It Came True

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It was the summer after senior year. I was watching Rachel Ray one lazy afternoon when I got a call from Drew. I was a little taken aback, as usually he would just text, but I was happy. I love to hear him talk. 

Drew and I met in 7th grade. I moved to a new town in the middle of the school year, and he was the first person I talked to. We never became best friends, but we were good friends. He always called me for help with homework, and we would end up talking for hours, about school or college, or how much we hated something, and usually concluding with his status in the girl department. He confided in me, and I was enthralled. And whenever he asked me about my love life, I always told him I lacked the blind desire he had, and just wasn’t interested in anybody from out school. The truth was that I was really infatuated with him, and had been since we had sophomore P.E. together. 

He asked how my summer had been, and we engaged in idol chit-chat, until he asked me what I was doing Friday night. I said, very matter-of-factly, nothing. So he invited me to a party, so we could party it up before we went our separate ways in the fall. I was ecstatic, but managed to restrain myself and say that’d be great. Now he knew I didn’t drive, so he said he’d pick me up after I got off work.

This brightened my Wednesday immensely, and I was exceptionally jovial for the rest of the week. Then the big day came and packed a little travel bag and stuffed it in my pocket, as well as some clothes to change into after work. Then 4 o’clock hit and he pulled up, waving. I waved back and walked over to the car where I climbed into the passenger seat. We speeded away, and then went back to his house. The party wasn’t going to start until late, so we had a couple of hours to kill. I first called my parents and told them I made it and would see them sometime tomorrow. Then we snacked on some chips, and watched TV in his room.

He got up and said he was going to take a shower. At that time I was sitting on his bed, captivated by the special I was watching. I asked if he wanted me to leave the room, and he said he didn’t care. So I returned to the TV. But as I did, I noticed him slowly stripping. He was about 5’8” and about 155 pounds, and toned to the point of borderline muscular from soccer and working on the docks. He removed his shirt, revealing his smooth upper torso and mild tan lines, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself at how someone who worked with his shirt off could still have a farmers tan. Then he kicked off his socks and slipped off his shorts, revealing his plaid boxers. Then he picked up his towel and walk out of the room.

I was so turned on by the time he left that if he had said anything I probably would have cum right there. But I just got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water. It was then that I saw the note from his parents on the refrigerator, saying that they would be at the usual hotel in Berkeley, as they were visiting his sister who had chosen to live there during the summer and take some more classes. It also said that they would be back Monday afternoon. 

I went back to his room and waited, and was not disappointed when he walked into the room all wet, donning only a towel. To make things better, he just sat down near me on the bed, which was a king size after all, and started to watch the special on the history channel I was watching. I sat there and breathed in his clean smell, and drank in the luster of his body. At the commercial break I made a comment about his nudity, and he was just said that it was hot and he liked the breeze. I then told him I was going to take a shower, if he would permit me, and of course he had no objections. He pointed to his extra towel, and as I picked it up, he laughingly told me how he hoped I didn’t care that it had touched his naked body, including his dick. I just said that hopefully he was clean after a shower and it shouldn’t be a problem. 

I decided to follow the apparent protocol and slowly undressed in his presence. I was not as fit as he was, being 6’0” and 185 pounds, but I had swum and dove on the varsity team, so I was smooth and had a dark tan. I walked out of the room wearing only my boxers and my lucky necklace. 

Once in the bathroom I locked the door and stripped to my birthday suit. I turned the water on, then jumped in and let the water stream down my body and into the drain below. I gently moved my hands up and down my body, feeling every inch of skin and tracing my Speedo tan line. This brought me to my dick, and I figured it would be a waste not to use the image of Drew’s naked body to release some cum on the shower floor. So I started to masturbate, and my dick grew to its full six inches. My left hand was working pretty hard, so I moved my right hand to my butt to even things out. I squeezed the cheeks and then started to move my finger up and down my crack. I stopped just over my hole then pushed my middle finger in. Once it went in to about the knuckle, I pulled out and then worked in my middle and ring fingers, all the while imagining Drew glistening in the afternoon sun, laying out on his bed, maybe even playing with himself. I couldn’t hold it anymore and I came all over myself and the shower wall. As my heavy breathing subsided I watched as my cum was slowly washed of the wall, eventually circling the drain and shipping out for parts unknown. 

I turned off the water as soon as I was clean and then dried myself off, though not completely. I replaced my necklace around my neck and picked up my underwear, and wrapped the towel around my waist. I let the fan in the bathroom blow right on me so that it would cool me down so I wouldn’t embarrass myself in from of him. Then I strolled back down the hall to find him lying on the bed, still wrapped only in a towel. I went over and sat on the bed and continued to watch the special. We sat there practically naked for about half an hour, and I preformed a minor miracle in managing to control my hard-on.

Once the show ended he got up and moved over to his drawer, and got out socks and shorts and boxers and a shirt. He surprised me in throwing a pair of boxers over to me and said that unless I wanted to go commando, he had noticed that I had only brought a shirt and a pair of shorts. I asked him if he was sure and he said it was okay. Then he turned away and dropped his towel, briefly revealing his pale butt, firm and smooth, and started to quickly get dressed. After he slipped his underwear up I turned around and did the same, and in a matter of seconds we were both dressed again. He handed me his deodorant and I applied some, privately musing that now I was both wearing his clothes and that I smelled like him. It was stifling to wear clothes when I was so turned on, so I went and refilled my glass of water. 

By now it was seven thirty, and high time to go to the party. Drew told me the people he expected to be there, and I was not very excited. It was going to be all stoners and skaters. But I got over it as he said if I wasn’t having fun, I could just say so and we would come back to his house. We got in the car and drove for about twenty minutes, and I asked him more about who would be there, and he said that this girl he was really into was supposed to be there, making me quite somber for the rest of the drive. We got there just as it was getting dark, and strolled in to the huge house with loud music and yelling flooding out of every open window. We went in and got a drink and just mingled. I did know some of the people there and so when Drew ditched me because his interest had shown up, I was able to stay entertained. 

After about an hour there, Drew came out of a room with a disheartened look on his face and just sat on the couch. I noticed his fly was undone and his one of his shoes wasn’t tied, so I figured he had tried to get lucky and was rejected. So I went over to him and told him I was ready to go, and he eagerly got up and we went to his car. I asked how much he had drank, and he said only one beer, so I said we’d have to wait a while just to make sure he wasn’t “impaired”. So we sat in the car and he poured out his heart, and even started to tear up. But he regained composure, and then we drove back to his house.

The Air Conditioning had not been on and some of the windows left open so when we walked into his house it was still quite warm. So we got out some ice cold drinks and ate some left over chicken breast. Then we washed up and sat in the living room. I was so warm, that I just took off my shirt, and Drew removed his, too. So we sat there and then turned on the TV. We watched some western about a town being painted red or something, but I watched as Drew drifted in and out of sleep.

Once the movie ended, he told me that I would get his bed, and that he would just sleep on the couch. I objected, but he insisted. He said the couch was more comfortable anyways so I was getting the worse deal. It was about one in the morning by this time, so we made up the couch bed and he got all settled. I went to his computer in the office, and checked my email and other internet things, and before I knew it, it was three in the morning. I realized how tired I felt and then walk back to Drew’s room. As I walked past the couch I noticed that Drew was only wearing his boxers and that the blankets had fallen off. More importantly, his dick was poking out of the fly. I went over to him and gently replaced the blanket over him. Then I went to his room and stripped down to his boxers. I thought about stripping all the way down, but thought it was a bad idea incase he came in and saw me.

I was almost asleep when a silhouette appeared in the door. Drew walk to the center of the room and removed his boxers. The moon from the open window bathed his body in a soft light, and I saw his limp dick. He walked over to the bed and slid into it. I wriggled all the way to the other side, and held my breath as he got settled. After a few minutes I felt sort of uncomfortable, so I decided to wake him up. 

To say the least he freaked. He sat up and pulled the covers around him more. I explained what had happened, and then he confessed that occasionally he slept-walked and that he must have not realized that I was there. I marveled at this, and then just wrote it off as a bizarre situation that would not result in anything meaningful. 

I said I would go sleep on the couch, but as I slid out I noticed the tent that was forming where he was sitting. I made some joke about him being happy to see me, but he replied with a timid “yeah sort of”. I froze. I sat back down on the bed and just stared at him, and he leaned over and kissed me. He backed off, and started to get up when I grabbed his arm. I looked into his eyes and moved my hand up behind his head, then pulled him in for a real kiss

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