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I wanted to tell you about the time I tried to make a little extra cash. As a final year college student the debts were racking up, so when I saw an add asking for models I thought I'd give it a go. I emailed the guy, who advised me to meet him in the local park for some test shots.

As I drove to the meeting I was a little nervous. I'd worn what I hoped was a cute outfit, denim mini skirt and pink tank top. With my long blonde hair, and smooth tanned skin I hope I'd be what he was looking for.

It was one of those gorgeous warm summer evenings where it's still light at 9pm. Mark met me by the fountain as instructed. He was a big built guy with a shaved head, must have been over 6 foot, and clearly worked out a lot. I thought to myself that he didn't look like the average photographer, but he did have a seemingly expensive camera strung around his neck so I supposed he must be legit.

We made our introductions and we went for a little stroll around the park. He asked me questions about myself, and I was flattered by his interest. Soon Mark found a spot by some trees and announced that we'd try a few shots here. He stepped back and I shyly started to make a few poses.

After a few shots Mark came over to me; "hun, loosen up a little, pull this top down a tiny bit, you've got awesome tits that all the boys are gonna want to see." And with that he tugged on my tank top so it was practically below my bra.

"Ah that's it babe, very sexy." I felt a little thrill run through me, knowing that Mark found me sexy.

A few more minutes of shooting and then Mark approached me again. "You know what'd be really great is if you just got those titties out and we did a few shots."

I hesitated.

"You know I pay double for titty shots. Just show them to me, and I'll give you $200 up front right now."

Biting my lip and looking Mark straight in the eye I unclasped my bra and pulled it off. Slowly I pulled down my tank top, my perk titties popping out.

"Ah those are some shit hot titties. Look at em." He said cupping them in his hands and rubbing the nipples. "Ah fuck I could just bite them," he said pinching hard at my nipples.

Mark looked left and right. No one around, so he started snapping away eagerly. "Ah yeah those are some gorgeous titties, rub them for me, and may be put one hand down your panties."

I was starting to get carried away. It did feel amazing to have to fresh air on my tits. I felt like such a naughty slut. I looked around, still no one, so I started to tease at my own nipples. Gradually I slipped a hand down between my legs. My slit was wet already and I slowly started rubbing.

"Fuck yeah girl that's it," Mark said, snapping away. "You are fucking beautiful, show me that beautiful ass of yours."

Turning round I bent over to reveal my cheeks to him. I heard him approach behind me, and give me a big slap on my ass. Bending over he whispered close in my ear, breath hot on my neck. "What a naughty, naughty girl you are. You're loving this aren't you. Take off your fucking panties and show me that hot pussy. Look here's another $500," and he shoved a wad of notes into my back pocket.

I was too far gone. I was so beyond horny I didn't care. I yanked my panties off and instantly felt his hand rubbing at my slit. "Oh yeah, that is one nice little pussy. Look at it, fucking beautiful, young tight cunt. You like that don't you?" He asked as he rubbed harder and harder at my clit. "Uh huh," I moaned, biting my lip.

"There's some guys watching us," Mark whispered. I looked around and sure enough there was a small crowd of guys staring in our direction.

"I want you to turn around and show them your titties, you're gonna have to get used to guys staring if you wanna be a model," Mark instructed.

Obediently I turned around, bare tits, bare pussy and skirt bunched around my waist. Mark came behind me and breathed on my neck. "That's a good girl, now show the nice men your cunt, come on move those legs apart." ANd he smacked my ass again, pushing my legs further apart.

"There that's nice isn't it, now part your lips. That's nice... Now be a good girl, kneel down and suck my big cock."

I looked at him shocked. This was going too far.

"Come on," he said, pushing me down to my knees, pushing his cock into my face.

Gingerly I licked at the tip. "That's it sweetie, come on, suck it for me."

I opened wider and took him in my mouth. "Ahh fuck, that's it," Mark moaned as he put his hands behind my head and pushed his cock all the way into my mouth making me gag. He held me there as I choked and gagged on his massive dick. "That's it babe, come on." He started pulling my head back and forth faster and faster fucking his dick with my mouth. I gagged and choked, spit ran down my chin.

I felt another guy come up behind me, and tear my skirt off. My mouth still full of Mark's cock he knelt down behind me and I felt him slide his cock into my wet pussy. "Arghh mmm, hmm," I choked on Mark's cock. He worked me from behind, pumping and pumping. I couldn't help it, it felt amazing and I reached a hand down between my legs and rubbed at my swollen clit. That tipped me over the edge; screaming and choking I felt my climax build up and I came hard.

Mark pulled out of my mouth and sprayed my face with cum. A second later I felt the guy pull out of my pussy and spray my back with another load.

Instantly they were replaced by more guys. Another cock was thrust into my face, and I eagerly sucked at it. I felt another guy pushing at my anus, he spat on his cock and eased himself slowly in. I stopped sucking cock for just long enough to yell "FUCCKK!!!" Then I instantly got back to it. One guy pounding my ass, whilst I keenly sucked and slurped on the dick of another.

Guys all around me were wanking themselves off, and every now and then I'd feel another load on cum landing on my face, my tits, my back, everywhere.

Next I lay a guy down and straddled him. Mark clicked away taking loads of pics. My hair was thick with cum, and my tits were dripping as I bounced up and down on a big fat cock, and wanking off two guys either side, one with each hand.

I lost count of how many guys fucked me. The cum was dripping down my legs, and my pussy and ass were sloppy and stretched. Mark kept taking photos right to the end, and even afterwards got some great shots of my stretched holes with cum dribbling out.

Afterwards Mark offered me a lift home, as my knees were shaking so badly that I couldn't drive. We got back to his house and we showered together laughing about the evenings events.

After the shower he lay me down on his bed and spread my aching legs apart. "Now let me kiss that beautiful pussy better," he said.

Slowly, and so very gently, he kissed and teased, and licked and stroked. He tickled my clit with the tip of his tongue, gradually getting faster and faster. Finally with a scream I gripped the sheets as I felt the most powerful orgasm of the whole evening rip through my body.

I stayed the night at Mark's that night, and we fucked again in the morning. In fact, we've fucked pretty much every day since, and this year we'll have been married for 10 years! I love my husband, and he still absolutely adores showing off his filthy fucking slut of a wife.

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