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It was Christmas Eve. Another big argument with his wife, Mona. Another night spent in Mulligans bar on Maine drinking beer and shooting pool with his friend, Harry. John Morgan had been married to Mona for nearly ten years and whatever sparkle there had been in the beginning had definitely faded. Mona was a damn good name for her, John liked to think at moments like this, moan, moan, moan! As he tipped the remnants of his fourth beer down his throat,

John looked at his watch: 11.40pm. He’d been out for nearly three hours. Time for me to get going, Harry.” He called to his friend on the other side of the pool table. Harry had also had four beers and looked a little wrecked. “Guess we’d better leave the car here, Harry and walk home, yeah?” Harry had been lining up his shot now for some time; drunkenly checking and re-checking the angle. He held up a hand to silence his friend for a moment, indicating his concentration.

He drew the cue back and played the shot. He missed by some margin.”Shit!” he exclaimed angrily and tossed the cue onto the table.”Fucking’ stupid game anyway!” The evening air was warm and muggy as the two friends meandered their way drunkenly home.”So what is it with you and Mona, then John? You had another fight?”"Bitch has been running round on me again!” John replied. “This time with my junior assistant at work, if you can believe that! He’s young enough to be her son.

She’s turned into a real fucking slut. I think, by now she must have fucked everyone I know -apart from me of course!” Harry looked at John sideways. “Not me either, man. She hasn’t fucked me! But it has to be said, John, She’s a good looking woman.” “Ah, I don’t care anymore.” John slurred resignedly. “You’re all welcome to the little bitch! Here, let’s take a short cut across the park.” As the two friends walked, sobering slowly, the dim lights of the park cast eerie shadows across the grass.

As they neared the north corner exit, one of the lamps appeared to flicker, it’s yellow sodium beam switching itself on and off with irregular hesitancy. Approaching the streetlight, they could hear a small voice from the shadows. “Fuck! Fuck! Work, you stupid fucking light, why won’t you stay on! Fuck you!” The voice, though obviously male, seemed to small and squeaky to have come from an adult, but surely, thought John, no child would speak like that!” “You hear that?” asked Harry in a whisper.

The unseen owner of the voice now seemed to be getting more angry and was kicking the metal pole of the lamp viciously. “What’s going on?” called John, surprised at how loud his voice sounded in the still night air. “Mind your own fucking business!” John and Harry were slightly taken aback by the ferocity of the reply. “Hey, no need for that,” said Harry. “We’re only asking.” After only a few seconds silence, the small figure emerged from the shadows. Harry and John almost burst out laughing when they saw the figure.

Dressed all in green and standing no higher than three feet tall, the man looked faintly ridiculous and not what they had expected to find at all. “What are you fucking staring at shit-heads!” The small man’s verbal assault continued “Hey, cut the crap, you little dwarf!” John spat. “You this fucking nasty to everyone?” I’m not a fucking dwarf, I’m an elf, dick-head!” The two friends could contain their mirth for no longer and both exploded into loud, belly aching laughter. “So what’s so fucking funny? You never seen an elf before?”

John wiped the tears of laughter from his eyes. “Sorry, man….no, I guess we must have both missed that! Except when we last saw santa Clause!” Again, the laughter erupted, tears streaming down both of their faces. The elf looked angrily back at them. “And don’t get me started on Tha guy, either! The bastard! I work for that fat piece of shit, I was a good elf, too until he reassigned me here! Jeez, You fuck One damn reindeer!” John and Harry were now in fits of apoplexy. “Ah, c’mon, guy’s! Give me a break, it’s not That funny!”

Oh, sorry, man! Gasped John between fits of coughing laughter. “So, what are you doing here?” “Here? I’m supposed to be a sentinel. This lamp is very special – if it ever fucking works!” He kicked it again and the sodium glare flickered but quickly died again. The first person to walk under the lamp on Christmas Day is supposed to get one wish – it’s a Christmas thing!” John looked at his wrist watch: 3 minutes past midnight. Well that must be me then. It’s gone twelve so it must be Christmas Day! Anyway, I thought all this sort of thing was supposed to be three wishes, not just


You never heard of cut-backs? We can’t afford to go around giving out three wishes to every fucker that comes along! Takes a lot out of an elf, you know – granting wishes.” He kicked the lamp-post again. This time the light came on and stayed. The three men were bathed in a cool yellow glow. “Aha!” cried the elf triumphantly, “that’s fixed the bastard!” For a moment he seemed lost in thought. I suppose, technically you’re right.” he continued. You were the first under the lamp on

Christmas Day, so I guess I should give you your wish. Oh, fuck it! Why not, get it over and done with and I can get back to the hot little pixie that’s waiting for me at home. Trust me, you guys haven’t lived until you been sucked off by a pixie!” He chuckled to himself. Okay, come on then, what’s the big wish?” All this had taken John and Harry a little by surprise to say the least, but John was intrigued. He thought for a moment before answering. I wish my wife would do exactly what I said for a whole day!”

The elf opened up a small hand-book and began flicking through pages. Um…yes…yes…I think we can do that, it’s under the section on Bitch Wives, I think. Yes! Here it is – getting quite popular this section! Now, what do I have to say….oh, I don’t know, er….Abra-fucking-cadabra! There, that should do it. So long shit-heads! Hope you enjoy yourselves!” For a moment, everything went black. A tremor shook through John’s body and then he opened his eyes. He hadn’t really been aware that they were closed.

The street-lamp was flickering again and the two friends were once again alone. The elf had vanished as surely as if he had never existed. “Jeez, what was all that about?” asked Harry “I don’t know, but I think I need a big drink – c’mon Harry, I got a bottle at home. Let’s go!” Neither Harry or John were completely sure what had happened as they walked in to John’s house ten minutes later. Both were still wondering if they had imagined the whole thing.

John poured drinks for them both and they sat in the lounge in silence. “John?” Yeah?” “You know the wish you made? You think….I mean, do you suppose?…..No, I guess not, just forget it!” “What, you mean do I think it actually worked? I’d been thinking much the same thing myself, actually!” John idly tapped the side of his glass with his index finger. Both friends looked at each other a smile breaking across their faces at almost the same time. “Let’s give it a try shall we?” Said

John “She’s in the kitchen, I think.” Oh, honey? Could you bring us a beer each please?” Without a word, a few seconds later, Mona appeared from the kitchen armed with two cold beer bottles. Both men took the proffered beverage and grinned at each other. What about some chips to go with these?” John asked his wife. Again, without any hesitation, Mona silently walked to the kitchen and returned a few moments later with snacks. Harry laughed.

It looks like our little friend was on the level! Anyway, I better be going now, I think.” Hey, Harry, what’s the rush, man? Let’s have a little fun shall we? You did say you thought my wife was good looking, didn’t you. Wouldn’t you like to see for yourself?” Harry looked stunned. This evening had been the single most weird night of his life so far, and things didn’t appear to be getting any more sane now! He tried to make protesting noises with his lips, but only a strangled croak was to be heard and accompanied by a dumb nod of his head in the affirmative.

Good!” cried John, grinning wickedly. “Mona, take your dress off. Show Harry and me what color underwear you got on today!” John’s face lit up as he realized that his wife was completely under his control. For years he had dreamed about this sort of power and, if he was honest, he’d also dreamed about sharing her with Harry. Mona slipped the red dress from her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. Her face looked blankly at the two friends as she stood in front of them in just her pink bra and panties

Get down on your knees, bitch! Crawl like a dog!” Again, without any hesitation or sign of embarrassment Mona fell to her hands and knees and began crawling around the carpeted floor. Harry was still sitting in stunned silence watching his friend’s wife make such an exhibition of herself. He had known for years that Mona was unfaithful to John; he had seen her many times in local bars as she propositioned complete strangers. He’d always wanted a taste for himself but was too loyal to his

He had to admit though, as he looked at the semi-clad woman before him, in just her underwear she looked really sexy. Harry could feel his erection aching hard in his pants. Let old Harry have a look at those big old tits of yours honey!” laughed John. He was really getting into his power trip. Harry wondered how far his friend would let this go – a bit further he hoped!

Mona crawled over to where Harry was sitting and knelt up. Her large, firm breasts almost overflowed the tight bra she wore. Mona, you need you’re tits touched, don’t you? You need them groped and fondled, don’t you?”"Yes” Mona replied evenly “I want my tit’s touched.”"Ask Harry to feel em up for you, then.”"Harry. Please touch my tits. I want you to feel them, squeeze them. Please Harry, please!” Harry was having trouble breathing. His throat seemed to have contracted restricting his airway and the pressure in his pants was increasing rapidly.

His hand snaked out slowly and touched the upper slope of Mona’s hot, heaving breast. As soon as his fingers felt the warm flesh, he heard her moan and sigh. She certainly appeared to like having her boobs touched, he thought. “You know what you want.” John continued. “Ask Harry, go on, ask him!” “Please Harry,” Mona whispered as she knelt in front of him, “please let me take my bra off!” Harry thought this a stupid question, even in these very strange circumstances.

He had been told by others who had sampled Mona’s charms for themselves how horny she could be, but until now it seemed that he was destined never to find out for himself. Until now! “Do it!” was all that he managed to coax from his parched throat. Harry and John sat back and watched as Mona unclasped her bra and let the lacy undergarment fall to the floor to join her discarded dress. Harry gasped as her breasts revealed themselves; large, tanned mounds of flesh capped with dark, cherry-red nipples that seemed to throb and pulsate with a life of their own.

As requested, Harry drew his hands back to her chest. Now relieved of the flimsy undergarment the flesh felt warm and smooth under his touch and Harry began to massage the swollen orbs, gently at first then becoming increasingly more urgent. “That’s right, Harry! Give her a good old feel-up. God knows how many other hands have groped those tits, it’s nice to see someone I know having the fun!” Harry smiled at his friend and turned back to his most pleasurable task. As his fingers flitted over her tight nipples, he could feel them harden further.

He heard Mona sigh again and bent his head to lick them. He sucked each pebble-like bud into his mouth and nibbled gently causing his friend’s wanton wife to cry out. He felt her tremble and knew that he had hit a nerve. He was definitely on the right track. Again and again he sucked the womanly nubs into his mouth and feverishly tongued and chewed them. Mona was groaning and sighing almost constantly now and as Harry slipped his hand downwards and into the waistband of her panties, he immediately felt a warm rush of moisture as Mona shook in orgasm.

Time to get her panties off, I think, Harry!” said John openly rubbing the crotch of his jeans. John noticed Harry look at him. “Oh, please. Don’t mind me, Harry. I haven’t had so much fun in years!” Harry’s hands trembled as Mona stood up before him and allowed him to hook his thumbs into the waistband of her bikini panties. Slowly, very slowly he began to peel them down her legs. Her mound was directly in front of his face and he could see the moisture that stained the crotch of her panties and glistened on the lips of her well trimmed pussy.

Further down Harry drew the tiny garment until it pooled around her ankles and bare feet. He watched her pretty feet as she stepped out of the panties and then knelt back down so that she was again level with him. Harry sat and watched dumbly as Mona stared back at him, almost awaiting instructions. “You as hard as me, Harry?” Cried John from his chair. Harry shook the image of the naked woman in front of him from his still confused mind and looked over at his friend.

John had taken out his cock and was slowly masturbating. It did indeed look very hard, thought Harry. Yeah, John. I’m aching in my pants, man!” “Take it out then, my friend. You’re in for a treat!” John seemed to be calling all the shots now and this was fine with Harry. He’d been wanting to release his throbbing penis for some time. As he quickly pulled down his zipper and hauled his hard member out, the cool air of the room wafted gently around his shaft and balls. It felt good.

Very good. Harry sat back and idly toyed with his erection while the kneeling Mona looked at it and silently licked her red painted lips.”Time to show me and Harry what you’re good at, Mona.” gasped Harry as he continued to stroke his tool. “Start sucking, bitch!” Harry held his breath as his friend’s wife bent lower. He watched in fascinated anticipation as her mouth opened wide and descended over the head of his cock. He gasped as he felt her warm, moist tongue swirl around his cock head and held his breath.

He gripped the base of his tool, he didn’t want to cum just yet. John looked on as he squeezed the head of his cock. His earlier thought had been to get rid of his friend and have his newly submissive wife all to himself, but, he had to admit, this was a much better choice. It was much more fun to watch the bitch – his, darling bitch – gobble Harry’s cock for all she was worth. And, at the moment, thought John, she was worth a hell of a lot! He watched as Mona’s lips closed over Harry’s thick cock and dropped inch by inch down on it.

He was surprised when he saw the angle of her head alter slightly and the unmistakable shape of his
friend’s cock outline her throat. Damn, he thought, she’d never deep-throated him before! Harry was certainly enjoying himself. Having let go of the base of his cock left his hands

free to play with Mona’s hanging breasts and, as she sucked him off, he pinched and twisted her
nipples mercilessly. He knew that she was enjoying herself as well because every time he squeezed the hard buds she moaned and gurgled around his cock. He could feel the tension building up inhis balls. He didn’t care anymore, he just wanted to have this woman suck him dry.

You getting ready to cum, Harry?” John’s voice was little more than a croak as his engorged cock twitched wildly in his hand. Oh yeah, man. I’m ready to fucking explode!” John jumped up and quickly walked over to join his friend and his wife. His cock stuck out from the fly of his pants like a flagpole. Let’s cum together, man.” he cried as he pointed his tool towards Mona’s face and began tugging his foreskin back and forth rapidly. Harry was not about to disagree. He knew that he was about to blow his load and withdrew from Mona’s throat with a wet, slurping sound.

Both men stood on either side of John’s wife and masturbated like crazy. Mona seemed unable to decide which cock to look at and seemed to decide to just let her head fall back and to open her mouth in anticipation. Both men came almost simultaneously. Mona felt the hot cum sear the skin of her face as rope after rope of thick, wet liquid splashed her face and hair. She couldn’t understand why she felt so horny, she just knew that, deep down, she had to do exactly what her husband had told her.

It was a strange feeling and one that she was unused to, but, she had to admit, it did feel good. She hadn’t felt this way towards John for years and was confused as to why she did now, but all things considered, she was not about to complain! Later that night, John showed a very happy and contented looking Harry to the door and wished him goodnight. Happy Christmas as well, don’t forget!” laughed Harry over his shoulder as he strode towards the gate. Oh yeah, Happy Christmas, old friend.” Harry replied, laughing. “I hope you have a good day. I know I will, I reckon I still got about twenty-two hours of my wish left!”pls i am a call boy if any girl woman need my service pls contact me at madhusudanchaubey at yahoo dot com or call me 9009530932

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