Jonny Tube Sex Movies Showed Me I Was Just Fine the Way I Am

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In most cases, when you get to watch the porn videos in which girls masturbate, you see all sorts of toys and all sorts of things that they use to penetrate their twat. Those videos always made me wonder if there were something wrong with me. I never did that like the other girls. In most cases, I take the blanket or some other sort of cover, place it on my bed, all folded, and I lay on top of it. Then, I rub my pussy on it, moving my hips, just like I would do it if I were fucking a girl. I thought that there is something wrong with me, and I gathered my strength one day, and began to browse the in search of other girls that masturbate the same way I do.

I was so relieved that I found many videos with girls rubbing their clit, simulating fucking. Moreover, I found that those were mainly lesbians and that they were called “tribads.” That means that they rub each other pussies against one another. In a way, that was just what I was doing the whole time, but on my own. Once I started watching those sex videos on Jonny Tube, I couldn’t stop masturbating.

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I would watch those girls kissing and touching each other breasts. In time, I realized I wanted to do that to somebody, as well. Since I was alone, I started playing with my own nipples until they were hard. Usually one girl would go down on the other one and lick her twat. While I watched that, I would lick two of my fingers, soaking them in my own spit, and massage my clit. I imagined that a hot blond was licking my clit and that my fingers were her tongue. Soon enough, some hot and sizzling “tribbing” action would start in these videos on Jonny Tube website.

That was my favorite part. I would get down on my belly, put a pillow or something under me and start rubbing my pussy, imagining that I’m scissoring a hot, busty blond from the video. My panties would be totally soaked, my clit would feel as hard as a marble, and I would come screaming. In a way, helped me realize that I was all fine.

The only thing that was different about it was the fact that I am most likely a lesbian, or, at least, a bisexual. If I had to choose, I would say I was bisexual. Even though I adore getting off at lesbian porn videos, I still masturbate on videos presenting well hung men, destroying some tight pussies. Nevertheless, I don’t care about labels, I’m just glad to have found Jonny Tube site. Also, it is good to know that everything is fine with me.

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