Teaching my sister

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A couple years ago I was 18 years of age, brunet, slim laying in bed watching a movie..I forget what one. Anyway it was a stormy night, so my 11 year old sister Taylor walked in my room asking if she could sleep with me tonight since are dad was out of town with his gf.

I said, sure hop in. I forgot all I was wearing were pink lace panties and a T shirt. Taylor noticed and told me she liked my underwear. I said thanks and didnt worry about it anymore. She was in her regular shirt and sweatpants. I turned of the t.v. and lamp next to me, but I kept a candle lit so she wouldnt be scared.

After laying there for a few minutes she asked me if I ever played with myself. I said I usualy did every day. She giggled for awile then asked why? I said because it feels good. She then asked if I could show her how. I hesitated but then said ok.I pulled the covers off me and began to pull my panties off. She asked why I didnt have any hair there, I just told her I like to shave it off. I rubbed my pussy a little then pulled my shirt off(large A cup).

Taylor: why did you take your shirt off?

Me: I like to be completely naked when I play with myself.

I was getting really wet talking like this.

Taylor: Your boobs are really big.

Me: thanks

I positioned myself so my pussy was faceing her. Then I spread my legs and started rubbing myself again. 

Me: ok if your going to watch me I get to watch you. Take off your cloths.

Taylor: uummm...ok

She took off her shirt and then her sweats. She was a brunet to. Her tits were just barely pointing out and she didnt have any hair yet but Taylor looked great. I knew she was going to look better than me when she got older. We positioned ourselves across from each other so are feet were almost touching. Then she began to rub herself.

Me: Now dont just rub your vagina, rub around it and your hips and play with your boobs.

Taylor: ok

Tayler did, a little to fast for my taste but she was a beginner. She was imbarrassed when she got to her breasts.

Taylor: Can I touch your boobs real quick.

Me: umm...I dont think so

Taylor: please I wont tell anyone I promise.

Me: ok I guess.

I leaned towards her almost leaning on her. She cupped one with her right hand wile she kept rubbing herself with the other and said how soft they were. Her hand explored them for awile while we were both rubbing ourselves. After awile I leand back and explained all the parts of the pussy to her.

Me: ok now slowly slip a finger in this hole.

She did and so did I. After awile I spread my legs more.

Taylor: This feels funny.

Me: yes, whatever you do dont stop

Taylor: ok

Taylor started to breath hard and eventually put the hand she wasnt useing over her mouth. I told her not to and to not be afraid to moan if she needs to. I had to go over to her and pull her had away. She began to breath and moan really loud. We were now really close to each other. One of her legs was over mine and one of mine over hers. Our pussys were now about 4 inchs apart. 

The soft touch of her skin over mine drove me crazy. We were both makeing alot of noise. I was really glad no one was home. We were both shaking so much from excitement it was like there was an earthquake just on my bed. As she came she made one last loude moan and grabbed and sqeezed my breast. I couldnt take it and more, I shook and moved up and down like crazy as I came more than ever before with my ex gf.

We then just lay there for awile and eventually got dressed and fell right to sleep.

We did this a couple more times if you want those stoys email me.

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