My Life as a Male Sex Slave

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I don’t know whether it was just plain luck or fate which brought to meet the very glamorous Princess Zeeta of Tyros on that fateful day when I went shopping for a new Dinner Jacket in Regent Street. My old jacket had succumbed to years of being sloshed with university cheap wine, and the subsequent dry cleaning had made it look much the worse for wear. It was my 23rd Birthday and the money had been given to me by my loving sister and her husband who was my only living relatives as a joint graduation and birthday present.

But on entering the store in Regent St, I was immediately struck by the intense beauty of the two young girls browsing in the women’s wear section. The tallest girl was obviously of African descent, she was about five foot nine inches tall very slim with beautiful aquiline features. She was absolutely lovely and very stylishly dressed. Her partner was a gorgeous natural blonde girl, a shade shorter but also very slim and very pretty. Both girls seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely, and I could not help but watch them from the corner of my eye as they talked in a very animated manner as they examined the clothes on display. I moved closer to them. It was obvious that they had money the way the black girl was spending as she loaded her purchases on to her partner to carry..

My attention was then distracted by a dinner jacket on display, and I my interest switched away briefly from the girls, and I was concentrating on examining the jacket in detail, when a voice with a slightly foreign accent said.
“That is far too fuddy duddy for you!”
I looked round to see the black girl speaking to me, she had a lovely smile and beautiful white teeth that were very noticeable when she smiled contrasting well with her very dark complexion.
“Do you really think so ?”I stammered, suddenly feeling embarrassed.
“Haven’t you got a wife or a girlfriend to help you with your shopping?”
“No, unfortunately not but then I have only just met you, so I live in hope!” I said cheekily.
She giggled and looking at her companion she said “Izzie we obviously have a cheeky boy here - what is your name cheeky boy?”
“My name is Tony and today is my twenty third birthday, and my darling sister wanted to buy me a new dinner jacket for my birthday so here I am, doing my simple best.”
“ Hi my name is Zeeta and my friend here is Izzie and we are offering to help you choose something that suits you darling, providing you buy us a coffee afterwards as a reward for our absolutely expensive expertise? ”
“That’s a deal Zeeta? I replied as I shook hands with her.

Afterwards we got to know each over a large coffee, followed by a snack lunch and more coffee as we talked about many things.
Then Zeeta asked. “Tony are you going to invite us to your birthday party ?
I laughed. “No there is no party as I only have my older sister and me now, and I do not have any friends in the area as I have only just moved here to live with her.
“So you are all alone in the world?”
“Well apart from my sister.” I told her.
Zeeta looked at Izzie “ Do you think we can arrange one of our very special birthday parties for Tony tonight darling Izzie?”

Izzie did not look too sure but reluctantly agreed, and that is how we met, and that is how I ended up being picked up by a large black chauffer driven limousine at the entrance to a public park near my sisters home, at 8.00 pm that evening.

The car had taken me to a big house in the diplomatic area of the City and the girls were waiting for me in the side doorway as I alighted. It was a very small party with just Zeeta, Izzie and two of her friends who she said were Russian and the daughters of a senior official at the Russian Embassy, but they spoke almost perfect English. She introduced them as Chrissy and Megan, they too were glamorous young blondes who were acting very much in the party spirit There was an enormous amount of food and drink on display and lots of loud music, and I soon realised that as I was to be the only male in attendance it was an anything goes party as far as the girls and I were concerned.

Wow and what a party it was Zeeta and I danced to a smoochy ballroom dance for a long time, she was making all the running, as she persisted in thrusting her delicious young loins into my groin, causing my erection to respond in the party manner . As the evening wore on her inhibitions faded away and soon her free hand soon had drifted down to feel my rampant cock. I suspected the girls were smoking something which kept them high, but I refused their offer of a joint as I had always kept clear of drugs of any kind. Eventually Zeeta pulled me down on a corner couch and the lights were conveniently turned down as we kissed and fondled each other in a very intimate manner for a long time, while the two russian girls danced together as Izzie was kept bust providing us with up a continuous flow of drinks. I soon realised that Zeeta was wearing no panties under her dress and she actively encouraged me to explore her pussy with my fingers while she was soon busy undoing my zip and fondling my rather large cock.

She gave a cry of delight as she brought my cock into the open for everyone to see, and she bent down to have a little suck. Her cry of delight had brought the other girls to gather round while she played with me, unceremoniously pushing me back on the couch in order that she had full access to my groin area.. Suddenly Zeeta having made me cum once into a napkin stood up and said to Megan and Zeeta he’s all yours to play with girls. Then she stood up and took Izzie to one side and started to talk. I saw Izzie shake her head and remonstrate, and then Zeeta slapped her on the face and told her something in a stern voice.

Meanwhile the girls had once again pushed me back on to the couch and started to use their feminine charms on me. Everything went, short of actual intercourse. By this time I had lost count of the drinks that were being poured down me, interspersed by plenty of kissing and intimate fondling of my body parts. Quite quickly Megan had opened her top and pushed a tit into my mouth while Chrissy started working valiantly with her mouth on my cock. I was in heaven and I have no idea how long this play lasted, or how many times I came. Then everything seemed to go blank. I did vaguely recall Izzie mutter to the girls. “Its OK girls we are ready for him now“.

In hindsight I realise now that I must have been drugged because that was the last thing I remembered. I seemed vaguely being led to a room with the girls holding me up and I seemed to recall the girls undressing me with some difficulty and a lot of giggling. For some time I drifted in and out of a semi conscious state and somehow I knew each time that I was having sex with various female bodies, and thoroughly enjoying it although I was in a very abstract state. I remember feeling quite a lot of pleasure and at times when my mind seemed to be clearing, I was made to drink something cool and then everything went hazy again.

When I did eventually come back to full consciousness I was naked in bed and I was very aware of soft arms winding around my neck. A moment later a warm female body was sexily rubbing against mine She was naked, and I felt some sweet lips softly kissing me, plus an overpowering smell of perfume. I felt a pair of long legs straddle me and I felt my cock being embraced in what seemed a very warm wet pussy and I guessed it was Zeeta. It was a fantastic sensation of being embraced in a warm wet cocoon and then I felt some soft lips pressing on mine. Quite instinctively I put my arms round the girls neck and responded to the pace of her movements. When I opened my eyes I realised that it was indeed the lovely Zeeta who I was making love to. Suddenly I felt myself cum and I pushed up hard into her slim young body.

"I hope this is what you had in mind darling she whispered, for a birthday party. We have all had a wonderful time with that big cock of yours. You are so bloody big and vigorous that we are all shagged out " she breathed.

"Absolutely," I replied, as my hands caressed her soft but quite small breasts.

"You like playing with my nipples darling ?" She murmured as she rose to her knees, gently pushing those beautiful tits into my mouth. I gently sucked on them, rolling my tongue over the hardening nipples. She moaned, pressing herself harder against me. Slowly, she slid her body down mine, until her soft mouth was sucking the end of my hardening cock. I stood it for as long as I could, then I reached down to pull her to me, kissing her hard as once again she lowered her wet pussy onto my cock. She was hot and tight, but I felt her shiver with pleasure as again I entered her. Soon she was bucking up and down, her gorgeous young body writhing wildly against mine as we both came and came again.

Finally exhausted ,I heard someone say, “time for sleep baby, bye bye, I felt a needle go into my arm she slumped against me, kissing me again with those soft lips. "Mmmm, I think that you will do me nicely darling." I heard her say.

“All I have to do now is sell you to daddy.”

Some time later I awoke as I felt my cock being fondled by another pair of soft hands and this time I awoke to find myself surrounded by Zeeta Megan and Chrissy all as naked as I was, and all enjoying parts of my body. As Izzie standing further back was taking a number of photographs of us with a Polaroid Camera. I had a hazy recollection of some very erotic dreams as I gradually came to full realisation of where I was.

Megan was giggling and clutching a bundle of Polaroid photographs and laughing as she showed them to her friends. They then showed them to me one by one, and I could see that they were all of me in various stages of intercourse with each one of the girls. I suddenly realised that I was in big trouble if those photographs ever got into the public domain. The girls were all obviously under age, But Megan took no notice as she was busy pinning them to the bedroom wall.

I said. “Please let me have those photos or else I will be in big trouble girls, and I think I should be getting home now.”

Megan laughed and in a funny sort of accent she said “You are not going anywhere Tony boy, you are Janes birthday present to herself, and those sexy photos are an insurance against you trying to escape.”

Just then the door opened and the girl Izzie came into the room followed by an older lady who was obviously her mother . She was almost as lovely as Zeeta and I quickly gathered it was her mother by her attitude. She saw my naked body on the bed and her mouth opened in amazement. “So it is true, no wonder that the newspapers are full of this boy going missing - your daddy will have a fit. ”

The conversation became a bit confused for me then and shortly afterwards another woman came into the room who I gathered was some sort of official. Young Zeeta was having a petulant fit and shouting
“He’s mine Mummy and I am going to keep him. - I want him to make me a boy baby especially for Mummy and for Daddy and Tony is so pretty he can make some nice babies with me“.

Then a man came who soon realised was Janes father came into the room, he stood staring at me just looking but not speaking. He said to Zeeta “Is he fertile?” Zeeta nodded and said. “ Dr Fariah said he was highly fertile, then he ushered them all out of the room, a few minutes later Izzie came into the room with some food. I was very hungry and then I realised that at some time while I was busy eating that at some time my leg had been chained to the of the bed with a quite thin but obviously very strong chain. She then sat on the bed and started fondling my cock as she spoke.

“Her father is a bit annoyed with me. He now knows all about how we trapped you and brought you here.”

“But where am I?” I asked.

“Darling you are in the Tyros Embassy in London.”
“What and where is Tyros?” I asked.
“Darling Tyros is a small island state of about 400.000 people not far from Bermuda - it’s a small pretty island with fertile fields and quite a lovely place to live. Zeeta‘s father is the Crown prince Randolph and he is the heir to the throne and currently the High Commissioner here in Britain, but relations between Britain and Tyros are at a very anxious state because the fact that we still use slaves. But Britain can do nothing because Tyros has China and Russia as friends. The British are also very keen on having the oil exploration rights on the island, so every one is sucking up to us like hell.“

“I though slavery was officially abolished everywhere, and how do I get out of here.” I asked anxiously.
“Well slavery is supposed to be abolished, but many countries still employ slaves like the Arab states and of course we do in Tyros I am afraid you don’t get out. I am a slave too, and in Tyros they have lots and lots of slaves including some whites like us, so I don’t think you will be leaving us darling. Princess Zeeta my mistress has got you, and her father will not upset his darling girl. So I reckon a life of slavery awaits you. If you make trouble they will kill you first, and burn your body in the Embassy incinerator rather than get found out, or let you go, but I promise you darling that your life as a sex slave is not so bad as long as you behave.”

Her attention was then drawn to my growing erection “I would love to have some of this lovely cock I was tempted when I was alone with you, but I think you were too drugged up to do anything much Anyway, I will I expect they will want you to breed with me before long when my mistress has got a little bored with you.”

She said as she bent over and put her lips round the head of my cock.

“You have quite the biggest cock I have seen for a long time. In fact I reckon you are bigger than any of the niggers back home that I have seen which is quite strange on a whitey.”
“How long have I been here Izzie?”
“Shucks honey - you have been here for four days now and in two days time is Zeeta’s big day her fifteenth birthday, when she is allowed to have sex and marry legally, and she has decided that she wants you to fuck her after her party, and make her pregnant. She wants you to be the maid at the party. We have to start your training honey as you will be dressed as a French maid and you will be serving the food.”

“But she has already had sex with me.”

“Yes and one or two others before you darling, but her family is the law and they can always break it when it suits them, like kidnapping you which in many ways was a stupid thing to do.”

Zeeta’s father came to see me later and sat with me He made it absolutely clear to me that there was no escape from the Embassy. “You can not go as I can not afford to have you creating a diplomatic incident. I know its tough but that us life. You co-operate with us and we will treat you well, but you play up and ……”

“But Izzie is a slave and she was allowed out of the Embassy when she found me.” I protested.

“Yes but where could she go - she is quite happy with her life with us and we trust her, but you have to earn that trust before we can give you any measure of freedom.. Soon I will send you back to Tyros and there when you prove yourself, you will be allowed partial freedom and may be citizenship in time. It was just your bad luck, or it may be your good luck that Zeeta decided she wants you to mate with her. I don’t mind too much as you will make a useful addition to my breeding programme later and if you can keep the girls happy and give her, or my wife a male child well that will be absolutely first class.”

Izzie later told me that providing she expected that Janes mother would want me as she was still in child bearing age as they were desperate for male progeny. She also said that if I did as I was told I would be in no danger, and I would be treated well, but that they could be utterly ruthless if they were annoyed with me, or if I tried to escape.

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