A curious wife : chapter.2

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This is the second part to Curious wife, Hope you enjoy.

All three of us walked quickly up to her condo and waited for her to unlock the door. Once in side she showed us to the living room and told us to make ourselves comfortable she was gonna grab some glasses and a bottle of wine. 
"I cant believe im doing this." I whisper to Jake. He smiles lovingly at me. 
"You dont have to do anything your not ready for. Anything you dont want to." 
I shook my head. 
"Its not that. Im just alittle nervous."
Jake kissed me lightly. 
"Just go slow dont rush and enjoy yourself."

Nat walked back in with the wine and the glasses. 
"I thought this would help everyone relax." 
I walked up to Nat shaking my hips alittle as i went, and to the glasses and wine and set it on the table.
"I dont think we are gonna need that." 
I grabbed at my courage and pulled her into my arms and kissed her. She immediatly responded shoving her tounge down my throat. We quickly started removing each others flimsy clothing, and i heard the rustle of Jake removing his.

"Oh man you girls are soo hot. I can stand it just sitting here watching. Nat wheres the bedroom?" 
Nat pointed down the hallway.

You usher us into the bedroom and on to the bed and lay us down. I don't hesitate, pushing her towards the middle of the bed and crawling between her legs up to her mouth.I take her sweet lips to mine, then run my tongue across her bottom lip and dip inside. She eagerly sucks my tongue in as I reach down and play with her already hard nipples
"I have wanted to try this for a long time." I whisper.

"Well honey now you can do whatever you want." Nat sighed. 

I reached down to lightly kiss her lips agian then slowly move down her neck. I drag my tounge across her colarbone and she lets out a hiss of breath. I kiss my way down to her nipples taking each one between my teeth and tugging a little.
"Yes," she murmmers and arches herself demanding more. 
I kiss the underside of each breast and nibble my way down her rib cage. Her skin is so soft and so tasty, I feel myself getting wetter as the anticipation builds. I make my way further down dipping my tounge in her navel, hearing her sigh. I kiss the insides of her thighs and her musky hot smell fills my nostrils. When i get to my destination I kiss her clit she jumps at the contact.

I take her clit in my mouth and suck it in my mouth.
"oh god yes kirsty your a natural at this babe." 
I dip my tongue in and lap up some of the juice.I lap at her hole again then lick up to her clit, suck a little and lick back down. I feel something nudge me and look up to see you there, licking her clit. I see the lustful look ur eyes and i realize what it is you want and the idea of us sharing this brings me almost to orgasm. I grin at you and move over to let you share my first pussy. 

The taste of her is better and sweetier than anything I've ever tasted. I look past you and watch as turn yourself to be able to lick her clit and for her to suck your hot meat at the sametime. You dip your cock into her wanting mouth.
"Ahhhh Nat suck it hard baby." You moaned leaning back down to get to work.
I see the immediate pleasure across her face as you lap at her clit as I tongue her hole.

I moan into her pussy again and again pressing my face harder into her. I could almost get off by just eating her hungry twat. She is moaning at the same onto your cock as you continue to push it in and out of her mouth. You whisper hoarsely, 
"Oh fuck yeeeeessss. Ahhh kirsty her mouth is so fucking hot." 
Shes got you so hot but you need to bury that hot prick into some pussy and you cant wait. Without my notcing you leaving her mouth i suddenly feel your hands on my behind, caressing then spanking. I feel your finger enter my pussy and slide all the way in. I push back harder wanting more. You finger my pussy and your long fingers rub my clit with every thrust. I can't help but stop licking and get lost in the wonderful sensations.
"Oh god baby fuck my pussy harder."

With that you slip another finger in my hot pussy. Almost immediatly my pussy tightens around your fingers and you continue to thrust deep, bringing yet another orgasm. I continue to lap up her juice, sucking her clit as I bring her to another orgasm.You spank me lightly again, kneading my ass in your soft hands then kiss and bite it softly.

I make my way up to her lovely mouth and kiss her lips. She runs her tongue across mine then pulls me in for a deeper kiss, tasting herself. 
"Mmmmm," she purrs into my mouth. 
"Kristy your such a good pussy eater, the best ive had in a long time."
I smiled. We looked up and saw u next to the bed still hard and stroking your massive prick.

I found alittle new courage to talk dirty so i did. 
"Come on Jake baby wank that meat for us. Squeeze it, milk it dry shoot your hot dirty cum on us." 
We layed there rubbing each other watching you moan and stroke that piece for all it was worth. All of a sudden you through your head back and shouted spray your hot seed all over our chests and bellys. When you shot 4 or 5 times you colapsed next to us.

"Wow hun what a fantastic show." 
Jake grinned weakly. We layed there for a little while then said our goodbyes need to get home to get some rest before we had to pick up our son. We did say much on the way home but we got there we ended up back in bed having the hotest sex i think weve ever had.

Who says a curious wife is a bad thing, I wonder what ill be curious about next..........

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