Joy's trip to Cancun (Part 5 - 2 of 3)

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The Background

In October Joy and I took a vacation to Cancun. I had never been there before but Joy had gone a couple of years before we met with her ex-husband. Her first visit there was fairly conventional, with a couple of trips to the downtown market, trying several of the more popular restaraunts, and taking a couple of day tours. She was already planning out our vacation so that we got to see as much as possible while we were there. We had been having trouble with our relationship lately and we were hoping this trip away from the kids and life would help to rekindle some of what seemed to be missing. Sex had become somewhat infrequent and only when we had time. 

Let me give you a little background on both of us. Joy was raised in a very propper and conventional family enviroment. She was born 2nd of twin sisters. She always weighed more than her twin sister so she always felt uncomfortable about her weight. When they were in high school and running around with all of their friends, everybody else was allways getting laid while she always felt like a fifth wheel. It wasn't that she wasn't fooling around, it was mostly with guys that got really drunk and then only oral play. But she really didn't date much. She mostly hung out with her sister's on-and-off boyfriend, Rick, because the girls would all go do girly things and Joy and Rick would go to car shows and other stuff. Rick was really the only person that Joy fooled around with sexually when she was younger. The first time she ever had sex was with her first husband and she said it was never anything to write home about. Most of the orgasms she had were the result of her own doing. 

When we first met she would cum just from me entering her and wanted it over and over again. She is truly the only woman who has ever sucked my dick and was able to go all the way down! It drove me crazy and she knew it. Sex with Joy is still really great, when it happens. We have been together now for four years. We are both 40 and have 5 kids between us from previous relationships. Joy is 5' 5", beautiful long wavy blonde hair, blue eyes, and she weighs around 230lbs. She carries her weight proportionately. I would describe her as stocky. She played softball most of her life so her muscles are definately developed. Her legs are smooth, beautiful and allways tan. She keeps her pussy smooth shaven for me almost all of the time. She has the cutest little chubby feet(size 6 4e) with perfect little short toes. Her tits are not what you would usually see on a bigger girl. They are between B and C cup which is the perfect size in my eyes. Her hands are small with cute short chubby fingers. She leaves me breathless. She is very uncomfortable with her body. She only shows herself in a bathing suit for very brief periods. And then she covers up as soon as possible. She prefers sex in the dark and usually only in our bedroom. She just has the attitude that she doesn't want to gross anybody out which she knows upsets me. 

The following is just one of the true stories from our trip to cancun. As the days progressed, the stories become longer as a result of us being less inhibited. Be sure to get all six stories, we wouldn't want you to miss out on a single moment. Not all of the facts were completely clear(thanks to alchohol) but I tried to recall everything to the best of my abilty. Regargless, everything I'm writing happened. It was only six days but we had a blast!


Cancun Day Five (Part 2 of 3)

(Continued from Part 1)

Before we got to the lobby I asked, "What would you like to do now?". "I think I'd like to get something to eat and take it over to the hottub and chill for awhile...what do you think?" she asked. I knodded in approval. We stopped by the inside bar and ordered some burgers and fries and they told us that they would bring our food out to the hottub when it was ready. Everybody was so nice to us! We headed out to the hottub. 

We walked down to the end of the pool area where the "Hottub" sign pointed. It directed us around the end of the building on the other side of the outside restaraunt. The hottub was round, maybe 8 feet across with a bench-like molded seat all the way around. It was sunken down to deck level. It was in a somewhat secluded part with thick folliage on three sides. The fourth side faced the ocean and the deck was almost at beach level. It wasn't that big, it maybe would hold 7-8 people comfortably, but it had a beautiful built-in marble deck that surrounded it. It had very cool fiber optic lighting that constantly changed color and a little waterfall that cascaded down a marble rock formation. There were a couple of nice Bose speakers that were emmitting soft love tunes. It was very nice. We got in and found that Hector was right, it was cooler than the pool. Not by much though. The water felt great because the sun was starting to make us sweat already. 

We soaked for only a few minutes before our food came. The waitress brought a couple of brown drinks with her and we informed her that we didn't order them. She said, "They are from one of the guys at the bar.". We thanked her and she dissappeared around the corner. We ate at the edge of the hottub with our feet still dangleing in the water. This was the first time that I had noticed just how tan Joy and I were getting. Her tits were a medium dark brown. The color almost blended with the color of her nipples making them almost invisible to the eye. As a matter of fact, she was brown all over. She almost looked like she had lived in Mexico all her life. Her blonde hair had lightened several shades and and reflected the sunshine like a calm pool of water. Her skin was shiny and still had water beads all over glistening in the bright sun. She glowed! God, she looked beautiful! 

We sipped the mixed drinks, which I recognized as Long Island Teas, because we were both still pretty buzzed, Joy more than I. When the waitress came to get our empty plates she had another round with her. "Let me guess, they are form the guys at the bar?" she said to the waitress. She told us that they were taking turn buying drinks for us. Joy told her to thank them for us. She smiled and walked back to the bar. I looked at Joy and said, "I told you so!". She knew what I was talking about. Most of the men we had encountered while we were in Mexico were extrememly turned on by her, and now she definately knew it! We finished our first drinks and just both slithered back down into the bubbling water.

As I watched her trying not to stare, Joy fumbled under the water doing something I couldn't see. She pulled her suit bottoms up out of the water and threw them up onto the edge of the hottub. She downed the rest of her second drink, looked over at me and smiled without saying a word and then closed her eyes and relaxed back into the serenity of the water. The water was actually the perfect temperature for this climate. If it had been any warmer we couldn't have stayed in for very long. With the cool temerature, we could stay in as long as we wanted. I relaxed as I sipped my drink and closed my eyes from time to time, still making sure to keep an eye on Joy to make sure she didn't pass out in the water.

I used this quiet time to ponder our vacation. Was all of this really happening? Who was this woman I was with and was she going to dissappear when we boarded that jet to return home? I didn't see how either one of us could ever go back to being like we were before we came here. I assumed that we had both changed in some ways for good, at least I hoped. I was madly in love with Joy before we came, but since she had shown me this other side of her, I knew now that whenever it was my time to leave this earth the last thing I wanted to see was her beautiful face. I felt I had found my soulmate. The person that could finish my sentences...who knew what I was thinking before I did...the part of my life that had been missing all along! My heart soared!

I heard voices approaching and assumed that our time for relaxation was about to come to an end. This had actually been the only time we had since we arrived in Cancun that we had to really "take it in". I almost felt recharged. Two guys rounded the corner with a drink in each hand. They were laughing and talking about something to do with the pool waitress. As they approached both of them softly yelled, "Hola!". Joy slightly opened her eyes and smiled at me. One of them was Dave, the older guy I had talked to beside the pool before we went to Cozumel. I hadn't met the other guy. He was probably in his 40's, kinda tall, well built and he was very tan. We returned their greeting, "Hola! How are you guys doing?". "Great!" they said, "We thought you two might be thirsty so we brought you a couple of refreshments!" I thanked them and Joy smiled back towards them as they handed us the drinks. She had obviously gotten somewhat relaxed and was just coming out of it. I'm sure it had something to do with the amount of alchohol we had consumed already today. "How's the water?" Dave asked as they laid down their towel and started to get in. "I'ts the perfect temperature with this heat!" I informed them. Joy was sitting right across from me. They got in and Dave sat on my right and his friend sat on my left, both of them sitting a little closer to Joy.

"This is Rick. I met him at the "Bulldog Saloon" last night. He likes to party!" Dave said. We all shook hands as I introduced them to Joy. "No need for introductions, everybody seems to know who you guys are," Rick said with a smile, "I gues you two have made quite an impression. I just arrived yesterday and I've already heard some interesting stories!" He smiled even bigger. Joy responed, "We are just trying to have the best vacation we can. What happens in Mexico...". "Stays in Mexico!" Rick finished her sentence for her. We all chatted for an hour or so and in the process we had a few more cocktails. Joy was starting to stretch and twist her back from sitting in the same position for as long as we did before they had arrived. She got up out of the water to sit on the edge for a couple of minute and I thought Dave and Rick were going to shit! They tried not to react as Joy turned around as she stood up, her bare ass exposing itself out of the water. She sat on the edge of the hottub with her legs kind of parted showing the top of her bald mound that was just visible below her slightly bulging belly. Her beautiful C-cup tan tits shimmered in the sunlight. The conversation came to a halt. The guys couldn't take their eyes off of her. I could tell that they were trying not to react so it seemed that Joy being completely naked in the hottub was a normal sight. I was already getting hard...I bet they were too.

"Hell, That's a great idea!" we all heard Rick say as we turned to see what he was talking about. He stripped his trunks off and flung them up onto the marble deck. Dave and I did the same. "I just feel more comfortable being in the water naked. Besides, I don't want the chlorine to bleach out my suit." Joy explained. "I can relate." Rick replied. The conversation started back up. It was mostly the three of us guys chatting small talk about mostly nothing while Joy rubbed her neck and shoulders. The water was probably relaxing her muscles. I was rubbing my already hard dick while I tried to watch her. She had parted her legs alot more and was leaned over with her left elbow on her knee while rubbing her neck with her right hand. Her slit and plump pussy lips were just visible to us all. "You want some help there? I used to do massage therapy when I was in the Marines. It's been awhile, but I still have my technique down." Rick asked Joy. She softly said, "Sure.", and lowered herself back down into the water facing her back towards Rick. Dave was watching and wasn't saying a word...neither was I. 

Joy and Rick twitsed their bodies sideways on the seat, not getting very close to one another, and Rick began rubbing her shoulders. I laid back and relaxed, closeing my eyes but kepping them opened just enough so that I could watch the action. They had just gotten started when the waitress arrived with another round of drinks. Dave reached for his shorts to pay for them and the waitress looked over at me and smiled. I'm sure that she realizes that we were all naked. She thanked us and Dave told her that we had enough for awhile, since we had several in a very short time, and that we would let her know when we were ready for more. I smiled back at her as she dissapperad again.

When I returned my attention back to Rick and Joy, he was rubbing her back below the water level where neither I or Dave could see the action. I gulped a large swallow of my drink and sat back to get back into my previous position. "Your lower back is very tense." Rick spoke softly, "why don't you sit over here between my legs so I can reach those muscles?". Joy didn't hesitate. She was obviously enjoying the backrub. She tried to sit down between his legs but there wasn't enoungh width to the bench for both Rick and Joy's plump ass. I saw her reach under the water and push his legs together and sit on his lap and lean forward to give him access to her lower back. The extra elevation had the top half of her body all the way out of water, exposing her tits to both Dave and I. Her nipples were hard and her mouth was hanging open. Rick was closing his eyes as he massaged her back I know that Dave was wondering the same thing I was...what's going on under thew water. They weren't really moving around so I was sure that there was maybe only groping going on.

This went on for awhile until I heard Joy say to Rick, "I bet my fat ass is cutting the circulation off in your legs.". "No, but I do need to reposition a little." he responded. She raised her ass up out of the water as she kept her body bent forward. Her ass was almost in his face and I was sure, since she was straddling his legs, that he was getting a great view of her plump pussy from behind. He said, "Ok, you can sit back down.". She sat down slowly and I saw her mouth fall open and heard her sigh loudly. Now, anyone else might have thought that the sigh came from her being able to sit back down and relax, but I know this woman and her expressions. She only gets that look on her face when her pussy is being entered by a cock. Rick had a very similar look on his face. He had rested his hands on Joy's shoulders and the two of them were just sitting there with their eyes closed. Joy started to rock back and fourth slightly, her mouth opening and closing with each forward motion. Dave must have realized what was happening too. He stood up out of the water, his hard on making a soft slapping sound as it hit against his stomach, and he walked over to the two of them and placed his cock gently against Joy's lips. She opened her mouth and invited his manhood into her. Rick and Dave hardly moved. They would help Joy up, driving Dave's cock into her mouthm and then back down, engulfing Rick's cock into her pussy. Dave began moaning loudly and his body began quiverring. I didn't know he had cum until he pulled his somewhat flacid cock from Joy's mouth and saw her swallow the last of his sperm. He fell backward into the water and onto the bench, breathing heavy. When Dave pulled away, Joy got up off of Rick and out of the hottub and laid down on the marble deck with her legs spread wide. Rick followed and slid his cock back in between her waiting fat pussy lips. He was fucking her hard. The slapping sound of their bodies and their ever loudening moans were loud enough to drown out the music coming from the speakers. 

Dave and I continued to watch them for several minutes. We started to hear voices that seemed to be getting closer. Dave had a slight look of panic on his face and started to get up and put his trunks on but it was too late. A group of four college guys, probably in their early twenties, had come around the corner and were laughing and drinking loudly, that is until they saw Rick and Joy. They all froze speechless and then walked briskly towards the hottub and were now all watching intently not saying a word. Rick and Joy hadn't stopped their action. I'm sure they had heard these guys approach, but they were into the moment and continued fucking the hell out of each other. The four of them found seats around the hottub and seemed to be loving the show. Rick seemed to last forever and Joy hadn't cum. I thought to myself, maybe he was trying to make her cum before he did. He had lasted longer than anyone that Joy had played around with since we had been in Mexico. Maybe it was because people were watching. Maybe he was just a stud that could go for a long time. I didn't know for sure but I was definately enjoying the view!

It was long after that we all heard Rick yell, "FUCK YEAH! I'M CUMMING! YOU LIKE THAT?YOU FUCKIN LIKE THAT SHIT?". He was ponding Joy so hard that their bodies were sliding a couple of inches across the marble with each pump of his cock into her. He stopped keeping his cock buried into her letting the remainder of his cum drain into her womb. As he tried to withdrawl, Joy wrapped her feet around him trying to keep him in place. He said softly to her, "I can't go any more baby. I'm spent". He slid his cock out of her and got to his feet and as he put his trunks on he smiled at all of us. One of the college guys asked Rick, "Can we play with her?" Rick briefly looked at me and smiled. "I think she needs to cum, boys. Can you give her a hand?" he replied to them and then he headed back to the bar not waiting around to watch the action. The four of them didn't hesitate. They were out of the hottub, stripped out of their shorts and over to her in a split second. She sat up to take a drink and as she did there were eight hands probing all over her body. They were jokingly arguing over who was going first. They put down one of the pads from the nearby lounge chairs and got Joy up on her hands and knees. One of them fed their cock to her while at the same time another crammed his cock into her pussy from behind. The other two were rubbing her ass and tits while they kept their dicks hard. The action seem sureal. 

I was deeply engrossed in watching them all, as was Dave, and didn't see the very fat Mexican Police officer stroll in from the beach. "What you boys doing?" he said in a deep loud voice. They all froze not know what to do next. "You ok seniorita?" he said with concern. I could tell that Joy didn't know what to say. I was starting to get worried. "You boys get off of her and have a seat!" he exclaimed with his hand on the butt of his holstered pistol. That's when Joy spoke up, "I'm sorry officer, things got a little out of hand.". He walked up to her and held his hand out to help her up and said softly, "Are you ok?". She nodded her head to assure him that she was. She took his hand and he helped her to her feet. I think this was the first time she had been embarrassed since we arrived in Cancun. She was trying to cover up her tits with one hand and had the other over her crotch. As big as she is, she wasn't covering much. He seemed to hesitate giving her the once over, and then realized he was staring and looked over towards all of us giving us a very shitty look. "You don't treat a lady like this! Hand me that towel!" he demanded. He was too big to bend over and get it himself. One of the college guys handed him the towel that was on the ground at his feet. The Officer offered to wrap the towel around Joy so she held her arms up so he could wrap it around her. He paused to get a good look at her before continuing his task and handing the corners of the towel to Joy so she could tuck them together under her arm. The towel was too small to cover her large frame so she left it opened along her side, leaving one ass cheek, part of her plump smooth tan belly, and a hint of that shaved mound still exposed. "You boys get dressed and don't go anywhere, I'll be right back!" he exclaimed as he placed his palm in the small of Joy's back and escorted her towards the beach and around the building from where he had come. She looked at me and held her finger to her lips as if to tell me to be quiet. I wasn't sure of what to do.

As they dissappeared, all of us jumped up to get dressed. as we were putting our shorts on the college guys were arguing whether or not they should take off or not. Dave looked at me with dissapproval and said, "Why didn't you tell him that she was your girlfriend? She's probably going to jail for having sex in public!" He apparently didn't see her motion to me. All four of the colleg guys look in my direction and said simultaneously, "She's your girlfriend?" I didn't respond to them and looked back at Dave and said, Didn't you see her signal to me? She told me to be quiet which I assumed that meant to let her handle it.". "If she were mine I'd go after her to make sure she's ok!" he responded. I thought it about it and he was right! I finished putting on my suit and grabbed my and Joy's things and headed after them. As I walked away I could still hear the college guys arguing.

I walked around the back of the building through the sand but they weren't anywhere in sight. I suspected that someone had notified the police from seeing what was going on at the hottub and he probably arrived in a patrol car that was parked out on the street. My plan was to catch them before they left and tell the officer that the whole thing was provoked by me as a result of alchohol consuption and I would accept any repercussions of my actions. I headed towards the end of the building to find a shortcut between the hotels to the front. As I approached the corner of the building I could hear low voices and I approached the corner cautiously. There was a half dead bush at the corner and I walked up and looked through some of the dead branches to see who was chatting. I was a little stunned at what I saw. The fat police officer was standing with his back to the wall and Joy was standing in front of him just leaning forward to kiss him. She let go of the towel and it dropped to their feet and she pressed against him, their bellies touching and somewhat getting in the way as she leaned forward up onto her toes. He kneaded both of her tits with his hands as they kissed deeply. My mind wandered as I wondered if he tasted Daves cum. I rubbed the crotch of my shorts as I watched the action through the bush. They hadn't seen me and I figured I must be hidden from their view.

They continued to kiss as Joy reached under his overhanging belly to undo his pants. She undid his belt but she seemed to struggle with the button on his uniform pants. He stopped kissing her briefly to assist her in getting them unfastened and his zipper down, and then started kissing her again. His pants fell down around his ankles and his dick popped out signaling that he wasn't wearing underwear. Joy reached under his belly and began fondleing his now hardening cock. His dick looked pretty big from my vantage point. She unbottoned his shirt and ran her hands up and down his hairless chest and his fat roll. He broke their kiss again and put his hands on her head and slowly pushed her down towards his cock. She licked him all the way down. As she got to his cock, she took the head into her mouth without using her hands. This was the first time I got a good look at his dick. It was not the usually cock you would see on a guy as fat as he was. He had a long, very thick dick! She was trying to suck as much as she could into her mouth but was barely able to get a little more than the head past her lips. She cupped his balls with one hand and pumped his shaft with the other while she slurped the head in and out of her mouth. She looked like her mouth was going to have stretch marks around it when she was done!(grin)

He pulled his shirt off of his shoulders and let it fall to the ground as he, with Joys help, stepped out of his pants. She held his dick up out of the way while she licked and sucked his scrotum, continuing to pump his shaft. His head was leaned back against the wall as he moaned in ecxtasy. She would encircle the head until she had his precum on the tip of her tongue and then she would stretch it out slowly until it would break and then kepp doing it over and over again, the whole time looking up at him. He grabbed her head and tried to force his cock into her mouth. It wouldn't fit and she withdrew to swallow and catch her breath. She began licking the head again and he grabbed her head again, attmpting to force it into her mouth once more. He managed to get a little more into her mouth, but not much more than the head. I think she realized that this wasn't working. She started burying her face into his large balls, licking and sucking them as she reached between his legs and began playing with his ass. After a couple of minutes, she stopped him and said something to him that I couldn't quite make out. He turned around and placed his hands on the wall and stood spread eagled as if he were the one being arrested. She dove into his ass with her face, licking and sucking as she reached between his legs and began jacking him off. He moaned outloud, closed his eyes and threw his head back as her tongue hit his asshole. I think he liked! My dick was so hard that it hurt! She was using her other hand to play with her pussy. Her face litteraly dissappeared between his large ass cheeks a she worked his asshole. I wondered if she could breath!

I was just taking my dick out to relieve myself when I heard a different voice that wasn't either of theirs. Another officer had walked up towards them from the other side where I couldn't see. The fat officer must have been the boss because he began yelling something in spanish back at him as he stared at the two of them Joy stopped and leaned slightly back and grabbed the towel to cover herself up. The fat man looked back at her and said angrily, "What the fuck are you doing you fat bitch? You don't cover up unless I tell you to. Get your fucking tongue back in my ass and keep your hand off of that fat fucking cunt of yours unless I tell you to. i'm surprised you can get to it from that big fucking belly of your!". Joy looked shocked for a second and just stared at him. "LICK IT YOU FAT FUCKING CUNT!" he screamed loudly. I was sure that alot of people heard him. I thought it was time for me to stop what was going on even if it meant I was going to a Mexican jail for awhile. I was just putting my dick back when I saw that she had a strange look on her face, sort of a sly smile as she pushed her face back between his ass cheeks again and began working his balls and dick with her hands as she squatted on her feet. I saw that her nipples were rock hard. I think he was turning her on with the obusive talk. The other cop watched this all happen and was staring at Joy, licking his lips. The fat cop managed to get out a few words in spanish between moans that was directed at the other cop. This other guy bent down behind Joy and started shoving his fingers up her pussy. He fingered her hard, being kinda rough. When he removed his hand it was covered in cream from Joy's pussy. They spoke again and both started laughing. Joy never brought her tongue out of his ass. This was all definately turning her on! I touched my dick, which was still out, and that was all it took. I had an earthshattering orgasm that I had no control over. I came all over my feet and part of the bush that I was standing in front of. I thought I was going to pass out. I dropped to my knees to keep from falling.

When I looked up, I had lost my cover of the bush and I was in plain sight. The two cops were looking at me and saying something in spanish and laughing loudly. I gathered myself and walked over to them. The fat cop said with a smile, "Do you feel better?". I just smiled back. "Did you like the show? Your wife said that you would be along before long and that since she and I were already fooling around that maybe we could put a little show on for you." he explained. He spoke back to Joy who was still giving his ass a vigorous tongue bath, "Tell your husband how good my ass tastes.". She pulled her face from between his cheeks and said, "It tastes fuckin great!". She stood up and gave me a big hug. When we broke the hug, the big cop held out his hand and said, "Hola, My name is Fernand. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Cancun and to meet you." I shook his hand and replied, "It's my pleasure, I'm Scott. Just curious, because you had me a little worried, what was the deal with the abusive talk?" Fernand replied, "Your wife told me to controll the situation, so I did!" He grinned a sinister grin and we all laughed. Fernand was getting dressed as he asked, "Do you mind if she comes with me for a little while. I would really like to cum and I knew that I wouldn't be able to standing out here in public. Everyone knows me in Cancun so I had my partner watch the other corner of the building until he got too turned on by your wife and had to get a closer look." I wasn't sure of what to say. I looked at Joy to see what she had to say. She was wiping ass off of her face and trying to get the towel to stay around her without much success. "I told Fernand that I didn't mind as long as it was ok with you and he didn't keep me very long because we had plans tonight." Joy explained. "What time is it?" I asked Fernand. "It's 5:10pm." he replied. I asked her, "What to you want to do?". She said, "I don't mind as long you don't and I'm back in time for a shower and to get dressed. Actually I think I'd like to have sex with him if you don't mind. Did you see the size of his dick?" she was widely smiling. I reluctantly agreed but assured her that I was ok with it. I walked over to where I was standing by the bush and grabbed our stuff. I dug her swim suit out of the beach bag and offered it to her. She put the bottoms on but didn't want the top. She blew me a kiss and I watched as they all three got in his little police car and drove off. I wondered if I was making an enormous mistake.

I walked back around the hotel towards the Hottub to find that it was now desserted. I guess that the guys had gotten scared about being arrested. I bet they would have all freaked out if they knew what had happened. I continued back around to the pool to get a cocktail. As I walked up to toward the bar several of the guys, none of which I recognized, greeted me loudly. They were asking where "that beautiful wife of mine" was at. I told them that she would be back in a little bit and they started arguing over who was going to buy me a drink. I drank a couple of shots with them and said my goodbyes as I grabbed a margarita and headed over towards our usual lounge chairs. I sat down and stared out at the ocean wondering what was going on where Joy was. I'll bet they were fucking the hell out of her. My mind started to wander about all of the different scenarios that could be playing out. My dick was getting hard from all of the things running through my mind. I knew now that the thing that turned me on the most was having her fucked good whether I was there or not. The thought of her coming back with her pussy all stretched out from Fernando's huge cock and his cum running out of her fat pussy and down her legs was almost more than I could take. I found out a couple of days ago that one of her biggest turn ons was fat men. I'm sure that telling me that was just as hard as when I told her my fantasies. I was turned on but the worry was consuming me.

My deep thought was interupted by a voice behind me, "Hola my american friend!". I turned my head to see Hector walking up. He sat down in the chair next to me. "Where's your angel?" he asked. "She left for a little while." I replied. "Is she still with Fernand?" he asked. My jaw kinda dropped and I felt my eyes widen as I looked back at him. Was there anything that goes on that Hector didn't know about? "How did you know about that?" I asked. He smiled and said, "I get around. What's wrong you looked kinda serious. You worried about her?" "A little." I reluctantly replied. He assured me, "Don't be. he's harmless. They promoted him to captain a few years ago and since then all he does is walk up and down the beach along the hotel zone looking for american women that might fuck him. I don't think I have ever heard of him arresting anyone. I did hear that he has problems getting laid because his dick is too big and he scares most women away. Like I said, don't worry yourself, he's harmless." This made me smile and feel a little more comfortable about her going with him. "There's the smile I have grown used to seeing!" Hector said as We both laughed. "I gotta get back to work but you two come and see me when she get's back and we'll get you set up with the costumes I have for you." he said as he stood up. We said goodbye and he dissappeared into the hotel.

I felt alot more relaxed about the whole situation. Hector would make a good friend for anybody. My stomach was settling down and I started to drink my margarita. The worry that I felt had turned into an erotic sensation that reached down to my groin and tugged on my allready semi-hard cock. I was picturing Joy trying to take Fernand's huge cock in several different positions. I imagined her licking his enormous balls, taking each one into her mouth one at a time and sucking them just before she slid her tongue down between his ass crack. I pictured her riding that big monster and both of them cumming and screaming, him deeply kissing her as he filled her with all the cum his ball could explode. I felt like I was going to cum right there! "Hey baby.....wake up sleepyhead. You wore out or what?" came out of nowhere. I must have dozed I thought to myself. I opened my eyes and tried to focus. It was Joy. Thank god she was back! I stood up and grabbed her and kissed her deeply. I could smell sex all over her face and I could taste a strange pugnent taste in her mouth that I figured was the remains of someones blown nut, but even though it grossed me out I didn't care. I really was worried about her and missed her. "Wow! If I knew that was the reaction I would get when I got back, I would have been going out and having this kind of fun for the last four years!" she said smiling and looking straight up into my eyes. "Did you have fun?" I asked. "Do you want to hear about it?" she asked. I looked up at her and she was still topless, like she had been most of the last couple of days, and was still wearing her brief bottoms. "Yes, I would love to, but let's go up to the room first. Ok?" I responded. She nodded and we headed towards our room with our arms around each other.

As we walked past the towel hut, Hector popped up from behind ths counter. "I'm just getting off, you guys ready to pick up your costumes? I have them in my room." he asked. Joy looked at me and shugged as she said, "I guess this is as good time as any.". She knew that I was looking forward to cumming and hearing about her encounter, but since Hector had been so nice in putting together a couple of costume for us, we felt obligated. The three of us made our way to Hector's room.

Hector opened the door to his room and we entered as he closed the door behind us. "Do you mind if I use your shower?" Joy asked Hector. "Anything that is mine is also yours. Help yourself." Hector replied. "Gracias!" Joy responded as she stripped off her bottoms and left them laying on the floor and headed into the bathroom. Why don't you mix all of us a drink and I'll show her where all of my bathroom supplies are?" Hector asked as he headed into the bathroom behind her. "I'm on it!" I replied. Hector had several different kinds of booze on the table so I mixed up a concoction of several fruit juices and rum and ran them through his shaker. I poured us all a drink and began sipping on mine as I watched the XXX channel and waited for them to return.

Several minutes had passed, and since the bathroom door was part of the way opened, I decided to take a peak and see what was going on. I walked up to the bathroom door and scanned around inside the bathroom. I could hear them talking in the shower and realizes that Hector was lending her a hand in the shower. "Scott, will you come in here and get the conditioner from the counter by the sink and hand it to us?" Joy shouted loudly to make sure that I heard her. I walked in and they were talking and laughing and it sounded like they were having a good time. I grabbed the bottle and slightly opened the shower curtain. Hector was washing Joys back. "Sorry honey, my arms were a little tired so Hector is lending me his hands." she said as she looked up at me with tired eyes. I suspected that she was also still a little buzzed. Hector was concentrating on getting her body clean. I smiled at them and returned to sit on the edge of the bed and continue watching the tv show.

I heard the shower shut off and it wasn't long befoe they both came out. They didn't bother getting dressed and Hector was sporting a chubby. "Your drinks are on the table." I said. Joy sat down on the bed while she was drying the rest of the wetness from her hair and Hector walked over to get their drinks and handed Joy hers. They both sipped with approval, Hector hardly taking his eyes off of Joy. I know that he wanted to fuck Joy right there, but he was such a polite guy that he wasn't going to bring it up unless she did first. "What time is it?" Joy asked. Hector and I both looked over at the clock. "It's about 8:30." I relied. She must have been with Fernend for over two hours. I had lost track of time and I'm sure she had also. "You guys want to get your costumes on now?" Hector asked. Joy relied, "I need to get some clothes from our room first." "You won't need anything to wear under your costumes, trust me!" he said with a smile. He stood up and went over to a box in the corner of the room and pulled out a long piece of fabric ivy. It was about 10 feet long and had very dense leafs on it. He also grabbed a can off of the nightstand and walked over to Joy and asked her to stand up. She stood with a curious grin on her face but didn't say anything. Hector began spraying her entire body with the aerasol can. It was glitter spray and he coated her entire body with it. When he was finished, he grabbed the ivy boa and tied it gently around her neck and began wrapping it around her body and between her legs making sure to cover tits, crotch and ass as he circled her naked shimmering body with the fake plant. He fastened the end to the rest of the ivy and stood back so we could see what the results were. She looked incredible! She spun around so we could see all of her. "How does it look?" she asked. "You look fuckin great!!" I responded. "Yeah!" Hector added. "Who am I?" Joy asked. "The goddess of love!" Hector replied with a sly smile. Most of Joy's skin was exposed, the ivy only covered her most revealing parts. "I love it!" she said as she returned to the bathroom to finish her hair. 

Hector returned to the box and retrieved a knee length white toga with a gold rope for a belt. He handed it to me and said, "You can go as Zeus, the god of lightening and power." I stripped and put on the costume. He gave me an ivy crown and a 2 foot lightening bolt to carry and my costume was complete. Joy returned and she had decided to not dry her hair which left it long and curly. She looked sexy as hell! Hector completed her costume by topping her head with an ivy crown. I thought he did a great job on the costumes! "Are you ready to go get something to eat, baby?" Joy asked. I said, "Sure. You want to join us Hector?". "That's ok." he replied, "I still need to get ready." Joy walked over to him and kissed him very deeply making his cock stand at attention. When she broke the kiss she looked into his eyes and said, "I'll thank you later since we just got started in the shower.". We finished our drinks and said goodbye as we headed to the outside restaraunt for a bite. 

(Continued in Part 3)

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