Dianna's Double Bluff

(Part 1 from 3)

I was tragically orphaned at the age of eighteen, yet despite this I
managed to finish my examinations, which I hoped would get me entry to a
University hospital to study medicine I was very fortunate that I was
given temporary accommodation following my bereavement by my Godparents
and their two highly attractive daughters.

Sarah was a contemporary of mine and we had been good friends for a long
time, both before and after leaving school, but her sister Rita was two
years older and at twenty was very much more interested in men.
Immediately on joining the household, I was left in little doubt that Rita saw
me as her next possible sexual conquest. Both girls were highly attractive, tall
willowy blondes, but Rita in particular favoured short skirts masses of make-up
and all the latest fashions.

I really fancied both girls, but because I was a guest in the house I
thought it strictly inappropriate to make a move on either of the girls.
Their parents Ralph and Joan were really nice people, and had given me the
'granny flat' which was completely self contained and had its own private
entrance. It gave me a measure of freedom, which I did not abuse but I did
normally eat with the family and mix with them on a daily basis.

Rita made every effort to corner me when her parents were not around, with
great success on most occasions. She would pin me in corners, grope me
under the table at meal times, and generally take every possible
opportunity to be with me. I did not object to some heavy petting or her
company. But I felt that I had to respect the fact that I was a guest
in their home.

Even locking my bedroom door at night did not completely deter her.
She found a spare key, and would join me in my bedroom when the
family had retired for the night, but I was totally responsible and we never
got past the heavy snogging stage and when one day in desperation, knowing full
well that I was losing my self control, and seeking some respite from eternal
temptation, I bolted the door, I found that the next day she had removed the
bolt. I resisted all temptations to go as far as she wanted out of respect
for her parents and their kindness towards me and I steadfastly refused
to go past the heavy petting stage. She would then retire to bed in a huff.
I would lie there totally frustrated and calling myself a fool.

One day Ralph my Godfather suggested that I might like to help out at his law firm,
During the vacation which would give me a chance to study the law relating to
medical ethics? when things were quiet. I accepted this gratefully. The job
would fill the vacation, but above all, it would get me away from his nymphomaniac
daughter at least during the daytime.

It was therefore, with great relief that I reported for work, but alas I had not
been told, or bargained on the fact that I would be the only male clerk, in a
totally female oriented establishment. Now, despite my reservations about Rita,
I really enjoyed female company, both socially, and to work with.

Under normal circumstances, for me to work with all these delightful
females were something like giving an alcoholic a job in a brewery. But on
this occasion I had the added stress of having to keep Rita at arms
length, so I began to feel a little desperate. The girls though, were
delightful and very kind to me in every way.

From the very beginning I was treated well, even pampered, but I soon
began to realise that this was the period, when the female of the species,
were juggling for position. I soon became overwhelmed by their kindness,
but it did not take me long to realise that these girls were very sexually
aware, and that each one of them in their own inimitable way was weighing
me up as a possible victim for their next amorous adventure. I heard at a
later date that one of the girls ran a book on who would be the first to
get me into bed.

It was not long before I began to wish (well sometimes) that I had stayed
at home with Rita. One I could cope with, but now I had five more, whose
burning desire seemed to me, to get me into bed at the first opportunity.
I had seriously begun to wonder whether it was something in the water
which was causing the problem, or whether my cloistered education, and
limited exposure to society had not prepared me for the female dominated
environment in which I now seemed to find myself.

At first I even considered joining a monastery, but the thought of
absolute abstinence was an even worse fate. Then I considered very
briefly, announcing to the world that I was gay, but the idea that I might
have to flutter my eyelids at any passing half attractive male, to make
the role more convincing also had its drawbacks, even dangers, and might
well land me in even more trouble.

A well meaning friend suggested that I go to stay in America until my
examination results came through. A solution that I considered seriously,
and which had its attractions, especially when he convinced me that all american
women were known for their gentility and sportsman like behaviour
and always gave their men folk at least ten yards start.

This idea was knocked on the head when another friend pointed out that
this rule only applied in a remote corner of Idaho, and that only on the
thirty second day of each month. The rest of American womanhood was even
more demanding and rapacious than their English cousins and that was why
most american men looked so "knackered" most of the time. Well that is
what he told me! (Sorry America)

In the end, I concluded that the only course of action was for me was to
submit to one of the girls; throw myself on her mercy, let her have her
wicked way with me, if she insisted and perhaps, if I was very good she
would protect me from the wiles of her colleagues. Having made my decision
on a Friday, I rested all day Saturday and Sunday. Took all my vitamins,
ate plenty of steaks, said my prayers, kept away from Rita (fortunately it
was the right time of the month and she was strangely subdued) and on the
Monday morning duly presented myself for work unusually refreshed.

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