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How I became Gay

(Part 1 from 1)

My friend Ron and I were taking a short cut thru the woods to get home one day and as we got to this log laying on its side, we sat down to rest. We started talking about girls and after a while Ron asked me if I ever had sex with any if the girls in the neighborhood. I said no. Then he said do you jerk off? I said not much (but I actually do it everyday) Out of nowhere he stood up and pulled his pants down. He had a big cock. I felt funny because I never seen anyone else naked. Ron said touch it! I said no, I just want to go home. 

He said it firmly again "touch it!". He was a couple years older than me and so I did what he said. I touched his big cock. Then he said wrap your hand around it and jerk me off! I started to jerk him off like I would do to myself, and he seemed to enjoy it. 

All of a sudden he said stop! So I stopped. He then told me to put my mouth on it. I said I never did anything like this before and was uncomfortable with the idea. He said just put your lips on the tip of it, like I was giving it a kiss. So I put my lips on him as he told me to do. He then held the back of my head and said slightly open your mouth. Once again I did what he told me to do and he slipped his cock into my mouth a little. He said let it slide in and suck as you do. Again I followed his instructions. Ron taught me to suck his cock that day and when he came I almost chocked to death. He said that was great.

Ron made me suck his cock like that 5 or 6 more times. After about the 3rd time I was really enjoying it. 

He spread word around the neighborhood that I sucked cock. There were 3 other guys his age that made me suck their cocks. I liked it but I let them think they were making me do it. I never let on that I loved it! Some of the other guys called me a fagg or some other names but didn't want me to suck their cocks. However I sure would have if they (made me). When I wans't being made to suck a cock, I would jerk off a lot thinking about everyone's cock.

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My family moved away and in the new neighborhood I was one of the older guys. I actually wanted to suck some cock. So I figured I was the one who had to make the first move. After a hocky game st the rink one afternoon, on my way home with Jeff, I started talking about sex. I could see he was getting interested in my conversation. It was noticable that he was getting an erection. When we got to his house, I said do you have any adult movies. He said no but that his brother did. He found one and we started to watch it. This guy was getting a great blow job from a beautiful woman and Jeff was getting edgy. I was ready to suck his dick. I said that it must feel great, having your cock sucked. He said oh yea! I asked if he ever had sex with anyone? He said no. I stood up and took my pants off. I had a raging hardon. He said what are you doing. I said what do you think these movies are for? Your supposed to jerk off watching them.

Take off your pants. He stood up and pulled them off. He sure had a nice looking cock. I said sit on the edge of the chair and pretend you are the guy in the movie and play with yourself. He said ok. Before he could say anything I sat next to him and simply startrd to jerk him off. 

I said that must feel better than doing it yourself. Oh yea! he said. As I was jerking him off I slipped down on my knees in front of him and slid my mouth on him, went down to the base and as I pulled up I sucked in. Then slowly went down again and sucking as I came up. He was moaning and moaning with joy. I said look at the blond on the TV. She is sucking your cock! He enjoyed it so much that the 3rd time I went down and started to suck up. He came with a gush that It just about made me shoot my load. I would like all guys I suck to leave such a gush in my mouth. 

s I was cleaning him up I told him that he has such a beautiful cock. Any time he gets horney and wants a blow job to just give me a call and I will be over to suck he georgous cock. He said I think I will be calling you a lot! He called me several times but with Jeff it was different. He wanted to return the favor. In all the cock I sucked in the old neighborhood, I never got sucked by anyone. They all used me, but it was something I liked to do. 

Jeff has given me many blow jobs and I owe it all to Ron. 
I have a couple other friends I suck off but Jeff is my favorite. 

This is a true story from Randy the Fagg. If I new you I would suck your cock. I am not into anything else. I have even sucked off the manager at the store near my house. He gives me discounts now. But I would do it just because he has a cock! Cocks are beautiful!!!!

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