lifted my legs up and put them on his shoulders....he fucked me hard..penetrating me..with all 9 inches...'more!!!' i screamed...'more!'he cummed in my ass, i felt the warmth...10 minutes later, i had cleaned up and i was back at my place. I rang up Greg later on telling him he was my first fuck. But definatly not my last.

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